Wednesday, 11 July 2018

part 2 : Need you now (ss)

Armaan- Ridhima… I could careless about religion when it comes to love… What's the point of giving us a heart when religion comes in between.


"Hello" she whispered as she lay in her bed.

"I love you" he whispered back….. "by the way… why are we whispering?"

"because I don't want people to hear me talking on the phone… My parent's are asleep and my sister is out tonight…"

"That's great… at last we get to talk on the phone… muahhh"

"I miss you a lot… need to see you" she whined.

"I can come over when ever you tell me too…"

"Well you can… but I can't, my parents are so strict" she pouted.

"Hey is your sister returning tonight?"

"Uhh I don't think so… she's probably going to spend the night at her friend's place"


"Great why? Armaan what are you going to do?" she asked knowing Armaan doesn't ask questions if he isn't going to do anything.

"Nothing… now will you please go to sleep… I'll call you back in a bit" he said, while kissing her goodbye.

She sighed and putt he phone down. Her heart was beating erratically, what's he going to do now, she thought. As she waited sleeplessly for his call, she beamed when she saw his name come up on the screen of her phone.

"Hello" she whispered happily, with her heart rate up to the roof.

"Look outside your balcony" he smiled through the phone.

"Armaaaaan" she ran to her balcony to see him standing there with a smile.

"Armaan… what are you doing here" she looked around all paranoid.

"Hold on, give me a minute" he started climbing the pipe next to her balcony.

"Armaan nooo… your gonna fall….. go back.. Armaan" she wailed, while he just ignored her.

"See I made it" he put his arms out, as he stepped onto the balcony.

"Well what are you waiting for… I wanna hold you in my arms" he asked, looking at her blush away.

"Armaan…." he pulled her into his arms… and held her tightly.

"I missed seeing your face like crazy" he kissed her cheek.

"I missed you too"

They spend their 10 minutes admiring each other… still not able to believe that they are so deeply in love with each other….

"RIDHIMA" a knock came upon her door.

"Armaan… hide" she whispered…

"Umm coming mom" she ran to the door, with fear… and opened the door slowly, not getting a sight of Armaan.

"What are you doing with your door locked? And what are those voices I hear?" her mother asked strictly.

"Nothing mom.. The door was locked because I forgot to unlock it after changing my clothes… and I finished studying so
I was just watching a movie" she said hoping her beating heart wouldn't give away the truth.

"Fine… then go to sleep… it's really late…. And close the door to your balcony… it shouldn't be open this late at night" her mom said leaving Ridhima.

Ridhima took a deep breathe… Her mother always came in the wrong time, and made her super nervous with her questions. Just then she remembered Armaan was still here.

"Armaan… where are you?" she looked around her room.

"Armaaaaaaaan…… Armaaaan!"

"Ahhh" she screamed, but eventually was taken over by Armaan.

"Armaan, what was that?" she asked breaking from the kiss.

"Just wanted to kiss you before leaving… bye… love you" he kissed her forehead and was climbing down from the balcony.

"LOVE YOU TOO" she gave him a flying kiss as he winked back at her.

She laid in her bed, with her eyes wide open. Her life has changed so much for the past two months, she was in love. Falling in love has it's own good feelings, anyone can experience love, sadness, happiness, and other emotions. But when a person is in love, these emotions feel so different, just because these emotions are for another person.

She still can't believe that she's in love and is dating a guy secretly. She never lied to her parents before, and even though she knows her parents isolating her from social contact and forbidding her from having boyfriends is for her good, she can't help it if she fell in love.

After a few hours she finally fell asleep, dreaming about her prince charming.


"Hey Anjali you're here… when did you get home?" Ridhima asked looking at her older sister.

"Well I was gonna sleep over at my friend's place… but I forgot something so I came back to get it… and then something interesting happened…. As I was parking, I saw a boy running from your balcony? Care to explain?" Anjali said while raising her eyebrows.


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