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Intro & part 1 : ~TORN~~


"Well Mr Gupta I think you are in a bit of a mess!" Shanshank looked over at Mr Malik as he grinned at him …seeing him looking so smug sitting in his leather black chair…this young millionaire was ruthless as the rumour stated he was power hunger and played every trick in the book just to make money… he thieved seeing men like Mr Gupta reduced to bankruptcy and sitting in front of him penniless…as he leaned back in his seat he looked at the man in front of him sweating.

"I don't know why you are doing this Mr Malik but I will be homeless and my daughter is getting married soon and…"

"I have heard this all before…I seriously get bored hearing this stuff!!" Shanshank looked at the young businessman not caring about anyone but himself as he picked up the glass paperweight spinning it on the desk..… He had no family and power meant everything to him…with Shanshank's stock ruined and he was heavy in debt and the only think he need was time to pay the young man in front of him back.

"Next you say you will do anything and want more time…Look I just want to see my money… and you can start with the sale of you're business as a starting point.." Shanshank looked at him question why he was doing this and the reason was simple

"Ok I guess you waiting for some speech as in why beta? why are you doing this? Well you want the truth or a bollywood version? Ok since I am in a good mood I give you the truth! POWER Mr Gupta … you be the 59th company I would buy…see I ensure I get you're company cheap due to the stock and then bit by bit I sell off your company and make my money….I think this will do or do u want to hear how you threw my mother out of the house and I'm taking revenge bollywood style which is all lies…" Shanshank looked at him chuckling to himself…looking at the man before him getting up from his chair

"I was an orphan and learn the hard way polishing shoes to men like you that its determination which grows success and you get power by making money….As for respect I care not what you and the world think of me!….Now I have a page 3 event to attend and need a woman desperately….i am sure a man like you can understand what a young man like me needs…" he said winking at the old man who just looked down on the floor this boy has no shame either and no respect for his elders…

"But I have a wedding and my eldest daughter is getting married…If the boy side find out then I am ruined and Anjali will never get married…"  Shanshank voice quivered as Armaan looked at him….Placing his hand in his pockets he walked over towards the window and looked down a bustling Mumbai below…how he was forever looking up to see the rich people stomp on him all his life and now they all looked up to him holding there heads up…

"Hmmm how many daughter do have?" Shanshank looked at his back.

"Two!" As Mr Malik turned to face him he walked over towards him

"Who do you cherish the most? Don't say both as I know there will be one you adore more then the other!" Shanshank looked at him unsure of why he was asking the question.. Maybe he could appeal to his better nature…May be he would give him a break..


"Hmm I will give you you're houseand money for the wedding…. if I can have your daughter as my mistress! I have grow some what tired of Esha…she boring me of late"

"MR ARMAAN MALIK!"  Armaan looked over at the angry old man getting up from his seat and glaring at him.

"Chill old man….I think it's a fair deal…I get a mistress and you keep you're house and I think that a little expensive for a woman but what can I say… I have millions…" Shanshank looked at him laugh

"You think about it… you're eldest daughter does not marry and I have someone female company….I look after her financially…she live with me and will get clothes jewellery and she will attend to my ever need and urge…" he said winking at him again…

See the old man barge out of the room…hearing the young man laughing

~~Part One~~

"What are we going to do? Anjali marriage is approaching and …" Padma looked over at her husband sitting in the chair staring into space…for few hours he been so quiet.

"That man is not human he said we can live in the house and he pay for the wedding in return he wants…"

"What? He will!…Lets get her married Shanshank! What are you thinking?" she looked at him and placed her hand on his shoulder

"He wants Riddhima to be his mistress…" Padma fell on the bed sitting down and looked over at her husbands eyes filled with tears

"Just think how many lives he has wreak and now as well as making me penniless he wants my daughter…"

"But she not our daughter Shanshank…" Padma looked at him as he closed his eyes.

"She is Shub and Kirti's daughter… we're her legal adopted parents and nothing more…she knows the truth…We all do! We are her uncle and anutie…she is our niece.."

"How will I face Shub when I die that I pimped his daughter and to the world I am her father and you her mother…What would people say?" he looked at her and lowering his head…

It was true he loved her more then Anjali it was her innocence and the mere fact he named her at the naming ceremony when the pandit told them she will bring nothing but luck and forture to anyone she loves and his younger brother ask him to name there child and he did… When they died in the Mumbai bomb blast Riddhima was 8years old at the time and they took her in when she was released from the hospital ……

"Shashank I love her too but do we have an other option can we raise the fund in time for the wedding?" she asked looking at him

"No the creditor are not picking up the phone I have nothing to offer as he owns everything …we are totally helpless…"

"Then we have no choice? Riddhima will have to go…" As the tears ran down his face he closed his eyes heart broken…


"Bade Papa…I will be working here?" Riddhima looked at her father as he nodded as the large gates opened to the house…

During the car ride he was so quiet and while Anjali was in the beauty parlour earily in the morning …Momma insisted that she have the same treatment…Full body wax, facial and her hair done for the wedding…. Thou she was happy with the pampering but momma was not looking not like her usually bubbly self.

"Desire" she said reading the plate coming through the large gates….Papa had told her she was goin to be the governess to the large Villa and Mr Malik assistance and she was happy to pay off the debt as Momma and Papa had discussed with her…She was to make sure the house was run correctly and Mr Malik's work in the office was assisted with…

"Ok Beta you go in and …I'll see you….!" hearing his voice break she looked at him and frowned

"Ok I get it you're daughter goin to be working women and you're upset…Bade Papa seriously…I'll be fine…I see you later you picking me up in the evening?" seeing the tears running down his face she smiled as she hugged him to feel he take hold of her mumbling.

It had been hard for him as he lost everything and was relaying on her to help around the house with the wedding and that…

"Take this letter and give it to Mr Malik…go he is inspecting you… remember!It's you're interview… he was so busy and can only see you this time…" she nodded getting out of the car…


Feeling nervous her first job and she was only to happy to help the family financially… Bada Papa and Momma gave her so much how could she ever repay them as when Dad and mum died she had no one…but them…Anjali was her best friend and the best Di in the world…and she was excited she was marrying Atul…but Momma and bade Papa never knew it was a love marriage and they been sneaking off to see them as she was there excuse maker… smiling to her self she pushed open the large white doors…the white marble floor the large stairs going up in brass fittings…the room was filled with incense of jasmine which filled the room…in amazement she stepped down the 4 steps into the large room…in the right hand corner she could make out a small Mandir and headed towards it…the idol of Shivji was placed around the marigold flowers as she put her hands together..

"Ok seriously if this works out I give you a massive offering…hmm and do you're pooja…please make sure di marriage goes without any problems and I get Mr Malik to like me enough to give me this job permanently…"

"Madam?"  Turning her head she saw the old man look at her.

"Sir is in the study ….this way!" she looked at him and smiled as he lead her up the stairs down a long corridor into the room at the end… she looked at the old man leave her as she stopped at the door…'is he not going to announce me?' she thought looking at the large wooded door…feeling her stomach in knots she knocked on the door…. There was no response and she knocked again….pushing down the handle she stepped into the room and it was dark…with a small light in the corner and a light from the laptop screen glaring… the curtains where drawn…

"Ahem…" she stepped closer and there was no response from the silhouette figure in the large leather chair..

"Give me a minute.." his voice boomed in the room as she stood still….

He looked at her and moved the lamp on his desk to see her…she was pretty and he could see how she struck a cord with her father…her green eyes and she was just ripe for him to pluck…as she stood before him squinting her eyes from the light..

"Sir my father ask me to give you this letter!" he looked at her coming forward.

"Stop there!" she stood still as she tried to make him out. . but the light was making it difficult.. she turned her head to see him but he was now behind her…with her heart beating fast she was scared of what was going on…she could smell the musky cologne as she felt his presence…

"hmmm…." He mumbled inspecting her and smiled know how uncomfortable this must be making her feel but he did not care…he bought her for a fair price and that without looking…he never liked paying blind folded but this was exciting him to no end.

"Sir!" he smiled moving to her right side and taking hold of the letter from her hand…

Hearing him laughing she looked at him…he was very young and never would have imagined such a young man to have owned all this she inspected an older man like her father but he was very handsome with his hazel shape eyes and strong jaw line with such shape features but his laugh was strange.

"So do you know why you are hear?" hearing the slight chuckle in his voice she smiled looking at him.

"I'm here to help you run the household and assist in you're office work…I just graduated and…"

"Spare me the details… I see you're parents have not informed you that they sold you to me for a price…." She looked at him stunned as he moved closer to her and placed the backhand of his finger down her face…as she moved back gasping not believing him…shaking her head in disbelief ….

"Read for you're self… I will be going doing stair for Dinner and I want you to join me…" he placed the letter in her hand and he head for the door smiling…

"By the way… you will come down stairs to join me and I will see you in 30 minutes… bathroom is through that door…" he said firmly closing the door behind him….

Dear Mr Malik

As Agree I am giving you Riddhima my daughter she will now be you're and I hope you will be gentle with her as she knows nothing about our arrangement..

As agreed you will let me keep my home and arrange for the payment of 50laks for the wedding.

May the lord forgive me for this Sin….I am sorry my child I had no other choice…

Mr Shanshank Gutpa…

 Feeling the tears running down her face she slumped on the floor heart broken



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