Friday, 20 July 2018

part 5 : Taming the Unknown

She breathed in, holding on it before her lungs were surely going to burst out. She looked up to see his eyes still gazed up into hers, ridhima looked away, trying to find move his eyes away from her face. Ridhima looked over to see Deepika cocking her eyebrow up, very up and then laughing out. Winking at her, ridhima was even more scared, she slowly pulled her hands away from his hands, slowly touching his palm with her finger tips.

 Ridhima scared by the impulse that was just feeling up in her, she pulled herself back, her eyes on the floor, not even glancing up to see if he was still there.

"Aw that's a sweet name" ridhima jumped after hearing sakshi's voice in the background.

Ridhima walked over to serve her sister. "So what do you do guys?" Muskaan asked as she followed her eyes towards Rahul; the middle brother ridhima realised.

"Oh well i work in Malik industries, helping around in getting the tenders" Rahul said in a sweet and tender voice, as Muskaan face turned crimson as she blushed down.

"And you two?" Anjali said, ridhima clearly knew that she was totally indicating it towards armaan, atul was only there as a game for her.

Shaking her head she walked over towards sakshi. "Well i work in the Eden garden project" sakshi picked up a glass of wine. While Anjali nodded to what atul was saying, and smiled at him and then one towards armaan.

Ridhima turned around and walked over towards the Mr and Mrs Malik, who were talking to sakshi, as Mrs Malik and sakshi. "Oh gauri you're so nice" sakshi said to Mrs Malik, whose name was gauri and her husband's name who was called Hiten.

Ridhima's ears were waiting patiently waiting to hear armaan's career, she didn't know why but her heart was beating much faster than it ever had before, she closed her eyes as she bent down to give a drink to Mr Malik, who smiled at her and said a polite thank you.

"Oh, well i-" ridhima stopped to hear his words, only his words were running through her ears at that very moment. "I'm working right now in 'St Margaret hospital"

"Oh wow!" Anjali squealed to ridhima's last despair. "What are you exactly...?"

Armaan laughed, his sweet laughter hitting ridhima's sensitive ears. "I'm working to be an oncologist, like it's my intern year right now" he finished while ridhima smiled. His helping for cancer, bless

While ridhima heard as her back were towards the 5 sitting down, she moved a bit and walked over to gauri, who looked at her and then smiled sweetly.

Taking the glass "A very sweet girl you have" gauri said to sakshi while she touched ridhima's cheek. "Very angelic"

"I know isn't she" ridhima turned around as she heard atul's voice coming in. It was the most unexpected thing she had ever heard.

Ridhima smiled and then lowered her head sensing armaan's gaze on her face. "Thank you" she mumbled while trying to get out of the room as soon as she could.

"What's here name?" gauri asked sakshi, while ridhima looked up to see Anjali and Muskaan cursing her under their breaths.

Sakshi smiled but it was more of a smug "Why don't you ask her yourself?" she said laughing as Hiten, Mr. Malik joined into it as well.

Ridhima moved a bit back to see both groups now looking at her. "So sweetie you going to introduce yourself?" gauri asked her, giving her a polite smile.

Ridhima hesitated for a while, as she saw all the brothers looking at her and her own sisters looking up blowing their nails not caring about her at all. "Ridhima', my name is ridhima" she said politely as she felt gauri hold onto her hand.

"And such a sweet name you have" she said to ridhima. "You are very lucky Sakshi" gauri said turning towards sakshi who smiled very high not caring at all.

"I like that name" atul said as he saw all the eyes now diverted to his outburst. "What? It's an opinion you know" he said lightening the room up, as everyone laughed at his comment.

Lord why is thing happening to me? I hate this, look at anji; she's like looking all over armaan, her eyes fluttering in front of him and him? He wasn't even trying to not care, but he was looking at her the same way, very eyes opening. Gosh his like the other guys and I thought that maybe he wouldn't be like them. But they say don't they, men are one species they never change.

Ridhima thought angrily as she walked into the kitchen right after atul's outburst, she didn't want to be in a room where her sister was all over the guy that she'. Well she didn't even know what she felt for him. It's just attraction or infatuation. Nothing more. She thought seeing Deepika in the kitchen, laughing and giggling to herself.

"What?" ridhima said annoyed that Deepika was just laughing and not saying anything.

She looked at ridhima and the back to her food she was cutting. "I said nothing!"


Deepika looked at ridhima confused. "So you want me to say something?" she said unsure about the question herself.

Ridhima angrily turned around and walked over to the sink and started washing her hand, after a few seconds she heard giggling again of Deepika right behind her, it really annoyed her.

Pushing aside the vessels Deepika sat on the counter where ridhima was washing her hands; slowly she nudged her while made her loose a bit of her balance. Ridhima gave Deepika an annoyed look and when back to washing some knifes

"They're already washed riddi" Deepika said laughing again at ridhima's innocence

"I know that" ridhima said pointing a knife as her.

Deepika moved back a bit. "Calm, we don't want any crime's happening tonight, do we riddi?" winking at her, while ridhima lost her patience.

Ridhima put down the knife and tickled Deepika until she was breathless and repenting.

"Riddi" she squealed and then started laughing. "Ok'. Sorry'. Ha, ha' stop it please"

"Say 'sorry ridhima'"

Deepika laughed harder. "No way!" as ridhima tickled her harder. "Ok ok'.. Sorry ridhima" as the pain started coming away. "Happy! You evil' evil women" she said in a dramatic voice making ridhima laugh. "What were they thinking outside? Nice girl? Change it to horrible girl" Deepika said jumping down from the counter

"That should tell you that no on messes with ridhima" ridhima said proudly.


Ridhima's smiled disappeared. "Except Sakshi madam" she added it in sarcasm

Ridhima looked around to see sakshi there standing hands on her hips.

"What's all the racking about?!" she said angrily as they put their head down. "I told you! No mistakes, you are useless ridhima, no use you are. I don't know what gauri saw in you" tears started welling up in ridhima's eyes. "Listen to me you b***h, I want you to get on with you work, I don't care if you get hurt or what. But we have no starters outside and even I'm hungry" sakshi walked out leaving ridhima in slight tears and Deepika fuming in anger as usual.

"She's a cow" Deepika said. "I'm hungry" she imitated. "Go eat a pig then you' you... uh"

Ridhima looked at Deepika and wiped her tears away. "Forget it deepu, let's just get the damn thing over and done with" ridhima said picking up the spring rolls and put them in the microwave to heat it up.

Armaan, Rahul and atul sat around a small corner, while their parents were sitting down next to sakshi right on the other side, talking about business stuff. While they sat around comfy chairs with Anjali and Muskaan

"So what do you guys do?" Rahul said them

"Well right now I'm finishing my art degree" Anjali said smiling. "I've always been fascinated by art, so I thought to take art as my career" she said. "I know I won't be as good as Leonardo di Vince but I'll try" they laughed.

"If you put your mind to it, you actually might" atul said smiling politely to Anjali.

Muskaan laughed. "Wow anji, you've got to find your brain now. I think it's somewhere in your drawers" she laughed while Rahul, atul joined in, as Anjali hit Muskaan on her arm which made them laugh even more.

Ridhima walked down to see them laughing, it was the most nicest sight she had ever seen, she watched as the way they had seated, armaan next to Anjali, she had her arm around him, slowly his arm was around her too. Ridhima's anger out of nowhere rose up, but put it aside, as Muskaan was sited beside Anjali, Rahul opposite her and atul opposite Anjali, they all were laughing but she could sense armaan's presence from afar, her breath started coming harder walking closer to them. They tray in her hands were shivering, she watched as Deepika was serving sakshi, and sakshi was giving her evil looks as she was told not to come outside.

"Sorry" ridhima watched as Deepika mouthed it to sakshi who closed her eyes and forgot everything.

Ridhima walked closer step by step, placing the tray in front of atul who was sitting opposite Anjali, he smiled at her very sweetly.

"Thanks ridhima" he said making ridhima smile.

Ridhima went towards Anjali who picked a spring roll and gave ridhima a fake smile, while ridhima hunged her head down moving the tray towards Rahul and Muskaan who picked up on each, Muskaan just turned her head away from ridhima and started talking to atul and Anjali.

"Thanks riddz" Rahul said but then bit his tongue "I'm allowed to call you riddz Na?" he asked while ridhima smiled

She smiled at him warmly. "Of course you can"

Ridhima turned to go towards armaan but then stopped. "What do you do riddz?" Rahul asked behind her.

She turned around to face him. "Well ridhima works in the caf during the week" Anjali said butting in the conversation while ridhima's face fell hearing the snazzy comment made.

Rahul looked at ridhima who was glaring down."Ok that's good then but what's you ambition" Muskaan snorted underneath her breath

"Oh forget Rahul, now tell me about'." Ridhima knew that there was no need of staying there anymore, as she saw Muskaan wondering off talking to Rahul about business stuff.

Ridhima walked over between atul and Anjali who were talking about art and how she could actually become they worst best artist if she wanted, and right beside her was armaan who was gaping into a magazine, it looked like the 'heat' magazine.

Ridhima dropped the tray down to his level, but armaan was too aroused into the magazine that he didn't notice that ridhima was standing right in front of him, ridhima turned her head to ask to look for help but the others were all busy laughing and talking.

"Umm" ridhima said trying to get his attention but nothing came back.

She coughed a big. "Hmm umm" she tried saying something, but there was no sound coming out of her lips, the words were stuck in her throat as she saw his bare chest, her words wouldn't come out, it felt like there was no air left in the room for her to breathe in. she felt like the room was spinning before she caught herself from falling down.

"Armaan'." She breathed in, in a hoarse voice.

Slowly she closed her eyes, taking in the situation she tried to calm her head down, within seconds she opened her eyes to see him looking into hers

"Thanks ridhima" he whispered taking a spring from the tray, slowly brushing his hand against her hand.

Ridhima caught her breath as she felt the immense attraction she had towards this guy she hardly knew. Ridhima walked away from him as quickly as possible, catching hold of deepika's eyes looking at her and that smirk on her face.

Ridhima caught the side of the sink, breathing in as heavily as she could; all the air was driving back into her again. Feeling a hand on shoulder, ridhima jumped up and turned around to see grinning Deepika smiling from ear to ear.

"Oh it's only you" ridhima said breathing in again.

Deepika laughed. "I sensed some kind of chemical reaction out there"

Ridhima cursed under her breath watching Deepika eating a strawberry from afar, she was even more annoyed then before.

"RIDHIMA!" ridhima slouched back as she walked into the living room again to find Anjali looking for her. "There you are, come here please" why do I have to go near him again? I really hate this

 "Yes anji" ridhima said as she reached where they were all seated down.

"Can you show armaan where the toilet is?!" it was more of an order then a request.

Great, this is all I needed! Why can't anji do it, I'm sure just wants to spend more time with him than I do. Look at him, grinning and smirking under his closed lips, uh, can't he find things himself; it's not such a large house.

"Yes sure di!" that's all ridhima could say at that very moment.

She looked at him getting up, as ridhima looked up, she saw that the toilet was actually on the 1st floor, far away from anyone's eyes, it was actually one of the secluded area's in the whole house. Ridhima closed her eyes as she climbed up the stairs, armaan standing right next to her.

"Umm so" that's all you can say riddz

He looked at her. "How's your life?" at least he started a conversation, and you can't even do that riddz

"My life's good" ridhima stammered and whispered.

He looked at her curiously. "It doesn't look like it"

Ridhima looked at him as they reached closer to the toilets. "What?" she asked him. "My life's fine and perfect for your kind information" she snapped before he could answer her back.

"I'm sorry" he said while ridhima saw his sincere eyes. "I just saw that you were very away from your family?" he said it more as a question than a statement.

"We aren't very close" she whispered not disclosing more than necessary. "I'm not their type" and she did disclose more as she saw armaan's face turned sharply towards her

"What do you mean?" he asked as now we had reached the bathroom.

"Here's the bathroom" ridhima said ignoring his question

Slowly turning onto her heels she turned around to walk away but before her head could get back to normal again, she felt a hard hand on her left wrist, and ridhima gasped feeling the new and content feeling arousing through her. The shivers started crawling through her spine, she could feel the air turning hot again, before she could protest and take her grip away from her, he pulled her with full force towards him.

Ridhima landed her right hand, right on his chest; she could feel his normal heart rate pumping up and down. She looked up, his eyes holding down onto her's, even though she tried to move her eyes away from him, the intense moment and the closeness was far too immense to be pulled away from. Ridhima tried squeezing her away from his hand but no use, he pulled her even harder next to him, this time his hand went around her waist. As he made contact with her smooth white skin, ridhima felt goose bumps driving up her waist towards her entire body, she watched as he looked for answers in her eyes but found none but got even more questions than he had before.

Slowly ridhima found the hand which was holding her hand let go of it, the thought of him letting go of her haunted ridhima, she wanted to feel the warmth again.

With one flick ridhima watched as the bathroom door open behind him, his eyes still holding onto that one stare, she watched as his cool breath hit her face.

"Armaan let go of me" ridhima begged trying to get out from the grasp around his waist.

"Answers ridhima" he whispered back making his hold on her waist even more firm.

Within a few seconds of staring, armaan pulled her and turned her around and pushed her into the bathroom, turning around he locked the door. They both stood there faced to face, ridhima backed away a little, but there was nowhere else to run away to, everywhere she turned there either were walls everywhere or armaan standing in front of her.

"You look scared!" he said smiling. "Don't worry, I won't do anything wrong" he grinned waiting for ridhima's reaction.

"What do you want?"


He repeated it again while ridhima stood there with daggers in her eyes, she felt like murdering him now compared to what she felt a few minutes ago. Her breath hitched as she saw him walking closer to her, she gripped the sink in the toilet for support. She saw the slight glint in his eyes, as he walked closer and closer.



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