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part 2 : “It's a love worth waiting for….”,

Riddhima gained consciousness slowly and tried to see around but everything was blur in front of her. She felt a severe pain in her head and right hand and leg.she tried to remember what had happened to her and where she was and in a while everything came in front of her eyes… she was hiding in that village from 6 months to save herself from vivek. But at last vivek found her and sent his men to trap her…but she escaped somehow and ran to the road. now she understood she couldn’t save herself from those men so thought to end her life and ran to the car which was coming very fast…she bumped on it and got unconscious….and now she was lying on a bed,injured and helpless…did vivek’s men get her? She started shivering as she got to know that there was no mercy word in vivek’s dictionary and if he succeeds to catch her…would make her life worse than a hell… he had
already sold her to a rich man in delhi…and she was escaping since 2 years from him…in every 2-3 months she was changing her place but when she came in that interior village of nasik district,got herself save,so she planned to stay there and started her new life .she got a job of teacher as she hid her identity of doctor.the village people are very friendly. when they got to know that riddhima was an orphan and wanted to work in villages,they welcomed her happily. but vivek’s men reached there and trapped her.riddhima understood she couldn’t save herself from vivek ,so she decided to finish her life…but now where is she? Vivek’s words echoed in her ears…..”riddhima jaan,tum meri shikar ho…maine yon hi tumhe apne pyar ke jaal mein nahi fansaya tha.arey ,mera toh business hi yahi hai…ladkiyon ko fuslakar apne sath le aao aur achche cost par bech do…par kya hai na,tumpar dill aa gaya tha,so socha tha tumhare sath aisa nahi karunga,bas tumse shadi karke tumhare papa ki property apne naam kar lunga…par tumne mujhse shadi se inkaar karke bahut galat kiya hai,ab toh shshank ki property mujhe milne se raha,toh kyon na tumse hi mai apni kamayi kar lun…sach kahta hun jaan,aise customer hain jo tumhare lakhon denge…aur bhagne ki koshish karogi toh wo haalat karunga ki khud ko aayine me dekhne se darogi….hahahahaha….

Riddhima scremed in horror….. “nahiiiiiii!”

Just then 2 soft hands hold her and uttered in a sweet voice : “ma’m,aap thik hain na? don’t worry,you are in hospital.”
Riddhima looked at that side and saw a young girl was standing there.she uttered in a shaken voice… “hospital!”
Sister : “ji ma’m, apka 2 din pahle accident hua tha and you are taken in have a surgery in head and you coller bone and right knees’s bone were also fractured but now you are fine..dr. subhankar assured that you are out of danger..”
Riddhima mumbled… “dr. subhankar…
sister nodded and uttered : “unhone hi toh aapki surgery ki hai.”
Riddhima asked slowly : “yeh koun sa hospital hai?”
Nurse : “it’s sanjivani ma’m..
Riddhima shievered hearing it…sanjivani….she remembered everything….papa..friends…arman…
She asked slowly : “ mai 2 din se yahan hun? Koi mujhe dhundhne aaya tha kya? Mujhe koun laya yahan?
Nurse gave her medicine and uttered : “no ma’m,aapke ghar se toh koi nahi aaya,actually aapka accident is hospital ke senior doctor se hua tha,they took you here…
Riddhima mumbled…”senior doctor..
Nurse nodded : “haan,dr. arman..
Riddhima felt her heart started beating rapidly hearing the name. she again mumbled…dr. arman..
Nurse : ‘ji,dr. arman and dr. muskan..they were coming back from their camp…unhone immediately aapko yahan laya par yahan aane me unhen 2 ghante lage aur aapka bahut blood beh gaya tha. Aapko immediate blood ki jarurat thi aur blood bank me aapke group ka blood nahi tha.thank god dr. arman aur aapka group same hai..he gave you 2 bottles blood and save your life.”
Tears started flowing from riddhima’s eyes. Arman..jiske sath usne itna bada dhokha kiya,usne aaj uski jaan bachayi..par wah toh jina nahi chahti hai,wah toh marna chahti thi..she mumbled….”kyon bachaya tumne arman? Mujhe jine ka koi haq nahi hai…”
She heard someone’s footstep so closed her eyes..she couldn’t face anyone of sanjivani. dr. subhankar’s entered and asked : “how is my patient sister? You gave medicines?”
Sister replied : “yes sir..she is good.abhi toh hum baat kar rahe the.”
Subhankar came to riddhima ,checked her pulse and uttered slowly while caressing riddhima’s hairs : “how are you riddhima?”
Riddhima opened eyes but tears started flowing again from her eyes. Subhankar asked slowly : “are you feeling pain? Kuch takleef ho toh batao mujhe .”
Riddhima nodded in na and closed eyes. Subhankar kept quiet for sometime than addressed to the sister : “sister,next 12 hours aapki duty rahegi yahan ,kuch bhi jarurat ho immediate call me okay?”
Sister nodded and said : “yes sir.”
Dr. shubhankar looked at riddhima once than uttered : “ patient ke chart paper par diet likha hai, take care of her..i will come at evening again.”
Riddhima didn’t know how long time she was slept.she understood it was because of injection and medicine as she could not feel the pain. she woke up hearing sister’s voice : “ma’m,kya aap jag rahi hain?”
Seeing that riddhima opened eyes,sister uttered : “ma’m,apke medicine ka time ho gaya hai,par usse pahle kuch khana padega aapko. You have to take light food,maine toast aur soup mangaya hai,aapko pasand hai na?”
Riddhima nodded and tried to get up but sister uttered giving her support : “no mam,aap abhi straight nahi baith sakti,bas aise hi pillow ka sahara lekar baithiye,mai khila deti hun.”
Riddhima nodded and sat. sister fed her than gave medicines and uttered : “sir aaye the par aap so rahi thi isliye chale gaye.”
Riddhima asked slowly : “sir?”
Sister : “ji,dr. arman..”
Riddhima felt uneasy hearing it. Just then arman and muskan entered in the cabin and seeing her muskan asked : “how are you riddhima?”
Riddhima uttered slowly .. “fine…”and started looking at the floor.”
Muskan and arman looked at each other then muskan cleared her throat and addressed riddhima : “ riddhima,abhi aapko kuch din yahan rehna padega,means aapki jo situation hai,you have to stay here.but we think aapke relatives,I mean aapke husband pareshan honge,toh kya aap unka number de sakti hain? Hum unhe call karke bula lenge.”
Riddhima shievered hearing it..she uttered immediately… “no…
Muskan and arman looked at her surprisingly. Riddhima controlled herself and uttered : “ji,wo abhi india me nahi hain.”
Muskan : “par kisiko toh aana padega aapko le jane ke liye…tumhare husband ke koi relative,bhai,behen ya friend?”
Riddhima nodded in na then uttered slowly : “mai khud chali jaungi.”
Arman gestured muskan to come out.they came out then arman uttered : “mujhe lagta hai wah dari hui hai…shayad is baat se ki agar humey uske husband ka naam ya address pata chala toh shayad kuch bura karein.”
Muskan uttered : “may be,par pata toh lagana padega na?may be you don’t notice uske gale me mangalsutr hai,means she is married.toh uska pati pareshan hoga na?”
Arman nodded and uttered : “we will assure her ki hum aisa kuch nahi karenge,toh shayad wo bata de…’
Muskan nodded and uttered : “you are right arman,wo dari hui hai..anyways,meri duty hai,baad me dekhenge kya kar sakte hain.”
Arman nodded and uttered : “thank god she is fine,warna mai khud ko kabhi maaf nahi kar pata.”

2 weeks spent,now riddhima is better..she started walking with the help of the sister. Arman used to come regularly to see her but always with a friend of him,and he/she talked to riddhima and arman stared her silently but one day when muskan was asking her about her address and husband’s name,and riddhima was refusing constantly..arman interfered ..he uttered : “listen riddhima,we understood tum dari hui ho ki hum tumhare family ko koi nuksan na pahunchaye,par hum aisa nahi karenge….past is past..humey usse kuch lena –dena nahi hai par agar tum nahi bataogi to hum tumhe tumhare family ko kaise hand over karenge? I promise hum tumhare personal life me dakhal nahi denge.”

Riddhima looked at once arman with teary eyes then started looking at the away. Muskan ,who was lost her patience,uttered angrily : “arman,ab humey police ka help lena padega,kyonki yeh toh kuch batane se rahi…”

Hearing it riddhima started shivering and yelled loudly : “nahi nahi..please aisa mat karna..mai..mai sab bata dungi..please kisiko mat batana mai yahan hun..wo..wo log mujhe barbaad kar denge….please give me some time..please…mai aapke samne hath jodti hun ma’m..”

Arman noticed she was sweating badly…her whole body was trembling..she moved down the bed and tried to ran but fell on the floor …suddenly she started crying loudly….she was looking like a hysteric patient…arman ran to her and uttered grabbing her shoulders : “calm down riddhima,hum aisa kuch nahi karenge…hum kisiko nahi batayenge tum yahan ho…calm down please…”

Riddhima looked at arman once and got unconscious leaving them shocked. Muskan uttered in a scared voice : “maine aisa kya keh diya arman? She is not normal..suddenly behaving like a mad.”

Arman looked at riddhima’s pale,innocent face and uttered caressing her cheek…. “don’t know muskan but now I can’t leave her alone..kuch to hua hai uske sath jiske kaaran itna dari hui hai..humey riddhima ka aur bhi khyal rakhna hoga aur usey is trauma se baahar nikalna hoga.”

Love u all

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