Monday, 23 July 2018

part 8 : Taming the Unknown

"Wait" she turned around to hear the voice. "What's happening to you?"

Ridhima turned towards Deepika's voice, who was now deeply thinking. Ridhima sat on her bed, it was 11 at night, and no way could she get sleep. Ridhima tried to get sleep when she had come inside but she couldn't even blink after all that had happened that night.

"Ridhima!" deepika shouted through the phone. "Why on earth did you call me at'..? 11 at night?" deepika said angry and annoyed

 Ridhima didn't answer back quickly; she tried refreshing her mind onto what had happened an hour ago, she herself couldn't believe that anjali was in love with atul and not armaan. Ridhima thought to herself, how lucky she was but why was she feeling so glad, wasn't she and armaan just close friends. Wasn't that how it was supposed to be like, no other feeling should be brewing up her but then who was she to stop that aching in her heart which was driving her mad after he had left.

 How can this happen to me? I'm going mad, now way am I falling in love. That's impossible, whatever I said outside was untrue, and I don't love him. I've never been in love myself, so how do I know if it's love. What if its friendship loves, maybe that might be it. Maybe I just like him as a friend, nothing more. Oh gosh, but how does that explain what I feel every time I see him. How does that stop my heart overreacting every time I see him face, why do I feel like death when he's not around me? Is it just plain friendly love, or am I desiring myself far into him? I and armaan, is that true, can that ever be true. But what if he doesn't feel the same way towards me? What if he thinks of me as a friend? Or maybe a sister? No, no, not that, I can't be as his sister, but what if he thinks about me that way? Could that be the reason, his asking me about my family, could that be the reason why?

"Ridhima, if you don't flipping tell me why you called I'm going to shut this phone down, this instance" deepika said really angry now.

Ridhima jumped out of her thoughts, realising that she called deepika to ask her about the feeling that she was feeling inside. But now her thoughts were giving her all away, what could she say to deepika?

"Hmmm deepu actually" ridhima started off with a sign. "What's love?"

"What! That's why you called me''.. At 11 at night, to ask me that bloody question?" deepika said on the urge of screaming.

"Well yes" ridhima said innocently

Deepika groaned. "Couldn't you wait for tomorrow, its Thursday tomorrow, and we're in the caf anyway, can't this wait?" she said breathing heavily

"No, no it can't" ridhima said through the phone. "Please tell me now"

Deepika signed. "Firstly I hate you" ridhima groaned at her comment. "Secondly, 'love' is a four letter word, check in the dictionary if you want the meaning" deepika said yawning into the phone.

"Deepu, please yaar" ridhima said getting tired now.

"Why, why do you want to know?" deepika said curious now. "Are you in love?" she giggled over the phone.

Ridhima breathed in deeply. "I think I might be" she whispered, not knowing the feeling running through her.

"What?" deepika screamed through the phone "What did you just say?" she said breathless with the outburst of ridhima.

"I'm going to sleep, good night" ridhima said closing the phone very quickly


Ridhima walked over to the clock, it was nearly, 11:30 now, she didn't know what to do, sleep or try and figure out her feelings towards this guy she hardly knew, all that she was getting was a deep inside feeling that the 'beach ball' would be her best day of her life. But she didn't know what? She tried to clear her minds off with the thoughts which were aroused with his words. His thoughts, his sweet smell, taking over her entire body, the way he touched her, his arms so protectively around her waist, making her want all of it.

"What am I thinking?" ridhima said to her out loud. "What's happening to me these days? It's been a month and a few weeks since his here, and this taking over all my senses. Why is he taking over my life?"

She tried taking her mind away from his thoughts, she walked over into the balcony, taking a comfy chair with her too, sitting down on the chair she looked up into the sky, she then looked down at where they were standing a few hours ago, everything that happened came flooding back into her brain again. Her dream, the dream she dreamt, all her dreams now related to him, and even if they weren't related to him, they still went back to him at the end. There was nothing that ridhima thought of that didn't go back to the guy she met.

She closed her eyes and went to sleep, this time looking up into the sky.

"Mama, papa I miss you both so much" she said at the stars high up in the sky.

I moved towards him, his lovely skin coming in contact with my own.

"Armaan what are you doing? Please" I squealed

"No jaan" he whispered back in my ear

He moved closer towards me, holding onto my wrist. I felt like I was loosing myself to him, not that I had already lost the battle between my heart and my mind.

His lips so pure, that it was driving me nuts. His every kiss on my neck was something new to me every time. I gasped at every touch he was giving me, the way his cold mint breath hit my face every few seconds, it wasn't that new to me, but the desire of having his close to me was leaving me breathless. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands around my waist and my head leaning back onto his hard core chest.

I felt his heart beating through my back; it was the best feeling ever, slowly I turned out to take his face into my cupped hands, pulling his face closer to mine. My heart started reacting even faster than usual, his sweet breath hitting my face again, his touch driving my thoughts insane. I liked the feeling of the comfort he was giving me. 

"Armaan" i whispered as he pulled me even closer as my lips started shaking, they were just inches away from each other. I wanted to jump on him and kiss him but was i going to over the top.

Slowly i dropped my head up and then...........

"WAKE UP RIDHIMA!" ridhima rubbed her eyes gently, as she realised that she fell asleep outside in her balcony.

"Ridhima!" ridhima stood up slowly, holding onto her side railing; as she looked down to see Deepika standing in the back garden

Ridhima blushed seeing the garden again, it brought all the memories from last night back again into her head. She watched in delight at the swing, how they both had sat down on that same very swing that last night and now how happy she as to know that armaan and atul weren't together.

"Ridhima, stop smiling and come downstairs!" Deepika said annoyed but then looked back up again. "Listen missy, you have 15 minutes to get ready otherwise I and you are both going to get a hell lot of talking from Sam" shit. Ridhima's eyes popped out, Deepika smiled seeing the reaction. "GET READY NOW!"

Ridhima ran towards the bathroom, quickly she got the brush out, putting the toothpaste on she brushed her teeth as quickly as she could, keeping an eye on the time at the same time as well. She pushed her hair back, combing all the knots out of her hair, making her way to get a towel; she wiped her face as quickly as she could. Opening the wardrobe, picking the closest thing that she could find, she removed out a nice pink and black Churidar; it had black patterns on it while the background was pink.

Am i done now? Gosh, what else..... Hmmm? Ok fine i'm off

Ridhima ran down the stairs, bumping into Muskaan on the way.

"Woke up late?" she asked ridhima who just nodded to the question. Muskaan giggled and shook her head and went back to her room.

Ridhima ran towards the kitchen, pushing past four chefs and the maid who were cleaning the house and opened the back door, letting Deepika in.

"What's taking you so long?" Deepika said annoyed

"So sorry" ridhima said to Deepika and then turned towards Chad. "Chad?"

"Yes sweetie" he answered back as he was stirring the curry

"I'm off ok" she said kissing him on the cheek. "Make sure the food is perfect ok" ridhima said to the smiling Chad, who just patted her head and assured her.

"Now let's go" Deepika said holding onto ridhima's wrist as she pulled her out of the house from the front garden.

Ridhima smiled as they locked the front door, and started walking down the stairs into the pathway, but then she smiled hearing people talking at the house opposite.

"Hi ridhima!" Rahul said from across the road

"Hi" ridhima said waving back

They were all out there, they watched as atul and Gauri Malik were looking at the plants, ridhima smiled seeing Hitein and Rahul washing the car, scrubbing water all over it.

"They look like a perfect family Na?" Deepika said in a sad voice.

Ridhima looked at her first very concerned but the smiled. "Yes, just like me and you" she added at the end making Deepika smile

"Thanks riddi" she smiled politely as they both walked quietly past the Malik house

While the past, ridhima caught the eyes on armaan staring at her. Ridhima blushed feeling his eyes on her, he was watching her every move.

"Ridhima can you wait a second" Deepika said stopping as she was looking into her bag

What is she looking for? Oh gosh why did she stop here, right in front of his house? Uh gosh

Ridhima stopped her thoughts, and looked up. Her eyes were caught into two blue ones, she stared back in silence, nor did she make a sound or him, he sat there on a chair, drinking coffee but staring at her at the same time. His eyes wondered from her eyes to her neck, looking at it far too carefully, it gave ridhima goose bumps seeing his eyes crawling up and down her body. Stopping at place which ridhima herself didn't expect, she watched as he licked his lips. Her breathing stopped for a while, as he was gazing right down onto her lips, ridhima pressed her teeth in her lower lips making it clear of her intension.

Ridhima blushed, looking at the floor, she tried to get away from there but then Deepika was still searching her bag. A loud whistle came, loud enough for ridhima to hear it, she looked up to armaan whistling, all in the family did look confuse, but ridhima knew exactly what he was up to. She just blushed at the thoughts, the way he was whistling and looking at her the same time, she watched in despair as he winked at her and then making sure no one was watching it made a sign which clearly showed ridhima what he was thinking.

Ridhima opened her mouth, she was more shocked than ever, how she wanted to go there and say something back to him, but even ridhima she herself knew that she didn't have that much guts in her to do that. Again, ridhima tried to look up, but this time was shocked that he wasn't there nor was he looking at her.


"Ridhima?" Deepika shook her slightly and then she looked at what ridhima was staring at. "Ridhima, we're running late can we please get going?" without waiting for ridhima's reply she grabbed onto her wrist and ran down the street out of the sight of the Malik's.

"I'm sorry" ridhima whispered as they were close to Cafe 'Mew Mew'

"Ridhima where is your attention these da-" Deepika stopped short, as she remembered what ridhima had said to her the night before.

Ridhima turned to face deepika, who didn't even stare but gazed right through her, ridhima knew what was coming her way, and it wasn't anything good.

"What were you saying last night riddi?" deepika said now even more concerned

Ridhima shook her head. "Nothing, i was just going out of my mind, silly thoughts" ridhima said pushing the subject away. I myself don't know what's going on with me deepika, so how can i tell you.

"Ridhima do you want to tell me something?" deepika provoked her to say more. "You can tell me anything you want, you know that Na?" she said unsure about the answer she was going to get back.

Ridhima just nodded to it, no words escaped her mouth. Opening the cafe door the walked it, there wasn't much people in there but it was getting crowded by seconds.

"Thank god you girl came" ridhima and deepika smiled at the voice. "I though I'll have to give the police a ring" the girl's voice grew clearer as she walked in front of the two girls.

"Hi Zoey" ridhima and deepika said in unison

"Save the 'hi's for later, we've got a ton of customers coming" Zoey said.

Zoey was now nearly 30, not married still single to mingle, that was her motto. She ran the cafe with her mother, but after her mother moved away to America, zoey took care of the cafe all by herself. She knew that she never had time to go out, and meet guys and get married. It was hard for her as well, but then she had met ridhima and deepika, who both used to come to zoey's shop everyday, and when they both noticed how tired zoey was getting, they landed a hand towards her.

Ridhima and deepika both picked up an apron, and got started to work.

"I will never find any better waitresses then you both" zoey screamed from the kitchen.

"We know"

The both started serving the customers, from table to table.

"Ridhima you sure you don't want to talk about things?" deepika asked while they were serving.

"No deepu i'm fine, don't worry" ridhima replied back. Even i know i'm not. Then why bother lying.

Ridhima picked up all the dishes left on the empty table, which was full a few minutes ago.

"Riddi, i need to have some food, I'll be back ok" deepika said sweetly. "Just stand behind the counter"

Deepika left leaving ridhima behind to get things done, there were another 4 waitresses going around, so all ridhima had to do is stand behind the counter. She turned back to look at the chocolate muffins for the customers behind her. She licked her lips, she was hungry too. But then ridhima laughed at her own childishness.

"Excuse me" ridhima turned around to here a voice.

"Yes" ridhima said while turning around, but once she faced the person she blushed. She lowered her gaze down onto the floor; she had no courage to look up into his eyes.

"Juliet" ridhima jumped up. It was like he was calling to her and only her. "Can i have a hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin" armaan said smiling at her.

"Yeap" ridhima said in a bit of a shock. She turned to her left and opened a small door. "Zoey one hot chocolate please" she stammered. It was hard for ridhima to utter those words out.

"I'm right at it" zoey said back.

Ridhima turned around to see a grinning armaan, gazing right at her. How she now wished deepika was there with her.

"So you work here" armaan said while ridhima just nodded and walked over to get a muffin.

"Are you coming for the 'beach ball'?" he asked impatiently

"I don't know" ridhima whispered. "I might not" she finished off, to see his head snap up.

"Why not?" he asked annoyed

"Hot chocolate" zoey came out with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand. "Oh- hello armaan" zoey said sweetly. As ridhima was shocked

"You know him?" she asked to zoey.

Armaan nodded. "I met Zoey yesterday when I came here, she's a great person"

"Awe armaan, your just being too modest now" zoey answered back.

"Hmm zoey, you coming to the 'beach ball'" he asked her as ridhima tried to leave from there.

"Me?" zoey said in a shock but delighted too "I'm too old armaan, not my type. But I'm sure ridhima and deepika would go" great, she had to say that didn't she. Uh zoey

"Oh really now?" armaan said unsurprised. "But ridhima said that she wasn't going" armaan said sadly, pouting sweetly. OMG look what his doing. Don't fall for his trick zoey.

"Really ridhima?" zoey turned towards her cocking her eyebrow. "But deepika is all for it though"

Ridhima turned her head to see armaan's eyes glittering. "But i'm not going" ridhima said loud and clear. "Deepika might go, but i am not"

"Oh come on ridhima" armaan said sweetly with an evil grin. "Deepika, tell ridhima do come to the 'beach ball' please" armaan said as ridhima turned around to see deepika walking in and zoey going back to the kitchen.

"I wouldn't come armaan" ridhima said bending down to say it.

"You'll come Juliet, i know you will" he said sweetly, pausing close to her as he breathed the sweet scent on her face.

"Come where?" deepika said as she sat beside armaan, winking at ridhima.

"The beach ball, jul- i mean ridhima won't come" armaan bit his tongue half way.

Deepika looked at armaan who was busy gazing at ridhima and ridhima gazing at the floor. "I'll make sure ridhima comes" she said while ridhima gave her an evil look but then deepika smiled seeing armaan's smile widen within seconds.

"Thanks" he smiled putting down a 20 on the table as he smiled and deepika and then winked at ridhima and left the cafe.

Gosh, his driving me utterly crazy and now this is getting bad, it was better with him and anjali together. Now all this is getting so hard.

"So, you and armaan huh?" deepika said as it was 7 at night and they both were walking home.

Deepika didn't ask her anything about armaan, she waited for the right moment, and she needed ridhima to tell her everything right.

"What?" ridhima said trying to sound annoyed not amused by the idea.

"Don't give me that look and those words" she started off. "He was so into you, and you were blushing your face off" she said as a matter of fact.

"I wasn't, there's nothing going on" ridhima said opening the door of her house.

"Ok fine" deepika said. "So what time are we going for the beach ball tomorrow?" she said smirking.

"I don't know yaar deepu, i might be able to go" ridhima gave deepika a hug and walked into the house.

Ridhima walked into the house and saw muskaan and anjali walking around with 5 clothes in each of their hands.

"What's going on?" ridhima said curious.

"The beach ball tomorrow" muskaan said breathless. "Need to fine the best clothes"

"My girls, we'll look the best from everybody tomorrow" sakshi said walking down the stairs. "Ridhima your late" she said annoyed and glared straight at her.

"Leave her out for now mom, help me pick out something good" Muskaan said as quickly as possible before all the riot could start.

Sakshi gave ridhima a look and walked over to Muskaan and Anjali. They all started talking, ridhima knew that she wouldn't be included; slowly she went towards the stairs and towards her room. When she reached up the stairs she heard her name being called.

"Ridhima" sakshi said from downstairs. Ridhima turned around and walked to the end of the stairs and saw sakshi

"Yes?" she said as politely as she could.

"When these two go to the beach party tomorrow" she said indicating to Muskaan and Anjali. "I'll have to leave for my meeting to abroad" she said while ridhima had a smile occurring. "So i need you to stay at home tomorrow night as well" after she said that the smile which was occurring was destroyed. Sakshi smirked widely. "No 'beach ball' for you gets it!" she said as she smirked going back to Anjali and Muskaan.

That's all i need now thanks.

Ridhima sat on the bed, her hair wet, all she wanted to do now as go to sleep. Ridhima sat down and pulled out her mobile phone and texted Deepika that she couldn't come to the 'beach ball' even if she wanted too.

Ridhima put her head down and went into a sleep of all that was going to be hold for her tomorrow. Pulling the bedspread up, she drifted back to sleep.

5 in the afternoon, next day.

"Ridhima you have to come" Deepika said as they sat in ridhima's room.

"I can't na" ridhima said caressing deepika's hair, as her head rested on ridhima's lap. "What time does it start?" ridhima asked.

"Its 8pm to 11pm" Deepika said annoyed. "Please come riddi, i'll be so bored without you" Deepika said pouting her lips.

"Sorry deepu, sakshi's orders" ridhima said saluting at the end.

"She is such a-"

"Language" ridhima butted in

Deepika rolled her eyes. "Come on riddi, we've got 3 hours left till the beach ball" Deepika said pleading.

"Deepu, i said Na, i can't come" ridhima said kissing her on the forehead. "And i have nothing to wear"

"It's a beach ball, anything that's open, sexy and totally you" Deepika said getting up from her lap

"It's not me" ridhima said opening the door to walk down the stairs.

"Fine whatever then, you stay i'm going" Deepika said running downstairs angrily, while ridhima laughed at her childlike behaviour. "I guess armaan would live with it" Deepika said turning around, ridhima flushed at the comment.

"Just go ok, i'm not coming" ridhima said smiling as she leaned onto the side railings.

"Ok fine!" Deepika said closing the door and walking out.

Thank god no one's in the house. Its nearly 7 now, ok had a shower. Now what shall i do, there's only thing for me to do now, clean the whole damn house. I hope that sakshi left by now, thank god she did. I'm so tired, i need some rest. Can't believe that i'm not going for the ball, well i shouldn't be going anyway. Why should i go huh? Just because that armaan said so, no, i will not go for him. He's pain, i don't care about him. Actually, i shouldn't care for him and i will do that.

"Ridhima!" Anjali said walking in.

"Yes anji" ridhima said walking over towards them.

"Has mom left?" Anjali asked putting the bags down.

"Yeah she left a few minutes ago" ridhima answered back as Muskaan smiled at her.

"Di we've got less than an hour to get ready anji, come on" Muskaan said dragging the clothes and anji as they both left for their rooms.

Ridhima sat down in the living room, putting her head down at the side, she noticed at it was 8pm now, and the fact that she wasn't going kept flooding her mind. Ridhima saw as Muskaan and Anjali came out. Muskaan was wearing a hula type pink skirt with a dark pink half tank top; it showed a lot of her figure towards people. While Anjali wore tight short black jeans, and a yellow long sleeved tight top, they both looked exceptionally beautiful.

"Ok ridhima, we'll leave now, make sure the house is spotless while we get back ok" Anjali said while ridhima she nodded to everything not giving it a second thought.

"We'll see you later" Muskaan said lightly, as ridhima waved them a bye.

Ridhima laid her head home. "Home alone" she said dazing off to sleep.

Ridhima woke up at 9:50, she looked at the clock and went towards the kitchen to make her something to eat and then she'll be off to sleep. While she was putting the frying pan on, she heard a knock on the door. Fear ran through ridhima's veins. Oh i'm scared now. Why at night, why can't people come in the morning? Ridhima hated the dark, she was always scared of it since she was born, and she hated it even more because no one was at home. What if it's a robber, or a rapist or both?

Picking up the pan in her hand she walked over to the door, step by a step, her breathing rate quickened as she reached the knob. Slowly she unlocked the door and once she opened it she quickly moved the pan to hit the person.


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Ridhima screamed louder, her heart beating harder but then she looked at the person in front of her.

"Do you mind, i'm trying to be a nice person here" Zoey walked in annoyed as ever. Holding onto a bag

"Gosh it's you" ridhima said relaxed.

"No, it's my ghost" zoey said sarcastically. "I see you haven't gone to the ball after all" she said eying ridhima.

"Sakshi told me to stay, i had to clean the house too" ridhima said while zoey just rolled her eyes.

"I've always hated sakshi" zoey said while ridhima laughed with her. "Come one Cinderella let's get you to the ball" she said while ridhima sat there shocked

 "What?" zoey asked her? "We can't let the princess sit at home and the prince waiting for her so anxiously, can we?" she said winking at her.

"But sakshi-"

"Leave that all to me sweetie" zoey said as she took of the bag from the back. "Get dressed. Come on" ridhima took the bag and smiled at zoey from her heart.

"And you're absolutely welcome" zoey screamed from the back as ridhima ran upstairs.

"I was going to say thank you anyway" turning on her heels ridhima ran into her room.

Ridhima opened the bag.

"I can't wear this" she screamed

Zoey walked into the room. "Yes you can" she said smiling.

"But, it's so open" ridhima argued back

Zoey sat down on the bed. "It's on the beach, you're meant to wear that. Now go get changed" she said while ridhima took the bag to the bathroom.

Ridhima walked into the bathroom, she was now even more scared to go, not only because she was going to the beach ball without sakshi's permission but also because what she was wearing was far too revealing. And much see through then she could ever thing off. Ridhima looked at herself in the mirror, she looked utterly breathless.

Ridhima's clothes:

"Zoe" ridhima said a she walked out of the bathroom.

Zoey turned around to see the most gorgeous person ever. "You look utterly hot sweetie" zoey said as she hugged her.

Backing a bit, zoey noticed that ridhima was pulling the skirt lower, but there was no way she could do that, the outfit was meant to be like that.

"Leave it Cinderella" she said pulling ridhima as she made ridhima sit on the chair in front of her dressing table. "Curling time" zoey said excitedly as ridhima saw her holding a pair of curling thongs.

"No way" ridhima squealed. "By the way whose are those?" asking curiously

"Anjali's i think" Zoey answered back with no fear.

Ridhima's eyes widened. "Oh shut up and let me do your hair" Zoey said unconcerned.

"Anji will scream" ridhima said as zoey took some of her hair and started curling.

"Only is she found out, she will" zoey answered back.

"Zoe, how am i going to get there?" ridhima said now realising about the dangers of doing this small act.

Zoey grinned. "Well Cinderella there is no pumpkin here to turn them into a chariot" ridhima laughed. "But there's a car outside with a driver there and you'll go with him" zoey finished off. "And remember to be back by 11 otherwise........." her voice trailed off

"Yes, yes i know my fairy god mother" ridhima smirked.

"So is it Cinderella or Juliet going to the ball?" zoey asked winking.

"Well, i don't know about u or me but armaan's expecting Juliet to be there" ridhima said as the blush rose through her.

"Armaan's going to have a heart attack once he sees's you" zoey said winking at her.

Ridhima blushed at the comment. "I hope he likes it" ridhima said in a whisper

Zoey bent down until she reached her ear. "His already fallen heads over heals for you, this would be just a perk for torture" ridhima giggled.

Ridhima stood in front of the mirror, her hands were shaking with the excitement within her, she picked up the comb and just dabbed her curled hair with it.

"You look beautiful, not get going" zoey said handing over her mobile to ridhima.

"What if something goes wrong?" ridhima said worried.

"Don't worry, i'll stay here and if something goes wrong i'll give you a call ok" she assured ridhima.

"Ok" ridhima said as they both walked downstairs. "Thank you zoey, thank you" ridhima said as tears were forming in her eyes.

"No need for thanks dear, think of me as you mother" zoey said hugging ridhima.

"My fairy godmother" ridhima said teary

"Hey, i spend ages on that eyes liner and mascara to make it perfect, don't ruin my hard work" zoey laughed and ridhima joined in with a great big smile

"Now go" zoey said pushing her out of the door.

Ridhima ran towards the car, as she opened the door. It was really cold outside and the cold with touched her skin too quickly.

"Get your Romeo, Juliet" ridhima blushed as she waved at zoey.

She got of the car; ridhima was even scared than before. She noticed that there were masks outside, picking a blue and green one, which matched her outfit perfectly. Smiling as she put it around her, watching everything through her eyes. Ridhima walked into the beach as the sand reached into her toes, tickling them with care, she saw a very big tent in the middle, there was at least 200 people there, everyone in less than anybody else, there was a limited about of clothing. Boys were there without shirts on, ridhima laughed as some boys started whistling, she was scared at the same moment, but seeing Rahul and atul there she relaxed. No one could notice that she was ridhima; she saw atul dancing with Anjali, his arms protectively around her. She saw Muskaan hugging Rahul close to her, her eyes wondered off to see if armaan was there, then ridhima looked at the watch, it was 10:15, it was so late, maybe he went home, but then ridhima saw Deepika dancing with some guy. She had never seen this guy before but Deepika was far into him.

What would my mama do (Oh Oh)
If she knew 'bout me and you? (Oh Oh)
What would my daddy say (Oh Oh)
If he saw me hurt this way? (Oh Oh)

"Wow this song makes so much sense right now" ridhima said as the song was fading away.

Ridhima then heard a noise, she looked at the phone it was text from zoey. Oh gosh what's wrong?

'Sakshi called, she said that her flight was cancelled as she'll be home at 11. I told her that you were in the toilet. So Cinderella you've got less time to find your prince charming'

Oh god.

Ridhima smiled as she lowered her head down, hearing a lot of guys talking and looking at her, as ridhima reached inside the tent. Looking for armaan, well she was there just because of him. But what if he wasn't there? How will he notice me with is mask on? Should i take it off? But what if Anjali and Muskaan sees be here?

Thinking ridhima bumped into someone. "Sorry" she whispered and turned to leave.

"Juliet" ridhima caught her breath. "Juliet?" she closed her eyes as she felt his hands driving from her wrist to her arm. Sliding causing her to tighten her eyes

"Armaan" ridhima gasped as he pulled her back, his hands on her bare stomach, he caressed it until ridhima was breathless.

"You look so sexy, hot, lush, i need you" armaan said breathless too. His lips were on her neck, driving her crazy. She felt the need now to make him hers, all hers.

Ridhima turned around and saw that he was wearing a blue, short sleeve shirt with all the buttons undone. "Armaan" she said sliding her hands onto his abs, touching every inch.

"Sexy, so damn beautiful Juliet" he said touching her lips.

Armaan looked at her as ridhima blushed down, she herself didn't know how armaan noticed her, his hands went around and pulled her closer as he rubbed his thigh onto her bare legs. Ridhima hitched her breath back.

"Come here" armaan said full of promises.

It's been so long ' Armaan pulled her onto the dance floor
That I haven't seen your face ' he touched her face
I'm tryna be strong
But the strength I have is washing away ' they slowly moved on with the music

It won't be long ' ridhima looked up into his eyes
Before I get you by my side ' they both were lost in their own world
And just hold you, tease you, squeeze you ' armaan's hand wounded up onto her thigh
Tell you what's been on my mind ' 'beautiful' he whispered in her ear

I wanna make up right now, na na ' armaan pulled ridhima until his abs were touching her bare skin
I wanna make up right now, na na ' ridhima gasped for more air as she touched his chest
Wish we never broke up right now, na na ' she placed a kiss on his chest
We need to link up right now, na na ' armaan tightened his hold on her thigh

I wanna make up right now, na na ' Armaan pushed the hair from her face
I wanna make up right now, na na ' he looked at her lips, lush red and pouting.
Wish we never broke up right now, na na ' ridhima giggled at the sight in front of her
We need to link up right now, na na ' she shut up once she felt his hands stroking her inner thigh

Girl I know mistakes were made between us two ' Armaan pulled ridhima away from the crowd
And we show our eyes that night ' ridhima looked at the pair of blue eyes gazing at her
Even said something's weren't true ' armaan pushed ridhima on the side of a pole
Why'd you go and haven't seen my girl since then ' ridhima blushed as she felt his hands caressing her skin
Why can't it be the way it was?- armaan looked at ridhima and bent down
Cos you were my homie, lover and friend ' ridhima closed her eyes as armaan sucked her stomach

I wanna make up right now, na na ' armaan licked her bare skin until ridhima begged him to stop
I wanna make up right now, na na ' he looked up to see her eyes closed
Wish we never broke up right now, na na ' ridhima pulled one of her leg up and stroked him
We need to link up right now, na na ' it was armaan's turn to be turned on

I wanna make up right now, na na ' armaan pulled ridhima's face closer by pulling her hair
I wanna make up right now, na na ' ridhima looked straight into his eyes
Wish we never broke up right now, na na ' armaan smiled wickedly
We need to link up right now, na na ' he pushed aside her hair onto one side

I can't lie ' armaan placed a kiss on her neck
I miss you much ' hearing her gasp, armaan licked her collar bone
Watching everyday that goes by ' 'Armaan' ridhima whimpered
I miss you much ' armaan laughed but kept on kiss her neck
Until I get you back I'm gonna try ' he moved his hands sensuously around her back
Yes I miss you much ' ridhima tried to breath but there was no air
You are the apple of my eye ' armaan bit her on the shoulder
Girl I miss you much ' kissing the same place, armaan grinned.

I miss you much ' ridhima gripped his shirt
I can't lie ' she placed a kiss on his chest
I miss you much ' armaan looked at her surprised as ridhima pushed him on the pole
Watching everyday that goes by ' kiss by kiss, ridhima started from his stomach then coming up
I miss you much ' armaan was shaking when ridhima hands went under his shirt and to his back
Until I get you back I'm gonna try ' ridhima took the advantage and turned around and pushed her back against his front.
Yes I miss you much ' armaan gasped as ridhima pushed out all the air in his lungs
you are the apple of my eye ' from the front ridhima caressed his hair and pulled his head down.
Girl I miss you much ' ridhima looked staright at him as she winked at him
I miss you much ' armaan smiled and then went for it

The music went off their thoughts, all that was there now was armaan's lips crushing hard onto ridhima's soft one. Armaan turned ridhima around as he pulled her holding onto her thighs, caressing her as his lips were urgent on hers; he pushed her onto the pole as the cold pole gave shivers to ridhima. Holding onto armaan, she opened up to him as his tongue pounced right into her. She felt like the world was gonna crash at that very moment, armaan caressed her neck as his hands were urging her to keep going on. Armaan pulled ridhima until she wrapped her legs around his waist. Ridhima was holding onto armaan's shirt as he was holding on to her waist, and kiss kept going, they didn't need anything, all that they were doing was loving each other for once. Ridhima gasped for more as she felt his hands opening her top, ridhima opened her eyes in a warning but then she was shell shocked as she looked at the big watch on the other tent. 10:58

 Ridhima pushed armaan, away she looked at the clock and then at armaan. Tears ran through her eyes, as the tears came flooding down.

"Ridhima?" armaan asked

Ridhima pushed armaan away, as she ran past him. "Ridhima? Ridhima listen" armaan said behind her as ridhima ran through the beach, as the cold water hit her legs.

"Home please" she said to the driver as he started the car. Ridhima watched as armaan came running out as ridhima's car went away. Tears came running down ridhima's eyes, firstly because she knew that what was happening was totally wrong, she didn't know much about this guy and when he finds about her past she knew that he'll hate her. And secondly because if she didn't reach home in time she was going to be dead

I wanna make up right now, na na
I wanna make up right now, na na
Wish we never broke up right now, na na
We need to link up right now, na na

The song faded away.................... Leaving armaan gazing at the car.


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