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part 31 : Pehchan

The next morning, Riddhima took the first flight out to Nainital. Despite multiple hops and a full fare flight, there was no way Riddhima was going to miss his concert or wait to tell him the big news. With dreams in her eyes and heart full of joy, she felt in control of herself and her life for the first time in her life. Earlier it was her parents and elder sister who were the decision makers of her life. Later their roles were replaced by her in laws and her husband. It was only now when the 'DIVORCED' tag was stamped on her, she felt that she was answerable to none other than herself. It was not a stigma for her, but a door to autonomy and a world full of choices-her choices whether they were good or bad-but they were hers. No one had the right to judge or give her unwanted advice anymore- she was in charge!

The shadows of her past, and her unhappy marriage were all things of the past- a permanently locked part of her life, which with time, would hopefully fade into oblivion. She had no idea what had brought the sudden change of heart in Abhimanyu, but at this moment, she neither cared nor wanted to know any details. Any encounter with him could potentially open a Pandora's box of grievances and accusations; she would rather stay away for now.

 After reaching Nainital, she headed to the auditorium where Armaan was going to perform. As she wanted to surprise him, she did not call him on reaching his home town.

"Please'.just one ticket!" Riddhima elbowed her way to the ticket window outside the auditorium.

"Sorry madam! Sold out!"

"Sold out?" She was disappointed but happy at the same time.

"Armaan ka yahi khwab tha na?" She recalled what Armaan had said to her when he had moved to Mumbai, "main yahan apni pehchan banaane aur pehchan dhoondne aaya hoon."

"Armaan'.bhagwan ne chaaha tho tumhein dono hi jald mil jaayengi," she silently prayed for him, hoping, his strained relationship with his dad would mend in the near future.

Desperate to see his first ever live concert, Riddhima took the remaining money in her purse and did something she had never done before- purchased a ticket in black from one of the street scalpers. She found her way through the young and restless crowd. They were mainly from the fairer sex- right from a five year old to fifty years old. "Hmm'Armaan has quite a female fan following already. I will have to keep a close eye on him," she chided with herself, again happy for his success.

The large auditorium resonated with music enthusiasts; it was virtually impossible to spot anyone in the crowd frenzy, "na jaane Dilip mama kahan honge? Perhaps he has a VIP ticket in the front." She sat down with a group of young girls in the back, anxiously awaiting his grand entry on the stage. Yes, it was a grandest of all entries. This was a different side of Armaan she had never seen. He was a rock star at that moment- not her lovelorn-window-climbing-desperate-for-her-man! As soon as he set foot on the stage, the whole auditorium erupted into an electrifying atmosphere. She was awestruck by his stage presence, mesmerized by his larger than life persona in the arena.

Armaan, the rock star:

Please enjoy this beautiful song from "London Dreams'- Armaan's maiden performance on the stage in front of a packed auditorium.

Sun le khuda
Gaur se zara
Aasama mera ab aasma mera
Neend tod ke
Khwab ud gaye
Aasama mera ab aasma mera
(Aasama mera ab aasma mera)
Badal bheench ke
Honth tar kiye
Aasama mera ab aasma mera
(Aasama mera ab aasma mera)

Main toh akeley chal diya
Haaton main lekay patwaar
Maanjhee pe mujhko nahin
Tha thoda sa bhi aaithaar

Jashn hai jeet ka'jeet ka'jeet ka
Jashn hai jeet ka'jeet ka'jeet ka

Neend tod ke
Khwab ud gaye
Aasama mera ab aasma mera
Badal bheench ke
Honth tar kiye
Aasama mera ab aasma mera

Main toh akeley chal diya
Haaton main lekay patwaar
Maanjhee pe mujhko nahin
Tha thoda sa bhi aaithaar

Jashn hai jeet ka'jeet ka'jeet ka
Jashn hai jeet ka'jeet ka'jeet ka

Chaley kayee tal laboon main chubhey bhale kai
Jalti huyee kahin thee zameen.. hoo..
Taley kayee dard ya phir samhaley kayee
Hausalaon main nahin thi kamee

Hum abhi ad gaye
Aandhiyo se lad gaye
Maine dhakel ke andherey
Cheen ke le le roshani
Mere hissey ke they sawarey
Mere hissey ki zindagi

Jashn hai jeet ka'jeet ka'jeet ka
Jashn hai jeet ka'jeet ka'jeet ka

Riddhima found herself dancing, humming and clapping to, "jashn hai 'jeet ka'jeet ka.." What better way to express her feelings at that moment. Whether it was the ambiance, Armaan's stage presence or her liberation from the shackles of the past, Riddhima felt a warm sensation run through her blood stream- an ecstatic feeling, a high she had never experienced before. At that moment, she had the urge to run past the crowd and land in Armaan's arms in front of everyone and declare her undying love for him. He was the man responsible for her deliverance, her best friend, guide and the love of her life- she could do anything for him.

After a rocking three hour concert, the crowd finally started dispersing, but to her dismay, ended in a large circle around Armaan, eager for autographs. There was no doubt the concert was a success. An impatient Riddhima stood on the outskirts, desperate to meet him. Finally, as the crowd thinned, she was able to get closer to him. She stretched her palm under his nose, "autograph please-for your number 1 fan in this world."

"Number 1 fan tho koi aur hai..'" he smiled as he thought of Riddhima. For a few moments he stared at her palm, ready to inscribe his autograph. His gaze moved up from her palm, resting on the familiar 'friendship and love' bracelet on her wrist, "and you know she is the craziest fan'.bilkul ziddi aur naalaayak ladki hai wo," he threw his pen in the crowd,  glanced up at her smiling face, grabbed her hand and waved back at the crowd, "THANKS GUYS! I LOVE YOU ALL!" Before the mob could snatch him away, seizing her hand, he ran towards the dressing room at lightning speed.

Panting, they both locked themselves in the dressing room as reporters, crowds and cameramen expectantly waited outside the door.

Armaan placed his palm on her mouth and pinned her against the shut door, "ziddi ladki! Raha nahin gaya tumse?"

She shook her head, her voice throttled by his palm.

He removed the loose tendrils from her face and released his palm, "ok'bolo kya explanation hai?"

"Main apni marzi ki maalik hoon ab," she coughed, "tumhari har baat nahin maanti."

"An independent woman with an independent mind?" He chuckled, "you have come a long way."

"Yes, it was a long journey- Mumbai to Nainital," she chuckled back, caressing his face, "but worth every mile."

"Sach? So, you saw my concert?"

"It was mind blowing! Maine kaha than a ek din bahut badhe star banoge."

"This is just the beginning Riddhima. I want to reach the stars''that's my dream'.you know Riddhima, my mom struggled so much in her life. She was ridiculed by everyone for being a single unwed mom'.aaj usee sheher mein main wapas aaya hoon jahan se unhein nikaal diya gaya tha'." He became a bit emotional.

"Aur aaj usee sheher ke log tumhare autograph ke liye pagal ho rahe hain," she touched his face, "I am so proud of you Armaan. I am sure if your mom was alive, she would have been very proud too."

"Mom and you share the most premium real estate in my heart," he smiled impishly and then bent down to kiss her. She placed her arms around his neck, drawing him closer. They stood in a lip lock as the crowd frenzy gave up and walked away from the locked door.

"Thanks for coming'.it means a lot to me," he wiped his lips and pulled her closer, "tum jab bhi mujhey surprise karti ho, tho mujhey bahut achcha lagta hai."

"I will always be there'.to surprise you one way or another." She tapped his pointed nose with her finger.

"But if you are always there, there won't be any surprise element left'.silly girl," he pinched her nose playfully.

"Expect the unexpected whenever I am around," she circled her arms around his neck and whispered, "I have big news for us."

Armaan's eyes lit up as he tried to decipher the euphoric look on her face, "for us? Kya main jo soch raha hoon, wo hi hua hai?"

She nodded, "haan Armaan," she shut her eyes, "Abhimanyu signed the papers last night'..he has set us free at last'..ab hamare pyaar ke beech koi teesra nahin aa sakta."

Armaan could not control tears of joy from flowing, "I don't believe it," he laughed with his eyes full. He lifted her in his arms and twirled around the room, "I DON'T BELIEVE IT RIDDHIMA! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!"

She joined him in jubilant laughter, both giddy and exhilarated, the high of his successful concert spiked with the news of her freedom made them lose themselves in each other's arms. They fell down on the carpeted floor, still holding each other; their eyes exchanged unspoken dreams and aspirations about their future. Armaan kicked himself for not carrying the ring he had picked for her; it was safe in his closet at home. This was the day he had dreamt forever- the day he would propose to her but he knew life was as unpredictable as people were. His humane gesture of saving Abhimanyu's life had probably drummed the human being inside the monster. Abhimanyu's willingness to set Riddhima free melted Armaan's angst against his half brother, "he does have a heart after all," Armaan pondered silently as they lay on the floor, holding each other.

"Kya soch rahe ho?" she touched his chin.

"Yahi ki yeh sab sapna hai ya phir apna hai."

"Ek sapna hai jo ab apna hone jaa raha hai," she lay her head on his chest as they savored the quiet moments on the floor of the dressing room.


Later, Armaan took Riddhima to meet his family. Dilip mama and Naina aunty hosted a quiet dinner for the couple, celebrating Armaan's success with a bottle of champagne, cake and other delicacies. Naina, although a widow for many years, had a flourishing garments business in Nainital. After getting the love of her life back in her life, she was a much happier and content person. Except for the tag of marriage, Dilip and Naina were a couple in every sense- dedicated and always there for each other.

"This toast is for you bhaanje'.to more successful concerts, and a life full of love for both of you," Dilip raised his glass for both of them.

Riddhima excused herself to replace the champagne with some juice. Dilip followed her and patted her shoulder, "thodi champagne se kuch nahin hoga beta'.enjoy some'for Armaan's sake?"

"Jee uncle'.I can do anything for him but not break my principles," she answered politely.

"Hmm'.you are a tough girl'.I guess that's a good thing'.Armaan really needs you in his life kyunki Modi family se tho umeed hi chhod deni chaahiye."

"Uncle'I am confident that one day, Armaan will reunite with his family'.iske liye mujhey apni jaan bhi deni padhe, tho wo karoongi'.I know Armaan is very hurt by his father's rejection but I know they both love each other'.ek na ek din wo zaroor ek ho jaayenge, yeh mera vishwas hai."

"Thanks Riddhima'.mere jaane ke baad main chaahta hoon Armaan ki apni family ho," Dilip became somber.

"Aap kahin nahin jaa rahe hain uncle!" Riddhima scolded him, "aur aisa kyun keh rahe hain?"

"You know'.kal ho na ho," Dilip laughed, tactfully hiding the fact that his brain tumor had started growing again. The miracle was short lived, and this time both he and Naina knew that their time together was limited, "waise on another note'.ab tumhara divorce bhi ho gaya hai'.when will the wedding bells ring?"

Riddhima turned red at Dilip's remarks, "wo uncle'.wo," even though, they were committed to each other, she and Armaan had never talked details about marriage or a wedding, "abhi..abhi'kuch." She hesitated.

"Take your time dear'.koi jaldi nahin hai'.I know you need some time." Dilip reassured her, although wishing they would expedite that decision sooner than later.

Outside in the living room, "hope we will get some more good news soon," Naina nudged Armaan and whispered in his ear, "shaadi kab hai?"

"Sshh!" Armaan placed his fingers on his lips, "I want to do it the right way soon as we reach Mumbai, I will pop the question."

"Why not now? Ab tho divorce bhi ho hi gaya hai." Naina asked.

"Because I want to do it perfectly aunty'.the perfect proposal for the perfect woman," he refilled their champagne glasses, "uske chehre ki khushi ko hamesha ke liye qaid karna chaahta hoon main."

"Waise ek baat bolun? Is kaam mein der nahin karni chaahiye'timely expression rather than the perfect moment is what's more important'.Nainital bhi perfect jagah hai proposal ke liye," she teased him.

"I know aunty'..but I have a plan'don't worry'sabse pehla shaadi ka card aapko hi bhejunga."

'Shaadi ka card? Bhai kiski shaadi ho rahi hai?" Dilip joined them, catching part of their conversation.

"Oh wo," Armaan hesitated as he saw Riddhima approaching them, "aapki aur aunty ki'.when is the muhurat?"

"Shaadi is a mere formality for us beta," Dilip placed his arm around Naina, "if two people are committed to each other, nothing else matters'.yeh soch lo ki bhagwan ki aankhon mein hamari bahut pehle hi shaadi ho gayi thi'.ab society ko dikhaane ke liye, yeh rivaaz kya nibhana?" In reality, they had decided to not get married as Dilip's tumor had recurred. He did not want Naina to once again suffer with the tag of an unfortunate widow. Despite Naina's protests, she could not deny him his last request.

Armaan and Riddhima remained silent, exchanged glances as they mulled over Dilip's statement.

'Well, I think it's time to call it a night," Dilip yawned, "I think I will stay back at Naina's tonight'why don't you lovebirds stay at our family home?" he handed over the keys to Armaan.

"Are you sure mamaji? If you are tired, I can take you home."

"I am sure," Dilip stretched again and gestured them to leave. He wanted Armaan and Riddhima to spend this night of celebration together, and what better place than their ancestral bungalow?

A tired Dilip retired to his room while Naina bid goodbye to Armaan and Riddhima, "mera aashirwaad tum dono ke saath hamesha rahega."

"Thanks aunty'.you are the best," Armaan hugged her as they walked out.

Riddhima was really impressed by Naina aunty's confidence, poise and her dedication to the man she had loved all these years. Theirs was an unconventional bond, but unlike a lot of married couples, worked beautifully for them. She did not want to be judgmental, but she wondered how the people of Nainital and their family viewed this alliance? She saw more harmony and love in their relationship than she had seen in married couples close to her- her ex-in laws, her sister's and her own failed marriage.

"Kya shaadi sach much ek dikhaawa hai?" She reflected upon Dilip's statement, "tho phir Dilip mama mujhse shaadi ki baat kyun kar rahe the?"

Armaan thought, "Dilip mama and Naina aunty are being nave here. Only I know how my mom suffered being an unwed mom! Naina aunty and Dilip mama are at a different stage in life'.any ways, I hope they will marry soon."



The old bungalow stood majestically in one of the old neighborhoods of Nainital. Armaan proudly gave her a tour of the 'Malik family heritage.'

"This is where my mom, mamaji, my nana nani'my nana's ancestors, their extended family all grew up'.main bhi yahan do saal raha tha bachpan mein'.I just love this place'.it's so peaceful and I always feel at home here."

Riddhima was enamored by Damini's room, "it's so pretty'.tumhari mom ka room itne saalon baad bhi kitna khubsoorat lagta hai'.everything seems so untouched."

"Yeah I know'even though mom was banished from home, nana-nani kept her memories alive in this room," Armaan became a bit emotional, "wahan dekho'.that was my cradle." He pointed to a wooden cradle in the corner. The sheets, blanket and stuffed toys were neatly arranged, ready to comfort any baby. Riddhima's eyes felt damp as she caressed the blue blanket and held the stuffed toy between her fingers, "this is so adorable Armaan'..kitna pyaara bachcha yahan par ek din soya hoga."

From behind, he circled his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder, "yeh bachcha abhi bhi bahut pyaara sa hai," he nestled his face in her thick tresses, "and very cuddly too'.tum chaaho tho aazmaa kar dekh lo."

"Ab wo pyaara aur cuddly bachcha, badmaash zyaada ho gaya hai," she teased him, ruffling his hair with her fingers.

"I can help get the cuddle part into our lives," he teased her back, "of course with your permission madam."

"Armaan!" She turned red at his comment

"Mujhey abhi bhi tumhara wo sapna yaad hai." He whispered in her ear.

"Kaun sa sapna?" She asked, confused.

"Koi baat nahin'.main tumhara wo sapna ek din zaroor poora karoonga." He was referring to her desire to be a mother one day. Mentally, he took notes on how he would transport the cradle along with the toys to Mumbai once their baby was born. His eyes lit up as he dreamt of their giggling, pudgy baby in his old cradle. He kissed her cheek, "chalo let me show my mom and nani's most precious collections," he pulled her hand and opened a safe deposit box, hidden away in a closet.

"Ismein kya hai Armaan?"

"Dekho'.you might have never seen such precious jewelry and antiques in your life," he pulled out exquisite pieces of precious stones, jewelry and ornaments, "kaise lage yeh sab?"

Riddhima was blown away by the collection, "Armaan'.this looks like quite an antique collection'it must be worth millions!"

"Aur jab tum pehno gi, tho aur bhi valuable ho jaayenge," he placed an ornate necklace around her long neck, "dekho." He imagined Riddhima draped in a beautiful sari, decorated from head to toe in his mother and grandmother's jewelry.

"Nahin Armaan," she removed the necklace, "main yeh sab nahi le sakti'.inhein yahin rehne do." She placed the jewels back into the safe deposit box, feeling awkward.

"Theek hai tum nahin pehnogi, tho main le jaata hoon inhein apne saath," he felt offended.

"Armaan'.Mumbai kyun le jaana chaahte ho?"

"I will wear them for my concerts'any objections?" He growled.

"Tum bhi na," she chuckled and folded her arms, shivering as the temperature dropped outside, "Isn't the bungalow a little chilly Armaan?" Riddhima was a little cold in the room with high ceilings and dim lights.

"I have a solution," he walked over to the fire place in the large room and within minutes had a roaring fire, turning the whole place into a warm, cozy, luminescent and inviting room.

Riddhima sat down next to the fire, rubbing her palms against the warmth of the fire. Armaan brought a couple of blankets out and wrapped her snugly, "is that better?"

She smiled and nodded, "thanks'.this is perfect." She wrapped herself in the blanket and stared into the flames. The fire, old world ambiance, the warmth of his mother's room and the excitement of the whole day made her a little heady. She shut her eyes, resting her chin on her knees, inhaling the aroma of the crackling firewood. If there was heaven on earth- it was here-in Nainital, near the fireplace at Armaan's ancestral home. At that moment, life in Mumbai, her past, her relations were all meaningless to her. She could live in this one room with Armaan and their dreams all her life.

"Here you go," Armaan came back with two cups of coffee, "this will keep you warm."

She peered through half open eyes and plunked her head on his shoulder, "please stay here with me Armaan'..mujhey coffee nahin'.tum chaahiye ho," she almost slurred, drunk with happiness and contentment.

"Kya mujhey seduce karne ka iraada hai?" Armaan placed his arm around her and snuggled inside the blanket, leaving the steaming cups of coffee on the side. The moment their bare arms brushed against each other, as if on cue, the fire roared, sending a simmering sliver of wood flying towards them. Armaan's quick reflexes made them duck away from the approaching missile as they both rolled away in a mish mash of blanket, entangled legs and arms, landing inches away from the fire- him on top of her. The golden sparks of the flames lit Riddhima's face like Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love. As Armaan's body pressed against hers, the fire outside paled against the one lit inside their bodies. The heat kindled their passions and as they shed their inhibitions, their parched hearts found oasis in the sanctity of their bodies. Their union was a natural culmination of two broken hearts, which had found solace in each other's arms a long time ago, but thus far had resisted the temptation of breaking that ultimate barrier between a man and a woman. Tonight, the wall between them came down forever, liberating them from the manacles of their past relationships, to herald a new phase of their lives.

Hot Hot AR VM on the most sensuous song of Bollywood, "jal jal ke dhuan" by Rimzie247 (she's done an excellent job!)

As the fire simmered all night, they lay in each other's arms, a feeling of ultimate gratification filling their senses.

"Riddhima.." He broke the silence.

"Sshh," she rolled over and placed her finger on his lips, "kuch mat kaho Armaan'is ehsaas ko abhi andar hi rehne do."

"Nahin Riddhima," he kissed her finger and intertwined his fingers with hers, "kehne do mujhey'.aaj tumne mujhey jo diya hai, is ehsaas ko main ek naam dena chaahta hoon."

"Nahin Armaan'.yeh ehsaas sirf pyaar hai'..isey pyaar hi rehne do," she touched his face and bent down to kiss his lips.

"Aise hi seduce karti rahogi tho mera kya haal hoga?" He whispered, gazing at the reflection of the flickering flames in her eyes.

"Maine tumhein seduce kiya hai?" She slapped his chest softly, "liar!"

"Of course you seduced me," he grinned impishly, "warna mere jaisa innocent aadmi tho poori zindagi intezaar hi karta reh jaata."

"Liar! Liar!" she punched his chest with both her fists.

"Ok..Ok'if you will twist my arm and physically assault me like this, I will say that even though you seduced me' I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!"

She hid her face in his chest, embarrassed and joyous at the same time. Embarrassed by her complete surrender in the moments of passion but joyous at the thought of giving everything to the man she had loved and chosen.

"Kya soch rahi ho?" He lifted her chin gently, "pareshan ho?"

She shook her head and lowered her eyes, blushing.

"Khush ho na?"

She nodded, blushing more, her eyes still shy of meeting his gaze.

He kissed her eyelids and whispered, "coffee?"

She nodded again, her eyes meeting his gaze this time.

"Abhi aaya main," he wrapped himself with another blanket and walked back to the kitchen with the tepid cups of coffee.

Riddhima dressed back into her white churidaar suit and reflected as she ran her fingers through her tousled hair, "duniya ki nazron mein yeh shayad galat ho'.lekin meri nazron mein yeh sirf sachcha pyaar tha'.aur sachcha pyaar kabhie galat nahin ho sakta'.Armaan aaj ke baad ab hamari zindagi mein jo bhi ho'.main sirf tumhari hi rahoongi.....chaahe koi kuch bhi kahe." She recalled Dilip's words, "if two people are committed to each other, nothing else matters'.yeh soch lo ki bhagwan ki aankhon mein hamari bahut pehle hi shaadi ho gayi thi."

Back in the kitchen, Armaan made two fresh cups of coffee and then recalled Naina aunty's words, "timely expression rather than the perfect moment is what's more important'.Nainital bhi perfect jagah hai proposal ke liye." He remembered the collection of jewelry in his mother's safe deposit box and snapped his fingers with joy. As he carried the two cups of coffee, he took a detour around the safe deposit box and safely deposited one of his mother's precious stone ring in Riddhima's mug. He looked around the room and thought, "this is the very room where my mom and Mr. Shashank conceived me'.I promise mom, I will not make the same mistake as my dad did'..Riddhima will be an engaged woman before she leave this room'..and soon to be married respectfully to the man she loves!" He glanced upwards as if seeking blessings from his mother.

"Coffee'.garam garam coffee haazir hai!" Armaan squeaked his voice like a railway vendor and walked towards Riddhima, who was lost in her thoughts. The blanket wrapped around him was almost falling off, exposing his torso, as he settled on the floor next to her.

She came back to her senses, awestruck by his chiseled physique. She threw his white shirt over to him, "I want to enjoy my coffee sir'.don't try to tempt me here." She chuckled.

"Riddhima! Bahut badmaash ho tum'..kaise kaise ashleel khayal aa rahe hain tumhare dimaag mein?" he chuckled back as he buttoned up his shirt.

"Well, then no indecent exposure here'wo bhi ek shareef ladki ke saamne," she pouted playfully.

"Yeh tho waqt hi bataayega ki shareef kaun hai aur badmaash kaun?" He winked at her, pushing the tray of coffee towards her.

"Yeh meri hai?" Riddhima picked a mug.

"No..No'No," he jumped up, "the other one is yours," he passed the one with the ring to her.

"Kyun? Is cup mein kya problem hai?" She picked the first mug, acting defiant.

"Kyunki'kyunki," he fumbled and pulled back the cup from her hands, "kyunki is mein zeher hai!"

"Zeher? Tab tho tum nahin, main hi peeungi!" She insisted.

"Come on Riddhima! Don't act childish!" They started fighting over the cup of coffee like two kindergartners would do over a toy. In that process, both cups came crashing down with coffee stains and broken china all over the blankets, their white clothes and the floor. They both stared, aghast at the mishap and mess they had created.

"Lagta hai hamari kismat mein hi coffee peena nahin hai," She got up and started cleaning up the puddle of coffee and broken glass.

"Riddhima'rehne do'.you will get hurt'that glass is sharp," Armaan scanned the floor for his mom's ring but was disheartened when he could not see it. This was not the way the perfect proposal he had dreamt about was supposed to go.

"Armaan! Yeh ring?" She lifted the ring from the puddle, "yeh tho tumhari mom ki hai na?"

He nodded tearfully and then on an impulse, fell on his knees, drenched in the coffee, glass pieces hurting his shins, "Riddhima'.will you marry me?"

Riddhima was stunned by the unexpected question, at an unexpected time, in an unexpected manner. She was rendered speechless. She sat frozen to the ground, the glass pieces falling from her hands one by one, crashing on the ground into tiny splinters'''

What should she say?

' be contd''.


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