Wednesday, 18 July 2018

part 3 : Taming the Unknown

Walking up to her room, she sat down towards the closed door, it was 10 at night, and she was really tired. She had thought that her luck was changing but no until sakshi was alive she was unlucky for life.

Turning the lights on, she opened her window, even though it was a day that she should be crying about, she didn't she looked at the positive side; she met the most gorgeous guy ever, she had a hug from both of her sister after 13 years. Who wouldn't be happy about that? That's all she could care about, not about the fact that she got called a killer again and the fact that her step- mother had slapped her 3 times.

Pushing the window open, she walked into the balcony, this was a favourite place and looking down she saw the same back garden that she ran this morning and the tree which he came through, a smile crept onto ridhima's lips but then the feeling of loneliness was there again. She wanted to feel her anjali's and Muskaan's arms around her, holding her, patting her and caressing her hair, telling her that she was theirs to belong. Ridhima laughed at herself, shaking her head. It's all nonsense ridhima, it won't come true. After 13 years nothing's going to ever change but-

 Ridhima was interrupted but a sound, somebody giggling and laughing. Ridhima looked down from the darkness, she could see two people talking, and she didn't know who it was.

"Missed me?" ridhima caught her breath hearing the same voice. It was him. Or somebody who's voice was the same as him.

After a silence and then after a giggle "Of course" Anjali

Ridhima was silenced. "Hmm got my message from your..... That sister of yours...." he said, it looked like he was annoyed with her. Or disgusted

"Oh her" Anjali said putting an ugly voice in it. "Yeah, she told me" ridhima looked down and saw Anjali hugging him.

"Hmm i missed you cup cake" he hugged her tighter.

Ridhima watched for a while, as they laughed and giggled, who was this? That same guy i knew it! He was so in love with her when he started off. The way he was so hesitant when he asked her to say 'hi' to anji. He was in love with her from the day he started seen her. And i thought that maybe i-

She shook her head, keeping the door open; she sat on the bed as the wind rushed to the room, her eyes wide open. Ridhima just couldn't believe what she had seen; maybe he really did like her?

Closing her eyes she laid on the bed until she could finally get all the thoughts away from her head and be ready for tomorrow. The days can't get better than this and now she had to prepare food for tomorrow for Malik's.

The door slammed flat open. Ridhima opened her eyes, she rubbed it wondering if this was another of her nightmares but it wasn't she looked up.

"Ahhhhh" ridhima screamed

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Anjali screamed louder.

Ridhima breathing heavily "Di, it's only you" she signed and watched Anjali smile and then vanishing off the very second had it on.

Anjali walked in, as ridhima got out of her bed and sat on it. "The Malik's are coming over tonight and i want everything, i repeat everything perfect" Anjali said in a harsh tone, as ridhima stood up. "This is a very special dinner" i know di, you're love is going to be here Na? That's why; look how you're blushing it's hard to hide it

"I know anji" ridhima said signing. "I'll make it as perfect as you want" she said hiding a bit of sadness in her voice.

Anjali nodded and walked away.

What's going on ridhima, why do you care? You should be happy, you're sister has finally found someone she loves, and maybe wanna settled with. I should be happy; my sister is the main and only importance in my life. And if di is happy i should be happy for her.

Ridhima walked over towards the cupboard and picked out a normal Churidar, this one was yellow with green in it, the colours blended in very well. Small green leaves and the lovely yellow in the background. Ridhima went into the bathroom she had, turning the handle around she stepped in the bathroom, it was tiny, there wasn't even place where she could sit down and lay her head down. Ridhima stood there, turning the water on, she waited until she could all her fears and worries could disappear. Ridhima took the soap in her hand, slowly she put spread it along her lovely, long legs, her milky white arms covered with soap, she washed her face in kindness, she looked at herself; her body was long and slender, she was a beauty which hid from everyone, she had the look she had everything that every other girl would want, but she never showed off, ridhima was careful about what other's said, she knew exactly what it would be if she wore things that weren't meant for her, people would be pointing fingers at her but then they don't realise that 4 fingers are pointing back towards them.

Ridhima picked up a small chain, it was a small butterfly, which had a small beautiful lock which should be opening, but ridhima couldn't ever open the darn thing. Why can't you open? Uh mumma, why did you give me this if it never opened? I hope you're listening to me mumma, I've tried opening it but NO!  Ridhima tried twisting around but knowing that for such long-long years that it never opened she gave up and just put it on her wet body. Picking up an old, ruff towel, she wiped herself first, picking up all the water droplets on her body, then scrubbing it on her wet hair, she wiped it all. Grabbing the Churidar she dressed herself up, her towel wrapped around her hair, she walked out of the bathroom, wiping her hair at the same time, dropping the towel on the side of her bed. She pulled the dupata, which she had left on the bed, around her, walking over to the small mirror at the side of her room; she looked at herself and then signed. Why do i even bother? I'm not going to change.

Walking down into the kitchen, she saw that Anjali was on the phone, laughing and giggling, there were alot of things that were still confused in her mind and one was if Anji and that guy were going out? Ridhima put aside her thought because she knew that if her mind was somewhere else she was going to burn all the food, she put some tea in a cup and drank it as soon as she could, is sakshi had seen than she wouldn't even let her eat or drink anything, eating some biscuits ridhima looked as the rice was boiling for now, she added salt to it. Stirring it around she, moved towards the chicken, which was done cutting and she knew exactly who had done it.

"Thanks Chad" she said as a guy at the age of 65 walked in, it looked very old, white hair now, wrinkles around his face but he smiled at hearing ridhima's voice.

He looked around and saw that anji was busy; walking towards her he kissed her on the forehead. "Anything for you love"

Ridhima smiled, as the chicken cooked, putting the lid over it, she washed her hands and then wiped it.

"I can't wait to see you tonight" anji said giggling and the blushing as ridhima was walking over to ask what food they needed for tonight.

Anji laughed at what the other person said while ridhima stood there listening. "Yeah i know, but forget about her Na, she's just a stupid girl. It should be only me" ridhima's eyes saddened knowing that she was surely talking with him and that too about her.

Anjali signed. "Ok fine, i'll miss you" Anjali turned the phone off. Twisting in her chair

"Ahem anji" Anjali looked up to see ridhima standing there fidgeting with her dupata. "What?" Anjali asked.

Ridhima looked at Anjali. "What food shall i prepare tonight?" ridhima watched as her anjali's skin turned very red.

"Hmmm tradition Indian food" Anjali said while ridhima cocked up her eyebrow

Ridhima shook her head, wondering if this was still a dream. "Ok then, hmm allo ke parata and daal?"

Anjali nodded too into it. Ridhima watched as anjali's smile widened every second of the way, she looked around the room but saw no one but then ridhima followed anjali's gaze she was looking at someone outside the window, ridhima popped her head around and saw a wild shadow, a very familiar but different shadow.

Ridhima shook her head, smiling she walked into the kitchen, taking out the potatoes, she started peeling when a hand came into the way. Ridhima looked around and smiled, her eyes were shinning. "Deepika" ridhima said smiling at one of the youngest maids at the house, she was only 19, and she had to become a maid because her mother had died a long time ago and her father was an alcoholic, and Deepika had 2 younger sisters and one young brother, so when this job came up she had no option but take whatever she had.

"Need help riddi?" Deepika said picking up one of the potatoes from ridhima's hand. "So who's coming tonight then?" she said smiling.

Ridhima shrugged. "Those new neighbours, the Malik's" ridhima said grinning watched Deepika grin with her. "I'm guessing you're going to be helping tonight?"

"Yeap, Sakshi madam asked me" Deepika said making a face, she hated sakshi the same as ridhima. "Wish i could just go and slap her riddi"

"You have no idea" ridhima said putting the potatoes in one pile.

Deepika started making the dough. "I heard that all the brother's are extremely hot but then youngest-"

"Is the hottest" ridhima finished off as Deepika looked at her and both started laughing. "Anyway, where is sakshi?" ridhima said more likely wondering to herself

Deepika looked around and then came back. "Probably shopping as usual" they both shook their heads.

"What's up Chad?" Deepika said laughing as Chad gave her a grin.

"Same old, same old child" Chad said kissing her on the head. "I see there's going to be a very traditional dinner" looking at the dough and potatoes.

Deepika and ridhima both nodded to him. "You staying tonight?" ridhima asked

"Me" Chad answered. "No way, this place in a witch castle and i can't be paid enough" he laughed. "I don't know how you survive" he said to ridhima, who just rolled her eyes.

Chad said bye "Bye Chad have fun" ridhima and Deepika laughed as Chad rolled his eyes.

Ridhima and Deepika prepared the parata's while the daal cooked in the pan.

"Why traditional?" Deepika asked even ridhima wondered the way.

"I think Anjali and the youngest one are in love" ridhima said while Deepika gasped as an insult while ridhima laughed.

"Anji's not that bad you know deepu" ridhima watched Deepika roll her eyes.

"You only say that because she's your sister, and if she wasn't you'll have been cursing her like the way i am whenever they scream or hit you" she said hugging ridhima from the side who patted her head. "You're like my older sister, one which i always wanted"

Ridhima kissed her slightly. "Now let's get working before we get whoop" doing a cut head sign, that they would be dead.

Washing their hands, they had finally finished making the final product as what they call it, it was nearly 2pm, ridhima served the 3 girls outside, as they as usual said bad things to her, Anjali was on the phone giggling, while sakshi said horrible things to ridhima, Deepika stood inside the kitchen, how she wanted to run out and kick them but she knew that ridhima would be totally against it. Ridhima didn't shed tears over the, knowing that Deepika would be watching her, she tolerated everything that the girls said, her mind was diverted towards what Anjali was saying, it wasn't like she was jealous the fact was that, was it actually the same guy. Shaking her head, she noticed that Muskaan was giving her looks.

What did i do now?

But then she saw Muskaan looking past her, behind her stood Deepika, her eyes totally wide open to her, she really didn't want any scene being cause and that too when sakshi was right here, she knew that if sakshi saw any kind of scene she would fire Deepika right away. Putting her thoughts away, she kept the food on the table, making a loud noise so Muskaan would look away.

Sakshi looked at her. "Hey, this is not your house" she said evilly. "Can't even keep things properly, useless you are"

Ridhima looked away and walked over to where Deepika was standing; taking her wrist she walked them into the kitchen.

Ridhima watched as Deepika didn't utter a word, picking up two plates, she served them both, knowing exactly how much food Deepika needed.

"Thanks" she said walking out into the backyard.

Ridhima picked up her own plate and walked out behind her, she saw Deepika sitting in her usual place, a chair at the side of the swing, where ridhima sits, moving around she sat on the swing.

"Deepu" ridhima winged as they ate

"WHAT!" she replied back irritated?

"I'm sorry" ridhima said pouting her lips.

Deepika looked at her for a while with anger but then melted seeing her face. "Ok fine, fine i'm sorry too. But they threat you so bad, i don't mine me, but they're your own family. Shame on them" she said spitting on the floor.

Ridhima smiled, but then they both went on chatting about all different types of thing, Deepika was telling about her collage which she usually goes on the weekdays, with the money she get paid and her other job in a cafe she gets enough to pay the collage.

Laughing and eating they both finished their food, getting up they walked into the kitchen, ridhima looked at Deepika scowling at the sink, as there were five dishes there to wash.

"Get started then" Deepika said annoyed.

As they both picked up all the dishes, washing them carefully, all the other 3 girls were outside sitting and eating custard. After they both finished it, they went back into the garden again.

"ICE CREAM!" Deepika screamed as she heard the ice cream van driving up outside the mansion. "Cornetto, right?" ridhima nodded at the girl, as she ran outside to get the ice cream.

Ridhima laughed at her as she ran. But then a loud noise came, ridhima turned around her heart beating as hard as it could.

"UH I hurt myself every time i come in here" ridhima looked to see the figure. "Oh hi" ridhima watched silently. "I heard screaming so i-"

 He walked closer, ridhima stood up, holding on the side of the swing for support. "Did you scream?" he said still walking.

He had now reached right in front of her, ridhima still hadn't uttered a single word, she looked around, her eyes wondered off to see if anji was here. "No" ridhima whispered to him.

"Riddi" Deepika came through running but then stopped as she bumped into ridhima, who toppled over and fell straight into the guy.

"Oh Crap" Deepika said. But then smiled, seeing them on the floor, ridhima onto of him. "Can't wait for tonight"


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