Tuesday, 31 July 2018

part 16 : Shades of Love (AR)

Riddhima: have you gone mad?

Armaan : think about it.. it's your choice..

Riddhima: you're impossible

Armaan : thankyou

Riddhima was irritated, with anger shown on her face.. armaan just loved that look of hers when she's angry and loved her behaviour when she was irritated... well he hadn't really expected one, but the next moment, riddhima leaned in and placed her lips on his

Before armaan could react to what was happening, riddhima withdrew from the kiss..

Riddhima: done.. now help..

Armaan : thats not fair

Riddhima: everything's fair in love and war

Armaan : but...

Riddhima: deal is a deal..you gotto help now

By now , the car was already in the middle of the jungle.. they never realized this as they were busy fighting with each other... but suddenly.. the car stops..

@ sanjeevani:

Anjali: and stop

Muskaan : huh?

Anjali: the car would have stopped by now

Muskaan : and now what is your plan?

Anjali: night in a cottage... snow falling.. perfect..(with a wide grin)

@ car

Armaan : the cars open now.. what the hell?

Riddhima: you should be happy

Armaan : of course i am happy

Riddhima : doesn't look like it

Armaan : of course i am .. lets go now

They got off the car just to find themselves in the middle of nowhere.. pitch dark.. nothing can be seen.. for miles and miles..

Riddhima(scared): armaan you there?

No reply..

Riddhima(worried) : armaan.. you there?

No reply..

Riddhima(scared and angry) : armaan where in the world are you?

No reply..

She was getting very scared.. when all of a sudden.... armaan comes and hugs her...

This stuns her for a second.. she didnt know who it was.. she was just scared.. and this tight and strong hold on her made it impossible for her to get out of this grip..

Riddhima felt just so helpless then.. her heart was saying that she was safe while her brain was saying that she wasn't. she kept reminding herself that she was in an unknown place, in the arms of an unknown person.. but for some strange reason she felt safe.. in that unknown person's arms.. she felt safe

She stopped trying to escape his grip on her after some time, and there was nothing but plain silence.. armaan knew that she had given up trying to escape.. and as felt her heartbeat get back to normal, he left her

Armaan : i'm sorry riddhima

Riddhima: you scared me.. to death...

Armaan : you knew i wouldn't let anything happen to you

Riddhima: but i thought you weren't there

Armaan : you think i can ever leave you in such a situation

Riddhima: i didn't know then.. we hardly know each other for what 3-4 days?

Armaan : 4 days.. but it feels like i've known you for years

Riddhima just tried to look at his expressions... there was not much she could see in this darkness..but she knew that there was a sense of honesty in his voice.. and she thought it would be better to leave this topic as it is and not drag it any further

Armaan : so you hungry?

Riddhima: from where are you gonna food over here?

Armaan : you forgot about the pizza your sister got?

Riddhima: you think it would have survived all the bumps?

Armaan : if you could, i am sure it would have been able to too

Riddhima: huh?

Armaan : seriously.. i've never seen someone as fragile as you

Riddhima: huh?

Armaan : never mind

Riddhima: no seriously.. fragile.. like really?

Armaan : you dont want to get me started

Riddhima: fine.. leave it then..i'll prove it to you later

Armaan : keep dreaming

Riddhima:  i'd love to

Armaan and riddhima  knew it wasn't the perfect thing to do right now.. when they were stuck.. only god knows where..

@ sanjeevani: 

Anjali: perfect.. i'm sure the plan is goona be successful..

Muskaan : ab kya?

Anjali: night together.. cottage.. snow.. two of them alone..

Muskaan : hayye rabba.. tu uski bahan hai ki dushman?

Anjali(wide grin): dirty mind...maine toh waise kuch bhi nahin kaha.. dono batein bhi toh kar sakte hain (wide grin)

Rahul: jo hum sabh jo pata hain tera plan nahin hain

Anjali: tumhe jo samajhna hai samjho.. maine to aise kuch bhi nahin kaha

Muskaan : lekin tere chehre pe saaf dikh raha hai.. tera plan kya hain

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