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Part 11: The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

Armaan paced his room from one end to another, trying calm down. Ever since he had seen the closeness between Shilpa and Rahul, he has lost his cool. He just wanted to talk with her. He wanted to tell her how he apologized to his parents. And how much love they showered on him. He wanted to tell her how many complimets his parents had given to Shilpa for making him do this. He wanted to be with her.

'where is she? I tried her cell phone but its switched off. How can she not eve inform me if she reached home safely. And to add salt to the burnt feeling, Rahul has gone with her. What should I do? Shall I call her home? Yeah, I guess that will do no harm.'

He quickly searched for her home no. in his phone and than called her. A male voice greeted him.

"Hello, can I talk to Shilpa?" Armaan spoke in hurry...

"Yeah, who shall I say it is?"


"Oh, hey Armaan , its me Rahul!"
Armaan's face turned into a scowl as soon as he heard that.

" are you?" He said with bitter sweetness.

"I am fine buddy! Haven't talk to you since long!" Rahul's cheerful voice suddenly started hurting his ears. He kept hand on the phone and murmered. 'Tujhse mujhe baat karni bhi nahi hai, where the hell is shilpa you idiot!'

Then he resumed the phone.

"uhh, yeah! I have been busy with my work, so was not able to! err...Is Shilpa there?"

"Yeah! Just a sec!" He heard Rahul say. ad then he caught a far away voice making him grim. 'Princess'. It was rahul calling out to Shilpa.

"Hello, Armaan!" The sweet melodius voice greeted him.

"Hey Shilpa, where are you? you are too busy this days with your just back after ling friend that now you dont realize that there is someone alone out somewhere waiting for his bestfriend?"

"Errr...Armaan! Are you ok?"

"What? Shilpa!" He said with annoyed tone while she just laughed.

"Seriously Armaan, you are so dramatic!"

"Whatever! Anyways when will you be free?"

"Well, for now, me and Rahul are going out for an ice-cream. Wat to join?"

"No thank you!" He said rolling his eyes.

"Well, ok than, ummm....lets meet at kash club on friday! OK?"

"OK, sounds great"

"Ok, Bye than!"

He remembered all the moments he spend with her...The wonderful moments. Thier friendship. Their feeling. Well, for now his feelings. Him losing his cool. Him getting jealous. His heart racing whe she is around. His breath uneven. His feeling is now his companion wherever he goes. It was strange yet soothing.

He cant wait to get to the club and talk to her, hug her. He have not been able to talk to her except for some formal meetings one, because most of the time she is busy with her designs, and stwo because all her free times are dedicated to Rahul nowadays.

He parked the car and stepped out of the car wearing a purple shirt and blue abercrombi & Fitch jeans. He knew she loves purple. And for some unknown reasons he wanted to wear it. He knew about his feelings. But he would ignore wheneer it was coming to the main point.

The Party was in a full swing. He looked around and noticed Rahul sitting at the bar. Smiling dreamily. He followed his gaze realizing he was looking at nothing in particular. He shook his head thinking 'the-dude-has-finally-reached-his-last-limit-of-mentality-disorder'

"Hey Rahul!" He greeted as he sat o the chair next to him.

"Hey Armaan! what's up?" He questioned in reply.

"Nothing yaar! Chilling after long. Err...Where is Shilpa?" He asked looking around.

"Ah! Shilpa, can't wait till she is back!" He said dreamily.

"Errr...Why? what is so - " Armaan was cut off...

"I will hug her as soon as I see her. Shilpa hurry up! Please!" He set off dreamily. And Armaan was burning with anger. He started cursing him under his breath. Anger was clearly visible on his face. He felt like kicking the hell out of rahul.

"There she is" The sudden scream from Rahul brought Armaan back to earth. He followed his gaze and saw Shilpa in an elegant pink dress. She looked as beautiful as ever. Infact, she looked killing. For a moment Armaan thought, 'If looks could kill, I did have bee dead by now.'

But it was not her who was affectionaly, and passionately hugged by Rahul. It was someone else. He could not quiet make out. When Rahul, after long came out of hug, he saw her. Straight hair, sweet look, in a flowless amazing green dress. Armaan had to admit she was beautiful. But not as beautiful as his Shilpa. He added to his thoughts.

'Wait!! Yo hold on hold on! My Shilpa? Shilpa ke aage yeh 'My' kabse lag gaya eh? Oh god! No, no! She is My Best Friend. So the my in a way stays there. But well, no really. If it stays there than it gives out that I own her. If it gives out that I own her then it mean I love her. If it mean I love her then that means I ... Oyeeee....Shoot, where did I end up? No no. I dont love her.  Dont own her. She is just a friend, just a best friend. Nothing more.'

"Armaan! Hello! Where are you lost?" Shilpa sked waving her hand in front of him. And suddenly he could not see anything anymore. He smiled dreamily looking at her while Shilpa squinted her eyebrows at him.

"Armaan!" She said a little loudly as he snapped out of his La-La land. She shook her head and went to sit with her friends.
"Hey! I am Muskaan, Rahul ki girl friend!" Muskaan said as they sat around the table. And Armaan felt more than happy ever before.

"Hi! I am Armaan.No Title!" He replied smiling widely at her.

"Haha...I thought you were Shilpa's girl..I mean boyfriend." She said without any hesitation.

"Muskaan!" Shilpa and Rahul's voice suddenly shocked her.

"What?" Muskaan said with a pouty look.

"Kuch nahi, come on let's dance." He said as both of them moved towards the dance floor.

"Umm...Shilpa, dance?" He asked looking hopeful.

"Abhi nahi Armaan, why dont you go? I will join you later!" She said smiling at him. He nodded and moved towards the dance floor.

As soon as Armaan hit the dance floor girls surrounded him with seducing looks. But non of that effected him. He started dancing with them giving his killing smiles. But was soon lost in Shilpa's thoughts. He knew he liked her now! But was not sure if he loved her. In his thoughts he never realized that a girl was getting to close to him. She had her hands on his chest which was almost bare with his top buttons open.

Shilpa looked at him dancing with that girl. Like any other person would. She gulped down 4 shots of tequila. Soon she was out of her senses. She stood up wobbling. With support of the bar table she stood straight. Anger flashing in her eyes, as she saw that girl with him. And what made her more angry was that he was not doing anything to get her off him. She started to go towards them, and finally made it to him.

"Armaan!" She yelled at him. Armaan who suddenly got back to his senses was shocked. Shilpa got hold of the girls hand and pushed her away. Before Armaan could do anything, Shilpa took his hand and put it on her waist. It took a moment for him to realize what she was doing.

"Shilpa! What are you doing?" He asked confused.

"Raat ko dikhaye nahi deta kya? Dance kar rahi hu!" She said.

"I know shilpa but, hey! You are drunk!" He said shocked.

"Armaan!!! English mein dunk nahi drink kehte hai!" She chided.

"Lagta hai isse hindi movies ki bhootni chad gayi hai. Ab iska kya karu?" He muttered.

"Kya kaha tumne?" She frowned.

"Kuch nahi, By the way tumne us ladki ko aise kyun push kiya? Its bad manners!" He said hiding his smile.

"Bad manners? Tumhe bahot pata hai manners ke baare mein! How can you dance so close to her when I was sitting right there?" She asked frowning at him.

"Are aise kaise? Why cant I? Tum thodi meri girl friend ho? Hum aapke hai kaun?" He asked naughtily biting his lower lip to control his laugh.

"Yeah right, hum aapke hai kaun?" She said moving away from him close to tears. Now Armaan was extremely quilty.

"Shilpa, Shilpa, dekho am Sorry. I was joking yeah! Please!" he pleaded as the tears rolled down her cheeks. "Achha ok, lets go out. Come on!" He said as he got hold of her arms and moved out of the now feeling suffocating club.

As soon as they stepped ut cool damp breeze informing the soon arrival of rain.

"Shilpa! Come on, lets go home, you are drunk." He said looking at her as she took deep breath in the wonderful weather now smiling deeply. She walked with him till the car. Armaan opened the car for her but she shut the door.

"No! I dont want to go in car. I want to walk." She said crossing her arms.

"Shilpa, now dont start anythingnew, come on in the car, the rain is going to start soon, please!" He started again.

"No..No..No..! If you want to go, you can go! I am going to walk! Bye Maan!" She said and walked away towards the main road still a little wobbly due to the drinks.
Armaan shook his head with no choice left walked behind her. 'Yeh ladki mujhe pagal kar dengi.' He though than smiled to himself and jogged to catch up with her.


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