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Last part : Shades of Love (AR)

Padma: armaan beta sab tayyar hai?

Armaan : haan mom.. sirf aek guest nahin aaya abhi tak.. baaki sab tayyar hai

Padma: shashank ko expect bhi maat karna woh nahin ayenge

Armaan : aap ne abhi bhi usse maaf nahin kiya kya?

Padma: main use kabhi maaf nahin kar sakti armaan.. woh toh riddhima ki zidd thi jo maine use bulaya

Armaan : waise riddhima tayyar hai?

Padma: haan.. woh aur anjali dono ane mehendi ke liye tayar hai.. ye lo dono aygayye mehendi laga ne ke liye

Anjali and riddhima were getting married on the same day, and today was their mehendi, with everyone present to celebrate with them, except for one person, who was present, but was looking at them from the window outiside.. because he couldn't face any of them, he couldn't face his ex-wife and daughters.. he lad lost everything.. his family, his career, his money, everything.. but he was still thankful to riddhima for having invited him to the wedding.. but this is what he deserved.. he had made padma and his daughters suffer a lot too.. he did deserve this.. he cursed himself for the 100th time that day, and finally gained the courage to go inside and wish his daughters

Their mehendi was the talk of the town, well it had been for the past week, after riddhima made their wedding public.. there were pictures of them everywhere.. newspapers, magazines , everywhere..

The mehendi ceremony started with 2 professionals applying mehendi to the brides, while the others applying mehendi to all those guests who were interested..

and well if you are wondering what armaan and shashank were doing, at the mehendi  function, where only girls were supposed to be present, well, armaan was busy in the wedding preparations, and shashank, the girls needed to talk to him

@ next day, haldi

The haldi went ahead, with hundreds of guests being present, to apply haldi on riddhima, armaan, atul and anjali.. by the end of the day, there were completely yellow.. from head to toe, they were covered in haldi... well there was nothing much they could do.. their fault they called so many guests and all of them wanted to apply mehendi onto them..

If you are wondering whether muskaan was present, and if riddhima was forgiven, the answer is yes.. when riddhima told muskaan the entire story, muskaan sympathised with her, and forgave her, also taking a promise from riddhima, to make sure that she doesn't hide anything from her anymore

@ wedding

The wedding took place with friends and family only.. noone else was invited, not even the media well.................

well the couples were ready on time, and went through the 7 pheres and the priest read out the marriage woes.. the crowd cheered for them as they accepted each other as husband and wife.. all that was needed now was the marriage to be registered and made official to the media

after signing the marriage documents, they headed outside, prepared to face the media

reporter: what made you get married

riddhima: i have always believed in true love, and when i found it i got married

reporter : mr.armaan, do you know about riddhima getting engaged to vivek khanna, your enemy?

Armaan : that was her past and i respect that.

Reprter: mrs. Anjali sharma,what made you get married to atul, the same day as riddhima gets married, is it the publicity?

Anjali : it was my dad's dream that riddhima wanted to follow.. so we decided to get married on the same day

Reporter: mr.atul how do you feel being married to the love of your life?

Atul : it is a feeling that i cannot express in words.. i am happy it took place, and have no regrets what so ever

Reporter: is it true that you are not in contact with your father?

Riddhima: no it isn't true.. mom and dad had a few differences that made them go apart.. but it doesn't have any impact on my relationship with dad and i am still in contact with him

Reporter: wishing all four of you a very happy married life..

All of them : thankyou

@ muskaan - rahul ( a month later)

Rahul : muskaan maine tujhe ring pehna li.. ab tu mujhe to rind pehna

Muskaan : pehnana padenga?

Rahul : ye tu kya bol rahi hai?

Muskaan : ye ring kitni acchi hai.. mujhe ise kisko bhi nahin deni

Rahul : muskaaan ye mens ring hai tujhe kya kaam iska?

Muskaan : toh bhi.. bohot khubsurat hai.. riddhima ko choice kitni achi hai

Rahul : muskaan tu pehnake waapis le lena.. abhi toh pehna de.. tumari engagement hai.. 100 people are there over here

Muskaan : theek hai lekin mujhe waapis chahiye yeh

Rahul : haan theek hai

Muskaan and rahul engaged rings, and the 100s of people cheered for them, as they had finally engaged rings, after half an hour of talking or probably fighting with each other..

Abhi ' nikki:

Nikki : abhi breakfast is ready come down fast.. we both have to go work after that

No, no, before you get it all wrong, let me tell you that they are not married or engaged.. just living together as boyfriend and girlfriend, due to nikki's  contract that expires after 2 years, after which, they have great marriage plans

Abhi : haan nikki.. aek second.. waise riddhima ka phone aaya tha.. woh tumse baat karna chahti hai.. badme phone kar lena

Nikki : ya sure.. abhi yaar.. jaldi neeche aao.. its getting late

Abhi : i'll come..but we're going out for breakfast.. i've taken leave for both of us..

Nikki : oh my gosh.. really.. thank you so much.. your charm really works on her huh

Abhi : yup.. and thank god for that.. well actually even you should thank me.. you get 2 holidays every week because of me..

Nikki : i know.. but please.. dont go to the office again.. you know she's after you

Abhi : dont worry nikki.. i am all yours.. and i did not go to your office.. i called her up

Nikki : she gave you her number.. i will kill her one day

Abhi : i took it from your mobile

Nikki : oh thank god.. anyway, lets go? I'm hungry

Abhi : ya sure come..

Well that was their life in delhi.. nikki's boss was impressed by abhi, which they often took advantage of.. they go for meals, movies and holidays quite often.. abhi being the head of that unit, didn't have to worry about taking leave, and nikki.. well abhi always managed to get her the leave they needed..

Reporter: the most awaited day has come, Mrs. beautiful 2010, riddhima has become the mother of a beautiful girl, after giving birth to a son 2 years ago.. with her, to celebrate with her and armaan(head of sanjeevani worldwide), are:

her sister,anjali, the mother of a 1 year old baby girl and  atul

 muskaan, who has just got married to her long time fiance ,rahul a year ago

 nikitha, riddhima's friend and famous fashion designer, who got married to abhimanyu modi, head of sanjeevani, delhi a month ago

 padma, her mother

 shashank, who has just recovered from a major heart attack ,

 sid ,her brother from australia and his girlfriend tamanna 

and along with them were her thousands of fans from mumbai and the media, who bring this wonderful news to you.. thankyou

10 years later

Riddhima: OMG ARMAAN.. shilpa has come first in class again

Armaan : i know.. our daughter is the best after all

Riddhima: i know after all she has got my genes

Armaan : excuse me.. you should than me for the intelligence she's got

Riddhima: oh please..

Armaan : yes please

Riddhima: fine lets ask them

Armaan : whom

Riddhima opened the door that opened to the terrace of the house, and dragged armaan to the terrace where their fans were standing, waiting to get a glimpse of riddhima and armaan

Riddhima: should i ask them

Armaan : ahh.. no.. it's ok.. she's gone on btoh of us..

Riddhima: that's better


Muskaan : rahul yaar tu jaa na uske school.. mujhe kaam hai

Rahul : kya kaam hai?

Muskaan : mujhe riddhima ke ghar jaana hai

Rahul : lekin tu har roz jaati hai use school se pick up karne

Muskaan : aaj tu chale ja na.. aasmaan nahin girr jayenga

Rahul : ab mujhe samajh aaya ke armaan dusre ghar mein rehneko insist kyun kar raha tha

Muskaan : kya kaha tune?

Rahul : armaan tere saath nahin rehna chata tha.. tabhi toh shift tue woh donno.. ab mujhe samajh aaya kyun

Muskaan : teri toh..

Rahul : kya..

Muskaan : ughh..

Rahul : i'm sorry

Muskaan : chal theek hai.. bad mein aisa kabhi mat karna

Rahul : haan..

@ nikk-abhi

Abhi : nikki yaar aaj leave le lo na

Nikki : kaal hi toh leave liya tha humne

Abhi : haan lekin mujhe hsopital nahin jaana

Nikki : yaar aek din toh tum jaate ho..

Abhi : woh bhi nahin jaana.. bohot paise hai hamare paas.. phir kaam karne ki kya jarurat hai hume?

Nikki : yaar aek din jao na...

Abhi : theek hai if you insist

@ atul-anjali

Anjali: atul mujhe riddhima ke ghar jaana hai aaj

Atul : sure main chaloon

Anjali : sure

Atul: wasie hum kyun jaa rahe hai udhar?

Anjali : shilpa came first in class again.. Congratulating them.. we have to go

Atul : uske waja se mera beta seond aata hai.. aur tum use congratulations bol ne ke liye jaa rahi ho?

Anjali: ofcourse.. shilpa comes first, our daughter comes first, doesn't matter.. till one of them come first..

Atul : chalo lets go

Anjali : chalo

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