Wednesday, 1 August 2018

part 17 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ jungle

Riddhima(closing her eyes): armaan.. i know where we are and why we are over here

Armaan (sensing some tension): and where are we?

Riddhima: this jungle outside sanjeevani orphanage

Armaan : you know this place?

Riddhima: memories.. so many memories with it

Armaan : what memories?

Riddhima : i told you about sid right?

Armaan : yes

Riddhima : i had not met him in australia armaan.. i had met him over here.. 5 years ago

Armaan : in this jungle

Riddhima : i had got lost.. he was trying to commit suicide

Armaan : over here? How?

Riddhima: he thought coming here was as good as commiting suicide.. but then he met me and he wanted to get me out of here safely

Armaan : why?

Riddhima: i don't know.. but he tried to commit suicide as his family disowned him

Armaan : disowned him?

Riddhima: he was not ready to get married to get married to this girl his family wanted him to get married to..  his family disowned him.. so he tried to commit suicide

Armaan : and then he tried to save you.. then?

Riddhima : this was after i finished my internship at sanjeevani.. yup armaan.. i was a part of abhimanyu's intern batch.. that is how i know him.. i had not done my internship in australia as i told you.. i did it in sanjeevani...but i didnt want to tell and abhi.. i mean were competitors and all..

Armaan : so you were in abhi, subhankar and keerthi's batch?

Riddhima: yup.. and then i met sid in this jungle.. it was anji's plan then too.. it was a dare then though.. but ya.. sid saved me and i got out.. but i knew he needed help too.. so i asked him what his story was.. he told me everything.. like everything about his life..

Armaan : and then?

Riddhima: i had just finished my internship and went to singapore to practice medicine

Armaan : singapore? I thought you were from australia

Riddhima: i met sid in singapore again.. he had come to singapore for his girlfriend's wedding..

Armaan : huh?

Riddhima: she was getting married to someone else

Armaan : and he attended her wedding? Who would do that?

Riddhima: she was my best friend sue..

Armaan : sue? You never told me about her

Riddhima: i never spoke to her ever again. After i saw sid at her wedding

Armaan : and then?

Riddhima: me and sid went to australia

Armaan : you went with him.. he came with you.. what?

Riddhima: i got transferred to australia as they needed me there and i took sid along.. to make him fine again.. away from his ex

Armaan : and then?

Riddhima: then i started writing his novel about my life..time pass you know

Armaan : and thats how you became an author i know.. what happened to sid?

Riddhima: he became a famous cardiologist.. siddhant modi..

Armaan: siddhant modi? The great cardiologist?

Riddhima: yup.. i got him into medicine and made him do his internship at sanjeevani.. and he became a specialist and famous.. and he is fine now.. then i came back for another story.. and you know the rest..

Armaan : and why exactly did you lie to me before?

Riddhima: when did i lie to you?

Armaan : you said that you and sid were just friends

Riddhima: we are just friends armaan.. he was there when i had a relationship.. and he was there when it broke.. he is just a very good friend.. that it.. it's just that this place reminds me of that time when he saved me and told me his story

Armaan : and he doesn't know that you are with me?

Riddhima: he does.. i told him everything.. just before we left for lonavala..

Riddhima : armaan.. i just want to know.. you didn't have any girlfriends?

Armaan : i told you.. there were just rumours.. nothing else..

Riddhima: armaan

Armaan : i didn't have a girlfriend riddhima..

Riddhima : armaan.. anjali

Armaan : anjali wasn't a girlfriend riddhima

Riddhima : she loved you armaan.. she tells me everything.. i am her sister

Armaan : i don't know or care about whether she loves me.. but i don't

Riddhima: armaan.. please don't

Armaan : don't what? I just loved one person in my life.. and you know who that is

Riddhima: armaan please don't.. my life is like an open book infront of you...

Armaan : your life.. internship.. then singapore.. then australia ..then india..

Riddhima: yup.. but there is hardly anything i know about you.. why are you such an introvert?

Armaan : my parents died when i was very young.. i grew up in sanjeevani orphanage.. then my parents will was found from the house when they sold it, so that they could pay for my education.. they found the will.. thats when i became a millionaire overnight.. i studied medicine, joined sanjeevani and had been working there ever since.. i never bothered with girls.. as they were mostly after my money.. until i found you.. i told you if was like love at first sight for me.. and probably for you too.. and the rest you know..

Riddhima: you a millionaire?

Armaan : i had to tell you some day..

Riddhima: but why are you such an introvert?

Armaan : you have never lived without parents riddhima.. you don't know how it is riddhima

Riddhima: god.. i am so sorry.. but you know i am always there for you right?

Armaan : that's why my life had become an open book to you..

Riddhima : armaan.. why do you keep your feelings to yourself? You never express it to anyone.. you know you can tell me

Armaan : i told you riddhima.. i don't like the fact that you have so many male friends.. vivek,sid,abhi,atul.. you know i don't like it.. you know..

Riddhima: and you know that they are all just friends.. nothing more..

Armaan : i know.. but i don't like diverted attention

Riddhima: my love will never be divided or diverted

Armaan knew that  it was the truth and probably he was just over- reacting to the fact that she had so many friends.. and he had almost none.. but he didn't need anyone except for riddhima.. she has already changed him.. and she will change his life.. for the better.. she was his life.. she was all he needed.. if he had her, he had everything he needed

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