Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Part 23 : True love never dies

Dr. Armaan: dr.vicky ab aap thik hai u r getting discharge today
So better behave urself warna mujhe tumhe wapis yahan pahuchane me time ni lagega remember this
Shilpa came there
And said: armaan please rehne do pehle hi bahut problems hogyi hai iski wajah see
Vicky smirked
Armaan: my eyes are on you
Armaan signed discharge papers
Dr. Kirti: I am glad u r fine
But ye sab hua kaise?
Armaan slightly rubbed his forehead
Vicky: nothing much mam it was just a small accident nothing else
Armaan and Shilpa felt a sigh of relief
Dr. Kirti: aap Kal see apni duty join kar sakte hai

Dr. Vicky: thank u mam
In fire escape
Armaan held Shilpa s hand
U saw na what happened with you in last some days please don't do it again agar kuch b fishy lage share with me please
Shilpa: I ll do armaan promise
Armaan cupped her face and smiled i don't know what to do of this Vicky right now
Shilpa: kuch ni karna hai hume
Next day on nurse station
Armaan: hey he waved towards Shilpa
Shilpa smiled with light smile
Anjali reached nurse station
And asked from armaan what s happening guys
Armaan: nothing anji all well
And what about Dr. Vicky
Armaan: actually I don't want to talk about it
Anjali: kyu Kya hua?
Shilpa: it's nothing bus aise hi he always has arguments with him that s y only
Anjali: oh ok
Rahul: hello Anjali kaisi ho?
Aaj bahut khubsurat lag rhi ho
Anjali:jese roj ni lagti tell me something new
Atul: haan wo b hai hey armaan
Kya hua u seem lost
Armaan patted Atul s shoulder nothing all good
Armaan said
Rahul and muskaan also came
And Dr Vicky also
Dr. Kirti arrived and assigned duties
Dr. Armaan and Shilpa i.c.u
Atul and Anjali path lab
Atul smirked and Anjali gave wierd look
Dr. Muskaan and Dr. Vicky children's ward and Dr. Rahul u in general ward


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