Tuesday, 17 July 2018

part 8 : Unforgivable (Arsh mini ff)

After dinner, we went for a short drive around town. Nowhere in particular. Just driving around town making random conversation about whatever came up. We just returned to our building and were walking towards it. There wasn't any parking close so we ended up having to park far away. I felt Armaan's hand brushing against mine. I looked up at him and saw him looking the other way. I took the initiative and grabbed his hand while placing my head onto his shoulder which was at a perfect height for me. We climbed up the stairs and made stood in front of my door. "Thank you Armaan." He looked at me confused. "For what?" I leaned in toward him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "For just being yourself." I heard him chuckle a little bit before taking me into a hug. His arms circled around my waist and I felt his face nuzzle into my neck. I rested my arms around his neck and placed my head on his shoulders relishing the warmth of his body.

            We stood there for a while just taking in the closeness we shared. It was a comforting, loving, peaceful hug. Something I felt that I needed for some reason because it soothed me afterwards. Armaan pulled away from me but still kept his arms on the sides of my hips. I kept my head lowered but brought my eyes up to see his loving eyes. I felt him sweep away the strands of hair that had fallen from behind my ear to cover my cheeks. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, making them warm. I didn't even want to know what shade of red they were. I left Armaan's lips on my left cheek. He let them linger there for a little while before he moved away. "I love it when you blush." I looked up to see him smiling down at me. Seeing him smile made me curl my lips too. It was hard to resist. His hands still cupped my cheeks with his thumb gently moving back and forth on them. I held his wrists, cherishing the moment. My tiny hands barely making their way around his wrists. We stood there like that in a prolonged silence. Nothing was said but so much emotion was being expressed. I looked up at him after some time.

            I saw him lean slightly forward looking at my lips. A few inches away he stopped, and shifted his gaze from my lips to my eyes. I could tell he was asking for approval to carry out what he wanted. I gave him a smile and gently nodded. With no time to spare, he quickly closed the gap between our lips. It was a gentle kiss, filled with affection. I was left breathless when he moved back. "Good night, Shilpa." He whispered right before he took my hands into his, placed a kiss on them and then slowly walked backwards to his dorm.

            I somehow managed to take out the keys from my bag and unlock the door. I shut it and locked it once again before turning around to find Muskaan sitting on the couch snuggled into a blanket watching T.V. "You aren't asleep yet?" I asked dropping my bag onto the table as I passed by it. "I tried, but just couldn't. So I decided to watch some TV." She moved her legs up to make room for me. I plopped down next to her and rested my head onto her shoulder, closing my eyes. "So how was dinner?" She asked as she brought her arm around me. "Amazing." I said longingly. I brought my hand up to show her the ring. "OH MY GOD! He proposed?!" She grasped my hand and looked at the ring. I giggled at her reaction, "No, Muskaan. It's a promise ring." I bit my lower lip as I smiled thinking about the evening. "Oh ho, looks like someone's happy." She gave me a side hug and didn't let go as I continued to admire my ring.

"I'm not happy, Muskaan. I'm beyond that. I don't even think words can describe it." I sighed and leaned my head against hers. She put her hands on my face and moved it back and forth. "Aww! My Shilpa is in love!!" She pinched my cheeks and pulled from side to side. "Muskaaaaaan!" I whined while taking her hands away. "That hurts!" I rubbed my cheeks trying to reduce the pain. "Let me see the ring again!" She grabbed my hand again and looked at the ring. "It's so pretty! He even got both of your names etched into it!" She covered my hand with both of hers and looked at me. I saw a few tears escape from her eyes. "Muskaan, what's wrong?" Why was she crying? I leaned forward and wiped her tears with my free hand. "I'm just so, so, so happy for you." She let out a chuckle as some more tears fell from her eyes. "Muskaan, you're going to make me cry too." I pulled her toward me and gave her a tight hug. "You better not cry! Otherwise, I'll cry more." She replied while still laughing.

When we finally moved away from each other, we both wiped each other's tears away and laughed once again. "Muskaan." She took the blanket off the lower half of her body and was going to stand up. "Hmm..." She turned back to me. I put my hands in the air like a child asking to be carried by the parent. "You can be such a child sometimes." She grabbed my hands and pulled me up, placing her hand around my waist.  She dropped me off into my room but as she was about to walk away I held her hand. "Stay please." I asked sleepily with a smile. I saw her look at me with an 'are-you-serious' face and it made me smile wider. "Fine, move over." I shifted my body to make room for her. She laid her body next to mine facing the other way. I curled up next to her and put my arms around her. "I love you." She patted my arm, "I love you too. Now sleep." I tightened my hold on Muskaan. "I'm not Armaan, Shilpa. Calm down." As funny as that was, I let her go and turned the other way pretending to be offended. "I know you're faking it so come back over here." I let out a giggle and returned back to hugging her as we fell asleep on the bed.


            The sun's rays irritated my eyes disturbing my sleep. I slowly opened them only to find it completely blurry. I shut them and then opened them again. It was still blurry but I saw Muskaan's figure sleeping next to me so I moved closer and snuggled into her. "Shilpa!!" She yelled my name. "Muskaan... you're right here... stop screaming..." I hid my face into her trying to avoid the sun.  "Why is your skin so rough? Did you stop using lotion?" I asked, my eyes still closed. "Shilpa! Wake up!" I heard her scream again. I sat up in the bed rubbing my eyes. "Stop yelling!" I looked toward the door and saw her standing there. My eyes slowly shifted to beside me. There lay Armaan, smiling cheekily at me. "Armaan!" I jumped off the bed when I saw him. "What are you doing here so early?!" Armaan laughed as he stood up. "Early? I don't know what you're talking about. It's noon!" My eyes moved toward the digital clock sitting on the bedside table and I saw that it read 12:06 p.m.

            "Why didn't you wake me up Muskaan?" I hurriedly questioned her as I grabbed my towel and some clothes. "Psh... you're impossible to wake up when you go to sleep so tired. I tried for a little bit but then gave up." I gave her a glare even though she was right. I was a hopeless cause when it came to waking me up after I was tired the night before. I rushed into the bathroom and quickly took a shower and changed. I walked out drying my hair with my towel and saw Armaan lying on my bed still. "What are you doing here?" I asked stopping in front of my mirror, watching him through it. I saw him get up and walk toward me. "I'm here because I wanted to see you." He stopped behind me so I turned to face him. "You've seen me. Now what?" He grinned at my response and took the towel from my hand. He covered his hand with it and brought it to my face, gently patting the water on my cheek away. I tried to move away but he pulled me back in front of him. "Umm.. Armaan... I... breakfast..." He snickered at the genius sentence I just muttered. "It's noon, just eat lunch." He whispered in my ear as he pulled me into his arms. "You smell incredible, Shilpa." He ran his nose through my wet hair and kissed my head.

            "Armaan... Muskaan's waiting..." I felt him shake his head next to mine. "No she isn't. Rahul's here." He started rubbing his nose right behind my ear and that's what made me almost lose control. He knew that was my weak spot. His hands were tenderly running up and down my spine over my shirt. I brought my hands up to my shoulders, almost about to lose it. That's when Muskaan came in. "Do you guys start at any given opportunity?! Gosh!" I jumped away from Armaan and he walked away running his hands through his hair. "Why do you ruin it every, single time!" He said in an annoyed voice as he walked passed her and out of the room. Muskaan just gave him a huge, appreciative smile before coming to me and tugging me out of the room behind her.

            "Hi Shilpa." Rahul greeted as I was being dragged by Muskaan. I smiled, "Hey Rahul!" He looked back at an irritated Armaan standing behind him. "What's up with him?" He asked pointing at Armaan with his thumb. "I walked in while they were romancing." Armaan's face grew more irritated as he glared at Muskaan. Rahul turned around in his chair to face Armaan laughing, "You don't give up any opportunity, do you?" Muskaan and I took a seat in front of him. "That's exactly what I said!" Muskaan squealed almost jumping from her seat. I looked up at Armaan and saw him more irritated. I giggled at the scene happening in front of me which caused Armaan to glare at me too. I made a puppy dog face with my lips pouted and mouthed a 'sorry' to him. I saw him smile for a second but then change his expression back to one of irritation.

"So what are the plans for today?"  Rahul asked as he sipped his afternoon coffee. "Well I was thinking about..." Armaan started but was interrupted by Muskaan. "Let's go downtown! Maybe some shopping?" Muskaan was getting excited. "NO! I'm not going shopping!" Armaan yelled back. "Oh come on, Armaan. We'll have fun." Rahul sided with his girlfriend. "You of all people? Dude, you're whipped man! Shilpa, do you want to go shopping?" He looked at me and slightly shook his head trying to tell me to say no. I actually wanted to go shopping, I haven't gone in so long. "Actually, I kind of want to go shopping Armaan." I uttered afraid of his reaction. "Then it's final! We're going shopping. Three against one Armaan." Muskaan gave him a victory smile which I could tell Armaan didn't like at all. We heard him mutter a 'fine' and storm away to watch TV. I felt a little bad for not siding with Armaan.

After having something quick to eat, Muskaan and I got ready and left with the guys. Armaan drove with Rahul in the passenger seat with the two of us in the back. Muskaan was busy talking to Rahul and I looked out the window. I felt bad for Armaan. He wasn't talking at all. Even when he was asked a question he would just reply in 'hmm' or a monosyllable. Halfway through the ride I saw him adjust the rearview mirror. His eyes were frequently looking back at me but every time he did I looked out the window pretending I didn't see him. Armaan parked the car and we all got out. Rahul, Muskaan and I waited in front of the car for Armaan to come out and join us. I saw him getting out so I decided to walk to him. But I took two steps and felt a tug on my arm. I turned my head to see Muskaan's arm linked with mine as she started to walk away talking to Rahul. I looked back at Armaan and held my hand out for him to grab before we got too far away. He quickly jogged up and placed his hand into mine. I looked up at him and saw him smiling. I felt relieved that he wasn't as mad as seemed to be earlier. I brought up our joined hands and kissed his hand. When he saw that, he pulled our hands up higher and kissed my hand as well. Maybe this day wouldn't be so bad.


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