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part 5 : Unforgivable(Arsh mini ff)

Muskaan and I stood at our door watching what was taking place in front of us. A few doors down the police had raided into Armaan and Aditya's dorm. Armaan was kneeling on the ground with his hands placed behind his head. "Armaan Mallik! You are under arrest for the rape of Shilpa Malhotra. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to have an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the state. Do you understand the rights I have read to you?" The police officer pulled his hands down and cuffed them behind his back as Armaan replied a 'yes' to his question. We saw an overjoyed, smiling Aditya standing behind the officers. As soon as he was being approached by Anjali, his face turned into one of sadness. We moved closer to the door. "Aditya, thank you for providing us with the evidence we needed." Aditya held his head in his hands as he nodded and began to cry for his supposed best friend. 'We'd like you to come in for some additional questioning if that's okay with you."

 He looked toward Armaan being prepared to be taken out of the room by three officers before he replied back. "Yes, I'll follow behind in my car." As Armaan came up to us he stopped, winked then looked at us with anger and continued going down with the officers. We turned back to see Anjali and Aditya coming out as well. "Shilpa and Muskaan, we need you to come down to the headquarters as well." We nodded to confirm we understood. "I can take you both." Aditya offered. Hell to the no. We were not going to go with him. "Thanks, but no thanks. We'll go in our own car." Muskaan snapped back and grabbed my hand as she walked to the elevator. We took it all the way down and made our way out of the building. Armaan was already seated in the police car when we walked out the doors. I felt so bad for making him go through this, but it was necessary. Everyone ended up getting into their respective cars and drove to the headquarters.

            Once everyone congregated in the lobby, Armaan was brought in through the doors and then was taken away down the halls. Anjali whispered something to one of her fellow officers and then turned to Aditya. "Please follow me." She instructed and then led the way. When they walked away, Muskaan and I were led away to another room. When we entered it we saw Armaan already sitting on one of the chairs with his legs up on the table playing games on his phone. "Finally! Took you guys long enough!" He put his phone down and said to us. "Gosh, I know we're acting and everything, but couldn't you tell the police to put the cuffs on a little looser? They were so tight!" He whined as he rubbed his wrists. "You were fine just a minute ago playing games." Muskaan retorted back to him. I couldn't help but giggle at the antics of the two of them. When I looked up I saw Armaan and Muskaan smiling at me.

I looked from Muskaan to Armaan and then back to Muskaan. "What?" Muskaan walked over and hugged me. "Nothing, it's just nice to see you smiling and laughing again." I brought my hands up and reciprocated the notion. I looked toward Armaan as I continued to hug her. He sat there grinning from ear to ear watching me. The sight of him made me match his huge grin. When he saw that he winked at me and I turned my head to the side facing Muskaan's curly hair as I felt that same warmth in my cheeks as I did the day we first met. But just as I turned, Muskaan pulled away from me leaving my red cheeks exposed. She reached out with her hand and lifted my head up. "Oh ho, why are your cheeks red?" She asked suspiciously and turned toward Armaan who fumbled in his chair at her stare. "W-what? I didn't do anything!" He defended himself. I gave him a glare from behind Muskaan's back. He very well knew that he did do something. He smiled cheekily at the glare I gave him which made Muskaan turn around to look at me. I immediately brought my head down as if nothing had happened. "What the hell is going on between the both of you?"

I just moved my head to face the one-way glass window which looked into the interview room. "Look they're in there." I diverted the question as I saw Aditya and Anjali seating themselves. And it worked; Muskaan immediately ran up to the window and started cursing him. I was about to take a step to join her by the window but was pulled back with a tug on my arm. I crashed against Armaan's chest as he held my hand behind my back. "Shilpa! Don't you want to see your plan take place?" She asked while watching the questioning. I wriggled my hand behind my back trying to free it. "Umm... I'm coming Muskaan." I looked up at Armaan smirking at me. "Armaan let go." I whispered making sure Muskaan was looking. I saw him shake his head no. I continued to struggle in his strong hold. "Armaan!" I scolded as I saw Muskaan turning around. He immediately let go of me and I ran up to Muskaan.

And just in time too. We told Anjali to offer him a drink and we saw that he had happily accepted it. He had just finished and was looking around for a trashcan. One of the other officers in the room came forward and took it from him and walked out of the room. Anjali continued to ask him more questions and he continued to answer. Armaan walked up next to me and placed his hand on top of mine of the edge of the window. I slid my hand away from under his and brought it to my side. I was about to turn toward him but was stopped when I heard the door slam open in front of me. "Yes! Finally that bas**** is going where he belongs!" Muskaan yelled as she saw the officers rush in. I saw one of them hand some papers to Anjali and then rush to the other officers who pushed Aditya on the floor and were handcuffing him. Anjali then gestured to the window saying we could come in. Muskaan grabbed my hand and I grabbed Armaan's as we rushed out the door and to the room. As soon as we entered we saw Anjali kneel down to where Aditya was laying on the ground. "Armaan did it not me!" Aditya blamed him once again. Anjali clutched his collar and brought his face up. "Oh give it up. We know you did it. Your DNA matched, not Armaan's."

He looked at her shocked. "W-when did y-you get my DNA?" She chuckled as she heard his confusion filled voice. "Thanks for taking the offer of the drink. Your saliva provided the evidence." She held up the cup in front of his face in a clear, plastic bag. He was then pulled up by the officer who had cuffed him. Anjali handed the evidence back over to the man who had given it to her earlier. She then walked over to the three of us. "Do any of you have questions for him?" Armaan stepped forward. "I do." Anjali gestured her hand toward the sulking Aditya. "Go ahead." With her permission, he walked to him and looked him right in the eyes. Aditya stared back at him with anger. "Why did you do it?" Armaan stood there waiting for a reply. I held Muskaan's hand tight as we both waited for the answer. We all wanted to know why he did this although I dreaded to hear the reason why. "Why Aditya!?" He grew impatient and gripped his shirt with two hands. "Answer me!" "I wanted her. Ever since I saw her I had it set in my mind that she would be mine. Only mine." He replied through clenched teeth. I couldn't see Armaan's face but for some reason, I knew he was filled with rage. He let go of his shirt and took a step back.

"And you told me you loved her. That is why I did it! I was burning with rage that night! She's mine Armaan! Only mine! I had to make her mine before you could! The fact that you both were ignoring each other only worked to my advantage! So did you not feeling well that night. When you told me you were going to go to the clinic later that day I knew it was the perfect opportunity and I couldn't let it slip away!" Armaan almost punched him right in the face but the police officers held him back. "You're dead Aditya! I can't believe I trusted you and called you my best friend!" The officers struggled to hold him back as he strained to free himself to get at Aditya.

I decided to jump in. I let go of Muskaan's hand and ran in front of Armaan. I brought my hands up and cupped his tensed face. "Armaan, look at me." He continued to look at Aditya with fury. "Look at me Armaan!" I tried to persuade him again. "Look at me!" Armaan finally shifted his head down to me. "He's getting what he deserved, Armaan. Please calm down." His face quickly relaxed and he stopped trying to struggle. And when he did the police let his arms go. His eyes shifted back to Aditya and that sent worry through me. But he shut his eyes and clenched his hands into a fist. "Take him away or I won't spare him." He uttered with his jaw taut. I turned to see Anjali instruct for them to exit the room. My eyes followed them out and I saw Muskaan glaring at him with disgust as he walked passed her. My eyes stayed on them until they finally left the room. As I turned back to face Armaan I saw him reach down for my hand and immediately engulf me in a firm embrace. Taken a back, my hands were left in mid-air behind him. I quickly processed and returned the hug. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head onto his shoulder. I could feel him nuzzling his head through my hair and I couldn't have felt more comfortable. I closed my eyes as we both relaxed in each other's arms. He made me feel protected in his embrace. And I enjoyed that feeling.


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