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part 7 : Tera Naam Batau Kisko (AR ff)

As Armaan push Doll-Face on the bed, her eyes got widened and she looked at him with horror. Armaan stilled in his pace, as he saw the look on her face.
R: Tum bhi dusre mardo jaise nikle Armaan.

Now it was Armaan's turn to get shocked. He took two steps back.
A: Tum mere bare me aisa sooch bhi kaise sakti ho Girlfriend.

Riddhima did not answer him, she just sat on the bed and looked anywhere. Armaan was getting more hurt by her behavior.
A: Look at me Girlfriend. You know, ke me aisa nahi hu. At least tum to mere bare me aisa mat soocho.
R: Please Armaan, jao yaha se.
A: Girlfriend...

Riddhima turned to him, with tears in her eyes. She put her hands together and begged him.
R: Me tumhare samne haath jorti hu Armaan, please leave me alone. Please.

Armaan did not say anything, but just left from there. Riddhima had to do this, she can not let Armaan know, that she is Doll-Face and Riddhima. She can not let him take her heart and then break it in thousand pieces. Because, that is exactly what Armaan will do, as soon as he will get to know, that Doll-Face is none other than Riddhima herself.

Armaan paced up and down in his room. That was the first time he saw fear in Doll-Face's eyes, and that for none other than for him. What was he thinking he was doing? He can not behave with her in that way. Never. He would apologize to her as soon as possible.

Suddenly his phone rang, and it was none other than Zoya.
A: Hey..
Z: Hey Armaan. Abhi tak mujhse naraz ho?
A: Tumse kaise naraz reh sakta hu me?
Z: Armaan, mene aapi se baat kar li hai. Wo tumse milna chahti hai.
A: Really, Zoya, i am so happy yr. Tum hamare rishte ko agle step pe leke jaa rahi hu.
Z: Tumhare liye kuch bhi Armaan. I love you.

Armaan kept silent. Was he doing right. Here Zoya was actually falling in love with him, but he was not happy. Why not? He wanted to have her in his life, but what did change? Why is he felling so strange and why can he not Zoya that he loves her too.
A: Zoya me tumhe baad me call kart ahu, mujhe actually ek bohot important kaam yaad aa gaya hai.
Z: Oke. Bye baby.

Before he could go to the bed, Armaan got a call from Rahul.
R: Hey Mr. Mallik. Pyaar vyaar ki chakar me tum apna mission to nahi bhul gaye?
A: Don't be stupid Rahul, Armaan kabhi apna mission adha adhura nahi chorta. Kuch pata chala us aurat ke bare me?
R: Bas itna, ke wo is waqt isi shehar me hai. You have to find her Armaan, before its too late.
A: I know, me kuch karta hu. yeh pata laga paye, ko wo kab tak yaha pe hai?
R: Sorry buddy, bas sirf itna ke wo kuch din pehle hi yaha pe aayi hai.
A: Theek hai, baki me khud dekh lunga.

Armaan hung off and went to bed. All emotions playing wild in his mind. Anger, Hurt, Sadness Fear. everything.

Next day, when Armaan woke up, he was not in a good mood, not at all. When he reached the office, his mood got even more sour, when he noticed that Riddhima was again ignoring him. It hurt. It hurt a lot. He hated to be ignored, that brought back all the horrible memories. He was waiting for the right moment. He was waiting for his so called boss to leave his office.

Armaan knew, he would leave, because he had an important meeting with his dad. As soon as the boss left, Armaan got up and went to Riddhima. Riddhima looked at him with confusion.
R: Kya hua Armaan? Kuch chahiye tumhe?
A: Tum mujhe ignore kyu kar rahi ho?
R: Me...
A: Yeh mat kehna ke nahi kar rahi, kyunke hum dono jante hai ke yeh jhoot hoga.

Instead of answering him, Riddhima again started to work. That angered Armaan even more. so without even thinking, he grabbed Riddhima's hand and moved with her it the office of his boss. He pushed Riddhima inside and locked the door.
R: Yeh kya batamizi hai Armaan. aise koi behave karta hai.
A: Pehle tum mujhe batau ke tum mujhe ignore kyu kar rahi ho.
R: Tumhe is se kya fark parta hai Armaan. Yeh meri zindagi hai, me jis se chahu, us se baat kar sakti hu aur jis ko chahu usko ignore kar sakti hu.
A: Mujhe fark parta hai Riddhima.

Riddhima looked at him with disbelieve. She turned around, because she was not able to see the hurt, the sadness in his eyes. But Armaan got more pissed off as Riddhima turned around. So without even thinking straight, he went to her and grabbed her hand so she was literally forced to look into his eyes.
A: I hate the feeling of you ignoring me. It kills me inside...
R: kyu...

Now it was Armaan's turn to look away. Even he did not know the answer.
R: Zindagi bohot mushkil hai Armaan, itni asaan nahi hai.

Saying that, Riddhima left from there. She could not stand more longer in his presence. If she would, she knew, that she would fall weak, and that's the last thing she want to do. Armaan was left behind, thinking about her words, once again that woman left him speechless. Never something like that happened.

As he came out of the office, he noticed, that Riddhima was no longer there, she went home. Armaan sighed in frustration. What is happening with him. Why is everything so complicated? It's like his own life is running out of his hands.

Pushing all his thoughts aside, he also went home. He had to get ready, for the dinner tonight. With Zoya and her sister. He wanted it to get over as soon as possible. Because, he can not wait any longer to see Doll-Face.

Armaan was standing in front of Zoya's house, with flowers in his hands. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. He did not know why he was getting so nervous. With all the courage he had, he ring the bell and waited for the door to open. As soon as it opened, he saw Zoya standing in front of him, smiling from ear to ear.
Z: Tum aa gaye...

Zoya moved forward and hugged him. Armaan hugged her back.
Z: Hope you had no problems.
A: Not at all.
Z: Aao, andar aao.

Zoya grabbed him by his hands and moved inside with him.
Z: Aapi, dekhiye koun aaya hai. Jiska aaj subha se intezaar tha, wo finally aa gaya hai.

Armaan smiled at her. Just at that moment, Riddhima came in the room. Armaan was shocked to see her. She still has not seen him.
R: Me jaanti hu ke tumhu uske aane ka besabri se intezaar...

Riddhima could not finish her sentenced, because she looked up and noticed Armaan standing there.
Z: Aapi, is se miliye, yeh hai Armaan, meri Mohabbat. Aur Armaan, yeh hai meri Aapi, meri duniya.

At this moment, something really broke inside in Riddhima. She felt her heart shattering in thousand pieces. thousand little pieces. But still, she forced a smile on her face, for the sake of her sister. But Armaan noticed her sadness. her shock.
R: Hey Armaan...Welcome
A: Riddhima...

Riddhima smiled at both of them.
R: Zoya, armaan ko ander leke jao, me itne khala laga deti hu.
Z: Theek hai aapi.

Zoya took armaan by hand and moved inside. All the while Riddhima was looking at their joined hands. Unknowingly a tear escaped her eye, which was noticed by Armaan.

The dinner was quite simple. Most of the time, only Zoya talked. She got to know, that Armaan and Riddhima work together. Meanwhile Armaan and Riddhima were feeling were uncomfortable. Riddhima was ignoring Armaan, whereas Armaan could not keep his eyes away from Riddhima.

Finally, after some time, Armaan decided it's finally time to leave. He kissed both Zoya and Riddhima on their cheeks.
A: It was really nice, meeting you Riddhima, out of the office I mean.

Riddhima just smiled at him. Zoya whereas was very happy.
Z: Ab to tum aate rehna Armaan.

Then Armaan finally left, Zoya also went to her room. Whereas Riddhima finally let her tears fall. She sunk on the floor clutching her heart.
R: Aaahhh, bohot dard ho raha hai. Bohot takleef ho rahi hai Baba. Bohot zyaada.

She wiped her tears, as she got a message. It was from her boss, of the club.

MSG: Riddhima, come soon. Aaj ek item number karna hai. Its very important. Agar zaroor na hota, to me aaj tumhe kabhi disturb na karta. Please, but only you can safe me. Please Riddhima.

Riddhima re-read the MSG, she thoughts, it's the best way, to get away from her pain. she quickly answered with I'm coming and took her car keys and went out.

As she reached the club, she noticed, that today were a lot of people present. She went inside her room and saw that dress. A red lehenga and red bra-top. On the side table, she also noticed alcohol. She moved to the table and took the bottle in her hand.
R: Sirf aaj, is dard ko bhulane ke liye. Armaan ko bhulane ke liye. sirf aaj. Sab kuch bhulane ke liye.

Then she closed her eyes and drank directly form the bottle. She felt now that liquid warmed her body. She was getting more confident. She drank half of the bottle. and then a smile appeared on her lips. She took the dress and changed.

Armaan just reached the club, waiting to finally go to Doll-Face's room. He also noticed the crowed in the club. He went to the bar first, to let out his frustration a little bit.
A: Aaj itne zyada log kyu hai?
He asked the bartender.
B: Sir, aaj first time Doll-Face ne ek item number ke liye Haa ki hai. Aur sab jaante hai, ke wo kitni aachi dancer hai.

He looked towards the stage, and all the lights darkened. Riddhima put her mask on and looked at herself in the mirror.
R: Armaan, tum mujhe us nazar se kyu nahi dekhte? Tum mujhse mohabbat kyu nahi karte?

Then she closed her eyes and moved outside of her room. As she reached the stage, he boss ran to her.
B: Riddhima dhyaan se, Armaan wahi pe hai.

Her eyes widened with shook, but then a smirk plastered on her face.
R: Let the music play

(hehehhe now it's time for a song. The most famous song now a days: DIlBAR; imagine Riddhima as Nora Fatehi)

Dilbar dilbar

Riddhima moved in the middle of the stage. All lights closed, just the spot light on her.

Chadha jo mujhpe suroor hai
Asar tera yeh zaroor hai
Teri nazar ka kasoor hai yeh
Dilbar dilbar dilbar

She started to move her body, according to the rhythm of the music. Everyone started to cheer.

Aa paas aa tu kyon door hai
Yeh ishq ka jo fitoor hai
Nashe mein dil tere choor hai
Dilbar dilbar dilbar

She noticed Armaan sitting on the bar. She started to move her body more sexually, just to tease him. Which worked. Armaan was gripping his alcohol glass more tightly. He gulped one glass after another.

Ab to hosh na khabar hai
Yeh kaisa asar hai

She jumped off the stage and moved to other men.

Hosh na khabar hai
Yeh kaisa asar hai

She knew that Armaan would be pissed, and that was also her intention. To make him jealous.

Tumse milne ke baad dilbar
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar

She wanted him also to feel the pain, like she felt just some hours ago.

Dilbar dilbar dilbar
Dilbar dilbar x (2)

But still in this stage, she did not let anyone get too close to her. She was dancing with everyone, but her eyes were glues on Armaan.

Karti katal na aise tu chal
Paheli ka is nikalo koyi hal
Husn ka pitara khilta kamal
Kar loon main sabar
Kyun ki mitha hai fal

Every single man, tried to grab her, to touch her. To feel her body. But she moved out of their grip and moved there, where Armaan was sitting.

Tu mera khwaab hai
Tu mere dil ka karaar
Dekh le jaan-e-mann
Dekh le bas ek baar

She sat on his lap and put her hand on his face. She let herself fall back, because she knew. that Armaan would catch her. And he did. As she again looked into his eyes, a tear escaped her eyes.

Chain kho gaya hai
Kuchh to ho gaya hai
Chain kho gaya hai
Kuchh to ho gaya hai

But before Armaan could wipe it away, Riddhima stood up and moved to another man.

Tumse milne ke baad dilbar
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar

She let him put his hand on her waist and put her arms around his neck, to get him more closer. All the while, she felt Armaan's burning eyes on her back.

Ab to hosh na khabar hai
Yeh kaisa asar hai
Hosh na khabar hai
Yeh kaisa asar hai
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar
Tumse milne ke baad dilbar

She again moved to the stage and danced sensually. making everyone go crazy there. And that was it for Armaan.

Oh yeah!

He did not wait any longer. He did not care any longer. He just went to the stage and grabbed Riddhimas hand.

Dilbar dilbar

He did not see anywhere, he just grabbed her hand and moved outside of the club. Luckily his home was nearby and he decided to come with his driver today. Riddhima also did not say anything, she just followed him. she knew it was wrong, but it felt so right.

He pushed Riddhima's inside the car and got in just behind her.
A: Home.

He instructed the driver. Shortly after, they reached and Armaan got of the car. He again grabbed Riddhima's hand and moved with her to the bedroom. He pushed her inside and locked the door. Riddhima turned around to see him.

She saw a fire in his eyes. A fire, which was also burning her. she saw hunger, passion, lust, pain, frustration in his eyes. She wanted to take away his pain. she wanted to give herself to him.

Just tonight, she wanted him to take her, to let her see a world, far away form here. Armaan also noticed the confusion in her eyes, so he took the first step and pulled her to himself.
A: You are mine, just mine.
He opened her hairs.
A: Mine to admire.

He moved with his hand downside her body, which made Riddhima shiver.
A: Mine to touch.
He then kissed her neck and Riddhima let out a moan.
A: Mine to kiss.

His hand moved to the backside of her bra and opened the clip. Riddhima gasped and gripped his shoulder more tightly.
A: Mine to see.
He put a finger under her chin and made her look into his eyes. his lips barely touched hers.
A: Mine to have.

With that he closed the gap between their lips. He kissed her, with all the emotions he had. He put everything in it. Ever single emotion he had. Riddhima did not push back, she wanted this, as much as he wanted this. she closed all other thought in the backside of her head and just felt the moment. She broke the kiss and looked him into the eyes. she took a step back.
R: Then take me Armaan, I am all yours.

Maybe it was the alcohol talking in both of them, but their true emotions were coming to the surface. Then her hands moved to her strip of her mask. she pulled it and let it fall on the floor. She did not have the courage to look him into the eyes.

Take care...
Love u all...
With Lot's Of Love,
Rihoo & Amna...

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