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part 6 : Taming the Unknown

Ridhima stared right back again, she tried saying his name again but there was no luck, as he kept coming closer by each second. The way he saw her in a different light was something she hadn't come up herself, the knew was that this was either something that he wanted to know or there was one thing that he was dying to know and she was doing her best not to spill the beans out.

"Now ridhima" he said calmly the smirk not leaving his face. "We can do this the hard way but I prefer we do it the easier way.

"What do you want to know?" ridhima asked him, but he just rolled his eyes.

Armaan smiled. "Well I'm dying to know the wonderful relationship you and your family share" he said sarcastically

Ridhima shuddered as it was an unknown gesture. "Look me and my family are good together" she said pushing the other thoughts away. "And why do you want to know anyway?"

 Armaan face was caught, he himself didn't know why he wanted to know about her, ridhima watched his face change colour, from the nice white to a much unknown white pale colour. Ridhima smiled as she knew that he had no answer to give her back, she watched his facial expression change, from a smirking armaan to one who was even more confused than ever seen before.

"Are you planning to answer me anytime soon?" ridhima said with her hands on her hips looking mad as ever.

"Um' well'. You know-"

"That's the thing. I don't" she smiled at him, her finger in her mouth looking for an explanation

Armaan face now looked like he was scared. "Look I just want to know. OK!" he said

"Hmm" ridhima thought and now reached towards the door, pushing armaan to the other side of the wall. "Well then I'm saying that I don't want to tell you" she said as her confidence within herself rose even more the before, seeing him scared like hell and looking for an answer in his so-called brain. Ridhima smiled to herself and she felt like patting her back.

Slowly opening the door ridhima turned to walk out.

"Ridhima'" he whispered to her.

Ridhima turned around, annoyed, and just tired of all the crying she had done in the past few days. "What?"

She watched him, as he walked now closer to her, grabbing the handle of the door that ridhima was holding. The unwanted movement caught ridhima's breath, she now again felt like jelly, like her legs were going to give away any minute. Holding onto the one last support which she had left, which was now covered by his hand, the handle felt like the whole would to her right then at that very moment. Feeling the mixture of attraction and embarrassment and totally anger, ridhima felt like the floor was going to drop down any moment, but it didn't she was standing there with him right in front of her.

Armaan's eyes were looking right at her; she watched back feeling a thousand feelings going through her at that time.

 "Can I please go?" ridhima pleaded in front of him.

Armaan just shook his head in a 'No' gesture

"Do you have to act so' so-"

"Annoying" he completed with no slight regret what so ever

"Exactly" ridhima now smiled back, feeling a bit for in ease with him then before

Armaan watched the ease that ridhima was in, "Would you tell me now?" he said

"No" ridhima answered back.

Ridhima then turned back to move out of the bathroom, but armaan's strong hand stopped her half the way, he shut the door right in front of her face and pressed his front against her back.

"I like you this way" armaan said with no content of order at all.

Ridhima blushed even thought she didn't want to. "And I don't like you at all" ridhima huffed but her breath stopped feeling his body press harder on her back now, her eyes closed feeling the new sensation growing inside her.

"Don't like me huh?" he smiled through the words, pressing his cold fingers on her arm.

"You don't have to be like this" ridhima answered him back, but it was hard as all her breaths were running out.

"Well" he started off. "I prefer things this way" he said with full confidence.

Ridhima backed a bit feeling his fingers now crawling up her arm, the facial expression from her face changed by seconds, her front wad pressing hard on the door, while his front was pushing right through her. Ridhima groaned feeling his hands interlocking with her, she herself didn't know what was coming over her, all that was around her was the guy behind her was driving her utterly crazy with every touch he made.

Ridhima turned around, now facing him, she didn't know why but she had a impulse urge of getting up on her toes and feeling his lips, she didn't know why this was happening to her, it wasn't like anything she had ever done before, she was a very obedient girl, in her entire life she had never even come close to a guy and now she had this urge, this unwanted urge of just him and her. Ridhima opened her eyes to find him grinning at her, his fingers were not on her anyway, all his eyes were asking were for answers, which he wanted to know, but all that was going through ridhima's head was 'why?' why did he want to know? Which was what was keeping her away from spilling the tears from her eyes which was on such a long hold for the past 10 years, how she wanted to tell him but she hardly knew him, was it right? Telling a person which you knew only for 2 days and how was she getting all this anonymous feeling which was affecting her completely.

"Ridhima!" ridhima jumped up and saw armaan backing away right away from the sound.

Ridhima signed, it was anjali who was calling her from downstairs.

"What is taking you so long to show the guy a toilet?" anjali shouted sarcastically

"Crap" armaan said involuntarily

Ridhima blushed hardly. "I'm sorry" she said as she knew armaan was going to interrupt her. "I should be going" ridhima turned around and opened the door.

"Wait!" he said as ridhima stepped out of the toilet, she turned around to see him calling her. "It was nice meeting you ridhima" he smiled as ridhima returned the smile back to him in equal favour.

Ridhima shook her head, smiling to herself, the last scenes were playing back in her mind again, and she grinned walking down the isle.

"I hope we meet again" ridhima stopped in her track as she heard his voice from the toilet again, she was still walking down the corridor and needed to get downstairs.

Oh gosh! What was that? I really can't believe that all that happened, what was I thinking? I hardly knew him, this wasn't right, it was just too'. It was the room, the closeness was doing all that to me, and it doesn't mean anything. I probably won't see him ever again. Than why do I feel like going back to him again? Love? No ridhima, it was just the fact that you haven't been close to a guy in a long time, so this was probably some thing I wanted to do, and nothing more. Armaan might have been thinking the same thing, maybe it was just a mistake or he was conning me? Which might have been true ridhima, that's what people do when they want something from someone and they con people, what if armaan did that, with that look he can get anything he wants and he did want to know what was going on with me and di. Oh why? How can this be so confusing, I thought everything would have been fine, he liked di and not me, and that would have just been fine with me? But what he did in the toilet, it was a con. A lot of people do that now days, I read it in a book, so armaan was conning me to get to know about my relationship with my family or was it just caring?

Ridhima was thinking far too much, she was now walking down the stairs, holding onto the railing, she felt the world go hallow. With a slight push ridhima came out of her trance, she looked at the side and saw her eyes glint watching armaan now walking side to side by her.

"Wow we met again and that too so quickly" he said grinning ear to ear.

Ridhima smirked at him. "I could have walked downstairs quicker but I think I hurt my leg" ridhima lied, knowing that the truth was far too embarrassing.

Armaan snapped his face towards her. "Are you ok? Does it hurt?" he said concerned but before ridhima could answer they reached down and two hands went around armaan's neck right away.

Anjali! Why bother ridhima?

"What took you so long?" Anjali asked armaan who hugged her back delightfully, no regret was held by his actions.

Ridhima closed her eyes to hide away the pain which were in the, she tried to ease it out by inhaling deep in and the breathing out.

"Ridhima?" ridhima heard something but pushed it out of her head. "Ridhima!" the voice was clearer but ridhima shut her eyes hard. "RIDHIMA!" ridhima jumped up to see Anjali fuming in annoyance and armaan giggling right beside her.

"I'm sorry di" how ridhima wanted to walk over and hit armaan right over his face. What does he think of himself? Uh just giggling, so annoying he is, gosh he thinks alot about himself. Mr. Know it all

"Ridhima I've called you so many times before" Anjali said annoyed but sweetly, ridhima knew it was because armaan was there next to her.

"I'm sorry di, my heads somewhere else" ridhima apologised sulking

"I think ridhima is somewhere else, that's why she's not bothering to listen to an angel like you anji" ridhima's eyes shot up to the unwanted comment made by armaan.

Ridhima watched him smiling at anji, she never imagined him to be so unkind and so damn rude. "Your right armaan" Anjali said sweetly. "Ridhima at least learn something" Anjali made a snazzy comment and put her arm into armaan's and walked away like a married couple.

That guy! Oh my, how dare he? Gosh he and Anjali are perfect for each other. AA- armaan and Anjali both will make my life a living hell. Such a sweet couple, hope they live happily in hell together. Urg. Ridhima cursed both of them as she entered the kitchen, she hated him and that's all that counts. Out of all the people he insulted her. That-

Ridhima washed all the things away, as she and Deepika sat in the kitchen laughing and eating, as all the others were outside having their desserts, she laid her head back, as Deepika was washing their plates. Ridhima replayed today's day in her head, after coming downstairs from the bathroom, she ran into the kitchen, no way could she go in front of him, she was mad at him because of the remark he had made, it wasn't the fact that someone said it, it was the fact that it came from him out of all the people.

i really thought we had a connection Armaan, as friends maybe, but you even spoiled that, i can't believe that you could be so hard core. Armaan i hate you! You and Di are perfect for each other, i don't want see your face ever again. A tear slipped down ridhima's eye as she tried to wipe it quickly but noticed that Deepika caught her eye.

"What's wrong?" Deepika asked walking closer. "Did that cow say something to you?" she said angrily, indicating to sakshi. But not getting a reply back she lifted ridhima's chin. "Hmmm what's wrong riddi?" she said calmly.

Ridhima gulped. "I'm fine" she said more towards herself. "Just hay fever"

"YOU DON'T HAVE HAY FEVER" Deepika said loudly smiling to ridhima

Ridhima laughed feeling much better than before. "Sorry deepu, just tired yaar, i just want to go to sleep and forget this day" ridhima said putting her head in between her palms.

Deepika caressed her hair. "Go to sleep then, don't worry i'll take care of sakshi" ridhima looked up to Deepika, even being older than her, she never felt old, she felt much younger.

Ridhima walked out of the kitchen, to see that the Malik's were near the door now, they were leaving and ridhima was leaving to go upstairs. Suddenly she caught armaan's eye, he was looking straight into ridhima's eyes and ridhima's eyes were numb, she was too tired and the crying had turned her eyes red.

"What's wrong?" he mouthed to her, making sure no one was watching.

Ridhima didn't answer back, or say or do anything. She turned onto her heels and took the steps to go upstairs. She was even more tired than before; all she wanted to do was to get away from him as quick as possible.

"Ridhima?" ridhima groaned softly and turned to see atul waving at her. "I hope to see you again" the only nice person I've known

"Hope to see you soon too atul" ridhima said softly not looking towards armaan who was confused as ever.

"Same riddz" ridhima turned to see Rahul saying it sweetly.

She watched her sisters annoyed with her appearance, she noticed that sakshi wasn't there, probably in her room, ridhima thought.

"See you soon" ridhima replied sweetly, as Hiten and Gauri smiled at her sweetly and turned to go upstairs.

Step at a time, ridhima made her way towards her room, without looking back down towards where she thought he was standing, she tried to be practical about it, she hated the fact that he might be in love with Anjali but the way ridhima looked at it, it was certainly coming true.


Pulling her curtains apart, ridhima stood there in the balcony, it was dawn right now, at 6 in the morning, and it was hard for her to get sleep now days and it's been about nearly 4 weeks now that the Malik boys used to come to their house. Now it was their everyday routine, every morning they came here, atul and armaan always had breakfast in anjali's room, and ridhima thought it was because Armaan and Anjali wanted to spend some time with each other. She hardly saw armaan, after the day he had come to her house, ridhima didn't even bolt an eye at him from then on, she would just go past him but never say anything, she never even looked at him, and even if he tried to come and ask her how she was ridhima would only reply a word and then walk away in the kitchen. But then on the weekdays, she left the house at 8 and came home at 7 at night, she worked with Deepika in the cafe, they always had fun and ridhima always ducked the topic when Deepika used to bring armaan's name up but Deepika never stopped.

"Ridhima?" ridhima jumped out of her thoughts, she was in the kitchen on a Saturday morning, a day off the cafe. It was 9 now, her hair was wet, she just had a shower, she wore a very tight green suit, it showed a lot of her, she looked very beautiful but even decent too, and came downstairs to make breakfast for her sisters, she knew that sakshi wasn't at home because she had to go for a meeting at 7 in the morning.

"Yes muski" ridhima said as Muskaan came in with her hair all messed up. "What happened to you?" ridhima said hiding to hold the giggle.

Muskaan scowled at her. "Help riddzie" ridhima's heart was full again hearing the sweet words from her sisters mouth.

"Where's anji?" ridhima asked

"Probably with atul and armaan in her bedroom as usual" Muskaan said trying to unknot her hair. "Riddzie now please just help me before Rahul comes!" Muskaan said annoyed as she saw ridhima cock her eyebrow up. "We're going to the movies and i need to look good" her blush was too visible to see.

Ridhima turned around to Muskaan's disappointment but then she turned off the stove and took Muskaan's hand and walked over to the living room.

"Sit down" ridhima said as Muskaan sat on the floor and ridhima on the sofa. "Where's the comb?" she said as Muskaan handed the comb over to her.

Ridhima pulled Muskaan's head back as she pulled out the knots. "Ah riddzie, slowly" Muskaan winged

"What slowly" ridhima said hitting Muskaan with the comb. "Can't even take care of your own hair"

"Sorry riddzie" Muskaan turned around and ridhima touched her face, slight tears formed in her eyes.

Ridhima turned her head around as she heard anji's door open, as blushing anji and armaan and atul walked out laughing. Anjali looked at ridhima and Muskaan, ridhima who was tying Muskaan's hair into a high ponytail.

"Aw thanks riddzie" Muskaan said laying her head back as ridhima caressed her hair.

"Now go get ready" ridhima laughed and pushed Muskaan's head from her lap.

"Muskaan?" Anjali said annoyed, as atul and armaan looked at Muskaan and ridhima then. "What are you doing?" atul and armaan were more confused though.

"I asked ridhima do to my hair" Muskaan said lowering her voice.

Anjali looked at ridhima and passed a mean look. "Why didn't you ask me?"

Muskaan scowled. "Because since 8 in the morning, I've been in your room trying to ask you but all you were doing was-" she stopped short as ridhima wondered what was actually going on. "And i'm fine now, riddzie did it for me. I can actually trust her" Muskaan thanked ridhima as ridhima's eyes were numb and her face had no expression. Muskaan brushed past Anjali, showing no concern.

Anjali looked at ridhima, who had her head lowered down; ridhima noticed that armaan's eyes were on her's.

"Ridhima get 3 cups of tea?" ridhima's head snapped up, she really thought that Anjali would have screamed at her.

"Yes di" it's only because armaan's here she didn't scream at me

Ridhima put aside and washed all the dishes, she and Deepika stood there talking to each other, it was very late at night. Deepika took her bag and left for the door.

"See ya tomorrow riddi" Deepika said hugging her.

"See ya deepu" she said hugging her back

Slowly ridhima wiped the sweat from her head, it was 10 at night and she needed a shower as she was very tired and needed sleep.

Ridhima went passed anjali's room. "Oh i love you jaan" she heard Anjali say.

It wasn't new to ridhima anymore, she kind of guessed it was armaan now, because everyday armaan used to go in her room and come out late at night.

"I love you too Anjali" ridhima heard the same familiar voice. Then she heard kissing noise, pushing away her thoughts she made her way towards her room.

Ridhima all you have to do now is get on with your life and forget that stupid armaan, who doesn't even care about you at all. He loves Anjali and only anji di. Ridhima confirmed it to herself in the bathroom, she was so tried and on top of that she could still hear Anjali and armaan in the room, well she guessed it was armaan.

Ridhima pushed her thoughts aside, as she put soap on her herself, slowly trying to get rid of the thoughts which invaded her time every day. She tried as usual to act normal with him around but as always her heart skipped beats, her breathing went shallow, whenever she saw him with Anjali she felt the urge of crying, she herself didn't know what the feelings in her were. All she knew was that if she didn't get herself away from him, she'll loose all the control that she had in her.

Ridhima stepped out and wore a special nightdress, Deepika had gifted it to her that same day, she had said it was because she was the most special thing to her and it made ridhima even happier to know that there was someone in this world who loved her.

Ridhima put it on her, it wasn't her type of clothing but she wore it to make Deepika happy as it was her who always kept her happy. Ridhima came out of the bathroom.

"Gosh it already 10:30" ridhima said and then scowled as she heard laughter coming from downstairs

Pushing the balcony windows apart, she heard voices more clearly which were coming from downstairs, it was really annoying her though. She felt like killing herself but stopped herself.

"Uh why can't they stop gosh?" ridhima said more to herself.

But then ridhima heard a loud thump, the air turned very cold then, she felt herself shivering but stopped.

"Heyya Juliet" ridhima's eyes popped open as she heard someone speak. She looked down into the garden, her eyes wide open. Her breath coming harder than before, what's he doing her? Wait! If he's here and who's downstairs with Anjali di?


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