Monday, 30 July 2018

part 15 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ car

Armaan : riddhima.. seriously what's wrong with you?

Riddhima : with me.. what's wrong with you for heaven sake? You think i didnt notice.. you spotted a camera.. and hid it in your pocket.. and then you refuse to tell me that you did so.. you just stay away from me for no reason at all.. what's wrong with you for heavens sake?

Armaan : look.. i didn't tell you about the camera because i didnt want to break your trust for your sister

Riddhima: like you care

Armaan : huh?

Riddhima: she has always done this.. it's nothing new.. i knew it was all her trick the minute you told me about rahuls car.. but i knew you knew it too.. just why didnt you tell me then?

Armaan : look seriously.. i thought you believed your sister

Riddhima: armaan please.. today... don't lie

Armaan : fine.. i thought keeping your trust for anjali would be beneficial for me.. for us.. you know i can talk to her.. and come to know everything.. like

Riddhima: like what i think about something or what i feel.. unfortunately, dr.armaan, you have found the person for is not anji di.. anji cannot keep a secret a secret.. nor can muski.. it's someone i don't think you know

Armaan : vivek?

Riddhima : you're still bothered by him

Armaan : is it vivek?

Riddhima : no.. but why did you even think it was him.. are you still bothered by it?

Armaan: no.. i just wanted to know.. who is it then

Riddhima : sid

Armaan : sid?

Riddhima : my best friend.. lives in australia.. helped me a lot during my struggling days.. he is a gem

Armaan : your best friend?

Riddhima : not again armaan.. just a friend.. was and will never be anything more than that..

Armaan : why do you have so many friends who are guys... atul, vivek , sid

Riddhima: abhi

Armaan : who?

Riddhima: abhi.. your competitor..

Armaan : how did he become your friend?

Riddhima: well you being  as ignorant as you are.. the party.. that day.. he said that i was beautiful.. then he spoke to me.. and we became friends

Armaan : just keep away from him

Riddhima : my my.. someone's jealous

Armaan ; jealous? Ya right.. he's just... not good

Riddhima : not good.. hmm.. i see... why?

Armaan : he..he..he..

Riddhima: he.. what?

Armaan : i don't like him

Riddhima : he is nice..

Armaan : just stay away.. i am telling you to do so...


Armaan : fine talk to him.. if that's what you want.. talk to him

Riddhima: why are you getting so jealous?

Armaan :because he is not a nice person.. and single

Riddhima : he is not single.. he's with nikki

Armaan :huh.. you're serious.. when, what , how

Riddhima: it all happened in our absence.. but abhi told me about it.. as a friend

Armaan : are you serious..

Riddhima : yup

@ sanjeevani

Anjali: plan 2 begins...4...3...2...1... and bam


The car stars moving.. and the wheel has no control over the movement.. it just keeps going ahead.. into the dark jungle

Riddhima: where the hell is this going?

Armaan : jungle

Riddhima: i know that.. but.. what.. what in the world is this?

Armaan : your sister inovation

Riddhima : armaan.. how can you be so cool about it?

Armaan : cause it is your sister's inovation.. and it is obviously gonna be as stupid as the previous one

Riddhima: just stop doing that.. this is going into nowhere.. we have no  control over it and we can't even get out

Armaan : so what can i do anyways?

Riddhima : ughh...

Then suddenly the car goes over a bump..This made riddhima very scared.. she was out of her mind.. she could do just anything to get out of this place

Riddhima: just what would you take to take this seriously?

Armaan : hmm...

Riddhima: make it fast..

Armaan : i know

Riddhima: what,,

Armaan : you know what (with a wide grin)

Riddhima: what?

Armaan : a kiss

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