Monday, 23 July 2018

part 3 & 4 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 3: 


Armaan: I LOVE YOU?

Riddhima : uhmm.. ya.. Dr. armaan..i love him

Armaan (curious): and how do you know him

Riddhima(thinking) :hmm... bachpan ka dost.. we were inseparable.. but then i had to go to australia and he sat here waiting for me to come back

Armaan(amazed) : but you still call him hitler?

Riddhima(remembering muskaan's description): ya he is sadu, strict, heartless , stubborn and without any emotions what-so-ever

Atul ' muskaan

Muskaan : yaar atul.. riddhima kahan reh gayyi

Atul : mujhe kya pata? Pata lagana bhi nahin hai

Muskaan (laughing) : yaar woh toh mazak kar rahi thi

Atul : assa mazak? Mujhe heart attack aa jata toh?

Muskaan : nautanki band kar... aur bata riddhima kahan hai

Atul : kya pata? Chal dhundte hai.. usse mujhe sorry bhi toh bolna hai

Green room:

Anjali (kaughing): really glued him to the hospital.. nice.. with fevicol or fevistick?

Rahul (angry): with his cruelty

Anjali : really mr. mallik.. what did he do that made him so cruel?

Rahul : well there are too many things to list..

Anjali(thinking of a plan to take revenge) : hmm.. how about you speak to him about it directly? Tomorrow evening? Party at my house?

Rahul : what makes you think that i'll come?

Anjali: well if you dont, todays show will be destroyed.. and the blame will come on you.. bad publicity..think about it

Sanjeevani :

Armaan (angry): sadu, heartless, without emotions?

Riddhima(enjoying gossiping): yeh.. i also heard that his heart is like a stone.. black , rough..


Muskaan: atul.. gayye kaam se.. woh dekh.. riddhima armaan ke sath hai

Atul : toh kya hua? Tu waise bhi unhe milana chahti thi na?

Muskaan : haan leking ridzi armaan ki insult kar rahi hai.. woh bhi armaan ke samne..margaye

Atul: toh tu idhar kya kar rahi hai.. jake rok usko.. isse pehle ke woh aur kuch bole


Riddhima:(goes on) and the weird part is he is a cardiologist.. he treats others hearts' when he himself doesnt have a heart

muskaan: excuse me Dr. armaan mallik, but i need to speak to her for a second.. can you excuse us please?


Riddhima: Dr Armaan mallik? Ye hitler hain?

Muskaan : yaar tu toh atte hi marvadi.. kya jarurat thi apna bada sa mu kholne ki?

Riddhima: toh hitler naraaz ho jayega... bichara...lekin mujhe to yeh soch ke maza aa raha ke woh abhi kya soch raha hoga.."kya mein sachme itna bhura hoon"

Muskaan : yeh hospital toh tere baap ka hai.. tujhe kya problem hai.. problem to mujhe hain.. mujhe use har din jhena padenga

Riddhima: hmm.. bechari tu.. lekin itna bhi bhura nahin hain woh muskaan..kitni achi tarah sun raha tha woh apni khudki insult.. kash sabhi uske jaise hote

Armaan's cabin:

Armaan: sadu, heartless, hitler, without emotions, stone ' hearted? Panch minute mein kitna saara bol gayyi.. lekin hain kon woh.. usko toh main chodunga nahin.. ase bol rahi hai jaise uska baap ka hospital hain

(dr.atul enters)

armaan :Dr. atul aap yahan kya kar rahe hai?

atul : main riddhima ka peecha karte karte ayya..i'm sorry

armaan ; aap riddhima ko jaante hai?

atul; haan use main kabhi bhul nahin sakta.. usne mujhe almost heart attack de dia tha

armaan(confused) : aap ko toh koi bhi heart attack de sakta hain.. usme kya bada hai?

atul: woh pehli ladki thi joh mujhe I LOVE YOU kaha..

armaan(shocked): aapko bhi?

atul: haan.. woh sabhi ko I LOVE YOU keh rahi hai... aur use koi kuch nahin keh sakta.. baap ka hospital jo hai

part 4 :


Muskaan: ridzy please usse maffee mang le... Mere liye..

Ridzy: aur blun kya? I'm sorry i insulted you on my face.. i know i shouldn't have done that... i should have insulted behind your back..

Muskaan : ridzy chup yaar.. woh party mein aa raha hai kal.. please usse maafi mangle.. aur bhul kar bhi mat kehna ki maine tujhe ye sab bola

Ridzy: dost dost na raha.. pyar pyar na raha

Muskaan : yaar dekh mein bohot tension mein hoon.. kuch sochne ki koshisk kar rahi hoon please nautanki band kar..

Ridzy: tu theek to hain na muski.. tu soch rahi hain? Yanen aaj suraj west se nikla aaj..

Muskaan : bhagwaan ke liye chup kar..

Sanjeevani:(@ armaan's)

Armaan : mujhe aaj tak kisi neh itna insult nahin kiya.. ye riddhima gupta ko toh mein

Abhimanyu: kuch nahin kar sakta tu.. woh dr.shashank ki beti hain

Armaan : tu bhi?

Abhimanyu: yaar lekin usne acha bola.. heartless,stone heart, sadu , hitler aur kya?

Armaan : stubborn

Abhimanyu: tujhe yaad hain? Kya assar kiya hai usne tujh par..

Green room :

Anjali : so see you at the party tomorrow mr.rahul?

Rahul : i'll check my shedule and let you know

Anjali : oh please.. do you suffer from short term memory loss? You dont know what you doing tomorrow?

Rahul : fine i'm coming.. we'll have a serious discussion there ms.anjali and mr.shashank..

Armaan's cabin:

(riddhima enters to apologize)

Riddhima: may i come in Dr. Mallik?

Armaan : ms.riddhima, you have anything else to say after all that you said half an hour ago?

Riddhima: well doctor, i have come to apologize.. i know i shouldn't have that.. i just got carried away

Armaan : but you actually meant all that.. didn't you? Sadu, hitler , stubborn , heartless and all that?

Riddhima : well i had never met you before.. so i just said what i had heard from others

Armaan : from whom ms.riddhima, please be precise

Riddhima : from a few people while i was passing by your room

Armaan : well.. i have no choice but to accept your apology.. i forgive you this the way what do you do?

Riddhima : i am an author.. from australia..

Armaan : really .. and you just happen to wear a air hostress uniform.. please i'm not that stupid

Riddhima: well i lost my baggage at the airport.. this girl called niki told me an incident about how she had escaped all those formalities.. so i borrowed this costume from an air hostress  and escaped..


Atul: muskaan tu kya soch rahi hain?

Muskaan : yar maine riddhima ko apologize karne behj diya.. leking pata nahin itni der se room me kya kar rahi hain

Atul: chod na bata.. woh mujse maafi kab maang rahi hai?

Muskaan : kya pata.. usko toh time lagenga.. shayed 2 saal ke baad?

@ armaan's

Armaan : nikki.. as in nikitha malhotra? You met her at the airport?

Riddhima: yes and let me tell you she was of great help.. she's amazing..

Armaan : if you dont mind me asking, you seem to be quite educated and quite pretty ... why in the world did you have to say i love you to atul sharma?

Riddhima: when i came into the hospital, everyone was quite.. so just to have fun..

Armaan : fun? You know he nearly had a heart attack over there? You were the first girl who said I LOVE YOU to him

Riddhima : are you serious? We'll he's pretty charming and cute..

For some reason unknown to him, armaan felt a sense of jealousy take over him..

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