Tuesday, 24 July 2018

part 5 & 6 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 5 : 

@ armaan's room

Armaan : atul? Please there are many other good looking people in this hospital

Riddhima: i see.. it'll be interesting then

Armaan : interesting? What do you intend to do?

Riddhima : wait and watch..

@ corridor

Muskaan : yar riddhima toh marwa hi dalengi

Atul: abhi kya hua? Dr armaan ko kuch aur kehdia kya?

Muskaan : nahin yaar.. leking 30 minutes se armaan ke cabin mein hain.. lagta hai phirse kuch kehdia

Atul : woh chod muski.. mujhe sorry kab bol rahi woh?

Muskaan : tu aur teri sorry yaar..mein idhar tension se mare jaa rahi hoon aur tujhe sorry ki padi hain

Atul: woh toh main leh ke rahunga.. abhi nahin toh party mein..

Muskaan : party.. yaar mein toh bhul hi gayyi.. yar mujhe shopping jaana hai..

Atul : yaar phirse shopping.. iss baar mein nahin aara tere sath .. last time tere shopping bags utha te utha te main toh gir ki gaya

@ armaan's room

Armaan: by the way you met nikki today right?

Riddhima: you know her? I so want to meet her again

Armaan : she was a good friend of mine..

Riddhima : was..

Armaan: huge story

Riddhima (excited) : i have all ears for it

Armaan : why are you so excited

Riddhima : who knows? It may end up as one of my 5 storys..

@ corridor:

Muskaan : yaar abhi toh hadd hi ho gayi.. mujhe shopping jaana hai.. aur yeh toh andar se bahar nikal ne ka naam hi nahi le rahi hain

Atul: tu jaa na shopping.. aur tere bags utha te utha te tera weight bhi ghat jaayega.. waise tujhe lena kya hain?

Muskaan : balloons, cake, khana ka order karna hai aur sharab lena hai

Atul : alcohol?

Muskaan : anjali ne mangwaya.. kuch badla ya kuch keh rahi thi.. le lete hai na.. maza ayenga..


part 6 : 

@ armaan's room

Armaan : oh no.. i'm not telling you.. i surely would not want the world to know my story..

Riddhima: you're name would be changed and more masala would be added.. you know some drama, emotions and humour.. i just wanted some new ideas..

Armaan : well it's long.. and boring.. dont tell me i didnt warn you

Riddhima : done.

Amraan : the story starts 6 months ago in lonavala.. we were friends earlier.. but that day something happened that changed that fact forever

Riddhima : let me guess.. she said i love you.. you did not love her.. and the things weren't the same anymore?

Armaan : will you let me complete? And no.. i told you this is a long story.. not so short and predictable.. get yourself some coffee before i continue

Riddhima : is it that boring that i need coffee to keep awake?

@ muskaan's

Atul : tune alcohol laaya?

Muskaan (sighing): nahin yaar.. mujhe pata hi nahin tha kya layun.. kitne saare bottle the..

Atul : toh abh tu kya karengi? Anjali tujhe maar nahin dengi?

Muskaan : tu anjali ko nahin jaanta yaar.. voh achi hain.. waise bhi mujhe maar ke kya milenga usko? Mere mese alcohol toh nikalne wala nahin hai

Atul : toh karengi kya tu?

Muskaan : bhaang hai na.. holi nahin toh kya hua.. yeh bhi special din hai..

Atul : aek jane ke liye?

Muskaan : hmm.. toh aek kaam karte hai.. sabhi ke glass mein dal dete hai.. maaza ayenga..

Atul : aur dr. shashank ko pata chala toh tu hospital se bahar.. phir bolna.. maza ayenga

@ green room

Anjali: so.. rahul mallik.. remember the deal right? I walk today and you are coming to the party

Rahul: aek baar jo maine commitment kar di toh main khud ki bhi nahin sunta

Anjali : i knew you were an idiot.. but i never knew you that you are so dumb that you can't even think of an original line..

Rahul :  dont add days to your life.. add life to your days.... why think so much.. waste of time... just enjoy the show and copy others' original lines..they're orignial.. even if they're not mine..

Anjali: ya right.. have you ever heard this saying "Failing to plan is planning to fail"... you have to think.. it may just make things more interesting at times..(thinking of her party plan)

@ armaan's room

Armaan : nikki and i were good friends as our fathers were business partners.. around 8 months ago, they had a fight.. and the company split into two.. and my dad continued to run the business successfully.. more successfully than nikkis dad.. then nikki's dad blamed him for having stolen all their customers and having blackmailed them into being clients of his company as he knew many of their personal life details.. but we promised each other that we would continue to be friends.. then one day i saw nikki in my dad's office.. i thought she had come to meet my dad as they got along well too.. but the next day i saw a drunk nikki at home.. she was screaming at the top of her voice and accusing us of destroying their life..i was hurt but i knew she was drunk and i took her to her house.. and thats where our friendship broke.. because of what her dad said and did over there.. 

Riddhima : hmm... he gave you a cheque to forget her forever..

Armaan : he would have done that but he didnt have much money then

Riddhima : hmm.. so he accused you of making her drunk and using her?

Armaan : where do you get such ideas from? But no.. he said something that changed me..

Riddhima : hmm.. like a gyan.. a serious lecture?

Armaan : nope he said that nikki was my friend only because of her dad.. her dad urged her to become my friend when they were business partners.. and the so-called friendship that we had was only because of him.. and her acting.. if i can say so.. she agreed to continue to be my friend, so she can keep coming home and spying on us..  one day she got drunk.. and she had actually said what she thought... that we destroyed their lives.. and seeing her drunk her father thought that i was bad company and told me the truth.. that was the end of our friendship..

Riddhima : hmm.. nice.. very nice.. perfect plot and setting for the first story.. friendship-does it exist? Wow..

Armaan : and what's your version of the story? As in what would you write in the book?

Riddhima : sam – sheena.. childhood friends... parents business partners.. perfect life.. when they have a fight.. their companies split.. the children promise to be friends.. one day sam sees sheena with her friends.. he wants to go talk to her.. when he overhears something.. he overhears her telling her friends all his secrets.. he is heartbroken and loses all trust.. next day he finds her drunk.. saying that sam was responsible for destroying their lives.. he takes her to her house.. there he comes to know the truth.. that the friendship never existed.. it was only a strange formality between children of two business partners.. and that she continued to be his friend, as her college friends had a crush on him and she was popular in school because of him..

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