Thursday, 19 July 2018

part 4 : Taming the Unknown

Ridhima looked straight at the face in front of her, their eyes wide open, there wasn't even a single drop of voice around them, soon she realised that not even Deepika was there, ridhima looked at the drop dead gorgeous guy right in front of her eyes. Her hand moved towards his face, trying to remember if this was real or was she just imagining what was happening, seeing his beautiful blue eyes gazing back into her's, she touched her cheek, her palm flat down on his side, her fingers spread across his gentle face. Seeing his lovely eyes close, ridhima saw how her every touches increased the tension between both of them. Her fingers glided down his side, reaching to his neck and then pausing. This was the first, it wasn't anything like before, ridhima stopped she was a naive and innocent girl, all she was thinking was about what he would be thinking about her, she slowly moved her fingers away from his face, she arched back but within seconds she was tumbled around, her back laid now perfect on the green grass of her backyard.

 Ridhima trembled underneath him, her coldness hot and lush under him, ridhima's eyes wandered towards his, who was gazing right at her, his blue eyes blazing like fire, ridhima knew better, she knew that it was time to push him away but her hands wouldn't move, she commanded them to move but all her senses were stopped as his minty breath touches her face, this time more closed than she intended it to. Ridhima drew her breath away as his fingers interlocked with her own, she opened her eyes in a jerk to find him smirking but then as it seemed ages, his weight on her was getting lighter, and she saw that he was getting up, smirking and grinning. Ridhima felt like hitting herself on the head. He loves di, it was obvious, why was getting bothered with all this stuff. I should have known better, god knows what he must have been thinking, and what if di had seen all this, what would have she said, probably just slap me on the face but what if he goes and tell her what i did. Touch his lush face. Ridhima, you stupid girl stop thinking about him, his no use.

Ridhima saw him reaching out his hand for her, hesitated ridhima didn't know what to do, and she saw him cocking up his eyebrow, his hand still waiting for her hand. But ridhima dusted her hands and then used the floor to stand up. Looking up she saw his face fall but then she knew that he probably was disappointed that it wasn't Anjali here at this time. Ridhima shook her head to see him laughing at her.

"Is your head ok?" he said in that melodic voice. Laughing his breath reaching towards her face

Ridhima tried to remember how to breathe. "I'm fine" she whispered, lowering her head down.

Gasping, she looked to see his thumb under her chin, slowly he brought her face up, ridhima shivered, a thousand volts of electric currents went down her, and she felt goose bumps coming from the bottom to the top. She knew that he could feel all this numerous feeling, she watched in despair as his thumb caressed her chin, slowly all his fingers came joining in, his fingers caressing her neck, up and down now leaving a single place untouched. Ridhima had long lost closed her eyes, all she could feel was his fingers, his touch, his sweet breath on her face.

Ridhima jolted feeling his fingers not on her chin anymore or caressing her neck, she wanted to feel the warmth in again, all that closeness. But then she opened her eyes to see him smiling down at her, his hand ran down her hair, his fingers touching her scalp.

He bent down to her ear, pushing away her hair behind her ear leaving half of her neck and her ear for him. "I hope your heads better love" ridhima eyes widened her eyes totally big and wide. He laughed in her ear seeing her reaction, running his hand down her hair again and then down her side of her curve, his hands mesmerising the way she was and the way she felt to him.

Ridhima stood there stiffened to the same spot, as he passed by her, she still didn't move, her feet didn't want to. She heard him laugh, and then a second later it felt like an eternity to her as she looked around her and saw no one there. Stupid, uh, what am i thinking. I hate him, he's a two faced person. I don't like him, yes, i don't like him. Keep repeating this to yourself and i might forget him she signed deeply and took a step inside in a daze.

"What did i miss?" Deepika came running in; she saw ridhima and then grinned. "So..."

Ridhima looked at her and then lowered her head to stop the blush increasing. "What?" ridhima said annoyed by the fact that Deepika was continuing to stare at her

"Tell me riddi" Deepika said taking ridhima's hand and then sat her down on the swing. As ridhima tried to look away, she hid her gaze but in the back on her head she could still hear his voice, the way he touched her hair and then his caressing fingers on her neck but instead of things being clear her answer got even more confused.

"He loves di deepu" ridhima said looking at deepika's face. "He only came here to look for her" i don't even know why he came here, but for now this is the only conclusion i can come up to. It may be true; he did come here because of her! And i thought that-

"RIDHIMA!" Deepika screamed as ridhima came out of her thoughts. "Thinking about him" she said nudging her as she teased her.

Deepika looked at ridhima, as they had come inside all ridhima had done was sit down in the kitchen and gaze at the potatoes, Deepika saw that ridhima was deep in her trance, she watched at how she was sitting there and gazing at the pile of peeled potatoes but made no note of it. She had not even uttered a word since they had reached inside, her eyes were still, wide black and grey turning bigger each second and every minute a smile deepened, reaching to her eyes and then coming back to a frown again. Deepika put some tea in the cup as it was 6 in the afternoon and in another 2 hours the Malik's were going to come around, and all she could think about was how ridhima had fell onto that guy.

Ridhima came to a stand as she walked towards Deepika taking the cup from her hand, as she placed it in her mouth, just a sip.

"Lazy girl- Useless you are!" Sakshi screamed as she walked into the kitchen, it was a massive kitchen, but they were the only two people there cooking. "The Malik's are coming in two hours and you two are drinking tea" she said passing a dirty look at Deepika and walked over to ridhima.

Ridhima saw Deepika clench her fist in a tight ball, ridhima signed making sure Deepika heard it which she did and slowly her fist calmed downed. "You B***h" she slapped ridhima right across the face. "You are so dirty" she said looking at her face. "Clean yourself, the Malik's are coming around and i want you in your best clothing" she said pushing a bag at ridhima's face. "You'll be serving us tonight, you will have to call me mom" ridhima looked disgusted; she could never call this evil witch her mother.

"I want you dressed, you will not come into the living room until we ask you too" sakshi said and then turned to Deepika. "And you- careful at what you are doing, see you anywhere in that room and you can count yourself out of here"

Sakshi gave one look at the Deepika and then at ridhima, smirking she walked away, leaving ridhima and Deepika in a total murderous spot.

Deepika looked at ridhima and saw tears streaming from the side of her face, her eyes swollen, she walked over to ridhima as she brought her chin up to see her. "You ok di?" she said wiping her tears away

Ridhima nodded and hugged Deepika, as she sobbed uncontrollably. "Shh" Deepika said patting her on the back, her eyes filled with hatred for sakshi. "I'm here for you"

The bag which was given laid on the floor as Deepika soothed ridhima down, until her tears were finally over, she caressed her hair, saying sweet words so that all the nasty words that sakshi said would get out of her head. Ridhima looked up to see her face, this girl was no one to her and still she took more care of her than anyone in her entire life, she was more than a sister to her. Ridhima patted deepika's cheek and then smiled saying that she was ok.

"Thank you" ridhima said before Deepika could answer back or saying anything, she picked up the bag and walked out and went upstairs to her bedroom, locking herself in there.

Ridhima spent an hour just sitting on her bed and trying to clean things up but her room was a neat as it could get, so she picked up book, it was a book which had been given to her by her father years ago, it was written by Charles Dickens called the Great Expectation, it was all about their dreams and ambition. Ridhima spend ages reading that book before, she knew exactly what it was about and what it was focused on.

She then at 7 moved towards the shower, just to wash herself first, coming out she wore the lovely Churidar, draping tight around her waist, showing her curves perfectly, it was a tight dress, one to show other what she was made out of.


Bring, bring

Ridhima came out of her bed room, dressed in the most beautiful thing she had every worn before, she couldn't believe that, it was a Churidar which was deep blue, very silky, her neck very deep, it look just perfect on ridhima, she came out of her bed room. Her eyes just a mellow eye shadow, with a tiny bit of eye liner and mascara

"Oh, put the phone done" Anjali said as she walked down stairs beside ridhima

"You're right outside my door, come on, yes.... yes... i miss you happy" Anjali laughed as ridhima's brain got even more confused than more.

Anjali ran downstairs leaving ridhima walking down the stairs by herself; ridhima looked to find Deepika staring at her from the bottom of the stairs. Ridhima smiled and assured Deepika that she was fine, while Deepika mouthed a 'hot' at her dress.

"Thank you" ridhima mouthed back to her.

The door came clashing open, as Anjali stood there in the front covering her view, Muskaan just came out from her room wearing a short yellow dress, very beautiful on her, her eyes shone when she heard the door open. Ridhima looked across the room to see Deepika staring at the door, she could see but ridhima couldn't everyone was blocking her way, she saw sakshi coming out of her room, putting on some light compact on her face. She blimey covered her face i that compact, how much she is going to wear ridhima said in her thoughts, shaking her head, but smiled seeing Deepika laughing at sakshi. 

"Welcome Mr Malik and Mrs Malik" sakshi said smiling and walking over to the door. The sun has set in the different side today

Ridhima stood on the stairs, she still couldn't get herself down, slowly Anjali moved out of the way, ridhima couldn't move, her eyes were set on the perfect three, ridhima noticed all the others now.

One of them was very strong, probably the middle one, his grey lovely eyes, so strong, he was wearing a dark pair of jeans and a red shirt, his top button undone, he looked so gorgeous. Ridhima moved her eyes to the next one, the oldest one, his eyes small and sweet, very innocent and naive, ridhima noticed his clothing style, a plain pair of jeans with a chasmier black shirt type sweater, he looked very decent, not arrogant or manly just him, the way he looked like. Ridhima was going to move her eyes away from them but then caught a pair of lovely blue eyes looking at her; she caught her breath seeing his dazzling smile, his dimples. Ridhima blushed seeing him wink at her, and a small smile crept on his face, she saw as his older brother nudged him, and he shook his head. But then ridhima saw Anjali laughing. He winked at her?

Ridhima saw what he wore, it was a bit like what she was wearing, dark blue jeans, his hands inside his pockets with his thumb outside, he wore a light blue shirt, his first 3 buttons undone, and ridhima noticed her chest, very manly, so bold he was. His smile still on his face, ridhima looked from up to down, as sakshi asked them to come inside.

"Mr Malik, Mrs Malik have a seat" she said as an old man i his 50's came forward, for a 50 year old he was very good looking.

Deepika looked at ridhima, who was now in a complete daze, she whispered ridhima name to get her attention but no luck, so she tried coughing but then she coughed louder getting ridhima out of her thoughts.

"You ok sweetie?" Mrs Malik asked Deepika who looked caught, her cheeks turned red.

Ridhima looked at her and giggled, she slowly walked down holding onto the railings. "She'll be fine" ridhima whispered and then took deepika's hand and walked away into the kitchen giggling and smirking. "Oh my god deepu" ridhima said hitting Deepika on the arm.

"What?" Deepika said annoyed. "You're the one who was in la-la land" she said while ridhima blushed.

"Hmm i'm really excited" Deepika said as ridhima poured drinks in glasses. "You serve them?"

Ridhima took the tray and walked past her. "Yes, yes i am" ridhima looked straight trying not to feel the air brushing hard past her, she tried keeping her breath steady, she was never nervous about things like this before. Ridhima walked out.

"Oh i don't know your names sweeties" sakshi said trying to sound like a teenagers.

Ridhima rolled her eyes as she went to serve the older brother. "I'm Atul" he said taking a drink from the tray. "Thank you" he said smiling at her.

"Oh such a sweet name" Muskaan said as she giggled.

Ridhima walked over to the middle brother, who seemed very relaxed. "Rahul, i'm Rahul" he said taking the glass smiling at ridhima he mouthed a thank you to her. Ridhima moved on to the youngest one, she knew he was the youngest one now, and this was surely the guy Anjali liked she thought.

"Armaan" ridhima bent down to give him the drink, as she caught the pair of eyes looking straight at her. "Armaan Malik" he said not moving his eyes away from ridhima.

She stared back, as his hand touched her, as he was holding onto the tray, his palm covering her's, ridhima closed her eyes feeling his touch on her's, she could feel his breathing, he looked very relaxed. As she closed her eyes she tried to ridhima where she was but she couldn't all she could think about was armaan malik.


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