Friday, 31 August 2018

Part 10 : ~TORN~~

"Mr Malik how are you?" Riddhima stared at the grey haired English gentleman as they arrived in the hotel dinning room….the large crystal chandler and the dinning room looks like something from a romantic period novel

"Sir Kinsley!" Armaan leaned forward and shook his hand.

"And this is?" Sir Kinsley ask to see Riddhima holding her hands together.

"My assistant Riddhima!" Armaan added.

"Oh Nammastte! Sorry dear if I pronounced it incorrectly …not been back to India since I was 8 years old… Did you know I was born there when my father was station there in 1959… great place but I still remember the hot summers…" he chuckled look at them both as he lead them to the dinning table..

"Firingi Salla!" Armaan whispered looking at Riddhima giggle as they got seated for dinner.

Riddhima looked at him all evening as Sir Kinsley amused them telling them how the British ruled India all those years ago and asked if things had changed… Armaan glanced over at her and smiled as the old man told them of his father who when they came back was hating every minute of the raining weather and how brought land in a small hill station and his father retired there with his mother years ago…..

"So Ms Riddhima! How did you hook a fine man like Armaan here?" he asked looking at her smile at him

"Fate?" she answered

"Oh Kismat!" they both looked at the old man chuckling.

"I am a bit rusty but I still remember bit of pieces…" they looked at him and chuckled.

"Well I better get back to the manor before Lady Kinsley throws me out with the dog if I am late… Armaan old boy I am happy with the deal so I see you tomorrow… Ms Riddhima it has been an absolute pleasure to have meet someone as beautiful as you and I hope to see you tomorrow evening for celebration drinks…Namaste to you both!" They got up and looked at him leave the table.

"He's so charming!" Riddhima said watching him leave.

"Boring Salla…he would not shut up!" he looked at Riddhima smiling at him shaking his head chuckling…

"He was right about you being beautiful…he was eyeing you up all night!" Armaan said looking at her shaking her head.

"No he was not but I know who was?" she answered looking at him grinning taking hold of her hand on the table…

He felt better they need this break, it would do her some good as they finished there meal they got up to leave….everything felt so relaxed and things where so different he felt…

"Armaan I am still excited I'm in London can we got for a walk? Its still daytime.." she said smiled as he nodded.

He looked at her holding his hand and her head on her shoulder as they saw London through the thick glass of the capsule of the London Eye as the sun was setting and everything looked breath taking the Thames was red as Big Ben chimed…as they descended back down…

"It so beautiful and romantic!" she whispered as he looked at her.

"They going to close this ride soon and Memsahib we've been going round on this 3 times now…can we get off I'm getting dizzy…" he said looking at her nodded at him giggling…

As they headed to the hotel in the summer breeze …

"RIDDHIMA!" they stopped as Armaan saw Riddhima scream hugging a woman and a man…

"OMG Ritu! Chriag!" Armaan frowned looking at her hugging them again and smiled his fake smile as the looked at them talking at once…

"You cow you got married!" Ritu screamed looking at her as she took hold of Armaans hand as he frowned.

"Congrats dude!" Chriag said putting his hand forward.

"Actually…" he said…feeling Riddhima squeeze his hand he looked at her as she looked at her friends smiling


She looked at him angrily throw his blazer on the bed and unbuttoned his sleeves. She could till as they went for drinks with Ritu and Chirag he was very upset as he sat there silently listening to her friends with old stories and how they came to invite her to there wedding and Anajli told them she left…

"Armaan?" he looked at her seething with anger.

"I hate lying! You made me lie today…" he said looking at her with her head lowered.

"I just could not tell her about our relationship…" she whispered walking towards him.

"And you never lied Armaan….we just let them assume we're married…" she said picking up his blazer.

"Why did you not let me tell the truth?" he said looking at her

"What was I going to explain to my college friends that the ambition girl in college has been sold to a rich business man as a mistress…" he looked at her and threw his shirt on the bed glaring at her…and turned to sit on the bed.

"Riddhima!" he looked at her as she sat down next to him.

"I don't like lying…" he said putting his hands on her shoulder as she turned to take his hand.

"But Armaan you do lie…telling people I am you're assistant when we both know I am not.." he looked at her and removed her hand from his and got up…. leaving her up to look at him on the bed as he got him…as he moved away placing his hand threw his hair..

"You're getting it all wrong! You assist me with my home and re designing the extension…you look after me …make sure …"

"I do what a mistress or a wife does!!" he turned and looked at her.

"Why do you throw Mistress in my face? Every time you throw that dame word in my face…as well as insulting yourself… you god dame insult me…I don't want to discuss this anymore and you're not to bring it up again…Get ready for bed it been a long day" she looked at his taken back as he slammed the door to the bathroom as he left her in the bedroom.

She looked at his back as she lay on her side as a lone tear ran down her face remembering the countless time they argued he was always so deeply angrily when she informed him of the deal it was like he the arguing was eating him up some what and now his own admission to her in some way proved she was respected by him as well he thought of her as something more then a mistress. I am significant to him? She thought looking at him….he could not sleep and turned to fast her seeing her eyes looking at him. He did not want to talk about it again and in Delhi it hurt like hell as he shouted on the phone to her….gentle placing his hand on her waist he shifted towards her…. "Make love to me Armaan" she whispered looking at him as he pulled her close to him… Feeling her kiss him with such passion he was taken back by it and released her and just looked at her as she pulled him close to her….Feeling her fingers in his hair as he kissed her neck as she moaned out his name so lightly ….never had he feel this with any other woman as he felt her hands explore his body as she kissed his chest titillating his entire body as she teased him fuelling his desires and longing for her…How he longed for her and why was the thirst for her always increasing 10 folds never stopping…why could he never take his hands off her wanting to explore her time and time again…only to discover that his entire body just throbbed in her presence …How he make love to her in the different parts of the house and now he lifted himself onto her unable to sub stain himself any more …feeling her own body giving her away to him as she need him to fulfil her needs…she too now wanted to feel him in her and quench the hunger inside her….as her kissed intensified as he moved his hips………..


"The trip was great bhagwan…. he was so relax and he planned a day in Paris it was wonderful after he signed the deal…I look at him and cant believe he the same man …I'm beginning to understand him and his ways and he getting to know me a little better too… I have fallen madly in love with him and when he holds me I feel so complete…you brought us together I know that know…. it was all kismet and if I was aggressive with him I know he would never have opened up… This way he's learning and changing slowly…I am going to tell him tonight just how much I love him…"  she smiled looking at Shivji as she heard him come into the house from the office.

He looked at her as she served him dinner she was looking much better the trip had done its job and he felt better after such a long time ….in fact he never every felt like this and made a mental note  everything 3 months they should go away just the two of them..

"We have a party to attend tomorrow evening over at the Nana ji place…" He looked at her face and took hold of her hand.

"It's a small get together and just a few people…" he looked at her a little unsure as he smiled at her.

"Ok we go for five minutes show our faces and leave…happy!" he looked at her smile and nod as he sighed happily and looked over at her.

"SIR!" he looked up to see Muskhan enter the house at this time getting up he looked over at her approach him.

"Muskhan is something the matter?…" he asked looking at Muskhan walking in and it was not like her to come to his house at this time.

"I got off the phone with a friend of mine …we going to be raided by the tax man and…" he frowned and walked over towards her … Riddhima looked over at him nodding his head talking to her and walk over towards her at the seated at dinning table.

"Riddhima I have to go and make sure Akash and Muskhan have everything in order…."

"Armaan you've not eaten…" she protested looking at him frowning as she got up.

"Look I get my stuff from the study and I have to leave…."

"Ji it take me 5 mins to pack everything and you can eat there…" he looked at her and chuckled shaking his head…as he place his hand on her cheek looking at her.

"Fine hurry up…" he sighed looking at her heading for the kitchen

"Muskhan get the food from Riddhima I just get some files from the study…"

Muskhan nodded her head and looked over at Riddhima coming towards her with the large bag.

"This is funny! Hooker playing wife! You really have moved in?" Muskhan said looking at her placing the roti and left over in the pots….

"There is enough for Akash and you too …." Riddhima answered ignoring her

"So how much does he pay you? …" Muskhan asked looking at her.

"He pays by sleeping with me in his bed!" Riddhima said looking at her to see her shocked face not caring about what Muskhan heard as she did not matter…

"You B**** It will not last believe me.." Muskhan hissed back angrily

"I believe in my love and he loves me I know he does….Nothing will break us!" Riddhima said looking at Muskhan laughing at her face.

"Love and him! He know power and money…he loves himself…and when he see you as a leech you are he will throw you out the house…" Muskhan said looking up to see him coming down the stairs…


He looked in the bedroom and she was not there looking over at the window he smiled shaking his head approaching him.

"Cant sleep?" he asked placing his arms around her.

Feeling his lips on her neck she felt her body sink into his as he turned her around and kissed her…. As he released her and hugged her he smiled…

Feeling his lips on her neck in bed she closed her eyes feeling his touch awaken something inside her as he always did as they make love… as he looked down at her he kissed her feeling her sweating body beneath him as there bodies lay tangled in each other…with her arms around him…as he lay his head on her bosom feeling her heart…

"I love you Armaan!" he froze holding her as he felt her hold tighten….


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