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part 9 : Taming the Unknown

"Home mam" the driver asked again as they drove out of the beach.

Ridhima breathed in. "Yes please"

"I think you should go back, that boy's still shouting your name out" he suggested.

"Can you please mind you own business" ridhima said as anger rose through her, but after a few seconds, not getting a response back from the driver, ridhima felt guilty at what she said. "I'm sorry"

He turned around and smiled at her. "Its ok sweetie" he answered back

Ridhima looked at her watch, it read 11:00, and her eyes started warming up, as tears started dripping down her eyes. She closed her eyes, as she looked out of the window, she remembered how armaan and she were dancing, and it was far more than dancing. How ridhima wished she was in his arms at that very moment.

 I can't believe what just happened? I kissed him! OMG i kissed Armaan Malik, no way did that all ever happened. Oh its past 11 now, sakshi is going to kill him. Armaan, oh armaan, how i wish you were with me now. I miss you, i hope you understand me, understand the need of me running away. Would he turn his back on me when i tell him the truth? Does he love me in the first place? How can i just go thinking that a kiss was nothing? Did it mean anything to him? Look at those beautiful flowers, even at night they look so pretty, nothing to stop them to be more beautiful than ever. But what about me, i looked beautiful tonight but would that be the same case tomorrow, whatever happened tonight, would it be the same as tomorrow? Maybe he thought it was just for pleasure, he can think that way. He's a guy; he probably thought about seeing a cute girl and kisses her. Just like Romeo did............. he hardly knew Juliet, the first time he saw her in the ball, he didn't even bother asking her name or about her past and her family. He just jumped to conclusion to kiss her, just what armaan did tonight, as in Romeo and Juliet when they find out the truth he regrets it, he ends up hurting him in the end. No, no i don't want armaan to be like that, i don't want him to be hurt, i'll do whatever i can to make his life safe, even if it means that he's going to hate me............

"Mam your home" the driver pulled her out of her thoughts

Ridhima looked at her watch 11:05. "Oh god, thank you" ridhima said jumping out of the car.

Ridhima slowly tip toed in through the garden, holding onto a flower for support, slowly she walked onto the steps of her house. With each step she took, her breathing god harder each and every second. She stepped onto the last step, as she found the door open; ridhima looked in to see sakshi's back facing her and zoey in front of her.

"Shit" ridhima said

Zoey saw as ridhima stood behind the wall, making sure she was out of sakshi's sight, zoey relaxed knowing that ridhima was at least back safe and sound....

"Zoey i'm talking to you! Where are you looking?" sakshi said turning around as ridhima jumped back and hid behind again

"Oh gosh, what shall i do now?" ridhima said worried.

"Oh sorry" zoey said quickly. "I'm sorry" she whispered.

Sakshi shook her head annoyed. "Ok whatever, where is ridhima?"

Zoey looked up, she watched as ridhima looked at her worriedly. "She's asleep upstairs" zoey replied in a calm voice.

Sakshi looked at her a bid concerned but unbothered. "Ok fine whatever"

Ridhima relaxed behind the wall.

"Ridhima?" zoey's voice came towards her

Ridhima walked into the house, her eyes still saddened from the beach party, her mind flew with great grave questions, which she herself couldn't answer. And one was 'Why did she kiss him?'

"Ridhima?" zoey called again. "What's wrong dear?"

"Everything" ridhima mumbled and walked upstairs not giving a glance back. "Oh and thank you Zoe"

Zoey shook her head and walked towards the door. "It's ok"

Zoey looked at ridhima, who had her head bowed down, she didn't even look at what step she was taking, zoey knew that something was surely bothering ridhima but didn't ask her knowing that ridhima never shared anything to anyone.

Closing her eyes, ridhima sat there on the bed, she still hadn't changed her clothes. The clock read 12, midnight. As ridhima sat there, tears came running down her eyes, she tried to hold it deep in but nothing could stop it. All at once a rush of tears came tumbling down.

What did I do wrong? She said to herself. Why is it me that deserve a life like this? That kiss, the kiss he gave me. My first ever kiss, from my first ever love. What would he be thinking, does he love me? Did that kiss mean a lot to him or was he just having fun. Mamma i wish you were here, i know that if you were here, you would have held me in your arms and said that everything would be alright. She gripped the sheets. Your words would have soothed my thoughts, ma, i wish, how i wish you were here, telling me that no one could hurt me. I know, i know that you are still watching over me from up there. She pointed up to the sky. But why ma, what did i do wrong to deserve such a horrible life? Yes! Yes i love the damn guy, yeah you've heard it right, and I love him more than any other women in this world. All his touches make me dizzy, all his words get me too high up and the way he holds me, it turns me so on. Then why? Why all these complication? Why can't i be in his arm now? But what if he hats me? Hated me after hearing that I'm a criminal? Would he believe me when i tell him the truth? Or like muskaan and anjali did, would he not believe me and take me as a killer?

Ridhima fell on the floor crying, her tears hot as ever. She closed her eyes and ran towards the bathroom. Closing the door, she stood below the shower, as she turned it on, the cold water hit her head, as the tears turned numb under her. She brushed her fingers through her hair, putting her head on the wall behind her; she slid down until she sat on the tub floor. Closing her eyes ridhima applied the soap in utter slowness; ridhima didn't know what was happening to her, why did she fell like it was the end of the world? Wiping herself, she walked out wearing the same satin night gown but this one was in red, she brushed the tears away from the back of her hand. Putting the towel on her hair she made her way out of the bathroom. Her face giving no expression what so ever, all she felt doing then was going to sleep and never waking up ever again.

Ridhima turned around to turn the knob of the bathroom door, as she turned around she was more shocked than ever.

"Heyya Juliet" ridhima's eyes grew wider. "You took ages in the bathroom, I was getting bored out here" he said, while ridhima's mouth opened in shocked. "But i must say, you look extremely lush, so hard to resist myself" he added in

"What are you doing here?" she managed to ask. Her lips quivered

Armaan smiled, seeing her so nervous he grew stronger. "Hmm what do you think? You can't just leave me there and then run home. This isn't fairytales missy" he said getting up from her bed

"Armaan" ridhima whimpered. "Stay there, don't come closer" she said trying to move back but no luck, he kept coming closer.

Ridhima touched the back of the wall. Watching his intense gaze she tried to move away but his hands came in both ways to stop her.

"Armaan please" she said

Armaan didn't even bother answering back, he just slammed his lips hard on hers, not giving her a chance to push her away. The kiss started gentle, as ridhima tried not to respond to it, which made armaan kiss her more urgently, his hands wondered from her waist to her back, caressing her through the satin night gown. Ridhima gaped, she felt like running away, his hands were arousing her completely, she felt his hands touch her bra from the outside as he lingered his hands around that same place. He followed the outline of it, driving ridhima crazy. Ridhima tried to keep her mouth shut and not respond to him but within the second that he touched her tight she drove herself mad, opening her mouth, she entered in the sweet juicy saliva of his, dipping her tongue inside until she found his, closing her eyes shut ridhima put her arms around him, pulling him onto her, while armaan just caressed her body until she was mindless and all her thoughts revolved on how she could breathe.

 Armaan kissed her, breaking from one kiss into another, not leaving her lips until he was sure that she was his. Holding on the back of her head, he deepened the kiss by seconds, increasing the speed as ridhima gripped onto his shirt steadying her from falling over. Armaan pushed her on the wall, rubbing his body up and down her. Ridhima gasped sensing his body brushing past her cloth less body, caressing her so delicately that ridhima was about to faint from his scent. She put her tongue in between his, as he started licking her so tenderly, so juicily, like ridhima was a candy, he twisted his tongue with hers, ridhima laughed through the whole thing as armaan's laughter joined in with hers making it one. Ridhima licked his mouth perfect, while as armaan kissed her lower lip, as his hands moved from her bossom to her waist, stroking her so beautifully leaving ridhima mindless, as she breathed deeply feeling his lips kissing her lower lip so lushly. Ridhima moved her hands towards his care, caressing it but unknown to the fact that she was driving him on the edge. Seeing the tension between the kiss, armaan gasped as he felt her hands driving him utterly crazy, he pushed her hard on the wall now, he kissed her so fervently, his lips covering hers, as they tongues danced together inside. Ridhima closed her eyes, she slowly took her hands and cupped his face between her palms as she kissed him deeply this time, so hard that they were nearly going to fall down but the ridhima kissed him and slowly parted away. Ridhima pushed and took a step back, she breathed in so heavily, armaan watched her as her breasts went up and down, he lingered his eyes on her perfect body.

"Armaan" ridhima whispered

Armaan looked at her, she looked so confused but still so beautiful to him. "I can't stay away from you" he breathed in deeply. "You drive me mad" he moved his hands to touch her hair but ridhima backed away.

"You have to leave" she whispered softly

Armaan looked at her weirdly. "Ridhima what's wrong with you?" he asked uncertain. "I know what you feel for me then why all this confusion?" he said irritated.

Ridhima shook her head. "I felt nothing" she walked off.

Grabbing onto her wrist armaan pulled her back. "What!" he was shocker than before "Why are you playing games?" he laughed and shook his head.

"I'm not" ridhima lowered her head. "You're not supposed to be here" ridhima pushed her hand out of her wrist and walked over to the balcony. "You have to leave, now"

"I won't leave until i get my answers!" he said arrogantly. "All the answers ridhima, including you family" ridhima gasped, so loudly that even armaan heard it from afar.

"Yes ridhima, you family" armaan said surely. "I want to know everything"

"You have no right to know everything!" she snapped back. "Actually you have no right in asking me about my personal life" ridhima said turned and snared back.

"Ridhima?" he said shocked.

"No Mr. Malik, you have no right" she walked over to him. "Leave or else-"

"Or else what?" he gripped her arms and puller her closer. "Huh? What will you do?" he said in anger

"LEAVE" ridhima said in utter fury. "How dare you?" she pushed herself out of his grip. Pointing her finger to his face "Go now"

"I won't" armaan said stubbornly. "I know what you feel for me ridhima, you can't hide it" he said smirking.

Ridhima was astounded at his ego. "Nothing" she looked at him confused. "I feel nothing for you" turning on her heels ridhima started walking away.

"You-" armaan pulled her back gripping on the side of her arms. "How can you say this?" ridhima saw the hurt in her eyes. Ridhima turned her head to side, to stop the tears from coming out of her eyes. "That kiss ridhima?" he shook her violently. "Didn't it mean anything to you, couldn't you feel the-" armaan stopped himself as he pushed her away and took a step back.

"Ridhima" armaan's tears came from his eyes.

Ridhima took a step forward to console him but armaan stopped her by putting his hand out. "I don't need pettiness" he said, the tears came hard. "I can't believe it ridhima, i thought..... I thought that..." his voice cracked. "After all I've done, you've been driving me nuts from the day i set my eyes on you" he cried deeply.

Watching him break down right in front of her, ridhima couldn't stop herself, tears tumbled down her eyes, as it started running down her cheeks and dropping off at the edge of her chin.

"Armaan please listen to me" ridhima said teary

"What shall i listen do?" he shouted back. "You have been driving me insane, i can't believe that i fell in love with a girl like you" he turned his head around not looking at ridhima's face. "A girl who doesn't even know what I've felt for her, a girl who i wish would learn the meaning of love" he covered his face with his palms. "I love you for god sake ridhima. God damn sake, you're always on my mind, even when i try to get you out of my head i bloody can't" he screamed. "When you realise what love is tell me" he said harshly back not turning around. "When you fall in love with me it will be too late-"

"I already have" she whispered.

He continued "But then you have lost me ridhima, i can't believe-"armaan snapped his head around.

He looked at her, ridhima's head lowered to the floor, she was scared about that fact that he may not have heard her but then as his head just snapped around she knew that he had.

"S-......... Say it again........." he stammered, too hard to digest what he has just heard.

Ridhima looked up annoyed, shocked and blushing. "I think I've fallen for you" she said tilting her head to the side and gazed madly back into his eyes.

Armaan swiftly took her lips into his again, as he gently and carefully kissed her. While tears from both of their eyes trembled onto their lips, making the kiss salty as ever, but just then ridhima opened her eyes, as if something just came trashing down her world, with the most powerful force she pushed him away as hard as ever.

Armaan stared at her shocked, everything was so perfect but what just came down. He looked at ridhima who was taking steps back, each second a tear came running down her eyes. He stared straight at her, while ridhima's tears got stronger.

"What's wrong Juliet?" he said concerned

"You'll hate me" ridhima whispered. "You are going to hate me!" she said louder, as armaan looked at her strangely. "You don't deserve me, you need someone better" ridhima said as she was saying it all to herself.

Armaan walked towards her while ridhima kept shaking her head. "But i want you, i'm in love with you" he said softly

"NO" ridhima screamed. "You can't love a Killer!" she shouted while armaan's legs stopped moving.

"W...ha...t?" he murmured

Ridhima fell on the floor crying, she gripped the side of the bed as she cried and cried. Armaan stood there too shocked to do anything, seeing her crying so badly, he didn't even have the courage to go up to her and hug her and tell her everything would be alright, because he didn't know how everything could be alright.

"You deserve a lover armaan Not and KILLER!" she said louder again.

Armaan came back to his senses, as he saw her crying like mad. "Ridhima what you saying?" he asked her.

"You wanted to know Na?" ridhima said as she got up and sat on the bed. "This is why my family hates me, because i killed my father" armaan stood there shocked, his mouth opened wide, his eyes were solemn.

"You.............. You really?" armaan asked unwontedly

"No!" ridhima whispered. "I didn't kill him, why would i" ridhima said as she hid her face in her hands.

Armaan walked over and sat beside ridhima, slowly he moved ridhima's hands away from her face; he looked at her as she was still crying, her tears coming from every direction of her eye.

"Tell me everything ridhima, i need to know" armaan asked desperately

Ridhima hiccupped. "13 years ago" hiccup. "I lost everything"


"Ridhima!" sakshi came and took hold of ridhima's ear.

"Owwwwwww" ridhima screamed as tears came running down.

Sakshi looked at her annoyed; they both were stood in the kitchen. "Get leaning the dishes before your 'daddy' comes home" she said adding sarcasm

Ridhima watched as sakshi walked away, she wasn't even a adult yet, she was crying so badly, while washing the dishes her tears were involved in it as well.

"Ridhima" Muskaan came in running as she hugged ridhima. "Ridhima, look na, anji di is being mean" Muskaan said showing her tongue out to Anjali who was standing behind ridhima.

"Riddz, don't believe muski, she's always lying" Anjali said in her defence.

Ridhima laughed at her sisters, they were both older than her but still acted like small babies. "Has papa come yet?" ridhima asked innocently while both the girls shook her head.

"Do you need help in washing riddz?" Anjali offered.

"Uh haan riddzie, we can help" Muskaan said nodding her head extra fast making both Anjali and ridhima laugh.

Anjali took ridhima in her arms, as she hugged her from the side, the 3 sisters were the perfect family.

"Anjali? Muskaan?" sakshi called loudly, as they looked at each other and went away.

Muskaan Anjali and ridhima were playing outside. It was 3 in the afternoon and that day and that time had changed everything from that day onwards.

"Oh catch" Anjali said laughing as they were playing catching with the ball.

"Ready muski" ridhima said as she threw it to Muskaan but with extra force, that it went into the road.

"Oh i'll get it" Muskaan said but then sakshi stopped her.

"No, ridhima threw it let her get it herself" sakshi said cruelly as ridhima glanced down and walked at the edge of the road.

She started walking closer towards the ball, as it was in the middle on the road, tears came trickling down ridhima eyes as she heard sakshi cursing her loudly. Just then ridhima saw a car coming closer, her feet were stuck to the ground, she didn't know what do to, the ball was in her hands, her eyes wide opened and then.........


"PAPA!" Anjali cried as they were carrying their father's body away.

Ridhima stood there shocked, she didn't know how to react to the news of losing her father, and now he were going to be burned.

"THIS ALL HAPPENED BECAUSE OF YOU" Muskaan screamed at her face. "Because of you we've lost our father" ridhima cried as Muskaan was blaming her.

Anjali walked over and slapped ridhima right on her cheek. "You're jinxed" she said cursing her

"Di, di please doesn't say that" ridhima begged.

"I hate you" Muskaan screamed at her as she taking steps back. "YOU'RE NOT MY SISTER" she screamed and ran to her room. Leaving ridhima bewildered

"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, PLEASE BELIEVE ME" Ridhima screamed as Anjali gave her a last look and went away from there.

"Please muski, anji believe me" she cried bitterly.

That night, ridhima was walking over to her room. She was banned to come from her room, Muskaan and Anjali didn't talk to her after what has just happened.

As ridhima past sakshi's room she heard noises, she was laughing, it shocked ridhima out of her wits.

"Oh honey, yep it's all done" sakshi said as she laughed. "Yeas, her sisters think that she was the one who killed her father" she laughed harder. "I knew she would throw the ball hard, so i sent her to go and get it, but i had seen that shashank was coming in and when he saw his lovely little daughter in the middle of the road, he didn't know what to do. So he took her wrong turn and of course he was trying to use the break" she stopped. "But thanks to you, we've got the breaks removed too" she smirked and laughed. "Now in another few years time, ridhima's sisters are going to hate her, Anjali and Muskaan will be in my hands, they'll do whatever i say" she said. "And then i'll get all their money and property and then we got can be together"

Ridhima stood outside the door, as she was shocked as ever, anger grew through her. She didn't know what to do, should she go and tell her sisters? Ridhima moved slightly but then she hit the vase outside the room. Her eyes grew wider as sakshi looked at her through the door.

"Oh, if it isn't little miss ridhima" sakshi said laughing.

She took hold of her hair and threw her on the floor, as blood trickled down the side of her forehead. She touched it, as ridhima got scared seeing blood on her head.

"YOU" ridhima said pointing her fingers towards sakshi. "You killed my dad, my father my daddy" ridhima cried.

"Prove it" came an answer quickly from sakshi. "Go on ridhima, prove it, you have nothing to say that I've done it" sakshi said evilly

"I heard you talking on the phone" ridhima said slowly as the pain from her head started hurting her.

Sakshi smiled not caring what so ever. "And who is going to believe you?" sakshi said. "You sisters?" she turned around. "Nope, Anjali and Muskaan will do as i say, they hate you b****h"

Sakshi looked back at her as ridhima got up using the side of the wall as a support. "So now, you waddle off to you bedroom, and try and be a sweet little girl, and live with your sisters or you can find yourself on the road" giving a last wink sakshi walked into her bedroom and shut the door right at ridhima's face.

*End of Flashback*

"From that day on, I've always been known as a killer" ridhima finished as she looked up, tears were flowing hard from her eyes. She looked at armaan who said nothing through the whole thing.

"W.... h...a...t?" he stammered.

Ridhima looked at him shocked, she cried harder now. "I knew it" she screamed. "No one can understand me" she stood up right away. "Armaan GO, just LEAVE!" ridhima cried away, as armaan sat there shocked. "I knew you won't believe me and why would you?" she said as she fell on the floor crying.

Feeling a pair of hands on her shoulder, ridhima looked up, seeing the same blue eyes she had seen that first day. She looked at him, as he kissed her tears away, every touch gave her shivers.

"I believe you" he whispered and pulled her up.

"Why?" ridhima asked.

"Because you're my life, i can't live without you and in love you should always trust your lover and i do" armaan said as ridhima hugged him instantly.

"I love you armaan, i love you" she said it again and again. As armaan caressed his fingers through her hair

"Deepika and zoey believed you, the why shouldn't i?" armaan said while ridhima looked up at him teary

Ridhima kissed him on the cheek and hid herself in his chest. "Ohey hoye jaan" he whispered in ridhima's ear making her shudder.

"Is this wrong armaan?" ridhima asked as she looked in his eyes.

"Nothing in love is wrong Juliet" he kissed her neck as ridhima hugged him closer. "Don't worry everything will be alright" he said.

"I only want my sisters back" ridhima said as she was about to cry.

"Shhhhhhh baby" armaan said gently. "I'm here for you ok, we'll get them back" he said to her as armaan and ridhima walked over to the bed and he laid her down and he put himself beside her.

 Holding on him ridhima went to sleep, it was the first best sleep she had ever had, and it was all because of armaan. While armaan put his arms around her, and pulled her closer, keeping her near him and never letting go.

"I promise you ridhima" he kissed her forehead. "I'll bring all you sisters back"

 I wanna make up ... na na na
But before we make up ... na na na
Promise me you'll never do it again
Tell me that we'll make it through to the end

I wanna make up ... na na na na na
But before we make up ... na na na na na
Promise me you'll never do it again
Tell me that we'll make it through to the end


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