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part 6 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

Armaan left from there, he was shocked with his own behavior. never in his wild dreams he had thought that he would do something like that but the moment he saw Doll-Face sitting on that man's lap, something triggered in him and he could not stop himself. That man had really luck, else Armaan would have killed him with his own bare hands.

Just for a tine moment, his thoughts went to Zoya, but he pushed them back, because he was not in the dilemma to deal with it right now. Doll-Face was just not leaving his mind. He hated that, he is not judging her but he hated her job. Where she is put as a puppet, for everyone to touch.
Riddhima got home as soon as Armaan left. She was confused with his behavior, he very well knew what it means to be a Bar girl but then the way he acted, as he saw her sitting on that man's lap. That reaction was ridiculous but still it made her heart jump up with happiness.
Someone really cares for her and then the kiss, the way his lips felt on hers was just magical. She still can feel his lips on hers. It not easy to get his taste off or better say his face out of her head. Riddhima is falling all over again for him. Her respect for him increased.
Riddhima knew that it was probably a mistake for Armaan, but for her, the shared kiss meant a lot. After all it was her first kiss. She really hoped that this wont change anything in their relation but more than that, she was scared, how she will face him tomorrow in the office.
Reaching home, she saw Zoya sitting on the couch, lost in her own thoughts. she went near her and sat on the couch too.
R: Zoe, kya baat hai, kin khayalo me ghum ho?
Zoya was perplexed as she saw her sister sitting next to her. She was so lost in her own thought, that she did not even hear when the door opened.
Z: Aapi, ek baat kehni hai. I mean puchni hai.
R: Kya baat hai, sab khairiyat to hai?
Z: Aapi, agar me kahu, ke mera ek male friend hai, jisko me chahne lagi hu, to aap...
R: Yeh teri zindagi hai Zoya, tujhe apne decisions lene ka pura pura haq hai. I am always her to support you, to strengthen you back, lekin apni zindagi ke faisle tujhe khud lene honge. Agar tujhe lagta hai, ke wo ladka tere waqt aur teri mohabbat ke kabil hai, then give him a chance. Aur agar nahi, then show him the exit door out of your life.
Z: Matlab ke aap mujhse naraz nahi hogi, agar mera koi boyfriend hua to?
R: Pagal ladki, me kyu naraz houngi tujhse? Chal bata kya naam hai uska?
Z: hahaha aapi naam nahi, me aapko us se bohot jald milwaungi. Kya me usko is weekend dinner pe bulwa lu?
R: Sure. chal ab jaake aram se soo ja.
Z: Good night Aapi.
R: Good night baby.
Zoya left from there, a smile plastered on her lips. she loved her sister to the core.
Then next day, when Zoya got ready to go to the college, she did  not meet Armaan at their usual spot. To be honest, she felt hurt but the ignored it, as she made Armaan upset yesterday too. She took her mobile and wrote him a MSG.
 Z: I have a good news for you. See you soon baby.
Then she put her mobile back in her bag and went to her college.
Armaan received her message, but he did not feel the excitement, like he used to. what happened? What changed? A kiss cannot change his feelings for Zoya, or can it? He is not ready to believe it. Maybe he is having just a bad day. It definitely has nothing to do with the kiss. Hopefully.
Armaan got ready for work. Again a new day. playing Riddhima's assistant. Alone the thought of Riddhima, brought a smile on his face. She is so different from all the other girls. She and Doll-Face. Both are unique in their own ways. And he felt some kind of attraction towards both of them.
That it, Armaan Mallik you are getting mad.
Taking a deep breath, Armaan left from home and went to his company. He entered Riddhima's cabin and saw her lost in some thoughts. Armaan fake caught, to get her attention, which worked. Riddhima looked up at him with wide eyes but he also noticed the blush on her cheeks. she looked down and tried to get some papers.
Basically, she was avoiding him. No hello, no good morning, no how was your day? Nothing, she was behaving like Armaan was not even standing in front of her. That's why he loved her so much.
Woooaaahhh, where did that come from, Armaan scold himself. Get a grip Armaan, like literally you are in a relationship with Zoya, you kiss Doll-Face and now you are feeling love for Riddhima. Are you even sane anymore, Armaan thought to himself. He shook his head and moved to Riddhima's desk.
A: Good morning mam.
She looked up to him, just for a tiny moment.
R: Good morning, your pending work is on your table. finish it by the end of the day.
A: Yes mam.
Armaan was confused, but still he turned around and went to his desk. All the way, she could feel Riddhima's stare on his back.
Armaan to himself: I definitely need a mental asylum.
Then he started to work, and the day passed really quickly. It was already past lunch time, when he finally finished. he looked up and saw Riddhima staring at him.
As Riddhima saw him looking back at her, her eyes widened. She took the glass of water, as she was so nervous, she spilled it on her own shirt and to her luck, she was wearing a white button up shirt, which meant, as now it was wet, everything was visible, also her black bra. She instantly stood up. She heard an animistic growl. Then she realized, that Armaan could see her too.
Instantly Riddhima looked up and saw Armaan starring at her, deep into her eyes. his eyes were turning darker, each passing second. As she was cleaning her shirt with tissue, she stopped, as she saw Armaan coming towards her. She was not able to look away from his eyes. He mouth opened, as she saw him taking a glimpse towards her chest, and then back to her eyes. she bit her lips, as her throat felt dry.
Armaan did not stop for even one second. he was moving towards Riddhima. He could not stop himself. It was like his feet's had an own mind. She saw her stopping in movements. She was also starring back at him. she was lost in his eyes, so was he. As he finally reached her, he did not break the eye contact.
One by one, he opened his buttons. Riddhiam saw him with wide eyes.
R: Armaan...
Armaan did not reply, he just unbuttoned his shirt. Riddhima could see all his muscles and was fascinated by him. All the water left from her mouth. She could not get her eyes off of his torso, his abs, his chest. It was like a personal tip show for her. And she hated to admit, but she loved every single bit of it.
And then Riddhima saw his hands moving towards her, she looked at his hands, and then back in his eyes. She did not have the will power to stop him, so she just closed her eyes. Armaan chuckled seen her reaction. She did get affected by him but is playing strong. Now he adored her even more.
One by one he opened her buttons up. He took a sharp breath, as he just saw her in her black bra. And instantly an image of Doll-Face came to his mind. He put her shirt down, he made sure that his fingers touched her arms. Riddhima stopped breathing.
Than Armaan took his shirt and made Riddhima wear it. Riddhima opened her eyes and looked at him with confusion. Armaan buttoned his shirt up. Then he moved to her ear and whispered.
A: Beautiful, you are beautiful Riddhima. And my shirt looks much better on you.
Armaan bite her earlobe and Riddhima hissed in pleasure and pain. As she opened her eyes, she saw Armaan moving back to his chair. He took a extra shirt from his bag and wore it. As he saw towards Riddhima, she was still looking at him. Armaan winked at her, and saw the blush creeping up her cheeks.
Still Riddhima's heart was jumping unstoppable. What was Armaan Mallik doing to her. And why was he doing that to her.
As Riddhima got to the club, she had to go to the boss instantly.
R: Yes sir?
B: Ms. Riddhima, I have strict orders from above, that no man is allowed in your room expect Armaan Mallik.
R: What??
Riddhima knew where this conversation is going. She closed her eyes, on one side, she was thankful to Armaan but on the other side, she was hell angry on him.
R: Aapko yeh Armaan Mallik ne kaha.
B: Yess..
R: Theek hai, to phir aap usko mera yeh paigham zaroor diye ga. Usko mere room me ane ki bilkul bhi ijazat nahi hai. I do not want to see him.
Without hearing her boss's answer, Riddhima turned around and moved to her room. She was not scared, that her boss would reveal her true identity to Armaan because in that case, everyone is loyal here but she was really pissed at Armaan at the moment. Who does he think he is. he can not boss her around.
Not even five minutes later, as she closed the door, she heard a loud bang.
A: Girlfriend...
Riddhima sighed, who else would do a drama instead of Armaan.
R: What?
A: Darwaza kholo...
R: Nooo..
A: Girlfriend don't test my patience.
R: What the hell Armaan, tumne mere boss ko kya kaha.
A: Wohi kaha jo mujhe sahi laga.
R: Fine, to phir mene bhi apne boss ko apne jawab de diya hai. tumhe jo sahi laga, wo tumne kiya, aur mujhe jo sahi laga wo mene kiya.
Riddhima did not hear an answer, maybe Armaan left. to be honest, she was a little disappointed but that was for the best. She turned around and put her mask on. She was in no mood, to wear her lingerie, so she stayed in her jeans and shirt.
Suddenly she heard a lock voice, and instantly the door opened. None other than Armaan was standing there, with a spare key in his hand and a grin on his face. Riddhima's mouth was wide open.
R: What the hell Armaan...
A: What? mene kya kiya?
R: Are you serious? Tum mujhse puch rahe ho, ke tumne kya kiya? tumne mere boss ko kyu kaha, ke no other men are allowed in my room. You know, its my profession Armaan.
A: Mujhe jo sahi laga, wo mene kaha.
Armaan got inside, and locked the door.
R: Tumne lock kyu kiya?
A: Kyunke me nahi chahta, ke hum dono ko koi bhi disturb kare.
Armaan was looking at her. Today, she was dressd normal in a jeans and shirt. And he loved her even more, that in lingerie.
R: look Armaan, kal jo kuch bhi hua, wo phir kabhi nahi hoga. It was just a weak moment.
A: Oh no GF, it was not a weak moment.
Armaan was moving towards her. Riddhima was taking a step back, one after another. Then her legs hit the bed and she fell flat on it. Armaan was looking at her, like she was his first meal after years of fasting.
A: I will prove GF, it was not a weak moment...
A smirk plastered on his face.


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