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Epilogue : Love Endures All

Five months later

Armaan was setting in a mandap by the beach side concentrating on what pandit Ji was telling him to do. He was sincerely doing as told when pandit Ji announced the call for the 'bride'. Armaan's heartbeat stopped for a second when he heard ridhima to be his bride, it nothing unknown to him but then this sudden realization creep into his heart that now ridhima will be all his. She will be his bride, his better half not only for words or saying but for real she is his better half. She completes his all the drawbacks with her own sets of perfection.

Armaan was in his thoughts admiring ridhima in his own thinking world while others were admiring her in the real world as Anjali, muskaan, and Nikki were bringing her towards mandap.

Rahul elbowed Armaan to bring him out of his own world. Armaan came out of his daze state, he looked at Rahul for knowing his reason of poking him when he just eyed him to look in certain direction.

As Armaan looked at the indicated direction he saw ridhima coming with the girls. She was looking at him seeing him lost somewhere she kept looking at him but when she saw Rahul asking him to look at her she just keep looking at him for some time before lowering her head all blushing seeing Armaan winking at her with his dimple smile

Soon she was sitting beside him while pandit Ji started chanting mantras.

Armaan soon took hold of her hand keeping it on his laps. She blushed as all their friend hooted for them.

"Ye lo isne toh Abhi se hi ridhzy ka heat pakad Liya." muskaan said laughing in her own style.

"Armaan ridhima kahin bhag nahi jayegi idiot abhi toh haath chod" nikki but in joining muskaan and nikki anjali spoke "Chup raho tum dono. Armaan tu bilkul nahi chodna ridhima ka haath,  chahe phir pandit ji kya bol rhe vo bhi yaad na rahe" All three girls laugh at blushing couple.

"Haan toh haq banta hai armaan ka ridhima ka haat pakadne ka" Abhimanyu spoke siding his friend but how they can leave a chance to not tease them

"Haan aur kya haat hi kya aab toh puri ridhima ko pakad sakta hai armaan" rahul said winking at girls while all pf them burst out laughing.

Atul being himself was only smiling not knowing what to say to tease them he has always been that Innocent soul.

Padma Ananya just blessed them in the heart with a smile on their lips while keerti smiled looking at the gang.

"Bahut acha lag raha hai pure batch koi aise masti karte dekh. hain na shubhankar" keerti asked her husband.

"Sahi kahan keerti tumne. Hamesha armaan sab ko jode rakhta tha aur dekho toh aaj bhi vo hi sab ko sath bhi le aaya." shubhankar spoke up.

"Sahi kahan tumne. Jaan hai armaan in sabki kisi ki dost ki roop mein, toh kisi ka bhai ke roop mein, toh kisi ka beta bete ke roop mein. Yaad hai kaise sab ko saath le aata tha armaan apne crazy ideas se." keerti said getting lost in thoughts

"aur daant bhi bahut kahata tha tumse" shubhankar chuckled recalling it all

"Vo to Mera Chote Bhai ki Tarah hai shubhakar Jaise usne mere Saath Diya tha tumnse Shaadi ke tym, i mean he was the one to stand up first out of all, toh galat kaam pe usko daatna bhi jaruri tha" she tried to justify herself.

"Air Phir vo Kitna cute hai jab daato to Bacho Jaise Karta hai," she said smiling looking at him who was by now filling ridhima's mang.

Pandit Ji called out "Kaniya ke maa baap aa Jaye kaniya Daan ke Liya" but this called gain the sad look from family and gang.

The Padma moved ahead to do the Kanya daan when out of now where a hand joined her before they can start the kanyadan. Padma look sideways to see Shashank looking at the hands where panditji was keeping flowers and some Ganga Jal speaking mantras.

Ridhima too got emotional seeing her father finally coming to her wedding. It was first-time Shashank was there in any of her wedding function. She felt finally she would have her father’s blessings too for her new life ahead.

Finally, they both were declared husband and wife and was asked to take blessing from their elders.

They first moved toward an Armaan's parent taking their blessing when billy stopped ridhima from touching his feet and hugged her blessing her but he did not stop Armaan from touching his feet.

"Yeh kya bat hui ridhima ko to feet touch nahi Karne diye Mujhe bol ke karwa rahe ho billy" Armaan complained

"Vo kya hai na betiyan pair Nahi chuti (touch)" Billy answered "aur beta chute hai ye Kaisa riwaz Hua" Armaan winced "Nahi beta bhi nahi chute" billy replied back

"Haww to Phir" Armaan was slightly shocked with the answer billy gave "to kisne Kahan to Mera beta hai. Ridhima meri beti hai"

"to aab mein apka beta bhi Nahi Raha billy," Armaan asked offended with what billy just said so to tease him even Ananya join in with billy caressing ridhima's hair "Kyun Tujhe ridhima ka Bhai Bana hai kya," Ananya asked leaving Armaan to scandalize.

"What the... Mein ridhima ka bhai kyun banaunga"   put forward his question. "kyun aab ridhima toh hamari bethi hai hi aur tujhe bhi beta bana liya toh tu ridhima ka bhai nahi ban jayega" ananaya asked.

Armaan who was totally scandalize with his parent's word spoke in much hurry "Nahi aap rakho Apni Beti ko mere ko nhi banana aapka beta"

Everyone started laughing at this poor soul Armaan. padma who was standing a bit away beside Shashank moved up to them putting her hand on armaans head she spoke "koi Nahi Armaan ki maa mein hun Phir" she spoke siding him.

Armaan stuck his tongue out towards ridhima teasing her. "Aur Mein to yahin hun Mumbai mein apne beta ke pass... aap Apni Beti le pass Kahan rahoge Delhi ja jo rahe ho. kyun Armaan"

"Yes, bilkul Mujhe ye exchange Manzur hai... basket tum mere mom dad rakho mein maa ke Sath khush hun," Armaan said hugging the Padma while Shashank who was standing the bit away asked "aur Mein.... Mein Kahan jaun.... waise biwi Jahan mein when aur Anji toh hai hi aab ek beta bhi mil jayega" he said coming towards them. Ridhima Padma got emotional to hear him excepting Armaan with all his heart while Armaan stood all shocked.

Soon ridhima was hugging her father dearly when he opened his arms for Armaan to welcoming him in for the hug.

Everyone looks happy at the emotional family scene. Soon they both were touching Padma’s and Shashank's feet taking their blessings.

Moving on they both walk up to dr.Keerti and dr.Shubhankar looking at each other they bend down to touch their feet. Shubhankar didn't say much just gave his blessings to them but keerti was not expecting this at all so she said "Aap dono ye kya kar Rahe hai... I mean it's not needed" keerti don't know what to say as she was surprised by their action.

"Aap ne mujhe apna chota bhai kaha tha Na jab aapki shaadi Hui thi toh bus apni badi behan ka ashirwad le raha hun. Aur aap sirf hamari mentor hi nahi hamari badi bhi hai aur hamari family bhi so is hisab se apka ashirwad Lena toh banta hai kyun basket" Armaan asked last bit looking at ridhima.

Who nodded her head, hearing him keerti got emotional so she just hugged both of them, giving them all the blessings she can.
Then comes the Gang AR moved towards Gang when Anjali said “Armaan mera bhi pair chuo”
“Mein kyun tumhare pair chu” armaan asked in surprise to which Anjali said “Kyun ki mein ridhima ki badi behan hun aur us rishte se tumhari bhi badi hunt oh come one touch my feet too.” Ridhima chukled hearing her sister while looking at armaan scandalized face.
Puttig an arm around Anjali’s shoulder armaan spoke “Vo kya hain na Anjali… I don’t give preference to age before beauty” Anjali mouth remain open hearing Armaan in shocked. While everyone around chuckled at his words leaving girls stupefied.
“Hawww…. Hero Teri itni himat ki tune meri dost ko badsurat kaha” muskaan said ready to pounce on him while Nikki hold her back “mein ne kuch nahi kahan ye words tera hain” armaan said to muskaan. Anjali who was looking at armaan after what he said to her look back at muskaan for what she have called her.

Even today armaan can play volley of words spoke by other in his way to get himself off the hook hanging other on his place. Chuckling to his own greatness armaan took away ridhima from them letting them all figt among themselves.

While he escaped taking ridhima with him as everyone was too much into their own fight, He knew once they all recover from their own little time they will tease both of them and will never let him be with his basket alone easily until he would be begging them for it. 
"Great now. Keep Fighting" Rahul said
"Muskaan Kya matlab tera kankhajure Mein ladti hun" muskaan asked him already to hit him once again.

"Leave that, Armaan is successful in what he wanted" Rahul spoke
"Armaan what he wanted to do...?" Anjali asked before others
"Ask him yourself" rahul said making them all look around.
"Ye Armaan kahan hain dikh nahi Raha" Nikki Asked.
After a second "Haww Bhag gaya" Anjali exclaimed.
"What..!! Apni shaadi se bhag gaya Vo." Nikki too spoke shocked with realization.
But out of all Muskaan started laughing in her own style making all of them stare at her.
"Hero Kabhi nahi badlega, Bhaga le Gaya herion ko aapni hi shaadi ke din bhi" laughing in between of what she was speaking. Gang started cursing him for depriving them of teasing session they would be taking of him and ridhima while elders stake their head knowing Armaan is as crazy as he can be.
It was one at night when Armaan came back home with ridhima all laughing and smiling at something he said. He has taken ridhima to the high point of the city where they sat holding each other talking, fighting over silly things and sometimes living it silently.
As soon as they reach the door the realization drawn upon them, they have escaped from their own wedding ditching everyone to be own their own living the moment. Now its time they have to face the burn of their action.

Smiling sheepishly looking towards her Armaan scratch his head before ringing the bell. Soon the door got open revealing a pissed off Nikki standing with folded arms and soon everyone in the house followed her lead.
Everyone in the hose giving pissed off look to them while Rahul and abhimanyu were smirking.
But never the less Ananya did welcome them in with full ritual while gang made it hell for them. Now even after the rituals are over gang dotted on them not letting the couple have their own time as a revenge of ditching them previously in the day.
But it’s Armaan we are talking about. So he has his ways following which he one by one took a chance with the boys in the gang whispering things in their ears which made them took the girls one by one away from the Couple. While Armaan who have taken boys under his arms sweet talking or rather say blackmailing them for future help was relaxing beside Ridhima with his arms around her waist.
Within few minutes everyone was gone to bed leaving Armaan ridhima alone. Armaan smirked looking at ridhima before she can ask anything from him he just stood up correcting his sherwani he scoops ridhima in his arms.
Holding her in the proper grip he moved towards his room welcoming ridhima in their room with all happiness.
Soon They both freshen up as Armaan knew all dolled up in the wedding dress with so many pieces of jewels ridhima must be wanting to take them off soon but she never said it all day as she loved him too much to voice this little discomfort to him ruining their day.
As asked ridhima went to the washroom to freshen up. armaan who was left behind wonders "The girls who didn't even like to wear anything other than just simple earring and THAT Kangan he gave as she felt irritated of those materialistic things was today enjoying her day with him without even raising her irritation once, leave alone the part of raise he never saw the irritation in her for those things today.  Love can make one do things they never want to.
Soon she was out all energized after having a quick relaxing bath after a most memorable day of her life. Looking at Armaan she passed the most beautiful smile to him asking him to get fresh soon.  Nodding to her Armaan to went to take a bath by the time he came out, he saw ridhima standing by the bedside but her back was facing him so throwing the towel in the laundry basket Armaan moved to her.

Putting his hand on her shoulder he called her up.
"Basket" he whispered ridhima turned hearing him Armaan look at her indifferently as she was all silent. But then his eyes fall on her hand holding the Glass of milk.

"What the..." Armaan exclaimed, "What is all this basket," he asked stepping back afraid that this milk was meant for him to have. Soon his fear came true when he saw ridhima moving a step ahead with the glass in her hand forwarded to him.
"Armaan tum bhi na This is milk can't you see that, ek chote bache ko bhi pata hoga ye kya hai. Anyway have it" ridhima said
"K...K..Kyun, dudh kyun" Armaan asked afraid as if she was giving him rectal exam to be done.
 "Haww tumne Movies mein Nahi Dekha. The Groom have to drink a full glass of milk before he goes to bed on his wedding night" Ridhima said this to tease Armaan. But then hearing her saying a word that falls after B Armaan give a wicked smile to her which confused ridhima.
She recalls her words to know what made him give that evil smile when it has drawn upon her she said the Word BED, now she is gone Armaan won't leave this chance now.
"Basket. Tumhe pata hai na ki Vo movies mein Grooms vo dudh kyun pite hain... To ahem ahem you know" Armaan said coming near her teasing her making her blush badly.
"Oye hoye" Armaan said his trademark words bring more brightness of red on her cheecks.
Soon the nightfall with the love and scene too happened that they were talking about before laying on the BED.
Month Leap

It’s been a month since the Beach wedding, Armaan and ridhima were already celebrating their Wedding anniversary. The First Wedding anniversary for their registeration marriage. For the celebration of the same armaan took ridhima for the place she alwas wanted to go once in life. It may sound unlike others but its ‘Kerala’ where nature showered it own loyality and is uneffect much by the human raise even at this age. They had a great time there surrounded by nature after which they came back to their home sweet home. Living everyday as the first day of love fallen.
It was their love that lived through everything, loved everything that was fallen on their way to each other. Its rightly said LOVE ENDURE ALL just love with all your heart.


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