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Part 5 & 6 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

Part 5

She flared at him as he said that, and he knew, his life is in danger. He chose for the stairs denying the relaxing elevator. She ran after him with her bandaged finger. Everyone stared at them with shocked expression. It has not been even a day! And this girl was driving their boss crazy. They wondered what is going to happen to the company now. Little did they know, that this were the best professionals ever. They need everything PERFECT!!!

He stopped by his car, but as he saw her still behind his poor life he ran around the car.

"Armaan, mein tumhe chhodungi nahi. You..ughh'you called me a short tempered person!!" She said shouting at him and following around his car.

"Wait wait'Miss. When did I called you short tempered? I just said ki tumhari naak pe gussa betha hai. Dekho abhi bhi hain." He said naughtily, panting hard from running but still jumping around the car. She took out her pretty sandals and aimed at him.

"Shilpa NOOO!" He screamed to no avail. He bent down and the sandal went flying away behind him. He tried to suppress his laugh but wasn't able to control. She made an angry face again. Aaj sachmein din kharab hain. Ughh I mean raat!She thought as she went towards the road to get her sandals back. She didn't notice the bikers coming from the end of the road, as she bent down to get the sandals she heard her name screamed.

"Shilpaaaaaaaaaaaa..!!!" Armaan screamed and ran towards her. But he was a little late, the first bike already brushed her past so roughly. Armaan pushed her out of the way on time, before the other bikers hit her. But as he fell on the ground with her, she got hurt on her head. He got up quickly and was about to go behind those bikers when he saw Shilpa.

"Shilpa are you ok?" He asked her patting her cheeks lightly, she didn't respond so he took her in the car. He thought of going back in the office but then thought to take her home. That would be the best. He drove as fast as he could. He finally reached home. Noone was in the living room, as he expected. He ran to his room with her in his arms. He didn't know why, but he felt his heart twitch everytime he saw her face with blood oozing out of her forehead. He made her sleep on his bed and then called the doctor. Armaan went towards his mom and dads room, and told them about what happened.


Her head ached as she gained consciousness. The bright made her close her eyes again. Ouch!  She slowly opened her eyes again to see Jiya moving her hand on her head. She did felt good. She slowly tried to get up and then Jiya helped her. She looked around and saw Armaan standing in the corner with his head down and making funny pouting faces. She wanted to laugh at him. But her head ached hard.

"Aunty, mein yahan kaise? Aur yeh.." Then she remembered the accident.

"Armaan laya hai tumhe." Jiya said. Shilpa nodded and looked at Armaan looking at her and smiling. She replied with bigger smile.

"Aunty mom and dad, who meri chinta '" But she was cut off by Jiya again.

"Don't worry, maine Padma ko phone kar diya hai!" Jiya said smiling at her.

"Oh thanks, par'" She said again but this time Armaan had answer before she questions.

"Tumhara cellphone'" He said showing her cellphone and giving it back to her.

"Oh, yeah, Thanks." He just smiled at her.

"Beta, last time aayi thi, toh bina chai piye hi chali gayi thi, aur isiliye, is baar tum yahan pe pura ek week ke liye rahogi!" Jiya said and Shilpa's eyes went to its fullest size.

"EK WEEK???????????" She tried her best to shout against her health.

"Wait, tum last time yahan par'matlab, tum pehle yahan aa chuki ho?? Aur mujhe bataya bhi nahi. Mom'" Armaan frowned at both of them. But Shilpa wasn't listening to him.

"Mein ek week ke liye nahi reh sakti mein jaa rahi hu" she said trying to get up when she suddenly felt a gust of pain through her leg.

"Ouch!" She winced. She looked at Armaan and jiya for explanation and they shrugged in response.  She groaned and fell back on the bed pouting.

"This is sooo not fair." She whispered.

"Noo!! THIS is not fair ke tum logon ne  mujhe bataya nahi ki TUM  yaha par pehle aa chuki ho." He shouted angrily. She closed her ears from his out burst. It hurted her head. Armaan realized that and lowered his voice.

"That is not fair!" He said slowly.

"Are tum bhi naa, bilkul bache ho!" Shilpa said laughing.

"Oh really Thanks! Miss. No-so-smart!" He said.

"Who toh mujhe bachpan se pata hai kaun smart hai aur kaun nahi. Na basket ball mein, nahi kuch aur mein" She said as a matter of fact.

"Oh really miss? Don't forget that I am your 'Boss'! He retorted.

"Thik hai, mein kal se nahi aaungi tumheri so called COMPANY mein.!" She said angrily.

"Waise bhi nahi aa sakti. You are temperorily handicapped" He smirked at her.

"Armaan'mein na'urghh. Mein seriously resign kar rahi hun." She said looking away. Armaan was about to reply but Jiya stoped him.

"bas hua tum dono ka! Kitna pareshan karte ho bechari ko?" She said giving a side hug to shilpa.

"Bechariii???" Maa yeh title aise hi kisiko nahi de dena chahiye. It's a really decent title." He said looking at them.

"Ooo le le le'.bache ko jalan ho rahi hain?" Shilpa asked mokingly.

"Jale mere dushman" He said and went away from them.


part 6 :

Shilpa giggled as Armaan walked out with angry young man's hurt ego face. She looked at Jiya who was smiling at their little nok-jhok. How she missed this Armaan. She looked at Shilpa and caressed her hair.

"Thank You beta, because of you I am seeing this change in him after so many years."

"Aunty, I didn't did anything. He was just the way he was when I left him. I mean when I came to India. Yeah, he looks a little like a man now.

" Shilpa giggled again. Jiya just smiled and kissed her forehead. Just then Armaan came back murmuring something. Actually he just realized that he had stomped off from his own room.

"Mom, Where am I sleeping?" He asked not looking at Shilpa.

"Guest room." His mom said as in DUHH!!!

Armaan looked at her with shocked eyes.

"There is no way, I am going to sleep in GUEST ROOM." He almost screamed. "Tum'"He said looking at Shilpa. "You are going to sleep in Guest room."

She looked at him and then gave a sarcastic smile. "I did gladly my poor little bestie, but unfortunately I cannot walk'remember?" She stated as if it was so obvious.

"So what pretty lady, You can't walk but I can!" He said and moved towards her to pick her up. She made a scared face to which Armaan laughed and moved back. "I was just kidding yaar! You look so scared wild cat." He laughed of the last part.

She was so angry at him that she felt like killing him on the spot. She got the nearest pillow and threw it at him. It hit him on head but well, it was a soft pillow, and he was like iron man. She groaned with annoyance.

"Ok, tab tum log baate karo, I will go and get something for you to eat. Its already 11:30 and you kids haven't even had anything yet." She said going out of the door. Shilpa looked at Armaan, he just shrugged. She let it go this time. She was actually really hungry. She looked around the room.

His room wasn't like it used to be. It was way too simple now. All his stuuf was arranged professionally. She was confused. How can a naughty, playful, with nothing as his goal turn into serious, focused man. She wanted to know what was his past after she moved to India. But she thought she will wait. Wait till he trust her for  it. She saw a guitar in the corner of the room. It seemed like Armaan never went towards that corner. Because there was a book rack that helped the guitar to hide between the wall and rack.

"You play guitar?" She suddenly asked him. He frowned and followed her gaze towards his blue and white guitar.

"No, I used to." He said emphasizing on 'used'.

"I want to listen you play. Please!" She said pouting. He shook his head saying no. She frowned at him.

"Log apne dost ke liye jaan tak de dete hain, aur ek tum ho, ki guitar tak nahi baja sakte." She said making her so adorable angry face.

"You look cute when you pout like that." He said. She felt her cheeks burn a little. But then covered it up with a glare at him.

"Ok baba, aisi dost ke liye kuchh bhi." He said walking towards the guitar. She grinned at her victory.

He sat on the edge of the table, and wrapped his finger around the guitar stick. Then blew air on the strings with his mouth. He stroked some unknown tunes first. Took a deep breath and then looked at Shilpa and smiled. He clsed his eyes and started stroking the guitar rings. Beautifully.

Ta ra ra.. ta ra ri re' ta ra ra

Come around' it's time to baby
Come around..
Come on now' come around'
It's time to baby' come around
Come around' come around

Khwaabon bina, nigahen meri jee rahin thi
Koi nahin tha yeh akeli meri thi zindagi
Ohhh yehhh'
Khamosh tha honthon pe baatein nahin thi
Koi nahin tha yeh akeli meri thi zindagi

Tum mile toh mil gaya yeh jahaan
Tum mile toh har pal hai naya
Tum mile toh sabse hai' faasla
Tum mile toh jaadu chaa gaya
Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya
Tum mile toh maine paaya' hai khuda

Come around' it's time to baby
Come around..
Come on now' come around'
It's time to baby' come around
Come around' come around

Palken moondein chaahat meri so rahi thi
Khushboo hawaaon mein thi
Maine nahin mehsoos ki
Jaane kahaan bahaaren meri khil rahi thi
Khushboo hawaaon mein thi
Maine nahin mehsoos ki

Tum mile toh mehki baarishen
Tum mile toh jaagi khwaahishen
Tum mile toh rangon ka hai silsila
Tum mile toh jaadu chaa gaya
Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya
Tum mile toh maine paaya hai khuda

Ta ra ra.. ta ra ri re' ta ra ra

Tune duaaein suni
Dil ki sadaiyen suni
Tujhse main maangu aur kya
Tujh bin adhura hun main
Tere sang poora hun main
Karta hun tera shukriya

Kaise kahoon, kaise kahoon'
Kaise kahoon'kaise kahoon'
Kaise kahoon lamhe mujhe choo rahe hain
Aisa laga hain inmein tera hi toh ehsaas hai
Ohh hooo
Kaise kahoon dil mein nayi aahaten hain
Aisa laga hain inmein tera hi toh ehsaas hai

Tum mile toh mera dil gaya
Tum mile toh sab kuch mil gaya
Tum mile toh logon se kya vaasta
Tum mile toh jaadu chaa gaya
Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya
Tum mile toh maine paaya hai khuda

Come around' it's time to baby
Come around..
Come on now' come around'
It's time to baby' come around
Come around' come around
Come around

She looked at him with shocked eyes. She cant believe it.

" freaking god!" that's all she could whisper.

"Did I surprised you?" He said smirking.

"SURPRISE YA SHOCK???" She screamed at him.

"Shh'."He said putting his finger on his lips. "Thanks."

"Did I Compliment you?" She asked.

"Well, then I think you didn't like my performance." He said putting his guitar on the table behind him.

"Well  I hated it sooo much' " She started "That I will make you sing every day till I am here whenever I ask you to." She said proudly. He smiled at her. He will do anything for her. He was proud to have a friend like her. He just kept on staring at her and she smiled at him.

"I will do whatever you want me to, whenever you want me to, You wish my command." He said dramatically bowing in front of her. And then they fell into rumble of laughter


After a while they had dinner and even Padma came there. Of course she was worried.

"Shilpa!!! Beta, tum thik toh ho na? Are baapre, kitni lagi hai' and you leg. Shilpa'" Padma kept on scolding and caring. And Shilpa felt so touched she just hugged her mom without a word.

"Mamma I am ok, bad ek week ki hi toh baat hai hmm? Don't be worried mom." She said clamly.

"Armaan, Are beta, ab aunty ko bhul gaya kya?" Padma said looking over at Armaan.

"Nahi aunty, aisa kuch nahi hai." He said coming over to her and touching her leg as to take her blessings.

"Sukhi rahe." She said putting her hand on his head.

"Aur yeh dekh, kitna such gaya hai, bilkul patla ho gaya hai, Jiya tu isko khilati nahi hai kya?" Padma said to Jiya with a smile.

"Main kya karu, who toh yeh jab bhi kuch babau tab kehta hai, 'Mom you never make Parathas like Padma Aunty! She is best' " Jiya said in Armaan's tone. Armaan looked at her surprised.

"Mom, I never ' " He tried but in vail.

"Ok, toh fir kal mamma tumhare liye breakfast mein garam garam parathe banayegi." Shilpa said, and guess what, Armaan grinned to his fullest in answer. He didn't want to protest anymore.

Shilpa woke up next day, and to her surprise, Armaan was standing there with a wheel chair. She jerked up on her bed.

"Armaan!" She screamed.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"What are you doing here with a WHEELCHAIR?" She started softly screaming the hell out of herself at the end. He just stood there and shrugged. She gave him the death glares and at last he decided to try to defend himself.

"Well, Mom said you would get bored, so I brought you this, If you don't want it, that's fine, but don't dare to give me those death glares, I don't want a word now. Except for Yes or No!" He stated. She sat there with her mouth open, at that he just smirked.

"You-" She was about to curse him, but at that very moment. He pressed his fingers against her Lips.

"Not a word I said" He said calmly bending on her. Shiver ran down her spines. No only hers, even his stomach fluttered with there intensinty.



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