Thursday, 12 July 2018

part 3 : Need you now (ss)

"Hey Anjali you're here… when did you get home?" Ridhima asked looking at her older sister.

"Well I was gonna sleep over at my friend's place… but I forgot something so I came back to get it… and then something interesting happened…. As I was parking, I saw a boy running from your balcony? Care to explain?" Anjali said while raising her eyebrows.


"Well I'm waiting for your answer… Ridhz…" she looked at her sister take a huge gulp as if she has been caught.

"I swear we didn't do anything bad… he just came over cause he missed me" she revealed hoping her sister isn't thinking anything sexual didn't go on between the two.

"Ridhz I know nothing sexual went on between you two… I mean you look cleaner than the waxed floor, but what was he doing here?" Anjie asked again.

"Di I love him… I love him a lot" she looked tearfully at her sister.

"Ridzy that's great… you're in love…. Why are you crying?" Anjali's voice softened, and she took a hold of her sister.

"Because di, I thought you would be again me liking a boy like mom and dad"

"Never… Ridhz I never told you this but I'm in love also…"

"HAW! Di who? You never told me… how come?"

"I couldn't tell you Ridhz because just like how you feared, I was scared also… what if word spreads around the house…"

"I agree di… this is far to enough I love Armaan and will be with him forever" Ridhima smiled.

"Wait Armaan Malik? Dude who moved to New Jersey because he got into Princeton?"

"Yeah di that's him…"

"Wow… lucky catch.. Heard he was a true gem… but…"

"Yeah I know…. But he's Muslim…" she made a sad face.

"Yeah.. but Ridhz during the matter of the heart, I don't think
you should include religion… I mean just have faith in God
and respect all religion… I think you're good to go" Anjali said from heart.

"Wow di… Armaan said the exact thing… I mean through the course of time that me and him have been together he always treated me with so much respect and love… I can't leave him… ever!"

"Ridhz I don't want you to leave him… and I know you love him… and if he can drive an hour at night… then climb your balcony just to see you for a couple of minutes, I am positive he loves you as well… I approve little sister" Anjali gave her a heart warming speech, and they ended up hugging.

**text message** BEEP

Armaan- Good Morning Sunshine

Ridhima- Morning… muahhh

Armaan- WOW! Kya baath hai… you kissed me first… looks like last nightz little scene hasn't rubbed off of you yet… ;)

Ridhima- Nope… I love you :]

Armaan- wow… I like this Ridhima more… can I call you?

Ridhima- Yup!

Armaan- HAW! R u serious?

Ridhima- yesh I am serious… call me before I call you ;)

Armaan- calling my Jaan!

"Hello" he said smiling.

"Hi Armaan… How are you?"

"Armaan? Baby are you okay today… your voice sounds deep" he asked confused.

"That's because I'm Anjali… her sister"

"ANJIE!" he asked frighten about being caught.

"Yes baby, Anjie… why so shocked?" she asked laughing her
ass off.

"umm is Ridhima there?" he asked all freaked out.

"Yup… she's right next to me laughing at you"

"WHAT! RIDHIMA! Okay okay I get it… you know now… Hashanah now can I talk to Ridhima"

"WOW! So desperate to talk to her… Awww so cute… well I would just like to tell you that Ridhima told me everything, and I approve" she giggled, making Armaan smile as well.

"Thank you so much Anjali, your awesome….now can I please talk to Ridhima"

"Nope, mom and dad are home now, and they will come in our room at anytime" she giggled.

"What was the point of telling you then…I still can't talk to her… any way's tell her I am texting her.. Bye… and thanks Anjie" he said with his heart.


"RIDHIMA CONGRATULATIONS! You got into Princeton"


"OMG! I am soooo happy for you little sis…."

"I know di.. OMG! Does the parent's know?"

"Of course they know… they are bringing you a cake to celebrate your success… and I have a surprise for you" she said mysterious… making Ridhima impatient.



"Who can that be?" Ridhima's mom asked.

"Oh no one… I just invited someone that can tell Ridhima all about Princeton" Anjali winked at Ridhima, while Ridhima looked at Anjali confused.

"HAW! Armaan" she whispered in shock… she couldn't believe it Armaan was in her house, with her parents in her house.

"Come on in Armaan… Mom, Dad, this is my friend Armaan Malik… he also goes to Princeton… and I was hoping he would show Ridhima around the place and keep track of her… since she will be living in a dorm, and we can't look after her 24/7." Anjali said professionally, while laughing inside knowing Ridhima is nervous as hell.

"Hi nice to meet you folks.. And don't worry Ridhima is a really smart girl… if she needs anything she can just ask me" he shook Ridhima's father's hand and winked at Ridhima… looking at the tension on her face.

"Thanks Armaan… I trust you to look after my daughter… and knowing that you are Anjali's friend ensures me that you will take good care of our little girl… thank you" he said heartily.

"It's my pleasure"


"Armaan" she ran and jumped into his arms.

"I love you baby" he kissed her so happily knowing that they shall spend their college life together.

"I can't believe now I can be happy with you… and the best part is that if mom and dad ever think of surprising me, they wouldn't mind if your with me" she kissed him again, as he twirled her around.

"I love you Armaan" she closed her eyes peacefully in his arms.


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