Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Part 7 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

"Armaan!" Jiya's voice boomed from the kitchen, as Armaan and Shilpa came back to their senses. They do not know for how many seconds they had been in that position. As soon as his mom shouted, he withdrew his finger from her lips.

Shilpa felt a blush creeping up her neck. Never had she been so close to anyone. In the way he was. She could not help but notice how handsome and appealing he looked in that white shirt. His muscles and biceps made him look better than any of the greatest Greek gods. She blushed at her thoughts again and this time she looked away from him, hiding herself. She kicked herself mentally for thinking that way.

Armaan on the other side was lost for a matter of time. He did not know when he started caressing the finger that touched her beautiful lips. He looked at her face all red. Then when he realized that she was kind of checking him out, he wanted to smile, grin at her. 'Am I looking fine?' 'Why is she looking at me that way?' 'Do I have something wrong with me?' many questions raised in his mind.  He just wanted her to not judge him wrong way. When he saw her blushing, he couldn't help but admire her. 'oh look at that angel'.

"Armaan, Shilpa, kahan ho tum log?" Jiya's shout jerked them both up as if they were sleeping and someone woke them up with a sudden shout.

"Aaya mom!" He quickly replied.

He helped her get on the wheel chair, and then took her to the bathroom, she brushed her teeth. When it was time for shower he went away and sent Jiya in to help her. He went away to the office later, but he will call her now and then to ask her how was she.

She was quite good now, she can walk. But Armaan still didn't let her come to the office, or let her go anywhere else. He told her to stay at home till she was fully recovered.

Shilpa slept in her room as a devil slowly crept in her room. She had a small smile playing on her lips. He slowly went in and poured a jug full of damn cold water on her. She jerked up from her bed and looked at Armaan standing in front of her grinning at his victory.

"Kitne dino se araam kar rahi ho? Kaam par nahi jaana kya?" He said angrily. Well FAKE angrily.

"Armaan, mein tumhe nahi chhodungi!" She snapped as she got down and ran after him who was already at the stairs.


They reached office together. Well, Shilpa was stubborn, and told him that she will take her own car.

"May I come in sir?" She asked as he put his phone down.

"Yes come in Miss. Malhotra, whats the matter?" He said smiling as sweetly as possible.

"There is no problem sir! I am just here to give this." She said putting down the paper with no expressions. He looked at the paper first frowned and then suddenly stood up from his chair.

"Shilpaa!!! What'" He tried to argur against but Shilpa stopped him.

"Sir, as I said a week ago. I am no longer willing to have you as my BOSS," She said with a grim face as realization dawned upon him. He slumped down in his chair putting his head in his hand. For a moment, she thought he was crying. However, than thought against it.

"Sir?" She said almost in a whisper. He looked up. Stood up from his chair once again came around the table and stood in front of her with his arms on his chest giving her a challenging glance.

"What if I don't sign these papers?" He said his eyebrows cocked and his body leaned again the shiny glass desk, it looked like the glass will dig through his white shirt and then through his tan skin in a moment. Nevertheless, nothing of that sort happened.

"I have my own ways Mr. Mallik." She snapped at him with those of her deathly glares.

Suddenly before she could figure out what was happening, his hand came in front of her, joined in praying position, and his head bowed. She looked at him with weird expressions. Ok, well she did do this to annoy him, but she never expected him to give this kind of actions.

"Maaf kardo meri maa, aage tumse mazaak karne se pehle , I will think for fifty hundred times." He prayed. And she stood there looking at him with slanted confusing eyes.

 Alright, she accepts that this was just another trick she tried to pull up on Armaan. But she never thought he will act in such a weirdo way, that she will see herself losing.

He was so cute. How could she not literally let him win this time? Shilpa was losing it. Is he freaking serious? Wait wait! Why can't I make it my opinion to tease him? She changed her expression from shock to happy victory one.

"Mr.Armaan Mallik! You are asking me forgivness? Tum mere saamne, haath jodker, I cant believe it." She said with a laugh.

He parted his hands and straightened up, but still his eyes were fixed on the cabin flourished white floor. It did quite matched his shirt. He didn't look up for a while. That mad her frown a bit.

He slowly tilted his head with a sly grin. Naughty one. As she saw that, she knew danger is on its way. He moved towards her slowly. She looked at him with raised eye brows. Warning. But he didn't stop. He backed her up till she slammed the wall. Her heart beats were uneven. He could feel it. He was really close to her. So close that he can inhale her breath.

"Armaan!" She stuttered.

"He bent down near her ears and whispered huskily that sent chills down her spine.

"Its because, you are too close to my heart!"

As soon as the words escaped his throat he regreted it.  He moved back, and slithered away from the cabin.

He just wanted to scare her, nothing more. He doesn't know why he said that. He doesn't know why he went so near to her. He doesn't know why getting so close to her made him shiver. Neither doesn't he know why his closeness affects her so much. He hoped that all his whys would be answered one day. He had never experienced this, not even with her. He felt his past coming to him as soon as his mind played that sentence.

No, Please, I don't want to be near you. I don't want to see my past. I want to live this moment. Let me! Please let me!

He begged them. He begged those sad past flashes. He hated them. He wanted to get away from them. Even one flash makes him grim. Flinch.

He wore his coat and left the cabin. He didn't even noticed the change in Shilpa, who was now grinning widely walking in the corridor of Mallik empire. He didn't notice Priya on the front desk talking to her boyfriend on phone. He didn't notice that Rohan was not on his desk. He was just angry. Angry at her.  And at himself, for getting close to her. Actually, too close to her.


Shilpa ran into her cabin. She stood there with her back on the cabin door that supported her body. Her heartbeats were still not normal. She couldn't breath properly. Breath Shilpa, Breath. She had to remind herself again and again. She clamed down a little, but the sudden ring from her cell phone made her jump. As soon as she saw the name flashing she grinned.

"Hello!" She spoke with excitement in her voice.

"Hello sweet heart, whats up?" The voice replied.

"Rahullllllll!, OMG I miss you guys soo much. Where is Muskaan?" She said, here excitement increasing every second.

"Calm down dear, yup, she is with me. And'" Rahul said but let the end trail off'his voice lowering.

"And'?" Shilpa asked amused.

"And, I am'" He said

"You are?" She said losing patience.

"I-am-in-love!" He finally said. Shilpa's mouth was left open.

"Kisse???" She asked, not controlling herself or her voice.

"Mu..mu..muskaan!" He stammered.

"FINALLYYY! " She almost screamed. She bounced as she heard that. She was so happy.

"I know, but I don't know if she'" He trailed off. Shilpa didn't know how to answer that. She never asked muskaan if she like Rahul.

"Don't worry Rahul, all the best!" She said sweetly with a smile.

"Thanks," he replied.

"Ok I gotta go, bye! Love ya, miss ya! I will call ya later." He said and cut the call.

She was happy. He finally realized it. She always wondered how does the emotion of love fills? What actually changes in you? Why do some people think people in love are crazy? Maybe. Its just the way it is.


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