Wednesday, 25 July 2018

part 7 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ armaan's

Armaan : and that is it's end? Don't authors make a happy-happy end?

Riddhima : well all stories do have a happy end and if it's not happy it's not the end

Armaan : so what's the end of this one?

Riddhima: lets see.. revenge time.. or wait..sam falls in love with a  girl, and lives happily with her. Nikki apologizes.. happy ending

Armaan : happy ending.. wish there was a happy ending to life as well.. just wish

Riddhima (puts her hand on his head.. giving blessings type) : you will fall in love with a girl one day and she will give you all the happiness you deserve

Armaan : you're really childish you know..

Riddhima(proud): and thats why people love me 

@ muskaan's:

Muskaan: yaar riddhima abhi bhi bahar nahin aayi.. yaar 6 ghante ho gayye

Atul :yaar.. bula leh na usko.. nahin toh party bhi miss ho gayye gi

Muskaan : yaar mein riddhima ko toh bataya hi nahin

Atul: suprise tha na?

Muskaan : haan yaar.. mein toh bhul hi gayyi.. tension mein kya kya ho jata hain... yaar atul tu jaa na andar.. mere jaane ki himath nahin hori..

Atul: theek hai..


Atul : sir.. actually mujhe riddhima seh kuch kaam hain.. aapko party mein milta hoon.. (trying to give him a hint)

Riddhima : I LOVE YOU

Atul : woh.. chale riddhima... muskaan... woh.. use kaam tha

Riddhima : but I LOVE YOU

Armaan tried not to laugh but failed.. just one look at atul's face and he burst out laughing..

Armaan (in between his laughter).. tumhe.. pata.. hain ... na ... ke ... woh ... mazak.. kar... rahi ... hai?

Atul: sir.. party mein milte hain... riddhima chalein?

Riddhima(while leaving): I LOVE YOU atul

Armaan (still laughing): bye ridddhima

Riddhima: I LOVE YOU... oops... i mean... bye...


Muskaan: tuh andar 6 ghante se kya kar rahi thi?

Riddhima : 6 ghante? Yaar to mazak toh nahin kar rahi hain?

Muskaan : nahin.. leking tum dono ko ho kya gaya hai? Time ki koi kadar nahin hai kya? Armaan sir ko kya ho gaya tha yaar? Woh toh kisi ke saat 10 min. bhi baat karlete hai toh mahan hai.. aur tujhse...6 ghante?

Riddhima: yaar.. woh mujhe story suna raha tha..story se yaad aara hai.. 1 story mill gayyi.. aasi speed se milli stories toh aek week mein main waapis jaa sakti hoon (happy)

Muskaan (thinking): kuch toh karna padenga.. shayad armaan sir help karde? Isse toh waise bhi uske sathme time ka pata hi nahin chalta.. not bad muskaan.. good idea..

Muskaan : yaar.. ab ghar chal.. anjali waapis aa gayyi.. ghar khula hai.. change bhi kar le.. waise aek bat bataon.. tu iss air hostress ke costume mein bhi achi lagti hai..

Riddhima: thanks.. chal jaate hain

@ armaan's:

Abhi: yaar i am not liking this

Armaan: kya?

Abhi : riddhima.. she's gorgeous yaar.. mujhe baat bhi nahin ki aaj.. pura din tere sath mein thi.. i dont like this haan.

Armaan (jealous?): yaar woh tere type ki nahin hai..

Abhi : party mein dekhenge.. waise chalein abhi.. party mein

Armaan (angry): chal..

@ home:

Abhi: yaar ridhhima kahan hain?

Armaan ; muskaan ke sath

Abhi : woh kahan hain

Armaan : tujhe kya jaldi hain?

Atul : yaar muski ridzy koh leke kyun nahin ayyi?

Anjali : excuse-me? I have all the copyrights over ridzy.. you cant call her that.. think of something original

Atul looks at her and is pleasantly suprised.. keeps staring at her

Armaan: yeh loh.. riddhima koh dusri story bhi jaldi mill jayengi

Abhi : kya

Armaan : kuch bhi nahin

(muskaan and ridzy enter)

Muskaan, atul,anjali,armaan,abhi: suprise

Ridzy(sees anjali) : di.. omg.. it's been so long

(anjali and ridzy hug each other)

Anjali : missed you so much

Ridzy : same here..

(armaan and atul keep watching.. amazed.. and now.. waiting for them to leave each other...)

Armaan :ahem ahem... hum sabh bhi hain idhar..

(anji and ridzy break out of the hug)

Ridzy : oh sorry.. hey armaan...

(she suddenly goes upto him and  hugs him.. to thank him for coming... but suddenly he felt a strange sensation... something felt like something that lasted forever for the two of them.. what was this feeling.. it was so new... yet so nice... they never felt this before.. )

Atul : ahem.. ahem.. even i am here ( hoping for a hug)

Riddhima: uhmm... hi i am riddhima.. nice to meet you (shakes hands)

Abhi is clearly disappointed.. armaan sees this and supresses a laugh with great difficulty

(nikki enters)

Armaan takes riddhima away and goes to the terrace

Armaan : riddhima.. nikki yaha kya kar rahi hain

Riddhima: yaar maine glati seh keh diya kein mein nikki ko milna chahti hoon.. to thank her for the idea you know..

Armaan : that is my idea.. you should thank me

Riddhima: really?...oh ya.. thanks..

Armaan : waise riddhima.. i am not coming down till nikki leaves..

Riddhima: armaan aek baar bat toh kar lo.. story sach bhi ho sakti hain.. apologizing you know

Armaan : no thankyou

Riddhima: ughh... fine.. i'll ask her to leave.. but remember.. you owe me something for this

Armaan: sure..

@ nikkis

Riddhima: hey nikki

Nikk: hi.. wonderful to meet you again..

Riddhima: same here.. well thanks a lot for coming..

Nikki's phone rings...

Niki: just one sec.

(riddhima asks muskaan to call nikki up and tell nikki she just heard that armaan is gonna come and that she should leave immidiately)

Nikki: hmm.. riddhima.. i have some important work.. catch you later

Riddhima :bye

Nikki: bye

@ outside the house

Nikki bumps into abhi who is talking on the phone

Nikki: oh i am so sorry

Abhi : it's fine.. it's ok.. i hope you didn't get hurt

Nikki : nah.. anyway.. gtg now/.. bye

Abhi : bye.. see you soon?

Nikki : hopefully

(abhi finds nikki quite charming and amusing.. and the feeling is mutual....)

@ terrace

Riddhima: nikki left.. come down now

Armaan (teasing her): already.. you're quick huh.. you miss my company so much

Riddhima : just shut up and come (literally pulling him)

Armaan : oyye hoyye..

@ downstairs:

Armaan : now what exactly is rahul doing here?

Riddhima: huh who?

Armaan : that man in black and red over there.. talking to muskaan..

Riddhima: oh he's come with anjali.. some co-model or something..

Armaan : and he said he has some important work?

Riddhima : uh-oh.. looks like he's in deep trouble..

Armaan : big trouble.. because he's with muskaan.. and you know her.. no-one can stand her for more than a minute

Riddhima: hey.. i can... she's ma friend

Armaan: only you can.. and you are the only exception in this case..

Riddhima :huh... very funny(irritated)..

Armaan :(didnt catch her sarcasm ) i know right

( a few minutes later)

Muskaan : yaar.. yeh bhaang kidhar hain

Waiter : woh maine drinks mein miladiya.. sabke..

Muskaan: sabke?

Waiter: haan..

Muskaan : aur kis-kisko diya tumne glass?

Waiter: sabhko..

Muskaan : kya.. abb ko confirmed margayye.. haay ram.. akri baar bachale

@ inside:(all of them are drunk and muskaan decides to tape this and show it to them when they are fine):

Armaan : conphesion time...

Riddhima: confession.. bollo.. mere pehle story mein twist?

Armaan : haha.. nikki ko tumne bhaga diya.. hahaha...

Rahul: mujhe bhaiyya ka confession sun na hai.. riddhima chup yaar..

Armaan : tune use chup kaha.. teri himmat kaise hui?... main kya bol raha tha.. conphession.. sabhi log aek aek comphession karenge.. mujhe sabke sunna hai(with a wide grin)

Rahul : maine anjali ka showstopper dress phada tha..hehe

Anjali : tum ne.. ughh... waise.. maine bhi... maine... tum..

Atul: anjali ko pareshan kiya tu.. teri himmat kaise hui

Rahul : yaar sabhi mujse aek hi sawal kyun puch rahein hai.. "teri himmat kaise hui"

Anjali : listen guys.. maine riddhima ke ex-boyfriend ko sharab pilayi thi.. dono ko break-up karwane ke liye.. maza aaya tha..hehe..

Riddhima: aur maine use thapad maara tha.. bichara... waise anji.. woh mera boyfriend nahin tha.. woh toh main bus.. time pass.... nayi story ke liye... "can two strangers fall in love?" ke liye kiya tha..

Atul : mujhe anji se pyaar ho gaya hai

Armaan : riddhima.. tum baddi pyari ho.. aur kaafi beau...beau...butiful ho.. lekin abhi bhi yeh hi kahta hai.. i hate you abhi..

Abhi : riddhima.. tum baddi butiful ho...hehe.. aur armaan.. i hate you too..

Riddhima: i hate you too..hehe

Armaan : you hate me.. aur mujhe laga hamarein beech mein kuch hain.. 6 ghante aek saath.. woh hug.. woh nikki ka bhagana.. kuch connection hain(thinking).. mujhe laga

Riddhima:...acha.. phir ...i hate you too abhi not armaan ..hehe...

Abhi(crying) : mummy... daddy...

Muskaan : hayye bhagwaan.. yahan toh kya kya ho raha hai.. armaan ko riddhima se pyaar.. atul ko anji seh?

Rahul : mujhe muskaan pasand hai

Muskaan : KYA? Ahyye bhagwaan.. iss baar akhri baar bachalena

Armaan: yeh nahin ho sakta hain.. mein pehle seh boldera hoon..mein use seh nahin sakta... nahin..

@ party (still drunk)

Muskaan : hayye bhagwan.. yeh waiter ne toh mere raton ki neend kharab kardi..

Armaan : mujhe muskaan jaisi bhabhi nahin chahiye.. nahin.. nahin..nahin.. nahin toh main ghar aonga hi nahin

Abhi: toh kya riddhima ke ghar mein rahega?

Rahul: ye riddhima kaun hai?

Abhi : teri bhabhi

Anjali: tum mere jeeju ke bhai nahin ho sakte rahul.. main yeh hone nahin dungi..

Atul: anjali ko pasand nahin toh yeh nahin koga

Riddhima: I LOVE YOU muskaan

Muskaan : hayye rabba..

Muskaan : bas abhi.. saab log so jayenge.. good night

Armaan : chalo riddhima so jaate hain

Muskaan: riddhima apne room mein mere sath rahengi

Armaan : toh main bhi wahan aa jaon?

Muskaan : sirf mere sath rahengi

Armaan : tum rahul ke sath jao na

Muskaan : tum rahul ke sath guest bedroom me rahoge.. thats final... good night

@ inside riddhima's room

Riddhima: muskaan?

Muskaan : haan bol

Riddhima: armaan kaafi acha hai.. tu use hitler kyun bulati ho?

Muskaan : sirf tere sath acha hain ridzy.. ab so ja

Riddhima : nahin so sakti

Muskaan (irritated): kyun?

Riddhima: jab se india aayi hoon tabse neend hi nahin aarahi..aur jab aayi bhi toh pata nahin kyun.. lekin armaan ke sapne aa rahe hai

Muskaan :  tu armaan se door hi aachi hai.. ab teri neend chura liya.. phir pata nahin kya kya chura lega

@ guest room

Armaan : mujhe neend nahin aa rahi

Rahul : mujhe bhi nahin.. mein muskaan ke bare mein soch raha tha..

Armaan : haan.. riddhima bohot achi hain

Rahul : riddhima nahin muskaan

Armaan : muskaan ko bhi riddhima pasand hai

Rahul : pata hai.. tujhe riddhima se pyaar ho gaya hai.. aur mujhe bhi koi aitraaz nahin hain.. lekin muskaan bhi achi hai..


@ riddhima's room

Muskaan: riddhima uth yaar.. subah ho gayyi aur aaj tujhe hospital mein dad se milna hai..

Riddhima: huh? Ouch.. mera sar...

Muksaan :  tera sar abhi dard ho raha hai.. mera toh kal puri raat ho raha tha

Riddhima: kya hua kal raat

Muskaan : dikha ti hoon.. sabko.. papa se milne ke baad... abhi jaldi se tayar ho jaa.. aur kal ke jaise air hostress ke dress me nahin please

Riddhima: very funny.. jaise mujhe woh dress bohot pasand hain..

@ guest room

Rahul : armaan abhi tak so raha hai? Aur mein dr.shashank ke ghar pe kya kar raha hoon?

Armaan : ouch.. my head.. ouch rahul.. aspirin pass kar na..

Rahul : hum hama re ghar pe nahin.. aspirin kahan hain mujhe kya pata.. waise hum yahan aye kaise?

Armaan : pata nahin.. lekin aspirin dhoond jaldi

Rahul : hum Dr. shashank ke ghar pe hai

Armaan : kya riddhima ke gar pe?

Rahul: riddhima.. acha.. yaad ayya.. meri bhabhi

Armaan : huh?

Rahul: tune hi toh kaha tha kal

Armaan : kal?

Rahul : yaar hum sabh nashe mein the.. mujhe vaguely yaad hai.. mein itna jaldi nashe mein nahin aata.. mujhe aadat hai..

Armaan: aur maine kya kaha?

Rahul: tune kaha ke tujhe lagta hai riddhima aur tere main tuch connection hain.. (remembering).. aur tu uske saath sona chahta tha

Armaan : KYA? You serious?

rahul: muskaan ne literally tere mu pe darwaza maara tha tujhe woh room se bhagane ke liye.. sirf woh nashe main nahin thi..

armaan : yaar mein abh hospital kis mu se jaonga

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