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Part 1 : Love Endures All

The Truth of My Love

Once the happiest place they had in their life have now turned to the most painful place for them.  The joy they use to have turned into the sorrowful lanes. The enjoyment which filled with the people around was now filling hurt in them. The carefree life turned into workaholic mechanism, the works with heart flipped into work just for living.

Nothing was same as it was before everything have started to change the day Rahul left.  One by one all the couples in sanjeevni started to tear apart. And the gang seems to slit off unknowingly. Rahul left them as he can't make peace with his own illness of not being able to be a father in future life ever. Dishearten muskaan all shattered with Rahul leaving her behind to be on her own, asking her to move ahead lead her to leave sanjeevni behind and moved to an unknown city without informing anyone.

After the terrorist attack Anjali too left for Boston to continue her career over there. She never felt love for Atul in her heart so before moving away she cleared her mind to Atul which broke him completely if the failure in his internship exam wasn't much.
Abhimanyu's wife jiya returned back in his life causing Nikki to drawback her steps from their relationship.  She gave him time to make jiya understand about his present life but he never took that courage to say a word about them in front of jiya so Nikki completely blocked him out of her life.

Armaan and ridhima well they both too fell apart after their injuries in terrorists attack in sanjeevni. Ridhima was told Armaan left her as doctor diagnosed her with lower half body paralytic disabling her to walk on her legs all her life.  But she never believed it from her heart and that what the truth is.  When ridhima came back on Shashank insistence she overheard her parents talking or mostly heard Shashank screaming on Padma.
Shashank "toh kya chahti hun tum padma mein ja ke keh doon ridhima se ki jo sach hum usse aaj tak baatane aaye hain vo sach sach hi nhi hai bus ek jhut hai sachi ke libas mein.  Kya kahun mein ridhima se ki uska armaan pagal ho chuka hai...  Ya ye kahun usse ki uska armaan ek bacha baane wala hai is liya vo usse chod kar gaya”.
“Padma mein sach nahi bata sakta ridhima ko vo nhi samjhegi hamari baat ko.  Aaj bhi vo armaan ko beyhadh pyaar karti hai...  Bardash nahi kar payegi vo armaan ko is halat mein dekh ke. Armaan ko asylum mein dekh ke ridhima bhi bikar jayegi padma.  Mein aisa nahi kar sakta. “
Padma - shashank hum khudgarj bhi toh nhi ho sakte na.  Tum jante ho shashank ki ridhima armaan se aaj bhi pyaar karti hai...  Vo dikhati nhi hai par armaan iske jehan mein basa hua hai duniya hai uski armaan. Aur shashank ridhima ko pura haq hai sach janne ka. Uska bhi khush rahne ka pura haq hain...  Ek saal hone ko aya hai shashank aur is ek saal mein tum dekh chuke ho ridhima ko toh tumhe kya lagta hai ki ridhima armaan ko kho ke khush hai ya vo armaan ke kisi bhi haal mein uske sath rhe kar khush rahegi bolo shashank. Aur armaan us bache ki kya galti hai in sab mein. Usne toh pyaar kiya hai hamari bachi se aur pyaar kabhi itna dard nahi deta...

“Armaan ka bhi haq banta hai ki ridhima uska khayal rakhe uski dekhbhal kare...  Kya sirf ridhima ki suraksha aur ridhima ki khushi ka hi khayl kiya jana chaiye nahi na shashank dono ne pyaar kiya hai toh nibhane ke liya haar sukh aur dukh mein sath dena chaiye dono ko ek dusre ka jo armaan toh apne bure waqt mein bhi kar raha hai ridhima ki khushi ka khayal rakh ke par hum ne ridhima ko rokh rakha hai apne armaan ka khayal rakhne se usse jhoot bol ke. Armaan ka pyaar nahi balik hamara pyaar kamjor hai apni bachi ke liya jo usse takat dene ki jagh use dard de rahe hai usko uske pyaar se dur rakh rakha hain.”
“Let her know and let her go shashank shayad jo khushi tum dena cahate the ridhima ke face pe dekhna ek saal se vo dikh jaye tumhe. Sab sach bata do ridhima ko shashank please. Khushiyan de do apni beti ko phir se”

On the other hand ridhima was crying and crying hearing all this.  Her armaan is in asylum, how and since when.  What have happened to him that landed him in there. Is he okay, will he be fine. What's happening and where is he. These are the only questions revolving in her mind at present and due to which she fall unconscious on the floor where she was since long.
With the sound of something falling both shashank and Padma looked to the direction of sound and found ridhima on floor with her head bleeding a little. Rushing towards her Padma put her daughters head in her lap calling her out to open her eyes but nothing worked so shashank get up and brought water to sprinkle on her face to bring her to conscious.
Getting back to her sense she saw her father and mother's worried faces instantly reminding her of the word that she heard just the moment before fainting.
Padma was asking her daughter if she was okay, what happen to her suddenly but all ridhima would hear is shashank's voice echoing in her head saying armaan never left her because of her illness he left due to his own.
Not paying attention towards her mom's question ridhima fired her own set of questionnaire. "Maa where is my armaan.  Kya hua hai usse.  Kahan gaya hai vo mujhe chod ke. Kaisa hai vo Please Maa bataiye na kahan hai mera armaan" Padma was surprised hearing those questions from ridhima ensuring them that what they fear seeing her fallen came true.  She have heard them talking.
Bringing Padma out of her thought by shaking her demanding her answer ridhima called her helplessly. "Please Maa bataiye na kahan hai mera armaan." Padma's eyes spilled out the tears that were protected within.  Shashank tried to say no or interrupt Padma from telling ridhima anything about armaan but to his shock Padma spilled the beam looking at shashank instead of her broken daughter as if challenging shashank for stopping her.
"He is in panchgani ridhima... Wahan Evans mental care mein hai armaan." ridhima look gratefully towards her mother wiping of her tears herself she ran towards her room to collect much needed money and stuff to go and hit the road to search for her love.  In the mean while Nikki who was in sanjeevni handling shashank patient reaches gupta house as he wasn't answering any calls from hospital so she leaded to call him personally by paying visit to gupta house. And when she enter in Padma holds her hands with tears running down her face. Nikki was left confused with the sudden emotional atmosphere welcoming. To cut shot her confusion Padma spoke up "Nikki vo ridhima.... Ridhima vo... "
Nikki was surprised to hear ridhima's name after ages from her parents even as after that attack everyone have stop taking 2 obvious names that's armaan and ridhima. And then suddenly she is taking her daughter name out of nowhere that to with the hint of worries and fear in her voice. "Aunty calm down and tell me what happened why you are crying. What happen to ridhima." but before she can answer her questions she heard a panic voice looking up to the source she finds ridhima in a messed up state looking for something like a lunatic.
"Ridhima" Nikki called out her name gaining her attention on herself. Looking at Nikki she made a run towards her.  Nikki who was sitting holding Padma supporting her stood up and before she can make any sense of these turn off events she was in tight grip of ridhima. "Nikki. Nikki armaan abhi bhi mujhse pyaar karta hai... Nikki vo mujhe chod ke nhi gaya nikki. Vo abhi bhi mujhse pyaar karta hai."
"Mein janti thi ridhima mera dost kabhi bhi aisa nahi kar sakta jaise humse kaha gaya tha...  Bahut pyaar karta hai armaan tumse." Nikki ensured ridhima for her love. "Haan Nikki aur aab mein ja rahi Hun apne armaan ko lene. Uski basket usse wapas dene." ridhima said parting away. "Mein bhi saath chalungi apne best friend ko laane." Nikki stated as a matter of fact.
Both the girls moved out of the house. Nikki asked ridhima to sit in her car and she will drive them to the destination. Ridhima followed her words giving her the name of the place they have to take the road for.
Nikki turned on the ignition of the car pressing down the acceleration peddle holding onto the wheel she started her journey with ridhima.
Ridhima was getting impatient for meeting armaan just talking about him having her dreams explaining to nikki of what all she have dreamt off since he have gone and prayers she performed for them to be together.  She recites her actions that she will be doing when she meet armaan how she will collect him in her arms smothering his insecurities along with hers.  How she will take great care of him, with all love and care without thinking of any other thing.  How she will take him to the best doctor in the world to bring him back to his mental health.
How they will be living together all their life without worrying about anything and anyone else rather the other one....
Nikki was listening to her rambling without interrupting her but her words gradually lost its pitch. Nikki look towards her and found her gone to sleep.  Smiling her crazy lover friend nikki let her sleep till they reach their destination as she knew once they will reach ridhima will have no thoughts of having rest so it’s better to leave her sleeping for now.
While driving through the road Nikki was the hoarding on the side of the junction road reading welcome to punchgani. Stopping her car at one side Nikki clicked open her phone shuffling through the apps. She opened the Google maps feeding in her destination and switching on her GPS she hit the search button to see the exact path she need to take so they can reach up where armaan is.

Within few minutes the route was shown on her mobile screen indication her the way she have to go onto.  Following the directions Nikki parked her car in the parking lot of the Evans mental care. With the brakes to stop the car ridhima felt the halting jerk. She woke up from her sleep looking up to Nikki who was looking at her she looked around to see they have stopped.  Reading the board in front of her ridhima's eyes twinkle in the hope of meeting her armaan within next few seconds.
She looked back at Nikki who is still looking at her but this time with smile nodded her head as if ensuring her that they really have reached. Ridhima jump down from the car and felt nervousness creeping within her. Holding her hands together playing with finger she kept looking at the board of the hospital when Nikki came walking up to her.  Putting a hand on ridhima's shoulder Nikki spoke "Chalo ridhima intezar khatam hua. Tumhara pyaar wait kar raha hai Tumhara"
"Nikki sab theek hoga na...  Mujhe bahut ghabrahat hovrahi hai Nikki. Armaan ko dekhne ke liya maar rahi hun mein par aab pata nahi kyun itne pass aake himat nhi ho rahi usko dekhne jaane ki...  Pata nahi kaise hoga mera armaan." ridhima said looking at Nikki who was holding her shoulder.  Slipping her hands and holding ridhima's hand in her grip she spoke looking in ridhima's eyes "Aab dar nahi ridhima aab himat aur pyaar saath rakho apne.  Ab tak armaan tumhare liya tumhare dar se ladta tha na aab shayad Tumhari baari hai armaan ke liya uske dar se ladhne ki.  Toh aab bus pyaar aur himat aur kuch nahi"
Nodding at Nikki ridhima took a step towards her love.  Nikki smiled at ridhima then followed her reaching the reception they enquire about armaan.
"Excuse can you please tell us where we can find armaan Malik" ridhima asked to the person sitting behind the desk.  "May I know who are you and how are you related to him" asked the person while surfing for armaan's information in her database.
"Hmm I am ridhima gupta.  His would be wife." initially ridhima hesitated but they spoke with full confidence making the person at reception to look at her with surprise expression.
Seeing her not looking at the database but staring at ridhima's face Nikki asked "Excuse what are you looking at please make it soon."
But the person was still in surprise mode so they shake her "what happen please tell us where is armaan" asked ridhima getting impatient. Recovering from the shock the person told them the room nowhere armaan is. Ridhima looked at Nikki and seeing her nodding her gather her courage. Slowly stepping ahead towards the indicated direction leading her to armaan her love.
Nikki who stood behind looking at ridhima slowly trying to gather herself and her courage. Soon ridhima was disappeared behind walls as she turn right on the corridor so Nikki turn towards the person on reception.
"May I ask aap itna shock kyun the" to which she hear the person replying "Mein ne yahan hamesha rishton ko tutte bikharte hua dekha hai. Aapne pyaar ke liya logo ko pagal hote dekha hai.  Par aaj pehli baar mein ne kisi ko yahan apne rishte ki shuruwat karte hua dekh rha hun.  Pehli baar pyaar mein pagal hote hua nahi logo ki nazar mein ek pagal ke liya pyaar dekha hai."
"Bahut log aate hai yahan par sirf beemaar insaan ko chodne aaj pehli baar koi kisi ko milne aaya hai. Kash sab ladkiyan aise hi hoti jo apne pyaar ko kisi halat mein bhi akele nahi chod sakti. Par aaj kal ki ladkiyan pyaar ka matlab bhi nhi janti" said the person.
"Pyaar toh hamesha hi ek dusre ki khushi sikhata hai. Aap kehte hai ki ladkiyon ko pyaar karna nahi aata par kya ladko ko aata hai.  Aapne is ladki ka (ridhima) pyaar toh dekh liya par kya aapko pata hai pyaar ka ye ehsas ye pagal paan kisni sikhaya hai isse...  Ussi insaan ne jisse ye aaj lene aai hai.  Aaj apne is ladki ke pyaar ko mahan bana diya kya aapko pata hai ki jisse ye pyaar karti hai vo kya the aur kya kuch nhi kiya apne pyaar ke liya. Kisi ek ke pyaar ko dekh ke kabhi bhi kisi ko judge nahi karna chahiye. Kyun ki pyaar mein sirf ek insaan nahi bilki do log hote hai...  Aur rishto ki tarah nahi hota pyaar ka rishta ke ek insaan ke koshishon se jinda reh paye. Pyaar mein dono ka hona jaruri hai tabhi apko apne pyaar ko pyaar karne ki himat aati hai. Ladkiyon ko aagar pyaar karna nahi aata yoh wajha bhi yoh ladko ne hi di hai.  Ek baar dhoka kha ke insaan sambhal jata hai toh is mein na toh ladki ka kusoor hai na ladke ka bus galat iradon se banae rishto ka tutna likha hi hota hai.  Irade agar pyaar lutane ka ho toh pyaar har kisi ko milta hai." saying so nikki too left from their as by now her own eyes started to moist remembering her and abhi's relation.

Scene shifted to ridhima.
Standing in front of the room where armaan is ridhima catch hold of the handle to click open the door. Closing her eyes praying to shower some strength upon she pushed the door open to see a lean lazy figure standing near the window.
His hear was down not looking outside but something in his hands. Moving in she heard him whispering things to himself an involuntary smile spread on her lips thinking that something never changes. He still have the habit of talking to himself.


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