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Part 4 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

They stood there. None of them said anything. Shilpa didn't know why but she felt as if an arrow pricked in her heart. She looked at him, he didn't look at her. He was staring out of window, in the sky at the rise of 7th floor. Finally she collected herself. She had to be strong for him. Though she didn't know the reason, she knew she needed to support no matter what it is. She trusted him. She knew her best friend can never do anything wrong.

"Armaan!" She finally asked as she saw glints of tears trying to come out of his eyes.

"Huh! Yeah!..sorry!" He said looking at her coming out of his trance. He blinked the tears away. " You have an hour, you can sit in your cabin and have a coffee if you want to."

"Sure, Waise bhi mera boss kitna khadoos hai! Pura din file meh muh rakhega, lekin apni friend ke saath coffee peene bhi nahi chalegi." She said dramatically, to which Armaan couldn't help but smile with glee.

"So Shilpa tum itni, aise change kaise ho gayi? I mean, look at you, tum kahan se kahan aa gayi ho, you have become Hot from sweet." He said sipping his coffe and showing the surprise in his tone.

"well, long story' " She said taking in another sip.  He looked at his watch and then looked at her again.

"You have 45min Baby! Is it enough?" He asked smiling at her. She smiled back and blinked indicating a yes.

"Ok, Then'lets go!" he said standing up.

"Kahan??" She asked amazed at his sudden reaction. He just pulled her hand and walked towards the stairs. Everyone in the office looked at them amazed. Armaan had never been smiling or playful ever. And right now, he was running away to the terrace with a new employee? Some of the women workers looked at shilpa envied. While some just smiled. And some stood there with their mouth opened. This didn't go unnoticed by shilpa.

They stopped in an open place that seemed really high. They were on the 13th floor of  the building. He had made her run all the way from 6th to 13th floor. Both of them were panting really hard.

"Armaan mein itna apni life mein kabhi nahi bhaangi" she said holding her sides.

"Don't worry sweetheart'This is my first time as well" He said smiling naughtily at her panting just like she was.

"You'..I..I hate you!" She said as Armaan suddenly stopped smiling and went stiff. She was about to hit him but stopped as she saw him looking angry. Isse kya hua? She wondered.

"Armaan Kya hua?" She asked.

"7 saal ho gaye hai na? How would you remember any promises. Dosti parayee hogayi, haina?" He asked in a husky voice.

Suddenly it strike her. She had promised him she wont ever say I hate you! "Armaan I am Sorry I will never ever forget that." She said holding her ears to which armaan couldn't help but give a cute smile.

"Ok so Miss. Malhotra. Strat your story." He said settling on on of the edges, where It was safe.

"Well it sarts from US." She sits beside him. Starting the story.


Author's NOTE. Guys, I am not going to explain the story in long version, As I don't have time. Sorry.**

Shilpa's mom, decided to marry again, to Dilip Malhotra. He was a really kind person. And was always at shilpa's help. They decided to move to India as Dilip's business was in India. They were reach, and Dilip was a business tycoon., Shilpa was suppose to join  the business but Shilpa wanted to go for fashion designing, so she decided to join Mallik empire. As she was simple and sweet girl, total Indian, everybody in India made fun of her at her school. That's when she met Rahul. He had helped her all the way. He told her that to conquer the world, you have to be like world first. He helped her gain confidence. Muskaan was another of those people who changed her life. Soon she was the most popular girl of Excel. Rahul  and Muskaan always helped her in all her bad cases. Shilpa was changed person. She was talkative, Modern but with her limits. She had drawn a line, which shenever crossed.

"Soo, This is it!" She said standing up. Armaan was laughing hard by that time.She twitched "whats wrong? I don't remember saying something funny."

"Its so funny. America mein Indian, and' India mein American. You are really amazing shilpa. Oh..shoot'" He said not able to control his laugh. She looked at him angrily and walked away. She stoped By the door and said, " Don't you dare to talk to me. I am going to my cabin,"

"Are'suno toh'" But she was already gone, he knew as the sound of her steps slowly faded away.

He slowly opened her door and looked at her funny expressions as she was lost in her work. She was on her laptop, typing something now and then. As he got in she jumped up from her sit.
"Mr. Mallik. Sorry to say, but though you are the owner of the company, I don't  think you should enter in my cabin without knocking." She said folding her arms on her chest and looked away.

"aww baby is still angry?? Sorry shilpa'It was just to annoy you, you know na, I love to do that." He said going towards her.

"Mr.Mallik. Anything you need? I have completed the first part of my project research. So if you don't mind can I go now?" She asked in a very professional manner. He sighed.

"Ok Miss.Shilpa, You can go now. But remember you have to get here at 8 tomorrow morning" he said so and left the cabin. She stood there with her mouth open. Kya samjata hai who apne aap ko huh? She collected her things and went out after him. He was just in the elevator which was about to close. She put her hand in the middle to stop it but unfortunately her little stunt led to her bleeding finger. The side of the elevator door had this little sharp blade which pricked her.

"Ahh'" she cried as armaan ran to her.

"Shilpa, what yaar. Shanti nahi rakh Shakti thi. Dekha na'.Hey what are you guys looking at, go get first-aid box." He screamed at the other employes. He didn't know why, but when she gets hurt, he feel the more of tht pain in his heart probably that's more then hers. She looked at him pouted face. He melted at her cute face.

" Maine kya kiya. Tumhari wajha se hua hai yeh sab." She said angrily.

"Meri wajah se kaise?" He asked opening the first aid box and cleaning her finger with a cotton ball.

"haan toh tumhi karte ho nay eh sab? Pehle toh khud mujhe naaraz karte ho. Fir jab manane aaoge toh tab mein thoda toh footage khaungi na? Aur tum, ek baar sorry kahan aur phir chal diye..' But remember you have to get here at 8 tomorrow morning' She repeated his words as he smiled at her. "ab has kya rahe ho?"

"Yeh dekh raha hu ke meri best friend baaki sab tarah se badal gayi hai, lekin gussa abhi bhi yaha naak par betha hai" he said poking her nose softly with his index finger.



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