Thursday, 5 July 2018

Part 9 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)

She frowned looking at him. 'Ok, maybe he is drunk, why didn't I think of it before?, or maybe he has just gone mad, wait, can it be the bruise on his forehead? Of course, no, it is so small.' She kept on rummaging her mind to give her, some, or ANY idea, that could give her reason to present situation. She gave him a nervous smile.

"Armaan, tum thik toh hona?" She asked concerned.

He frowned. He had been sitting there looking at her making weird expressions for like what seemed such a long time. And now she was asking him if he is alright? Wow! Women, you should be given a noble prize.

"Shilpa, Thank you so much Shilpa, No, not for today, for every moment you spent with me. For all those indefinable beautiful moments in my life you have encountered. For being by my side. For being my best friend forever. For making me feel so special. I'"

"Armaan, its you who always make me feel special. Its not just you, its 'us'. Its our Friendship." She smiled at him took the flower from him. It was a beautiful red rose. And she had loved it. Who wouldn't? Specially if it is offered by your handsome, charming bestie. He stood up with a grin.

"By the way Shilpa'" He started but paused. She looked at him confused. " Red flower doesn't mean the other way, ok!" He winked at her. She opened her mouth to speak but was lost at words. He chuckled and bent down giving her a gentle kiss on her cheek. She felt her neck warming up again. She blushed and looked up. But he was gone again.

She looked around and frowned. He was nowhere. She ran towards the window and saw him already down there. He jumped down to the ground and gave her a flying kiss, and ran away towards his car, parked on the main road. She shook her head at his antics. He was truly something else. She thought.


"Rahul are you freaking serious?" She squealed with delight as she heard her brother like friend saying he was coming to meet her. Or well, probably just coming back to his home sweet home in other words.

"Are you serious? You mean'you are actually coming back? I don't believe it!" She said jumping in the cabin as if she were a little kid.

They were talking for a while, when suddenly the door opened and Armaan barged in. She was so shocked that her cell phone almost fell from her hands. She managed to catch it though.

"Ra'Rahul'I will talk to you later..Bye'love you too!" She said quickly and switched her cell off.

"Hi, Armaan, I mean sir, I am sorry, actually'my work was already complete and the designs'" She babbled on as Armaan tried to hide his laughter.

"Shilpa!" He said making her come out of her non-stop blabbering. She looked at him and waited for him to give her a long lecture. Swallowing hard she gave him a nervous smile. Now it was too much for Armaan to hold back. He fell on the black leather couch, which was again as marvelous as his empire. Du-h, It was Armaan Mallik's PA's Cabin. Anyways, back to the story.

"Armaan!!!" She screamed annoyingly and started smacking him. She did realize how she made fool out of herself. So here she was now, hitting him, as if he had done a big crime. Well, teasing your Best friend, or laughing at their blunder isn't exactly a crime. Is it? No! So Armaan wasn't the one at fault now!

"You, idiot! You scared the freaking hell out of me! Ugh!" She shouted at him, who was cuddled in the couch still saving him from her violent streaks and laughing hard too! Suddenly, (yeah yeah, suddenly comes everywhere in Love stories) Shilpa as usual lost her balance falling on him with her hands on his chest.

Armaan's laugh slowly subsided as his heart slowly started beating unevenly in his chest. Loud enough for her to hear. And in fact, even he could hear her heart beating. Far, low, uneven, but still like music. How Shilpa wanted to put her head on his chest and listen to the vibrant music forever. He could smell her hair, that were caressing his cheeks. And could feel her warm breath on his face.

"Knock! Knock"

A loud knock on the door snapped them back to present. Shilpa suddenly got up! 'OMG, Shilpa, how could you loose youself like this? Ugh! Why does he always do that to me? Alright, I understand he is hot, and hunk and charming, and whatever. But he is your bestie. That was a little too far.'

She sighed and got up and Armaan followed up.

"Yes Shreeya?" He asked in his normal sincere voice opening the cabin door.

"Sir, There is an important letter for you! From someone named Miss. Vanessa Cathie Brown." Shreeya replied back.

Armaan stood rooted to the spot hearing the name. His eyes full of pain and anger. He suddenly felt earth sliding away from under his feet. His voice stuck. He didn't move. Only one thought crossed his mind. 'How dare she?'


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