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Part 8 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

It has been about 2 months, since Shilpa, joined Mallik Empire. Mallik Empire was a huge Fashion designing empire. It did not started with empire exactly. It was Just Mallik industries. It was a small business, which revolved around in India. It was not until Armaan, The next heir of Mallik Empire, started to handle the company himself. In few years, he got the company into the top business of the world. This amazed his dad more than it amazed any other person. Mallik industries had top models of the world. They were the fashion in vogue.

"May I come in sir?" Shilpa sweetly asked knocking on his glass door.

"Yes, Ms.Malhotra. Any problem?" He asked looking up from the file.

"Yes Sir, Our model, Ms. Brown, had an accident. She would not be able to launch the Fiesta show today." Shilpa said, a bit stressed.

"Hmm' Is not there any other model? Is no one free?" He asked joining his hands together and putting his to index fingers under his chin, sat back on the chair, rolling side-to-side a little.

"No, I tried, but they all have their own business to be fixed." She said exasperated.

"Ok, well, then I think I will have to think about it a little." He said getting up from his chair.

"You sit here, I will be right back." He said again pointing at the couch. She nodded and went towards the couch. She put her head in her hands and tried to relax. It was such a hectic day. She had never worked this way before. After what seemed long, she smelled something. Then a moment later, she felt hot steam touching her face. She looked up to; find Armaan offering her a cup of coffee, while he himself had one in his left hand. She smiled and accepted the cup gladly, whispering small thanks.

"So what did you think of?" she asked sipping the coffee, and feeling a little relaxed than before.

"Umm' why don't you do it on her behalf?" He asked, even though he clearly knew the answer.

"Armaan, this is not funny. We are in some business problem, and you are try to kid with me." She frowned at him.

"It is not a joke Shilpa. I am serious. We have no other option left." He said not meeting her eyes.

"Look, I don't have any personal problem with modeling. But I am not experienced. I have never in my life even tried to do it for fun." She said moving towards the glass screen behind Armaan's desk. She can have the view of all the urban areas in the city. It was beautiful. She sipped her coffee. She knew Armaan, will not mind her being informal for a while.

"I will talk to Siya, she will tell you. I know you can do it!" He said with requesting expressions. She sighed and took another sip.

"But Armaan, I can't do it." She replied.

"Trust me!" he whispered in a husky voice in her ears. He was so close to her, she felt her knees going weak. "Please!" He whispered again. And this time she could not say no. It was hard. Way too hard. She nodded, and turned around to look at him. He slowly concealed her into a hug. He did not know why, he wanted to stay there forever. He had never felt this before. It was something new. Something amazing. After a while, they came out of the hug.

"Thank you!" He whispered again. She nodded and smiled. He bent down and slowly kissed her cheek letting his lips linger on her tan skin for a while. He looked at her going red. He smiled at that. 'She is still the same'.He thought.

She looked at him for a while, and then ran away to her cabin. She didn't know why she wasn't able to deny his request.

"You are really, stupid, idiot. Can't you just say no to him? And he too, trying his charms on me. Hmm! I am goin to refuse right now. Samjhta kya hai apne aap ko huh? That wasn't fair. Idiot, moron, stupid..and..and.." She was talking to herself when suddenly a voice interrupted her.

"And smart, handsome, charming'"

She looked around to find Armaan behind her leaning on the door frame.

"Kisi ke cabin mein knock karke aana chahiye. Itni bhi tameez nahi hai kya?" She frowned. He didn't answer. He just started pacing towards her. She felt goose bumps rising up her bare skin. A short shiver ran down through her as she met his gaze. He came really close. Leaned near her right ear and whispered hoarsely.


"Hmm'" she replied to his gesture.

"you-have-fifteen-mintues-to-get-dressed-model." He said emphasizing each and every minute. He leaned back and laughed at her horror stuck face. She didn't take long to recover from her shock. She was just going to chase him, when he stopped her by his hand. She frowned.

"Fifteen minutes, remember Ms.Malhotra?" He said

"I know Mr.Mallik, But I don't give a damn to your warnings. And FYI-For you information, I am doing this as Shilpa, not Ms. Malhotra, got it!" She snapped at him.

"Ok, Ok' I give up, you are really a wild cat, jungle billi." He laughed at his own joke. While she flared at him.

"You are dead today Armaan, I won't spare you!" She glared at him.

"Ok, bestie, do that all later, write now, please'get ready!" He said with a pleasing look. She sighed and nodded.

"Shilpa!" He called turned at the door.

"hmm?" She asked

"Are you sure, I don't want to force you!" He said genuinely

"Never been so sure before." She replied, and Armaan smiled as he left the cabin.


His voice was stuck in his throat as he saw her sitting in front of the dressing table backstage. He had no words to define her beauty. No one was in the dressing room, as everyone were behind the curtains. He didn't see Shilpa there, so he had gone in to get her. But after seeing her, nothing came out of his mouth.

She was sitting there, clad in white colored long summer dress, that was designed by herself. She had light make-up, as the make-up artist told her, that doing more makeup will make her less beautiful, as she is already so beautiful. She saw his reflection in the mirror staring at her. She got up  and ran into his arms. He was taken back for a while, but than understood, that she might be feeling nervous.

"Are you ok?" He asked in a soft voice.

"I am scared Armaan!" She replied. She clutched onto his suit, making it harder for him to bare their closeness.

"Shilpa'Shilpa look at me!" He said trying to make her face him. But she shook her head.

"Shilpa'shona! Trust me." He whispered. She looked up at him. She could see the craving of trust in his eyes. She nodded.  He cupped her face and kissed her forehead. Then looked down at her and smiled.

"Waise, you are not looking bad today!" He said to lighten up the mood.

"Armaan!" She said punching him on his chest.

"And who is this shona?" She said froening her usual frown.

"Uhh' She was one of my girlfriends." He smirked

"Chal juthe, Teri GF ka itna sweet naam ho hi nahi sakta!" She said laughing. Suddenly the starting of the show interrupted them, She almost ran towards the stage.

'I know Shona, but I have you, and that's enough for me to thank god for seven rebirths! ' He whispered to himself


Shilpa Malhotra walked on the ramp of fiesta fashion show, launched by Mallik Empire. A beautiful lady wearing a white colored gown, that showed off her tan-white shoulders. Her hair curled in the front and layed straight behind her. It was a dress that she had designed herself. She felt all the eyes on her, she was nervous. Her eyes found the person she was looking for. He looked at her and smiled. And blinked his eyes at her with a slight nod to tell her to go ahead. She felt sudden enthusiasm rise in her. She walked up the ramp gracefully.

Armaan felt his heart thumping loudly in his heart. He had no words for the angel who walked up the ramp. He was feeling proud. Proud of being her Bestie. He was proud of her.


Shilpa sat there with hugging her legs and smiling remembering today's moments. She was wearing a purple colored Minnie mouse tee and purple shorts with a mickey on its left side. She was sitting on her bed. It's about 1:30 at night.

"Ouch" a painful whisper brought her back to earth. She looked around to find someone trying to climb up the window. She frowned for a moment, then walked over there to see Armaan. She made a 'that-was-so-obvious and rolled her eyes.

"Armaan, itni raat gaye yahan kya kar rahe ho?" She asked in an annoying tone.

"Shilpa why do you always queston silly questions? Pull me up, hurry!" He said 'more' annoyed.

She pulled him up. He stood there with a putting face. She frowned.

"Kya hua Armaan?" She asked finally.

"Who, I came here to say thanks. Actually, I was going to come by door, but than its like 1:oo at night-'' Shilpa cut him between.

"1:30" She snapped

"Yeah, whatever. So I came by window." He explained.

"Dude! You could have said thanks tomorrow in the morning too! What's wrong with you?" She almost yelled at him.

"Oh Hello. I came here after so many efforts, bruising my hands and face, and you are back firing on me?" He frowned angrily. That is when she noticed the small bruise on his forehead, which was almost covered by his hair. She bit her tongue, and walked towards her drawer. She turned on the lamp to find her First-Aid box.

He looked around the room. It was all purple and white. Except for some designs, that were green. It looked amazing. He turned to look at her and now he could see her Minnie mouse nightdress under the bright light of the lamp. She looked so cute, he thought. She brought out a white box from her drawer and walked towards him. He looked at her taking out a cotton ball and anti-biotic ointment. He frowned. She looked at him and then back at her kit.

"What are you doing?" He asked and bent down in front of her where she was sitting on the corner of her bed.

"DIkhayi nahi deta kya?" She asked and brought up the cotton to clean his wound on his forehead. It was bleeding now. He winced and she took her hand away.

"Sorry, does it hurt?" She asked concerned, he looked at her innocent face and shook his head.

"Toh chup raho!" She said sternly, as he got confused. She cleaned his wounds and he kept on looking at her.

"achha chalo, now go, its too late now." She said getting up from her bed.

"But I still haven't completed my job." He said cutely.


"I have to say thanks to you remember?"


"Well, than let me!"

"Dude! Its ok, fine? Now go!!" She said pushing him out of window.

"Nahi" He whispered in the same husky tone which makes her knees weak. She slowly looked up to see him just an inch away. She moved backward as he traced her steps walking towards her. She bumped into the wall. He got really close to her. She swallowed hard.

She closed her eyes at their intensity. She felt him moving away, as cold rushed onto her face. She slowly opened her eyes to see no one in front of her. She took a deep breath and was about to move when suddenly her eyes fell on the person sitting in proposing position in front of her with a flower in his hand.

 Love ya all,

Keep commeting.


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