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part 7 : Taming the Unknown

Ridhima stood there, her feet rooted to the spot, her eyes bolted out. She felt the whole world shook under her feet. Her hands turned cold, her mind was going through thousands of thoughts, and her eyes were on the urge of crying.

"Hey Juliet?" ridhima jumped out to see armaan...

"What are you doing here?" ridhima stammered it out.

Armaan smiled. "Come down here and i'll tell you"

Ridhima shook her head in a 'no'. But she needed to know, how was he hear? And who's downstairs with anji?

"Please Juliet?" armaan pleaded from the garden.

Juliet? Why is he calling me that?

"Ok fine" ridhima said slowly she ran down the stairs.

 Why is he up here? i mean down there, gosh what am i supposed to do now god, i really hate that guy. What did i do wrong to deserve a crap life like this? What should i do? Is going down there near him a good thing to do? What if i lose control over myself as i always do? Every time i go near him, it's like... uh how can i even think of things like this but why does he drive me so crazy. Does he love Anjali di at all? Or is this all my imagination?

She forgot the fact that she had nothing on her shoulders on that it was far too cold outside. She rushed downstairs, into the garden pushing past the door and walked out into the cold.

"What's up Juliet?" ridhima turned her eyes around to see armaan sitting on the swing

"Who on earth is Juliet? And what are you doing here?" ridhima said annoyed walking over to him.

Ridhima stopped still as she saw his eyes on him, she then realised that she had hardly anything on her, every curve was far too visible to him, she noticed his eyes now leaving hey sight, she felt goose bumps running through her.

Armaan stood up, his eyes not leaving her face, ridhima backed away far too easily.

"Armaan" ridhima breathed in. "What are you doing here?" she tried to ask but then felt his hand on her wrist.

"Armaan what-" ridhima was silenced as he dropped a finger right on her lips.

Armaan looked at ridhima, her eyes closed, her mouth shut under his finger, she shuddered under his every touch. Slowly armaan slided his hand from her wrist, sliding its way from her wrist to her arm, touching her left arm with his every touch, ridhima tried to say something but nothing came from her lips, her eyes closed hard, she felt like the world was crashing back down again. Slowly with utter slowness armaan pulled her closer, her body was brushing right on top of his.

"Ridhima...." he breathed in, while ridhima shivered.

Armaan's hands were exploring a new world, she had never felt this turn on ever, his fingers crawling up and down her bare arms, the nightdress felt like it was going to fall off her any moment. He was opening up a new desire within her, a new world, ridhima's eyes wouldn't even open after all his touching and he wasn't going to stop.

"" ridhima whispered slowly, she had the feeling of over power

Armaan dipped his head down and nuzzled her neck, leaving ridhima asking for more, her eyes half closed with the anticipation.

"You look so beautiful" he whispered in her ear and then blew a gentle breeze on her face.

Ridhima tangled her hands around his neck, ridhima stiffened under his hold, she felt him pull her even closer, his hands hard and rough on her waist, she felt his hands arouse the satin night gown. She groaned feeling his lips hard on her neck, pushing her hair away with his gentle nose, sending down a gush of shivers, she tightened her hands around his waist, holding his far too close. It was too inappropriate for any human to see, armaan was kissing her neck like he was painting her neck, with his kisses and chewing, and he cuddled her hard on him. Not leaving a single breath for her to breathe from.

Ridhima opened her eyes; slowly she moved a bit back to give herself space to see his face, taking a mini step back she looked at his grinning face, blushing slightly ridhima lowered her head down

"Armaan" ridhima whispered. "Don't look at me like that"

"Like what?" he said smirking pulling ridhima closed

"Like that...." ridhima shivered, feeling his finger under her chin pulling it up.


He slowly bent down, ridhima perked up, her eyes glinting as well as blushing and then...................


"Hmmm ridhima" ridhima jumped up. She looked around to see armaan still sitting on the swing with his legs spread out. "Where are you disappeared too huh?" he laughed.

"What are you doing here?" ridhima asked coldly.

Armaan jumped onto the grass. "Someone's an eager dear"

"I hate riddles" ridhima said annoyed. "Why are you here?"

Ridhima looked around to see if Anjali was around somewhere hiding. "Where's Anjali then huh?" ridhima said walking closer to him now

"Anjali" he said confused. "Why would she be here?"

Ridhima huffed and walked over standing ridhima in front of him. "Yeah right, forget it armaan, where is my sister hiding then huh?"

Ridhima looked around, as armaan stood there confused, she walked around armaan, looking around the place, she touches armaan's shirt and moved it side to side.

"Ridhima what are you doing?" armaan said in a fake scared voice.

Ridhima smiled sarcastically. "Where have you hidden her armaan?" ridhima said now moving his shirt upwards until it reached over his chest.

Ridhima caught her breath, she realised what she was doing, her hands wouldn't move now, it was on his shirt and his shirt had opened up a bold six pack to ridhima. Her breath went even faster, seeing his muscles tighten until her hold, ridhima tried to look anywhere else but not at him.

Armaan bent down "I don't have Anjali" he breathed in her ear.

Slowly his hands covered her own, which was still holding his shirt, slowly armaan's fingers caught her own and before she realised he was taking her hands off.

Ridhima was far too embarrassed. "I'm sorry" she said as armaan took his shirt down.

"If you wanted to see every part of me, you could have just asked" armaan said winking at her making her blush far too much. "And no i do not have your Anjali in my pockets, of you're planning to check there too" he said putting his hands in his pocket and pulling the inside out.

"I'm sorry" ridhima said lowering her eyes.

Slowly she felt a finger under her chin, bringing her face up, a thousand volts ran through her at that movement. "I liked it" he whispered as ridhima's mouth opened wide

"Come and spend some time with me Juliet?" he winked at her, as he sat down on the swing and patted the side for her to sit on.

Ridhima sat down smiling and then turned her head to the side. "Who's Juliet?"

"Oh my gosh" armaan said hitting his hand on his head. "Remember that old dude... Shakespeare? Well his tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. Remember, you can't forget that you must have been around when he wrote it-" armaan burst out laughing as ridhima hit him hard on his arm

Armaan holding his stomach laughed his hecks off, but then saw ridhima turning the other way, her arms crossed around her chest.

"Ok, ok sorry Juliet" armaan said pushing ridhima's shoulder back she could turn around.

Ridhima ignored his words, and sat there annoyed. "Oh come on Juliet, you can't stay made at me" ridhima smirked at his ego.

"If you think that's charming me, then forget it" ridhima said annoyed with his comment.

Armaan ignored her comment and slipped his hands around her waist. Ridhima closed her eyes feeling his hands on her, her body tingled in anticipation, she was desperate for him, and she wanted to feel everything she had dreamt off.

"Armaan please" ridhima gasped feeling his warmth going under her night gown.

"What please?" armaan said smirking as he leaned her back, her back touching his chest and he laid back on the swing.

"Armaan let go of me Na?" ridhima said twisting around the little place she had, but everything her skin came in contact with armaan's it sent a whole new pack of shivers down her

Ridhima turned to look at him smiling back down her, ridhima closed her eyes and snuggled close in his arms, but then she jerked her eyes open.

"Armaan, where's Anjali?" ridhima snapped her head back and pushed out of his arms

Armaan sat there confused. "I thought we discussed about it earlier Juliet, i do not have Anjali in my pockets" armaan said saying each word as slowly as he could.

"Armaan i'm not joking" ridhima said now disturbed

He loves Anjali, why is he here? What's going on? Does he love anji or is it....-

"Ridhima!" armaan shouted as he stood up seeing ridhima lost in her thoughts. "I don't have Anjali with me!"

Ridhima took a step back. "But you should..." ridhima said trying to clear her thoughts.

He loved her from the first day he saw her. He doesn't love me........ Love? Why am i thinking about love? I don't........ Do i? No i can't, it's not right!

Armaan caught ridhima on her arm, his fingers digging in. "Ridhima are you even listening to me?" he said gripping her harder. "What's wrong with you for the past month?" the anger rose

"Armaan, your hurting me" ridhima said lowering her head.

Armaan let go of her arm, realising that he was going too far aboard.

"You love her armaan, don't you" ridhima said but then her statement sounded more as a question, and really uncertain

"What?" armaan said ballistic with the sudden confession?

Ridhima took a step back, this time hitting the side pole of the swing, holding it on for support. I need my answers; i'm getting all my answers NOW!

"You love Anjali" ridhima said stronger in her voice.

Armaan's head snapped in her direction. "I DON'T LOVE ANJALI, ATUL BHAI DOES" he shouted it got, bewildered with his own voice

Ridhima shook her head, to understand if she heard the right thing. Did he just say what i thought he said? Or am i just dreaming.

"You.... don't.... love Anjali?" ridhima said not hearing her own voice.

"Of course i don't" armaan said annoyed walking closer to ridhima. "Atul loves Anjali not be Juliet" he said shaking his head.

"You've never liked Anjali?" she asked again making herself believe everything his saying.

"How many times do i have to tell you this?" armaan said smiling. "I don't love your sister"

Ridhima walked closer, keeping her breath in a normal rate, but watching his intense gaze hovering over her, up and down, watching her every move. Ridhima smiled and closed the distance that was left within them, there was at least an inch of a gap between the two. Ridhima looked up at him, his eyes looking down into her own; she was lost, lost in a world where it was just them two.

Ridhima stretched up her right hand, the impulse to touch him was driving ridhima crazy, his perfect face, and his blue ocean like eyes glazing back down at her. She noticed how confused he was looking and ridhima smiled at his unknown wonder. She moved a bit closer to hit, ridhima watched armaan close his eyes, feeling her body now touching his own, ridhima gasped at how light headed she left at that very moment and that if in a few seconds she didn't touch him, she'll faint.

Armaan noticed that her hand was shaking, he smiled at how nervous she was, and he knew exactly what she wanted. Armaan took ridhima's hand, which made ridhima's eyes widened up, he stretched it high enough until it reach his cheek; he slowly placed it on his cheek. Feeling her hot hand on his cold and shimmering skin, armaan looked at her closing her eyes and then caressing his skin, losing control of herself, he noticed that.

"Armaan..... You don't love Anjali na?" she asked again much to armaan's annoyance but he just smiled at her assuring her.

"I don't Juliet, i don't" he said as he felt ridhima caressing his cheek, moving towards his ear.

"WAIT!" ridhima screeched and then realised what she was doing. Taking a step back, she started blushing, her eyes lowered down. "Why did you say 'Say 'HI' to anji from me please' on that first day we met" ridhima said her hands on her hips

"What?" armaan said laughing his head back? "Do you have time to listen to the whole story?" he said looking at his watch

"I'm free" ridhima said turning her back on him and walked over to the swing and sat down. "You can begin" she said smiling.

Armaan looked at her, smiling at her back, he recalled back to how everything happened. "Ok it started when we first came here, it was a Thursday" he nodded his head as ridhima smiled. "So when we first came here, it was in the morning-"

"How come i didn't see you then?" ridhima said to herself, interrupting him

"Do you mind? I'm trying to tell a story here" he said annoyed but smiling. "The questions can wait till the end, and i think you were maybe working in the cafe in the morning?"

Ridhima smiled and nodded.

"Can i proceed?" he asked politely as ridhima smiled and nodded. "Ok in the morning when we reached, Anjali and Muskaan were outside in the front garden" emphasising the front. "And when we got down, they came over to help, atul bhai, when he first saw anji wasn't even bothering about taking the stuff in. He was so busy in just looking at her; they started talking a bit on that day. From that day atul tried to come to your house but he never had the guts to talk to your sis" armaan said while ridhima smiled and nodded. "So then they came over to our house to invite us for dinner, well they invited us and went, atul bhai was just dying to talk to her but when Anjali left he was very upset. So that's when i was pulled into this, and i had to jump through the fence into your back garden" he stopped and looked at ridhima was deeply looking into his eyes. "The first time we met" he managed to say it in a whisper. "And atul bhai told me to say hi to anji from him but after...." armaan stopped short embarrassed to say what's next.

"After what?" ridhima asked very interested now.

Armaan breathed in deeper. "After seeing you, i forgot what i came there for" armaan said it all in one breath, slowly he closed his eyes admitting to his discomfort.

Ridhima stopped, her heart beat stopped, she tried breathing. But there was no air to breathe from, which was weird as she was outside and it was windy too.

"So i said 'i' instead of atul'" armaan continued forgetting what he said before. "So then i left, but then realised what i had said, and i really felt like smacking myself. So after that-"

"Wait" ridhima interrupted. "Sorry, but when you can to the dinner, i saw you winking and smiling at anji" ridhima said but then lowered her head as armaan cocked her eyes brow.

Armaan looked at her; he noticed that she wasn't looking up to him. "I wasn't looking at anji, i was looking at you" he admitted as ridhima's blush increased by seconds.

"Oh" ridhima mumbled but then relaxed as she heard armaan laugh.

"Ok, so after i came back home, i realised that i said the wrong thing. But i didn't know it would make such a big impact" he laughed while ridhima smacked him on the arm. "Violence women" he said sweetly as now ridhima laughed.

"But then the next night i heard you and anji talking down here in the garden, and you wasn't very pleased with me i think" ridhima said lowering her head.

Armaan smiled at her innocence. "It wasn't me, it was atul ok, and he was pleased with you. You just heard it differently" he said convincing her. "Because when i got home that night he was telling me, how sweet it was for you to tell anji that, but it seemed that you told it to her as it's from me right?" ridhima nodded.

"But who was anji di talking on the phone with?" ridhima asked as she put her hands on her knees

"Atul bhai and who else?" armaan said truly. "And i'm guessing you're going to ask why anji asked you to cook traditional food right?" ridhima nodded. "Atul bhai loves traditional food that's why"

"Ok fine, but what about when you all first came to the neighbourhood, muski and anji were talking about the youngest brothers being the hottest" ridhima blushed at her own comment. "And it's you who's the youngest"

Armaan smirked. "Well anji was teasing Muskaan, because Muskaan didn't see Rahul bhai yet, so she found me hot" anger rose within ridhima for no reason. "But i think over the month, a lot has been going on between the two" armaan said as ridhima's head snapped, he winked at her.

"Wow, so they might be.... you know.... together?" ridhima said uncertain with her own question.

Armaan nodded. "And right now, atul is in Anjali room, and i came here to call him home, cause mom's getting a bit hasty" ridhima burst out laughing. "So you should know that I and anji aren't together" he nodded at her.

Armaan bent closer to ridhima, moving closer towards her, as now ridhima wrapped her arms around her knee's and cuddled herself closer. "You have nothing to worry about Juliet"

Ridhima stood up and put her hands on her hips. "Ok so you aren't dating anji?" ridhima stopped but then continued quickly knowing that armaan was getting mad at her. "Fine, wow so Anjali di and atul" ridhima smiled. "You might want to go and get your brother now" she said pushing her arm gentle against his, as she started to walk away from him.

Ridhima caught her breath, feeling his hand on her wrist.

"Not so quickly" armaan said pulling her closer until she hit his chest

"Armaan let me go please" ridhima gasped as he was closing the distance.

"Were you upset?" ridhima looked at him confused. "About me and Anjali?" armaan said while ridhima closed her eyes finding it hard for her to answer.

Ridhima gulped. "No, not at all" she whispered as lightly as possible

"Will you come to the 'Luscious beach ball'?" he asked while ridhima looked at him confused. "It's day after tomorrow, it's a dance on the beach. Everyone's going to be there, all hot women" he said as ridhima shivered under his hold. "And you have to come; i want to see you there"

"I can't" ridhima found it hard to breathe in that amount of space

Armaan smirked. "You're necessary"

"Ridhima gupta" he whispered in her ear. "You're very beautiful, and especially in this night gown, it makes you look so.................... Sexy" he said as he groaned in light.

Ridhima shuddered and pushed him away, closing her eyes; she turned her back on him and ran away.

"Bye Juliet" he laughed as ridhima reached to open the door.

Ridhima smiled at him, and saw atul coming out of anjali's window.

"Bye jaan" atul was saying to Anjali. It made ridhima blush just watching armaan winking at her.

"You ready to go?" atul asked armaan, who was busy gazing at ridhima.

He watched as ridhima hid herself in a bush close by. Laughing he saw atul looking at her weirdly. "You go; i'll be right behind you"

Ridhima watched atul jump over the fence; she smiled as armaan stayed behind. She came out of the bush

"Bye armaan" she watched as he was going to say something back. "And i'm not Juliet; i'm nowhere as pretty as her"

Ridhima reached to open the back door. "You're much prettier, you're my Juliet" ridhima gasped hearing his voice.

She closed her eyes to let everything sink in her head. She opened the door, her fingers were wet. Turning around she saw that there was no one there.

He left so quickly, just like the wind.

Ridhima smiled at the whole incidence today, it won't be forgotten.

"I love armaan" ridhima caught her own words. She blinked, it was hard for her to realise to what she just said.

Oh no i'm in love with him


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