Sunday, 22 July 2018

part 2 : Shades of Love (AR)


Muskaan: waise idea bhura nahin hain.. riddhima ko bhi stories ke liye ideas chahiye.. jo armaan se acha aur kaun de sakta hain?

Atul: aek baat bata, riddhima bhi tere jaisi hai?

Muskaan : bilkul.. isiliye woh meri best friend hain

Atul : gaya kam seh.. aek muskaan seh hi headache aata hain.. double muskaan bole toh pura body ache..


Riddhima : atul.. mujhe idea do na.. kuch sujh nahin raha

Muskaan : han atul.. idea de na use.. kitna maang rahi hain..

Atul : yar.. mujhe kya pata

Riddhima : please atul.. please atul

Atul runs away and riddhima runs behind him

**dream ends**

Atul (panicing) : nahin yaar.. main nahin aasaka party mein

Muskaan : tujhe kisne pucha? Tujhe option nahin hain.. tu aa raha hain.. ab ye soch Dr.armaan ko kaise manaye?

Atul : yeh main kahan phas gaya..

Muskaan : chal mere sath.. Dr. armaan se bath karlete hain abhi


"this is the last call for ms. Riddhima gupta. Please report to the check-in counter immidiately

Riddhima : god.. last call for me and here i cant find my baggage.. god please help

Model room:

Model 2 : miss anjali gupta , here is your dress. You have to walk on the stage in 10 minutes..

Anjali gupta: what sort of a dress is this? I wont wear this..

Model 2 : maam you dont have a choice.. the showstopper dress has been destroyed.. this is the only replacement we could find

Anjali gupta: look i am not walking on the ramp in this dress.. you either have to find another dress or another replacement for me

Model 2 : maam please try to understand .. it's not possible to make any changes right now

Anjali gupta: i'm sorry i'm not walking then.. and that is my final decision

Sanjevani: (outside Dr. armaan's cabin)

Muskaan : atul...... kaha bhag gaya? Darpok kahin ka..

(enters dr.armaans cabin)

Muskaan : hmm.. good morning.. sir... sir.. actually.. woh main..

Armaan (smiles) : yes dr.muskaan.. you wanted to say something

Muskaan (gaining the courage to speak): woh sir.. main.. aek party organise kar rahi hoon mere friend ke liye.. aap free hoge toh please aajaiye.

Armaan : thankyou Dr. muskaan lekin main party mein kya karoonga?main apke dost koh nahin janta

Muskaan : toh aap use jaan jayinge.. oh.. main toh batana hi bhul gayyi.. meri dost dr.shashank ki beti hain aur dr.shashank bhi khush hoge aapko dekh kar

Armaan : i'll surely think about it and let you know soon


Riddhima enters the flight , without her baggage.

Air hostress: maam would you like to have something?

Air hostress: maam..

Riddhima : huh.. ya..

Air hostress: would you like to have something?

Riddhima :no thank you

(nikitha is sitting next to her)

Nikitha: hmm.. sorry to interfere but is there something wrong?

Riddhima: yes i lost my baggage and that has my passport, my visa and my house keys..

Nikitha : hmm.. so how about running away

Riddhima : WHAT?

Nikitha: that happened to me and my friend (armaan) once.. i had lost my passport too.. i stole this air hostress's dress, wore it  and ran out of the airport

riddhima : and you were actually successful? i must meet this friend of yours.. interesting stories..

Model's room

Model 1 : sir.. anjali maam has refused to walk today.. do you want to return her dress.. the show will stop otherwise

Rahul : no sweetheart.. let her not walk.. her loss.. bad publicity.. bad image..

Model 1 : sir you cant walk without her.. even you will gain bad publicity

Rahul : i will be shown as this innocent person trapped by her..

Model 1: instead you can meet her and talk to her once.. you'll be shown as the savior of the show

Abhi : hey armaan.. what's up. How's life?

Armaan : guess what? Muskaan just invited me to her party, for some friend of hers

Abhi : nice.. and she actually thought you'd be going to that party of hers?

Armaan: that friend of hers is Dr. shashank's daughter.. the prospective future owner of sanjeevani

Abhi (thinking) :so Dr Armaan Mallik wants to impress the prospective future sanjeevani owner..i'm not letting that happen..

                          Plan A.. dont let him go.. Plan B : go along with him

Armaan: hey abhi.. you wanna come along.. i dont want to stuck with people i dont know and can't get along with

Abhi: Sure Dr. Armaan

Mumbai airport:

Riddhima pays an air hostress, who lends riddhima her uniform.. riddhima escapes the airport, and finds muskaan

Muskaan : ridzy,  tu air hostress kab bani? Mujhe bataya bhi nahin?

Riddhima: nahin yaar.. mera baggage kho gaya.. passport, visa aur ghar ki chabi bhi

Muskaan : gayye kaam se

Riddhima : kya hua?

Muskaan : yaar anji , aur tere parents ghar pe nahin hai.. who anjali ke show ke liye gayye.. aur tere paas chabi nahin..

Riddhima : tu kahan ja rahi hai abhi

Muskaan: sanjeevani

Riddhima: now that i have no choice, i'll come along

Green room

Rahul: nice idea.. tomorrows headlines.. rahul mallik saves the show.... can you send anjali to my room

Model 1 : yes sir


Riddhima: sab mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe hai

Muskaan : tujhe pehli baar dekh rahe hai.. aur tu toh air hostress ke kapde mein hain.. toh thoda ajeeb hai

Riddhima: waise yeh hospital hamesha aise hi rehta hai kya.. itna quite and calm

Muskaan : nahin yaar.. lagta hai hitler hospital main hain

Riddhima : hitler?

Muskaan : woh hum Dr. armaan ko hitler bulate hain.. Dr. keerthi ke marriage ke baad, Dr armaan took over, aur woh humara hitler hai abhi..

Riddhima : toh.. tu hitler ko pasand nahin karti?

Muskaan: pasand? Pure nurses marte hai uspaar.. most eligible bachelor ka title jo jeeta hai

Riddhima: interesting..

Muskaan: yaar.. thoda maaza karte hain..tu jisse bhi milti hai, use "I LOVE YOU" bol.. aur reaction dekh.. maine 2 saal pehle niki ke sath try kiya tha.. Ab tu kar..

Riddhima: marvayegi kya? Dad ko pata chalenga toh.. mardalenge..

Muskaan : try to kar.. jo hoga dekha jayega

Green room:

Anjali: yes rahul.. what do you have to say now

Rahul : ms. Anjali gupta.. who exactly do you think you are.. you have no right to back out right now

Anjali: it's my choice rahul.. if i dont want to walk, no-one can make me

Rahul : even if we repair the showstopper dress

Anjali: it's too late.. nothing can be done now.. so good bye

Rahul : hey listen up.. daughter of the cruel Dr. Gupta

Anjali : just shut up Mr.. whatever.. you dare say anything to my father

Rahul : really.. what will you do

Anjali: i can destroy your career.. completely.. and by the way.. what did my father do to you?

Rahul : my brother isn't here today because of him

Anjali (laughing): really he glued him to some chair or something

Rahul : yes you're right.. he glued him to his hospital..


Atul: hey muski.. hey..hmm... riddhima..

Riddhima: I LOVE YOU

Muski laughing looking at atul's reaction

Atul: muski ye kaun hai? Aur ye kya keh rahi hai?

Riddhima: I LOVE YOU

Atul(worried) : muski yaar ye kaun hai

Muski: yeh teri premi

Atul : muski yaar.. ye kaun hai?

Muski : teri pichle janam ki premi

Riddhima: I LOVE YOU

Atul runs away

Riddhima runs after him shouting I LOVE YOU

Atul goes into the fire escape and riddhima crashes into somebody.. she is about to fall.. when somebody holds her.. yup you're right.. he's armaan..they look into each other's eyes for a while and when they lose eye contact, armaan begins to speak

Armaan: just what do you think you were doing? This is a hospital not a play ground

Riddhima: yes.. i apologize.. i was looking for somebody.. it was an emergency

Armaan : looking for who?

Riddhima: umm.. yeah.. hitler... hmm.. i mean...hmm....Dr. Armaan

Armaan:(fuming) : hitler?

Riddhima: yeah.. he was this german who everybody hated..

Armaan : and who are you?

Riddhima: hmm.. i am Riddhima..

Armaan : and what did you want to tell hitler?

Riddhima(without thinking): that he shouldn't be hitler...


Riddhima: I mean.. umm.. well i wanted to say... umm..

Armaan : yes i am listening

Riddhima.. i wanted to say...umm...hmmm....umm...i wanted to say.. umm.. I LOVE YOU..

That was all she could think of at that moment.. and well hitler didnt know what to say.. he was shocked and speechless..

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