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part 11 & 12 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ sanjeevani

Anjali : so plan ready?

Muskaan : haan.. maine sabh kuch lonavala staff ko bata diya.. wo log bhi ready hain

Anjali : so guys.. plan unite armaan riddhima starts...1...2....3... and.... stop!

Yup.. thats exactly when armaan and riddhima's  car stops.. all of a the middle of a deserted road.. at about 9:00 pm..

And the petrol was zero.. muskaan had been successful in emptying his petrol tank..

   Riddhima : armaan yaar.. tumne petrol check nahin kiya kya aane se pehle?

Armaan : check kiya maine.. pata nahin kya hua isse...

Riddhima tried to get out of the car but anjali had been successful in destroying the lock system of the car.. yes.. they were locked in their car.. for some time now.. till someone spots them and saves them..

Riddhima : tumhare gaddi ke locks bhi nahin chalte?

Armaan : chaltre the.. 1 ghante ke pehle toh chal rahi thi

Riddhima : oh god.. ab bhagwan hi bacha sakta hain hamein

Armaan : riddhima, tumne apne australia ke dost se baat ki?

Riddhima: nahin yaar.. oh god.. vivek th mujhe maar hi dalenga

Armaan : vivek?

Riddhima : hmm.. know i have a past right.. like boyfriends in the past?

Armaan knew her nervousness.. he came closer to her just to tell her that he had no problems what-so-ever with her past.. and to make her more free..

Riddhima: vivek was my past armaan..(armaan came closer) my latest past...

Armaan knew why she was stammering.. but he was already too close for comfort... too late for anything to back out.. but..  there was a part inside him that urged him to tell her how much he loved her.. but there was another part that asked him to back out.. immediately.. as he knew it was not the right time.. and he should let her reveal her past to him.. he backed out immidiately

Armaan : uhmm.. i'm sorry

Riddhima:  armaan.. i haven't told anyone the truth.. ever.. but listen to me carefully..

Armaan :  i trust you completely riddhima.. go on

Riddhima :when i went to australia, i met vivek.. he was this very kind, sweet and caring person.. he was a gem really.. he was also this very popular kid.. as he was a famous hollywood actor's son.. like life was perfect.. but then there were rumours in the media.. about the 2 of us going around.. and you know it was kind of a black spot on his fathers career.. so we got engaged..

Armaan : he is your fiance?

Riddhima: will you let me complete please armaan

Armaan : go on

Riddhima: so we were officially engaged.. but you know.. we did not love each other.. it was probably mere attraction.. for some time, it all seemed sweet and nice.. but after some time we knew we were just not meant to be.. so the engagement broke off.. and we are just friends now.. that too for namesake.. but you know it is more like a formality

Armaan : riddhima, i told you i don't care about your past.. just live and relish the present..

 Riddhima just found him too sweet.. but she found it to be too sweet to be true

Riddhima : armaan.. seriously.. tell me the truth.. i know anybody would have a problem.. just tell me

Armaan : riddhima.. i have no problem..

Armaan knew riddhima was not convinced.. he had to tell her that he blindly trusted her now.. and he knew she was completely his now.. and he had to make her believe him..

Armaan came closer to her yet again.. but this time.. he was determined to her.. to tell her what she meant to him.. how much he loved her and how much he trusted her..

part 12: 

@ sanjeevani :

Muskaan: lekin anji.. tu aise riddhima ko pareshan kar rahi hai

Anjali:  sir aek raat ki hi toh baat hain

Muskaan : gaddi main.. raat.. bhuke mar jaenge..

Anjali: hehe.. backseat me maine pizza rakhe hain muskaan.. itni bhi bhuri nahin hoon main

Muksaan : aur kya kya kiya tune?

Anjali : well .. unke gaddi mein camera lagaye hain maine..  main kuch bhi miss nahin karna chahti ( wide grin)

Muskaan : bichari.. jaroor pichle janan me koi pap kiya hoga usne...

In the car

Armaan came closer to her.. and now he was almost sitting on her seat..pinning her to the door of the car..

Armaan leaned onto her and whispered into her ear

Armaan : you don't know how much i love and trust you

With that he moved back a little, making his cheek brush hers. He could feel her erratic heartbeat and her increased breathing rate.. and being a doctor, he very much knew the cause behind it..

Riddhima: i love you too

Armaan's face was now just a centimetres away from riddhima's

@ sanjeevani :

Anjali : chal video dekhna start karte hain

Muksaan : bhagwaan ji.. iske liye maaf kardena mujhe..

Anjali : 1..2..3... and start

The video shows the present situation... (the camera was just switched on)

Muskaan : hayye rabba..

Anjali : i knew it.. plan 1 successful

Muskaan : lekin ye log kar kya rahe hain

Anjali : tujhe pata nahin? Itna close hain woh log.. to kya karne jaa rahe hoge?

Muskaan : hayye bhagwaan... gandhi ji ne kaha hain.. bhura mat dekho.. bhura mat suno.. chal band kar ise

Anjali: isme kya bhura hain? Do log pyaar karte hain ek dusre se.. bhura kya hain isme?

Muskaan : lekin abhi.. ye sabh?

Anjali : rahul toh frustrate hoke maar jageya tere sath

Atul : atleast main toh bach gayya

Muskaan : kya bola tu ne? ghade ke bache..

In the car

Armaan comes closer and bridges the gap between the two of them.. he carefully places his lips over hers..

@ sanjeevani :

Muskaan : mujhe chalna chahiye abhi.. main ye aur nahin dekh sakti

Anjali : abhi toh start hua hai.. muski.. tu waise bhi jaa rahi hai , toh mere liye popcorn le aa

Atul : mere liye bhi

(rahul enters after his duty)

Rahul : muskaan ko kya hua.. woh kahan jaa rahi hain

Anjali points towards the screen

Rahul looks at it and his eyes almost pop out of their sockets

Rahul : yeh sahi main ho raha hai

Anjali nods with happiness..

Rahul : bhai.. omg... yeh riddhima ne kya kardiya bhai ko

Anjali: happy abhi? Tumhara workoholic bhai badal gayya

Rahul : lekin itna kyun badal gayya? Pehle kaam toh abhi riddhima.. beech mein thodi der kucna tha na..

Anjali : stop it rahul.. armaan and riddhima are both happy and thats what matters

In the car

Riddhima was taken aback at first, but she soon lost her mind and completely surrendered to him.. armaan deepened the kiss and riddhima responded with equal passion...Both of them were completely lost in the moment..

@ sanjeevani :

Rahul : dont you think it's going too far?

Anjali : here.. popcorn?

Rahul : how can you be so cool about this?

Anjali : the game has just started.. this is just the beginning..

Rahul just couldn't believe anjali.. was this her plan.. and he was actually a part of it.. sick..

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