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part 13 & 14 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 13 :

@ sanjeevani:

Rahul : and what will the end be like?

Anjali : hehe..  you'll come to know.. pretty soon

Rahul : how can you be so cruel? To your own sister?

Anjali : cruel? How am i being cruel? I am just behaving like a catalyst in their relationship

Rahul : catalyst.. by watching them.. and then making them feel horrible about it?

Anjali : oh hello.. it's all well planned.. and by the time they arrive back, they will be inseparable..

In the car

Their kiss was suddenly interrupted by a call.. a call from rahul

Armaan : haan bhai.. bol

Rahul : tu kahan hai abhi?

Armaan : main.. gadi main..

Rahul : ridhhima ke sath?

Armaan : haan

Rahul : kya kar rahe ho tum log?

Now Armaan knew there was something fishy.. rahul calls up, while he was kissing riddhima, and asks him what he was doing?

Armaan : main idhar phasa wa hoon.. tu kahan hai?

Rahul : tum kya kar rahe the riddhima ke sath?

Armaan : yaar.. mujhe bachane ke badli mein tu mujhe itne question puch raha hai.. maine kaha main phasa wa hoon aur mujhe help ki jaroorat hain.. hello....helloo... aavaz nahin aa rahi hain... hello...

And then armaan cut the call... and put his cell on silent..

Riddhima was staring at him, she was lost.. completely lost and confused.. what was that about? Why would he cut rahul's call... and then put his phone on silent

Armaan : woh.. i think there is something fishy.. rahul had called up and asked me what i was doing.. we better leave this car as soon as possible.. to avoid their spy sources.. whatever it is...

Riddhima: huh?

Armaan : rahul knew i was kissing you.. he was after me admitting it.. thats why i cut the call... and i am sure he is spying at us.. so we better leave the car..

Riddhima : oh.. how intelligent.. but i guess you forgot that your car is locked and we are stuck in here..

Armaan : which was clearly their plan again... and how intelligent of them.. they left a pizza over here for us.. and if they locked our car.. there will surely be some exit to this.. they're not all that smart


Anjali : rahul... i'll kill you... you had to do this

Rahul : but watching them like this was wrong.. they need privacy too...

Anjali : you have a problem watching it.. i thought...

Rahul : stop thinking so much.. it's of no use anyway

With that, rahul left the room leaving a stunned anjali behind..

Anjali called riddhima the next minute

Riddhima : hi di

anjali: ridzy.. i ahve to tell you something.. listen carefully..

Riddhima (knew this was coming) : haan di

Anjali : rahul is with muskaan in a pub.. and for some strange reason thinks that armaan is spying on him.. so he called armaan up and asked him what he was doing.. strange na?

Riddhima : di.. please dont lie

Anjali : you don't trust me ridzy.. i am telling you the truth.. but it was related to muskaan and armaan's brother.. so i thought of telling you, before armaan dies of curiosity.. but i'm deeply hurt that you don't trust me

Riddhima : sorry di.. woh main... i trust you..

Anjali : anyway, i have to go now.. bye

Riddhima : bye

Her plan worked again... riddhima believed her and her explanation.. and anjali was excited because her plan was not going to fail because of some stupid person after all..

Riddhima : armaan

Armaan : haan

Riddhima : rahul is with muskaan and thinks you are spying at him

Armaan : oh ya right.. what about that pizza then?

Riddhima : she probably sent it because she knows i love cheese pizzas.. and that we will reach lonavala only late at night.. and please.. i believe anjali.. she wouldn't do this to me

Armaan however knew the truth.. he knew this was all because of them.. because he had carefully checked his car before starting the journey.. how did the petrol reach 0 and their doors get locked.. but he was enjoying getting stuck with riddhima.. why was he grumbling.. so he kept quiet about it.. and tried to find the hidden spying agent of theirs.. so that he could block it immediately

Armaan, after a lot of effort was successful in finding the camera.. and guess where it was? On riddhima's seat..

' so they managed to get a close view of all that was happening.. how cheap' he thought..

But now he had to remove it, without letting riddhima know.. he didnt want to break riddhima's trust for anjali.. not that he cared about their relationship, but because anjali could be of great help to their relationship.. he just didnt want her to see them like this..

part 14 : 

armaan knew he had to block the camera immediately.. so he was left with no choice but to get closer to her, with the camera spying on them.. he came closer to her again.. and they were again quite close, on the same seat.. then all of a sudden, he took her into a hug.. so she couldn't see what he doing behind her back.. he examined the small camera with his hands, and that's when he realised that it could easily be taken off.. so anjali wasn't that smart after all.. well she made a good decision in choosing a small, white camera, but removable.. oh probably she had planned to spy at them in lonavala too.. so her spying plan won't work after all... he detached the camera from the seat.. and put it into his pocket.. well he would damage it later.. when riddhima isn't around

 @sanjeevani :

Anjali: armaan is a bit too smart.. so i wouldn't be able to see what they're doing alone.. in a locked car.

Atul : armaan kuch bhi nahin karega

Anjali : mujhe uspe koi bharosa nahin hain

Atul : pehle toh tum theek thi.. abhi kya hua

Anjali : pehli baar mera koi plan fail hua hai.. exactly fail nahin.. lekin main kuch bhi nahin dekh paungi.. armaan ke wajah se

Atul : lekin tumhe aek intelligent jija mila hai

Anjali : woh toh hai..

In the car

Armaan was relieved, as he would now not be watched by anyone.. but on the other side.. riddhima was completely confused.. again.. what was wrong with armaan? And what's up with his strange behaviour?

Riddhima : armaan.. you ok na?

Armaan : huh?

Riddhima : your behaviour is strange.. at first you keep quite for like hours.. then you speak just too much.. then you kiss me.. then you  stay like miles away.. and then you come and hug me? What's up with you?

Armaan knew exacly what she meant.. but there was nothing he could do about it.. he couldn't tell her the truth.. he would need anjali's support in the future.. and if riddhima didn't trust anjali, then things would be much more complicated

Armaan : so you want me to be close to you?

Riddhima : hmm.. thats not what i meant.. but it was like an extreme change.. from very near to

Armaan : far away.. i never knew it bothered you soo much..

He enjoyed teasing her.. he loved the fact that she wanted him to be close to her.. he had basically fallen deep in love with her in a short span of time.. and the best part of it was that he knew she loved him too.. life was almost perfect for him.. she was all he needed.. he had his life with him.. what else would he want? 

Riddhima tried her best to cover up

Riddhima : i was just curious

Armaan knew it was not true.. he knew the truth.. but he wanted her to say it..

Armaan : really.. ok then..

With that he moved back to his seat.. and sat comfortably.. away from her... and switched on the music..

Pehli Najar Mein Kaisa Jaadu Kar Diya
Tera Ban Baita Hai Mera Jiya
Jaane Kya Hoga, Kya Hoga Kya Pata
Iss Pal Ko Milke Aa Ji Le Jara
Mein Hu Yahan, Tu Hai Yahan
Meri Bahon Mein Aa, Aa Bhi Ja

O Jaaneja Dono Jahan, Meri Bahon Mein Aa, Bhul Ja, Aa -(2)
Baby I Love You -4 So More
Baby I Love You, O I Love You
I Love You, I Love You So More
Baby I Love You

Just how ironic could it be? Just when he had decided to test her patience and keep away, this song urged him to go back to her..

Armaan looked at riddhima for a minute, and then her eyes caught his.. there was something in them.. something different.. like there was something she wanted to say.. something she wanted to do.. he kept staring at her eyes trying to figure out what exactly that message was.. well whatever it was, it seemed to be urgent

Armaan : uhmm.. riddhima.. is there something you want to tell me

Riddhima : armaan...don't do this

Armaan : do what

Riddhima : fine.. i wasn't curious.. it was just strange ok.. and yes.. i dont like it when you are far away.. okay? Happy

Armaan was clearly worried now.. now what was up with her?

Armaan : what's up with you.. all of a sudden? What's wrong

Riddhima: just promise you won't do this again.. you won't ever leave my side

Armaan : i promise i will never leave your side.. but what's up with you?

Riddhima (avoiding the topic): i'll tell you one day.. when the time is right..

Armaan : as you wish.. but remember.. i will always be with you..

As soon as she heard that, riddhima went and took armaan in an embrace.. now seriously.. what was wrong with her

Armaan looked at riddhima with a confused look on his face

Riddhima chuckled looking at his face..

Riddhima : nothing.. just doing what the song asked me to do

She would always be a child wouldn't she.. she needed the assurance that someone was always with her.. for her.. and when he moved back, she felt like he was leaving her.... and when she knows that there is someone, she'll be the happiest person in the world.. but what was up with her needing the assurance all of a sudden?

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