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part 8 & 9 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ sanjeevani:

Riddhima: DAD!

Shashank : hi beta.. kitne dino ke baad ayi ho.. bataya bhi nahin.. hum lonavala mein the.. anji ke show ke baad emergency aaya.. tu batadaeti ke tu aa rahi hain toh nahin jaata tha

Riddhima: dad.. it's ok.. i understand....

Shashank: waise mujhe tumse kuch important baat bhi karni thi.. hmm.. tumhe pata hai na ke main apni will bana raha hoon.. toh maine hospital tumhare naam pe kiya hoon..

Riddhma: dad aapko pata hai ke main india me nahin rehni wali hoon

Shashank: it' a bit too late beta.. maine toh sign bhi kar liya hai

@ armaan

Armaan : yaar ye riddhima kaha hai?

Abhi : phirse riddhima.. hai  kya tum dono ke beech main?

Armaan : kuch bhi nahin yaar... abhi tak

@ muskaan's

Muskaan : yaar tune mujhe bata nahin

Atul : kya?

Muskaan : ke tu anjali se pyaar karta hai

Atul : hmm.. nahin.. waise.. tumhe kaise pata?

Muskaan: chal dekhte hai kaise pata.. riddhima, armaan aur abhi ko bhi bula leh.. riddhima ke ghar par

@ riddhima's house

Riddhima: anji.. dad ne hospital mere naam kar di hain.. lekin mein yeh responsibility nahin le sakti kyunki mein australia waapis jaane waali hoon.. yaar kya karoon main?

Anjali : dad and his tricks..

Riddhima: tricks?

Anjali : to make you stay here.. you know he has been planning for this for a very long time..

Riddhima: so this is all a joke?

Anjali : i dont know.. but i think so..

(armaan,muskaan,atul , rahul and abhi enter)

Armaan : muski..tune kyon bulaya

Muskaan : so everybody.. ready for the suprise or rather shock..

The video started.. started off with armaan dancing with riddhima... anjali, rahul,abhi  and atul solo... then the music stops and they start playing truth and dare..

First.. anjali and riddhima reveal the truth about riddhima's ex-boyfriend..

Anjali (shocked) :it was all a joke

Riddhima : tum ne use sharab pilaya.. bichara..

Armaan (shcoked): tumne use use kiya?

Riddhima (embarrassed) : not use exactly...

Then they show armaan  revealing his feelings for riddhima

Anjali : armaan tum.. riddhima..

Atul : riddhima mujhe laga tum mujse pyaar karti ho

Armaan : woh main bus.. nashe main tha isi liye

Rahul : haan bhabhi..

Riddhima and anjali : BHABHI?

Next they show atul saying i love you to anjali

Anjali : oh please..

Riddhima : jeeja ji.. I LOVE YOU

Atul : anjali.. apni bahan  ko bolo na mera mazak na udaye

Next they show rahul saying i like you to muskaan

Riddhima : jeeja ji..

Rahul : muskaan ye teri bahan hai

Riddhima: behan nahi .. lekin behan jaisi... toh jeejaji..

Rahul : ji bhabhi..

Riddhima : ughh...

Rahul (imitating her) : ughh


After the video was over, everyone was shocked.. by what they were doing and what they had revealed.. and riddhima was shocked by what was revealed to her.. atul was her to be jeeju.. and armaan liked her? Was it true? She had to find out.. probably he was just out of his mind then..

Armaan was embarrassed after his confession.. he hadnt thought about it himself.. how did it just come out of him then? All he wanted to know now was what riddhima's reaction was to this.. did she like him too.. or was she angry.. or was she simply shocked? His eyes searched for riddhima, but he couldn't see her anywhere.. that's when he decided to go up to her room and clear things out.. she is going to be his future boss after all.. and bad impression wouldn't be a good start at all...

Riddhima was in her room replaying everything that happened today in her mind.. dad actually gave her the repsonsibility of the hospital.. then anjali said that she was the person responsible for that terrible break-up of hers.. atul saying i love you to anjali.. armaan indirectly saying that he likes her.. rahul calling her bhabhi..some of it was actually too sweet to be true..

She never thought that all his could happen in india.. she expected a normal trip where she meets a few people , searches for new ideas and comes back.. and getting around 10 solid ideas would take her atleast a 10-12 months... and here she was, 3 days after she arrived , she had already got an  idea for her first story.. but she never expected that she herself would be added up as a character in her story.. but she was already a part of it now.. wasn't she.. probably the happy ending she was talking about?

Her thoughts came to a standstill when she heard someone knocking her door.. "come in" she said rather harshly..

Armaan : hmm.. hi riddhima.. i came to talk about what happened yesterday

Riddhima : go ahead i'm listening

Armaan : look i dont know why i said all that.. frankly, i had never thought about it.. i had heard from muskaan that ms. Gupta would be coming.. then i saw you in the corridor running behind and i was awestruck.. you looked beautiful  even in that air hostresses uniform.. but why were you running after atul? I needed to know.. thats why ii came upto you when you said i love you to me.. i almost died of happiness then.. but that was followed by a few words that killed me inside.. you called me stubborn, stone hearted and..

Riddhima: heartless

Armaan : ya heartless.. i was angry.. thats when atul came in and told me that you were shashank's daughter from australia.. i saw my life crash down in front of me again.. then you came and apologized to me.. i didnt know how time flew that day.. nikki's story.. that i had not told anyone, i told you inspite of knowing that it would reach the world.. you were important to me.. but i didnt know what it was.. i knew i had feelings for you, but i never really paid attention towards it because i knew it wouldnt work out, and i would be left heartbroken again.. but unfortunately, i was drunk that day and said things i clearly shouldn't have said.. i know that this would probably not work out.. but i just wanted to make things clear to you..

It was too much for riddhima to digest.. the most eligible bachelor of india had actually developed feelings for her.. but she was no less either.. was she.. miss australia 2008.. it was true that almost every girl had a crush on him and that at times irritated her.. but did she reciprocate his feelings?  She knew she was amazed the moment she had seen him and despite being a well established author couldn't think of a word right then, infront of him.. she also knew that she felt content when she saw the jealous side of armaan in the video.. she was happy after listening to him right now.. but was it love? And would it work out?

@ outside

Anjali : armaan riddhima se pyaar karta hai.. un dono ko milwana chahiye na?

Muskaan : Dr. armaan hai to chadoos, lekin riddhima ko khush rakhenge..

Rahul : is task mein main tumhare saath hoon.. armaan ki bhi kushi issi mein hain

anjali : lekin karenge kya?

Atul : sanjeevani orphanage.. lonavala

Anjali: brilliant.. riddhima sanjeevani ki new owner ban ne jaa rahi hain.. perfect idea..

Muskaan : lekin woh log sanjeevani kaise kayenge

Anjali: mein dad ko bol dungi unhe jaane ke liye force karne.. woh toh kuch bhi karne ke liiye tayar hain.. unhe toh bas riddhima ki khushi chahiye.. lekin muski, atul, tum dono riddhima aur armaan ko aek sath rakhoge.. sath mein kaam, ho sake toh unhe akela hi chod dena..

Atul : sab kuch satme.. yaane room bhi?

Anjali: brilliant idea... room bhi..

Muskaan : tuh pagal ho gayyi hain kya.. room kaise share karenge?

Anjali: beds separate hain.. toh kyun nahin kar sakte.. jyaada time spend kar sakenge na aek saath.. toh lonava final..

Muskaan : lekin abhi bhi ayega na

Anjali: abhi sir ko next aek week leave milli hain.. toh kal hi nikal jayenge tum sabh

Muskaan , atul , rahul : done

@ riddhima's:

Riddhima: so you think it won't work out?

Armaan : i dont think so.. i dont believe in long - distance relationships

Riddhima: but we can give it a try right.. i can even write a story on it then

Armaan was just suprised.. was she indirectly trying to tell him something and is hiding it under the name of another story? Well he thought so atleast.. the nervous look on her face.. the slight shade of red on her cheeks said it all..

Armaan : you want us to give it a try?

Riddhima: well i wouldn't  mind it.. a happy ending to your story.. and a new story.. not bad at all actually

Armaan: leave your stories behind and tell me the truth.. you want us to give it a try?

Riddhima: i said i wouldn't mind

Armaan : i want a yes or a no


Armaan : i'm waiting..

Riddhima: yes 

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