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part 18 & 19 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 18 :


Anjali: riddhima aur armaan ab tak cottage toh pohonch hi gayye hoge

Atul : kaunsa cottage?

Anjali: lonavala ke orphhanage ke paas aek hi cottage hae.. toh usi me hi gayye honge

Atul : toh ab kya hoga?

Anjali(thinking): abhi woh dono aek dosre ko bolenge i love you ( she said i love you aloud)

Atul : tumhari tabyet to theek hai na?

Atul (thinking): mujhe i love you kyon bol rahi hai.. yeh riddhima ki bahein hai.. shayad yeh bhi mujhe fool kar rahi hai)

Anjali: I LOVE YOU nahin bolenge toh kya bolenge?

Atul (thinking): main pehle anjali ko dosti ke liye puchta hoon

atul: pehle dost bhi ban sakte hai

anjali(thinking) armaan riddhima toh already dost hain

anjali: dost hain already?

Atul (thinking) main-anjali dost? Kabse?

@ jungle

Riddhima: armaan i think we should get going?

Armaan : and follow anjali's plan?

Riddhima: ofcourse.. she made all the arrangements for our stay

Armaan : phir toh margayye

Riddhima : huh?

Armaan : nothing

Riddhima: you know dad wants to give me the ownership of sanjeevani right?

Armaan : yup.. and i'll be dating my boss.. strange na

Riddhima: that will make me stay in india?

Armaan : didn't you decide to stay in india?

@ sanjeevani

Shashank : padma, don't you think we should get riddhima married now, that will make her stay in india?

Padma : but shashank, you should ask her first.. i mean what if she is not ready for marriage

Shashank : i am sure she won't say no to me

Padma: then why don't you ask her to live in india directly? Why are you doing all these things?

Shashank : because australia is her life.. she loves australia.. and if i ask her directly, she may think i am being selfish

Padma: well you are being selfish

Shashank: but this is the only way i can make her stay in india forever

Padma: who do you want to get her married to?

Shashank: siddhant modi.. she lives with him in australia.. she may feel at home also then...

Padma: but he stays in australia too.. so after marriage she will go to australia.. won't stay in india?

Shashank: sid's family is in india.. we can sort out the differences between the families and make them both live in india?

Padma: but riddhima doesn't like sid

Shashank: ofcourse she does.. why would she have arranged internship and a house and MBBS courses for him, at her expense otherwise? No friend does so much for a friend.. ofcourse there is something more to this friendship


Anjali: atul.. where are you lost?

Atul: no nothing

Anjali: so mission A-R successful.. now mission MR

Atul : MR ?

Anjali: muskaan rahul.. woh dono bhi aek dusre ko pasand karte hain na?

Atul : lekin muskaan toh already engaged hain

Anjali: kya?

Atul : haan.. woh toh 2 saal pehle si hi engaged hain.. ounjab ke aek ladke se

Anjali: aur rahul?

Atul : woh mujhe kya pata? Use toh sirf main armaan ke bhai ke naam se janta hoon

Anjali: waise rahul hain toh mera dushaman, leikn mera hone wala brother in law ka bhai hain...

Atul: armaan riddhima shadi kar rahe hain?

Anjali: bhot jaldi..

Atul : aur usne mujhe bataya tak nahin?

Anjali: use khudko nahin pata?

Atul: usko kudko nahin pata ke uski shadi ho rahi hain?

Anjali: nahin

Atul : yeh kya ajeeb kissa hain?

Anjali: kuch bhi nahin.. woh log ayenge tab sab pata chal gayenga (grinning)

@ jungle

Armaan : didn't you say that you were gonna stay in india?

Riddhima: australia is my life... it isn't easy to move out like this..

Armaan : but i thought you were serious about this relation and dad had made you the owner of sanjeevani and all that?

Riddhima: probably i will.. but not right now.. i mean i have to go back to australia after 4-5 months.. i may pack everything up and come to india forever after that.. but i have to return for the timing

part 19

Riddhima knew that this step of hers might not be good for her relation with armaan, but she had no choice, she had to return to australia, with or without him.. australia was her life.. everything of hers was over there.. how was she supposed to leave everything and stay back in india all of a sudden? She needed time.. time to decide.. time to pack up everything.. to say goodbye to everyone.. she couldn't leave everything and everyone so abruptly .. she needed to return.. and she had made up her mind now.. she will return to australia.. immediately after retuning from lonavala.. that soon? Yes.. she needed to go back immediately, so she could come back in a month or two and live in india with her family forever

They were still in the middle of the jungle.. they knew they had to leave the spot very soon because the jungle becomes very dangerous at night with all the wild animals coming out in search of food.. they had to move.. but where? It was dark and nothing could be seen.. riddhima had been helped by sid before.. but that was years ago.. she didnt remember much about the exit route anymore.. but then he remembered that it was all anjali's plan.. so she would have made made a plan for them to reach the cottage safely..

But what armaan was truly afraid of was not the jungle.. he was afraid of losing riddhima.. was anjali really that sweet.. was her plan really to forget her love for her sister.. can anyone forget their love? Was this why she had a camera hidden in their car? Was she trying to separate them after seeing the video? What was her true objective?

On the other hand riddhima was worried about her plan to go back to australia.. how was she supposed to tell this to armaan? To her father? To anjali and muskaan? They would kill her for telling them that she would be staying here for months and then deciding to go back after a few days itself.. would they listen to her if she told them that she is leaving to come back forver? Will things remain the same after she tells them about her decision?

Riddhima: armaan.. i need to talk to you

Armaan : going back to australia right?

Riddhima: after coming back from lonavala

Armaan felt his heart skip a beat.. he thought he would be able to convince riddhima to stay and not go back to australia.. but how was he supposed to do that when she was leaving in the next two days? Yes two days.. two days and she will be leaving.. for weeks.. or probably months..

Armaan : for how long?

Riddhima: 5 weeks?

Armaan : and why do you need so much time?

Riddhima: look armaan.. saying goodbye to so many people.. packing up everything.. addressing the media as to why miss australia, who had promised to be loyal to australia and live in australia for the rest of her life had decided to break her promise.. apply for a new passport and a new visa as i had lost it in the flight.. so many things armaan.. 5 weeks is minimum.. it may even get extended

Armaan : and how do you expect all the relations you have over here to cope up with that stupid idea of yours?

Riddhima: stupid idea? Ya right armaan.. if i leave after 3-4 months i will have to take longer.. as i will first have to attend welcome back and then farewell parties.. if i go now, it will almost be like coming back after a week so their would be no welcome parties?

Armaan : and you think your dad, your sister and your friends will like this idea of yours?

Riddhima: i dont know about all that armaan.. it was tough enough to make such a decision.. don't make it more difficult for me.. and after all, i am going to come back

Riddhima: and you can always come with me

Armaan : i have patients over here riddhima.. it isn't so easy to leave all them in such a crucial period.. they may even suffer death and permanent damage if not taken care of properly.. and changing the doctor right now is not a good idea

Riddhima: then i don't know what we can do armaan.. as usual it's your decision..

Armaan : it's yours this time.. do you want me to wait for you? Or shall we break up?

Riddhima: it is not so easy to take such a decision

Right then they hear a tiger's roar.. and that's when they realise that they are probably too late.. probably too late...

They decide to go according to the sound.. the sounds seemed to have come from the left.. so they ran towards the right.. only to crash into something...

@ sanjeevani:

Anjali receives a call from the lonavala authorities telling her that armaan riddhima have not arrived yet..

Rahul : i knew it.. i knew i should not have been a part of your plan from the start.. look at what you have done..they  must be in the jungle.. in the dark between wild animals right now

Atul : lekin muskaan ne toh kaha ke usne raat ko jungle mein bohot mati ki thi?

Rahul : muskaan jungle mein kyun hogi?

Anjali: 2 years ago.. we had gone to the orphanage.. the whole hospital.. and i was organising this.. that's when muskaan and this guy called amit had gone into the jungle.... to search for riddhima.. but riddhima came out with sid almost immediately and muskaan and amit were stuck inside

Rahul : amit?

Atul : yehi toh muskaan ka mangetar hain

Rahul : muskaan ki engagement ho gayyi?

Atul : haan.. 2 saal pehle.. jungle se anne ke baad.. 1 month ke baad unki engagement ho gayyi..

Rahul : to abhi amit kahan hain?

Atul : uski internship khatam ho gayyi.. woh punjab waapis chale gayya

Rahul (thinking): toh abhi plan change? Muskaan ke jaga koi aur lana padenga

Precap :

Riddhima: anjali ne sirf shadi ke kapde kyon pack kiye..

Armaan : yahan pe temple kab se aa gaya? Aur ye itna decorated kyun hai?

Sid : hello uncle.. riddhima ko milne main australia se aagaya.. lekin use mujhe bulaya kyon?

Shashank: usne nahin.. maine bulaya.. shadi ke liye

Sid: kiski?

Shashank : tumhari

Anjali: yeh sid yahan pe kya raha hai?

Atul :sid kaun hai?

Anjali woh.... riddhima ka... i mean mera.... um..hmm... boyfriend

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