Tuesday, 17 July 2018

part 2 : Taming the Unknown

She looked at him, his dark love black hair, all roughed, his beautiful smile which was now in an angry mood. Those beautiful blue eyes, the way he looked at his knee again and again, cursing under his breath ever two second, he hadn't even noticed that she was standing right in front of her.

Ridhima caught her thoughts as she realised that she'd been staring at him for ages ridhima what's gotten into you? You've never looked at a guy like that before, what's wrong with you head? His probably the guy Muski and anji we talking about. Phew he'll probably be those rick kind of snobs, those are the guys i might wanna stay back from. And even if he was the right guy, i could never be able to get them. I look so grey compared to muski di and anji di signing; ridhima looked up to see him turning towards her.

 Ridhima saw his face no staring right into her's, a breeze came running through her hair, messing everything up, her dupata which was surely going to fly away, which did and it blew right towards the guy, ridhima gasped feeling the cold air on her milky skin, watching as her dupata was caught by his hand right before it could hit his face, his pulled it away from his face, his face so adorable. Ridhima shook her head wondering if what was happening was a dream or reality, her thought were awakened as she saw him walking closer, his stride long and smooth, he looked like model who just ran away from the ramp and entered her house.

 He stood right in front of her; the wind paused for a while, howling in the air, and taking in the same feeling as she was feeling right in her, her heart quickened for no simple reason, her breath turned shallow and low, but quick. Ridhima closed her eyes, sensing the wind come loud pushing her hair all around her face; she looked as angelic as any angel in heaven. She opened her eyes as a jerk, feeling his cold hands, which burned on her skin, pushing away the strands of hair, his light fingers feeling like weights on her skin, his breath shallow as her's on her face. His lips, curly up into a smile, why on earth is her smiling ridhima thought, feeling the sweet minty breath on her face, she breathed in his scent, driving it up into her body.

Ridhima looked up as his hands left her face, his face in a daze; shouldn't it actually have been her who should be in daze? Smiling at her, his smile brightened as ridhima smiled at him and slowly took the dupata from his free hand. Cold as ice but it didn't feel like that on her hand, it felt like strong burning fire.

"Hi" ridhima shuddered as his voice, so pure. She hadn't ever heard such a beautiful it sounded like music to her ears.

Ridhima didn't utter a word as she didn't even know what was going around her surroundings. "H...e...llo" ridhima managed to speak the words out without fainting. 

He smiled. Uh why does he have to smile like that? "Actually... hmm I and my brothers were having lunch outside and we heard crying noise, sooo...." he stopped short as ridhima blinked and watched a tear slid from the side, quickly wiping it away, ridhima stood there embarrassed.

"I'm ... sorry" ridhima whispered, her voice so low that it was so hard to hear, but he could.

"It's ok" he smiled, those beautiful blue eyes lighting up. "By the way, oh.... you hmm Muskaan and anji's sister?" he asked as ridhima looked up and nodded, but then regretted the very second. "Cool. Hmm i hope you don't mine me asking but why were you crying?" he asked her another question. I'm sorry

Ridhima looked up and answered. "Well i hurt my head and it was really hurting" she said coming up with the lie. "But i fell well now" she whispered again, low as a butterfly. Please god get him away from me, i don't want him.

Ridhima turned her back towards him but the stopped in the way.

"You've met Muskaan and anji?" ridhima asked in a low voice hoping that her voice was loud enough. Oh riddi, of course he met the, duh? He's the one who asked about them at first. Ridhima gave a slight slap on her head.

"Hmm yeah" ridhima could sense the confusion in his voice.

Ridhima hesitated. "Hmm i meant that, you got to know them very well?" she said.

"Yeah well, i just got to know them like today, but yeah anji's very cute and Muskaan funny but i prefer anji, she's more particle" he said as ridhima opened her mouth to say something but then closed it and turned around to face his grinning face.

Of course he likes anji, it's written all over his face, look at how his smirking is and blushing a bit. Not all guys blush, they only do it when they like some.

He looked at ridhima and then down again. "She's very special" ridhima looked at him and then felt like saying you haven't seen nothing yet but she stopped that urge, as it was her sister, and she wouldn't dare say anything about her older sister.

"She is very special" ridhima said lowering her eyes down as she fiddled with her dupata. She was glad that it was back on her again.

He smiled. "I should be going, my brother's would be waiting" he did a loop smile, ridhima nearly lost her breath but then caught herself. "I hope you head's better"

My head? Oh yeah"

"Oh yeah, hmm my head, it feels better" she said smiling at him, she hadn't smiled in ages and it felt so good being herself for a while.

He watched her, as ridhima looked at him. She saw that he was very nervous about something but she didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable. "Hmm" ridhima looked up at his voice. "Can you tell anji that i said 'hi'" ridhima's smiled disappeared but then she thought that at least her sister would be happy.

Ridhima nodded as she watched him climb up on the tree, grabbing onto a branch and then jumped over the fence. Off onto his own world. Ridhima stared at where it had just gone, her eyes didn't move from that place. Does he like anji di? Anji would be happy, but muski di? Hmm

Ridhima walked in as she saw Muskaan staring at her.

"Who's going to wash all these dishes? Huh? We don't have maids in this house, you've got to get your butt up or else-" of course we have maids; all you want is my life as hell as you can make it.

Ridhima hesitated and then nodded, saying sorry she walked over to the sink and washed all the dishes, even though they had a dish washers, she was still made to do all the work in the house. Washing a dish each at a time, her mind was somewhere else, that guy she had just met, she didn't even know his name but he had occupied her thoughts right away. Ridhima could still feel his fingers crawling up her skin; she could feel the heat of his breath as it had touched her face. Can you tell anji that i said hi the words repeated in ridhima's head like a tape recorder, again and again reminding her that he had something for anji!

Ridhima put the last plate as she heard anji laughing on the sofa watching Friends on the TV, she walked over to her, she had to tell her, anji was her sister and she had the right to no. what if i don't tell her? What if he comes and tells anji that he told me something and i being selfish didn't tell her! No... No i must tell her.

Ridhima looked around the living room; Muskaan would probably be shopping and sakshi, probably in one of her kitty parties. Ridhima took the chance and coughed and still she didn't get anjali's attention, so she coughed harder.

"Uh" anji groaned. "Go outside and cough not here" snapping at her

Ridhima caught her tears; she didn't want to spoil anything. "Actually anji, i need to tell you something" she said while anji was absorbed by the TV. "Hmm actually, that.... Guy-" anjali's head snapped away from the TV and right at ridhima's face

"What guy?" she asked excitedly

Ridhima smiled in her head. "The one next door" she watched as anji was nearly jumping from the sofa. "Well he said that to tell you that he said 'HI'" she finished as Anjali screamed loud.

"OMG really............. really riddzie" Anjali was jumping up and down and hugged ridhima tight. "Aww i love you riddzie" Ridhima felt like the world she turned all around, she had tears trickling down her side of her eye as she wiped it off quickly. This was after a whole 13 years that her sister hugged her, it felt like the whole world to ridhima. Thank you mystery guy, because of you i got my sister's hug after 13 years.

Ridhima hugged her sister back as she pulled her out of the hug, laughing like a maniac, but to ridhima it was the happiest day of her life.

"Is the sky falling?" Muskaan came rushing from her room. "I heard screaming" she said worriedly and then laughing. But she was shocked to see anji holding ridhima's arm and both of them smiling. "Anji, what's going on?" she asked confusingly.

Anjali looked at she was holding ridhima's arm, and ridhima knew that the lovely moment was going to end. "Ha" Anjali shouted still not letting go of ridhima but just pulled her closer. "He said 'Hi' to me and gave the special message to riddzie"

"WHAT?" Muskaan streaked and ran towards them. "Riddi" ridhima looked at Muskaan who was staring at her. Aww i got my sister back for one day. I'm happy. "Is it true?" Muskaan asked sadly.

Ridhima looked at Muskaan and then to anji. "I'm sorry muski" ridhima said lowering her head. "He said that"

Muskaan looked at ridhima, sooo sad like she was about to cry. "Oh riddi" she said throwing her hands over ridhima. Hugging her close, it wasn't ever a day where the 3 sisters were together. It was the first time, the first day. Hugging Muskaan ridhima said soothing words while Anjali stood there giggling and laughing, mocking Muskaan

"I'm fine, i'm fine" Muskaan said coming out of the hug. "There are other guys in this world, right na riddi?" she said as ridhima smiled, today had been the best day of her luck, he was lucky for her, he had made her the most happiest girl on the world today.

"Of course muski" she said patting her on the head.

The 3 girls had forgotten what had happened before, they were laughing as Muskaan was crying and Anjali pulled ridhima and caressed her head laughing saying that ridhima belonged in her team.

"Riddi" Muskaan said pulling her towards her.

"Riddzie" anji said pulling ridhima towards her.

"Ouch" ridhima said as her wrists hurt.

"I'm so-"

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" A loud noise boomed through the room, all the girls turned towards the door. Where sakshi stood, with four shopping bags in her hand, as she walked in, her eyes opened wide and shocked. "What are you doing?" she asked again as Muskaan and Anjali looked at each other and then at ridhima. They both stepped back so much for a happy day. Sakshi looked at ridhima and then slap, another loud noise as she slapped ridhima on her face, tears came streaming down her face, she left so light headed. Totally numb

Sakshi looked at Muskaan and Anjali. "She's a Killer" Muskaan and anjali's eyes went bright red, their eyes were like the remembered something. They looked at ridhima, forgetting everything that had just happened a few minutes ago, hard evil looks.

Ridhima closed her eyes, knowing the things coming up soon. A red mark lay on her cheek, her finger lines marked on her face

"You two, off to your room!" sakshi pointed at Muskaan and Anjali. They both looked at her and nodded, giving ridhima an evil look and walked away. Ridhima looked at her sister's walking away, how they were so close together, that sakshi had ruined everything.

*slap* *slap*

Sakshi slapped her twice, leaving ridhima crying, as the tears bubbled out of her eyes.

"Don't you go near my daughters you dirty....!" she stopped short cursing ridhima under her breath.

"I worked hard on this" she said again. "You're just a killer to them" sakshi laughed and walked around ridhima. "Their father's killer ' oops you're father's killer" sakshi laughed louder.

Ridhima looked at her laughing, how she wished to scream out loud and say that she didn't kill him. But no. she was stuck this way. Tears came running down ridhima's eyes as sakshi looked at her.

"Killer" she grinned. "That's what you are" she said laughing and then stopped as she got to the stairs leaving ridhima crying. "Prepare the dinner good tomorrow, the Malik's are coming over" she said harshly and then walked away.

Ridhima stood there, horrified at everything that had just happened.

Why won't anyway believe me? i didn't kill papa! How could i!! SHE killed him; she was the one who killed him. And that too right in front of my own eyes


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