Sunday, 8 July 2018

Part 12: The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

He increased his pace as she started jumping around getting excited. He could not help but smile at her little acts. There was something about her that always attracted him towards her. But didt know that something was love. Pure Love.

"Armaan! Kya kar rahe ho, jaldi chalo!" She whined as he was lost in his own world.

"Shilpa, come on its getting really windy now! Please lets get back before storm occurs." He pleaded. But in vain.

"What Armaan, you are so boring. Mom says, baarish is the most wonderful thing in the world. Its the best season. Not so cold not so hot! Its the season of Love. Pata hai, in most of the movies, the romantic scenes are shown in the rain only!" She said cutely, and Armaan rolled his eyes!

"Shilpa! I have never seen any romantic scenes in Rain! What rubbish are you talking?" He asked, annoyance visible on his marvelous face.

"offo! Buddhu! I am talking about Bollywood. Do you even watch bollywood movies? Anyways, who am I asking? You are too dumb to understand the depth of bollywood movies." She said poking his head. Her voice was cuter and sweeter then ever before. The drink seemed to have given her beauty an extra goodness if possible.

"What? You called me dumb? Me...Armaan Mallik?" He asked pulling her arms towards him. She winced but then giggled.

"Armaan, maine Armaan Mallik ko nahi...THE Armaan Mallik ko buddhu kaha." She giggled again. He rounded his right hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Her laugh subsided feeling his hot breath on her face.

"Come again?" He asked as she tried her best to breath. She didnt reply.

"What did you say Shilpa?" He tried again. This time she closed her eyes as a drop of water fell on her cheek. Armaan leaned down and kissed the drop off her cheek. His lips lingered on her cheeks as the rain pour down on them drenching them through and through. They were lost in the trance of the beautiful moment they were sharing. The question loong forgotten.

'She is so beautiful, so pretty. Kissing her feels like heaven even if it is on cheeks. She looks so more beautiful and cute when she is  drunk. Wait! She is drunk. This is wrong. But I dont want to let go. But she is drunk. But...'

Armaan gently pushed her away. He did not look into her eyes. He just tured and walked off. He stopped and turned around to see if she was following him. But she was not. She was playing with the water drops pouring from heaven on her making her shine with delight.

She looked at him and asked him to join her by a cute action. He could not help but smile. She was just too cute. He looked down at himself and sighed. He was already wet. There was no use of denying her sweet request anymore. He slowly approached her as she swirled around her hand spread out, smiling at the sky with her eyes squished.

He stood at a minimal distance from him and smiled. What is making me so restless? Why am I so thrilled to have by my side? Why she always makes me go dizzy? Why cannot I control my self when am with her?
He knew all the answers. But he never agreed. But today he did. He knows what it is. It is Love. The word he thought he will never approach again has followed him all the way through his life. He has fallen head over heels for her. he, now that realized, understood that he never actually loved Vanessa. She was just an attraction. He survived without her. But if...Shilpa...He could not even think about it. It brought tears in his eyes. It pricked his heart through and through to just thinking about his world, his existance without his Shilpa.

He came out from his thought as a hand took hold of his hand. He looked up to see Shilpa grinning at him water drops making their way down her face. How lucky they are. Armaan thought. Then shook his head and asked Shilpa raising his eyebrows. She grinned widely and put his hand o her waist. Then took another hand and slowly knotted there fingers together she started swaying at the rythm of rain's music. He stood baffled there for a while, then smiled and gave in to the dance. He crawled his hand around her waist and pulled her closer as she closed her eyes. She slowly put her head on his chest and Armaan hugged her warmly.

"You know Armaan! I have always craved to come in your Arms." She whispered as a shiver ran down his spine. She loves me! He thought. He tightened his grip around her. She snuggled closer.

"And I have always craved to take you in my arms." He whispered back. "Because I love you my Shilpa! And I will always love you" He added. He felt her heartbeat increase against him. He did not expect any reply from her. For a moment, just a moment...

"Armaan, I..." She trailed off...A new hope rose in Armaan.

"I..?" He encouraged.

"I...Love..." She stopped again. She swallowed hard as Armaan got excited to hear the three words he craved. It was really astounding. He just realized he loved her some minutes ago and here she was confessing back.

"I love you Armaan!" She finally finished as he took her into a rib-crashing hug.


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