Wednesday, 18 July 2018

part 9 : Unforgivable (Arsh mini ff)

"Shilpa how does this look?" Muskaan questioned holding up a yellow sundress with a light blue stripe across the bottom edge of it right above the knees. "It looks nice." I know I wanted to shop, but Muskaan wouldn't let me go look at what i wanted to. And that was making this whole trip boring. "What about this one?" She picked out a strapless blue dress with white flowers. "That looks nice too." I wasn't much of a dress person. I'd only wear them for special occasions. I wouldn't want to deal with it fluttering everywhere every day like Muskaan. I preferred to wear jeans and a nice shirt or blouse. Much more comfortable, at least for me it was. "What's wrong with you Shilpa? Didn't you want to shop?" Oh how I felt like screaming at her, but I couldn't of course because of how sweet I am. That, and she was my best friend. "I did, but I haven't really been able to go and shop." I politely told her, hoping she would get it.

"Well I'm not stopping you! You can go, I just wanted your opinion." She smiled and told me. "I'll come join you later." Relieved that she got it I told her where I'd be and left dress section and made my way to the shirts and jeans. I walked past the men's section on the other side and saw Rahul asking Armaan just as Muskaan was to me. Armaan leaned against the wall glaring at Rahul who looked as though he was about crack up. Feeling bad for him, I waved my hand trying to get Armaan's attention. When he finally noticed I gestured him to come where I was. He glanced at Rahul who had his back to him and then jogged to me. Being with Armaan would be better than shopping. I saw him open his mouth but I stopped him by placing my hand over his mouth. I looked over his shoulder to see Rahul still browsing through the clothes. "Let's get away from here before he notices." I recommended. I didn't want Rahul to notice us otherwise his teasing would know no end.

We ended up outside the entrance to the shop Rahul and Muskaan were still in. "Didn't you want to shop?" Armaan asked as he took my and into his. I shook my head no. "I did... but I lost interest when Muskaan kept me near her for my opinion." I told him honestly. "I saw that Rahul was doing the same with you." I giggled, remembering his irritated face. "Yea... Now I see why they're together. They're exactly the same." Armaan and I laughed at the similarity the two of them shared. "Where do you want to go?" Armaan questioned as we casually strolled down the sidewalk. "It doesn't matter, as long as I can be with you." I looked up to him smiling. He smiled back. "We could stick to what I had originally planned before I was cut off earlier." Armaan said with a tinge of irritation in his voice. "And what was that?" I asked him. "You'll see. I don't know if you'll like it or not, but I guess we'll see." He pulled me away back to where he had parked the car earlier.


"You can't be serious..." I looked over the bridge at the rushing water underneath. I shut my eyes thinking how I got into this. I felt Armaan putting the gear on me as I stood rooted to the spot with my eyes shut in fright. "It'll be fun!" He stood behind me and shook me slightly by my shoulders before moving away to the instructor. "Jumping off a bridge will be fun?" I looked at him unbelievingly. "There's a rope attached! It's not like we're going to fall to our deaths." He said nonchalantly. He could not be serious! I don't even know how he talked me into actually agreeing with him earlier when we first arrived here. "Here." He handed put his hand forward with a helmet in it for me. I stared at it and then at Armaan still questioning if I should do it or not. I looked back at the helmet and slowly brought my shaking hand up. Seeing my nervousness, Armaan walked up to me and placed the helmet onto my head and secured it. My eyes slowly drifted back to over the bridge and the terror grew. My stomach fell at a hundred miles per hour as I gulped.

"Shilpa..." He turned my face to him placing his hands on my cheeks. "You'll be fine. Trust me." I looked into his eyes. Of course I trusted him. And I didn't want to ruin this for him so I took a deep breath and sucked it up. I nodded my head at him and he held my hand as we walked up to the edge. We stood together as the instructor attached the two of us together and gave us some last minute instructions. I wrapped my arms around Armaan and hid my face in his neck. I felt him kiss the top of my head and place his hands around my back. "Ready?" I shook my head no against him as he chuckled. "3...2...1..." I heard him countdown and then felt myself falling. I shut my eyes tighter as our speed quickened. The feeling of Armaan's hands disappeared from my back and I made my hold on him firmer. "Woooooooooooo!" Armaan screamed as he laughed. Oh god... I felt like I was going to die. I felt the rope tug on my feet and I thought the rope had broken. But then we bounced up and down at the end of it and I realized we were still hanging. "Open your eyes!" The sound of the water rushing beneath us was so close now. I shook my head no. "Please, Shilpa." He lifted my head with his hands and I slowly opened my eyes to look at him. "Look down, or uhh... up?" He chuckled as I hung there stiff in his arms.

My eyes slowly drifted away from him and I saw the water flowing not below us but slightly next to us. I looked directly below us to see a platform and a man signaling to the guy on the bridge. We were then lowered down to him and he helped us stand up straight. I felt my blood rushing back in the rest of my body after I stood on the platform while they removed home of the gear. "Was fun, wasn't it?" I glared at Armaan for teasing. "Okay, okay! Sorry!" We were given another harness to put on so we could be pulled back up to the bridge. Once we were attached to it the man signaled up top once again and we were lifted away. As we slowly went up, I looked around at the surroundings. "I like this better." I snuggled my head onto his shoulder and continued to admire the view. "It's so beautiful." I let out a sigh as my heart finally calmed down watching the breathtaking scene in front of me.

Once we reached the top, we removed our gear and gave it back to the employees of the place. "Did you both have fun?" The man asked while we were returning the gear. "I don't know about her, but I did!" I smacked Armaan as he laughed at me. "I had more fun coming up then going down." I added as the man laughed. "That's usually how it is with couples who come here. Have an awesome day!" As we opened the car door, I heard my phone ringing. I pulled it out of my bag and saw Muskaan's name flashing. "Oh crap. Muskaan." I looked at Armaan who pulled out his phone from the compartment to see 12 missed calls from Rahul. "Shit." I looked back at my phone and hit the answer button.

"Where the hell are you Ms. Shilpa Malhotra!" Her voice was loud enough that you could probably hear her 20 feet away from the phone. "I have been calling you for the past hour!" I heard her continue to scream. "Answer me Shilpa!" I put the phone back on my ear to hear her muttering to herself. "I'm with Armaan." I looked to him. "She's with Armaan, Rahul." She yelled to Rahul. "You get your butt back over here, we've been strolling around with nothing to do and lots of shopping bags! Do you get that missy?" I heard Rahul yell a 'please' in the back causing me to giggle. "Okay, we're on our way."

I hung up the phone and turned to Armaan. "They want us to come back to pick them up." Armaan made a puppy dog face and pulled me to him by the waist. "But I don't want to." He said in a childish voice. "But we have to." I pulled at his cheeks and moved his head up and down. "Otherwise they'll be stranded there." Armaan let me go and moved to the other side of the car. "Fine... No one cares about me." He said a little over dramatically.


            Armaan pulled up to the curb where we saw Muskaan and Rahul standing. As we neared, Muskaan's infuriated face became more visible and I felt like crawling into a cave. She was horrible when she was angry. I didn't plan on actually leaving them here but Armaan had other plans. "Armaan! I'm sleeping!" I quickly and ruffled my hair a little bit trying to make it look like I've been sleeping through the ride here. Thankfully, they wouldn't see me through Armaan's tinted windows. "Are you scared of your best friend?" Armaan asked, amused at my actions. "Only when she's mad. Which I know she is." I let my head fall back onto the seat and I shut my eyes. The car soon stopped and the back door opened. Someone shuffled in. I'm guessing it was Rahul since I heard the sound of shopping bags. Next was Muskaan, I heard her about to yell but then she stopped. I felt her raise my hand up and then let it fall as if checking to see if I was really asleep or not.

            "How long has she been sleeping?" She whispered to Armaan. "Two minutes..." I felt like getting up and hitting Armaan. "Huh?" Muskaan let out, confused. "I mean... uhh, about twenty minutes." Nice save Armaan, nice save. I tried not to smile, otherwise the jig was up. "Oh ok. Where did you guys go anyway?" She asked him authoritatively. "Didn't even feel the need to tell us? Do you know how worried I was when I couldn't find Shilpa!" She pushed against the back of my seat as she jumped in the back with annoyance. "We went bungee jumping." "WHAT? Bungee jumping! Don't you know that she's scared of hei--" Her scream was muffled and I heard Rahul Shhh-ing her. "Do you want to wake her up Muskaan?!" I heard Rahul heatedly whisper to her. I'm guessing he's the one who probably covered her mouth. I shuffled in my seat pretending that I was disturbed. I opened one eye to see Armaan trying to stifle a laugh which made me smile too. But I quickly let it disappear to keep up the act.

            "Okay, okay." Muskaan whispered after calming down. "She's scared of heights and you took her bungee jumping? Are you crazy?" She asked with anger still in her voice but a little quieter. "I am crazy... crazy about her." I could feel the blush coming crawling up my cheeks and I knew Armaan was looking at me when he said that. "And she didn't tell me she was scared of heights." I felt my seat moving again as Muskaan moved around in the back. "I'm pretty sure she was freaking out though! That would've been a hint!" She shouted once again and was over taken by the Shh-ing of Rahul and Armaan. "Well, she wasn't! She didn't do anything that showed me she was scared of heights." He was right; I didn't want to ruin it so I didn't show it. I'm terrified of heights. "Whatever, it's over. Shilpa, wake up." Armaan ended the conversation and pretended to 'wake me up.' I pushed his hand away the first time but then I slowly opened my eyes yawning. I looked toward Armaan to see him looking at me as though he was astounded by my acting. I gave him a smile before turning back to Rahul and Muskaan.

            "Finally awake, sleepyhead?" Muskaan asked as she got out of the car. Was she still angry? I opened my door to see her waiting. I climbed out of the car and she immediately put an arm around me thinking I wouldn't be able to keep my balance since I just woke up. After having my eyes closed for so long I did feel sleepy so I placed my head on her shoulder. "I bought some things for you." She told me as we walked up the stairs. "Hmm... Show me when we get upstairs." What started as acting was now turning into reality, I was getting sleepier.

            I dropped down on the couch as soon we arrived into our dorm. Armaan came and sat down next to me so I leaned my head onto his shoulder. "Aren't you taking this a little too far?" Armaan whispered. "No... I'm really sleepy now." I curled my arms around his one arm and cuddled closer pulling my legs up onto the couch as well. He kissed my forehead and then leaned his head on top of mine. We watched Muskaan and Rahul arguing across the room over something trivial. Armaan and I laughed at the two of them and before I knew it, everything blacked out and I was fast asleep on the couch in Armaan's arms.


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