Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Part 1 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be
You're frozen
When your heart's not open
Now there's no point in placing the blame
And you should know I suffer the same
If I lose you
My heart will be broken

Tears streamed down her face. Yes she has frozen her heart to take this step.  It took all her strength to make this decision. Not only she broke his heart but shattered her's into tiniest of pieces. But still these questions squirm in her mind that how could she do this??? How will she live now??? NO CORRECTION how will HE survive now??? She was his life, his everything. His LAST string to relationships and how could she snap it so brutally. But she had to do it. There was no other option. She couldn't deny the one request her parent have made. She just couldn't deny them, especially after knowing the complete truth. Remembering that suddenly a determination overtook her pain & tears. She switched off the music & cleared her face to remove every trace of tear she has shed so far. Standing up she repeated to herself aloud "I, RIDDHIMA SHASHANK GUPTA, AM READY TO LEAVE MY PAST, MY LOVE, MY ARMAAN BEHIND AND START A NEW LIFE BY MARRYING SIDDHANT MODI"

After a couple of seconds she broke down again, crying her eyes out in hope to release some pain but the more she cried the more it hurt. She could feel something breaking inside her but there was nothing she could do. She has accepted this pain as a part of her life and is ready to live with it from here on for her entire life.  And finally she cried herself to sleep like every night ever since she moved to Delhi leaving Armaan to fulfill her parents dream.


Same time in Mumbai

"Please eat something. You haven't eaten anything in last 2 days. Look at you, what have you done to yourself. I can't see you like this Armaan. I am your best friend and hurt me to see you suffer like this." Nikki said with tears in her eyes. Armaan got up from the couch he was sitting on and left for his room without even uttering a single word.

Tears streamed sown Nikki's eyes. The one thing that she was dreading was coming true and she couldn't do anything about it. Armaan was closing himself in a shell like he did 5 years ago.

Armaan, Riddhima, Nikki, Anhimanyu, Rahul and Muskaam, all worked in the same office. Rather all worked for Armaan in the same office. Armaan Mallik, at the age of 26 owned one of the biggest advertising companies "CREATIVE ADVERTISING" all over India. His parents died in a plane crash 5 years ago which gave a complete u-turn to his life. He was a completely changed person from the day he learnt about his parent's death. He loved them to bits and so did they, hence their death came as a huge shock to him. Had it not been for his best friends, Nikki & Rahul, Armaan would have committed suicide. But that's what best friends are for and that's why we call them BEST FRIENDS.

Nikki & Rahul didn't leave his side till they knew he is all ready to face this cruel world. Armaan came out of depression and got over everything but the loss of his parents has left a deep mark on his being, hence he was not the same person until Riddhima came into his life. She came into his life as a breeze of fresh air. Everything changed the day Armaan and Riddhima met. She was this bubbly, chirpy & full of life girl who filled colors in Armaan's dull & colorless life.

Riddhima and Muskaan (best friends) moved from Delhi to Mumbai and joined Creative advertising together, Riddhima as a general manager of the marketing department and Muskaan as a senior graphic designer. By the end of their first day at work, almost everybody had got to know Riddhima. Rahul, Nikki And Abhimanyu  were already working there.

Despite being an employee, Riddhima always challenged Armaan's decisions. Initially it irked Armaan to the core and he hated her guts & her bubbly nature. But the actual reason as to why he hated her was because she reminded him of the old Armaan. Whereas on the other hand, Riddhima completely enjoyed irritating Armaan. She just loved seeing him turn red with anger when she challenged his decisions but being a gentleman he never lashed out at her.


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