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part 18 : To Err is Human

RECAP: They gazed into each other's eyes as her fingers brushed against his forehead. There was no pretence of hatred or revulsion in them; it was just pure love and desire for each other. They both knew at that moment that they loved each other'.there was no need for words or confessions anymore''.their unspoken emotions had spoken volumes'..they were there for each other'..nothing else mattered'..not even the footsteps of the approaching doctors and nurses on their morning rounds''.

'Kripa!' he grabbed her wrist as she got up to leave. Unlike their previous interactions, Kripa did not pull away from his grip. She blushed slightly and smiled at him, 'jaane do Angad'..mujhey jaana hoga.'

'Wapas aaogi na?' he stroked her wrist gently.

'Wapas tho wo aate hain jo chale jaate hain,' she blushed again and ran out of the room leaving Angad in a daze. He felt as if he was floating somewhere far above the ground- was it the stupor of all the medications pumped into him since the surgery or was it her intoxicating words, gaze and touch''kya yeh sach much pyaar ka iqraar tha? Kab? Kaise? Kahaan ho gaya yeh sab?

Please enjoy this wonderful wonderful VM by Muniza on one of my favorite songs from yesteryears from 'Shakti'

Jaane Kaise Kab Kahaan 'Iqaraar Ho Gayaa
Hum Sochte Hi Reh Gaye Aur Pyaar Ho Gayaa   (2)

Kripa walked out swiftly but could not escape Dr Josh's astute observation.

'Sister Sweety'yeh raat bhar yahin thi kya?' Josh asked the nurse outside Angad's room.

'Yes sir'.pataa hai sir'.kal blood bank mein blood ki kami thi'.lekin Dr Kripa ne anemic hote huye bhi apna blood donate kiya Dr Angad ke liye.'

'Anemic? And you let her?' Dr Josh asked sternly.

'Wo'wo sir'Dr Riddhima ne permission'.' Sweety hesitated apologetically.

'Good job sister'.now I know who will take over Angad's case.' Josh smiled.

'Dr Kripa?' nurse Mittal returned his smile.

'Of course!'

As Kripa walked back to her room, the path leading to the house through the garden felt like a carpet of flowers'.everything had suddenly bloomed overnight'..the dew drops on the petals sparkled like little charms on a beautiful piece of jewelry'..her world had changed forever'..she felt rejuvenated even after a sleepless night''

Gulshan Bani' GaliyaaN Sabhi
Phool Ban Gayi Kaliyaan Sabhi     (2)
Lagtaa Hai Meraa Sehraa Tayyar Ho Gayaa
Hum Sochate ...

Angad lay on his pillow with his hands tucked under his head. With his eyes shut, he dreamt about Kripa, his pain from the surgery had vanished in thin air'..he did not desire any more pain killers'..he wanted to hold onto the sweet throbbing inside him that she had left behind '''..

Tumne Humein Bebas Kiyaa
Dil Ne Humein Dhokha Diya
Uff Taubaa jeena Kitna Dushvaar Ho Gayaa
Hum Sochate ...
Hum Chup Rahe Kuchh Na Kahaa
Kehne Ko Kyaa Baaqi Rahaa
Bas Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Iqraar Ho Gayaa
Hum sochte hi reh gaye''aur pyaar ho gaya''.

'Knock! Knock!' Josh startled Angad.

'Oh sir'aap?'

'Kisi aur ka intezaar tha? Waise kaho tho wapas bula loon'.I can still see her from the window,' Josh grinned.

'SIR!' Angad smiled and shook his head, 'you are too much'.aapki nazron se kuch nahin chupta.'

'Bilkul nahin!' Josh uncovered his surgical wound, 'hmmm'.looks like it did not soak much overnight'.we will remove the drain today'.and..and see if you can start drinking some fluids and eating later on. Josh scribbled some orders for Nurse Sweety and then punched Angad's shoulder, ' I think I will assign one of the interns on your case'.you don't need me anymore'.any preferences?'

'Uh'.well,' Angad turned red at the question.

'Good! We think alike!' Josh winked at him and walked out.

'Sir'.aapne naam nahin bataaya!' Angad yelled from behind.

'The same anemic intern who donated blood to save your life yesterday'..naam tum khud guess kar lena,' Josh laughed heartily and was out of the room before Angad could ask any more questions.

'Blood donate kiya tha? Anemic bhi hai? Who has O negative blood in our group?' Angad was baffled. He picked the phone and called Armaan.

Lost in her thoughts, Kripa walked into her room but was startled to see the sight at the window.

'Armaaan'please! Jao na yahan se'.Kripa dekh legi' Riddhima begged the man conveniently parked on the window ledge.

'Tum hi tho keh rahi thi Kripa raat bhar gayab rahi hai'.aur waise bhi main Kripa se nahin darrta!' Armaan folded his arms and straddled his legs across the window comfortably.

'Uffo Armaan'.you will get us into trouble'.it's time for our clinic too'I need to get ready,' Riddhima's heart was racing as her eyes wandered outside the window to make sure no one was watching.

'Chalo'.I will help you get ready,' he almost climbed inside the room.


'OK '.not without my medicine,' he smiled wickedly and leaned forward.


'*cough*cough*,' Kripa cleared her throat, 'Riddhima'.maan jao na Armaan ki baat'.bechara dawa hi tho maang raha hai.'

'Tum jaanti nahin Kripa'.iski dawa ka naam kya hai,' Riddhima turned around, 'he wants a ki'' she paused and covered her mouth with her hand.

'Tho de do na'.kyun tadpaa rahi ho mere bhai ko'.sirf kiss hi tho maang raha hai bechara'..jaan thode hi maang raha hai,' Kripa said cheerfully.

'Bhai?' Riddhima was stunned, 'and you are my friend'.uski side kyun le rahi ho Kripa?'

'Main sirf sach ka saath deti hoon,' Kripa picked her clothes from their closet and walked into the bathroom for a shower.

'Theek hai Kripa ki bachchi'.main bhi tumhari pole khol deti hoon.'

'Khol do,' Kripa peered from the half shut door, 'mujhey farak nahin padhta'.ab main nahaane jaa rahi hoon'.make sure by the time I come back'.my brother has received his medicine'please Riddhima.'

'Yeh Kripa ko kya hua hai? Why is she acting so strange? Raat bhar kahan thi?' Riddhima scratched her head. She turned around and was shocked to see Armaan standing in front of her.

'ARMAAN!' she yelled, 'tum andar kaise aa gaye?'

'Pairon se!' He pursed his lips, 'Kya apni saheli se kuch seekh nahin sakti tum?' and asked, 'She spent the whole night with Angad'.aur ek tum kanjoos ho ki mujhey itna tadpa tadpa kar maar rahi ho'.wo bhi ek kiss ke liye'..hey bhagwan kaisa zamaana aa gaya hai?'

Riddhima smiled at his desperation, 'theek hai'aaj clinic ke baad'.let's go to the riverside'I promise you will get your medicine.'

'Promise?' he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer, 'apne deewane ko tadpaane mein bahut mazaa aata hai'.jaanti ho'raat bhar so nahin saka,' he drawled huskily. Riddhima lowered her gaze and hid her face in the curve of his neck, 'main bhi nahin so saki.'

'Ek ilaaj hai iska mere paas,' he whispered softly as his lips brushed against her ear.

'Kya?' she shut her eyes as the fragrance of his after shave filled her senses.

'Aaj raat ko apni saheli ko phir uske aashiq ke paas bhej dena'..aur apni khidki khuli rakhna.' He shut his eyes and rested his chin on her head.

'Phir?' she was lost in his arms, unaware of her surroundings or what his words implied.

'Phir'.hum tum is kamre mein bandh ho jaayenge.' He swayed with her in his arms.

'Phir?' she asked dreamily.

'Phir is kamre ki chaabhi bhi kho denge.'


'Phir'.phir'phir,' he smiled mischievously, 'phir raat bhar ek saath jage rahenge.'


'Phir'.phir kya hoga?' he opened his eyes and lifted her chin.
Please enjoy a wonderful VM by Munni again- Labon ko labon

Armaan and Riddhima lost in their thoughts'.dreaming about each other'

'Kya hoga?' she asked as if under a hypnotic spell, oblivious of where this amorous conversation was leading to.

He removed her dupatta and kissed her neck softly, 'phir'.mere bas mein kuch nahin rahega Riddhima'..' He came to his senses and stepped back, 'Riddhima'get ready'we are getting late.'

'Oh God!' She was mortified at herself. Her body trembled as she adjusted her dupatta, 'Armaan'yeh humney kya kiya? We got carried away'Oh my god!'

'Kuch nahin kiya Riddhima,' he placed his hand on her shoulder, 'don't feel bad'.is ehsaas ka naam hi pyaar hai Riddhima'..don't feel guilty'.yeh duniya ka sabse khubsoorat ehsaas hai''..main chalta hoon'see you at the clinic.' He hopped out of the window and ran to his room.

'Haan Armaan'.yeh ehsaas hai tho bahut khubsoorat,' she waved at him as he left, 'lekin mujhey phir bhi darr kyun lagta hain?'

'Dr Kripa Sharma'.I need to talk to you,' Josh summoned her as she walked into the morning outpatient clinic.

'Yes sir,' since Josh had slammed the door on her face when Angad was brought in injured, she had been a little intimidated by the tall, burly man.

'Hmm'I need you to take care of the post op patients for the next few days'.I think you are needed there,' he said seriously.

'Jee'jee sir? But I was assigned the outpatient duty sir,' she was surprised. Why was Josh targeting her- what had she done? As far as she knew, she had not made any mistakes and had so far obeyed all orders diligently.

'Kripa'.I am sorry I shut you out of Angad's case yesterday'..but I feel there is no one better than you to take care of him now,' he flashed his friendly smile, 'I will assign Armaan to the outpatient clinic'.he will like that too'you know I have to take care of my interns.' Josh winked and left Kripa with a file labeled- POST OP PATIENTS. Kripa relaxed and smiled back, 'I am sure Riddhima would love to have Armaan in her clinic.' So, Dr Josh knew about her and Angad'.aakhir kab tak chupaaungi sabse?

'RAHUL! PRITHVI!' Josh yelled for them across the hallway, 'you guys come with me' will be assigned field duty!'

'Field duty?' they asked.

'Haan'.we have a lot of house calls to attend to'you see some really poor people don't even bother to come to the hospital'.tho iss liye hum ghar ghar jaakar bhi patients ko dekhte hain'.so both of you leave ASAP'..and don't come back till the evening'.i want a roster of all the patients you both see'OK?' Josh ordered sternly and then walked away smiling to himself, 'chalo dono kabab mein haddiyon ko bahar bhej diya'.you are good Josh! Pyaar karne waalon ka messiah' Dr Josh!' he patted his own back and walked to the clinic.

Angad was fast asleep when Kripa walked in. There was no need to tip toe into his room like last night; she was officially his doctor now.

'Kripa?' Angad rubbed his eyes, 'tumhein tho clinic mein hona chaahiye na?'

'Nahin meri duty ab saare post op patients ke saath hai'sorry'you get me as your doctor,' she teased him.

So it was her! Even Armaan had no idea about the anonymous donor when he had called him in the morning.

'No I want a real doctor'.not a patient,' he covered his face with a sheet and lay back.

A furious Kripa walked up to his bed and peeled off the covers, 'am I not a real doctor? Kya samajhte ho apne aap ko?'

'Yeh kya kar rahi ho Kripa? Meri izzat ka tho khayal rakho,' he tried to pull the covers back.

'Oh'sorry,' she blushed as she realized he was just dressed in a pair of shorts and an under shirt.

'Kyun kiya aisa?' he pulled her closer, her hair falling all over his chest and hands landed on his bare shoulders.

'Kya kiya?' she asked softly, averting his intense gaze.

'Why did you jeopardize your health for me? You know how risky it is to donate blood when one is anemic?' he caressed her face with his fingers, 'kya haq bantaa hai tumhara?'

'Yeh tho koi baat nahin huyi Angad'..saara haq sirf tumhara hai? Kya mera koi haq nahin hai tumpar?' she looked up and gazed into his eyes. Angad was dumbstruck- she had outwitted him once again. He recalled his words from the coconut incident''pehla haq mera hai'.

'Haq hai Kripa,' he whispered softly. He held back his tears, 'aaj se mere dil par'meri rooh par'.meri soch par''mere wajood par''aur mere shareer par sirf tumhara haq hai Kripa.' He kissed her hands tenderly and gazed into her tearful eyes.

She held his hands in hers and stroked his fingers, 'kya itni badhi zimmedari dene ko tayyar ho tum?'

'jahan haq hoga wahan zimmedari bhi tho hogi'..aaj se tum meri zimmedari ho aur main tumhari'.' He pulled her closer till their faces were a few inches apart.

'kya is haq aur zimmedari ke rishte ka koi naam bhi hai?' she asked softly.

'Main nahin jaanta'.aur na jaan na chaahta hoon,' he leaned closer and kissed her forehead, 'shayad kitaabon mein aur filmo mein isey pyaar kehte hain.'

'I love you Annnngad,' she hissed lovingly and embraced his neck with her arms, 'bahut darr gayi thi main '..jab se meri zindagi mein aaye ho'sirf sataate hi rahe ho mujhey'. agar tumhey kal kuch ho jaata tho,' she sobbed on his chest.

Angad buried his face in her thick tresses and kissed her neck, 'achcha hota na phir'.tumhein koi sataane waala nahi rehta yahan.'

'ANGGGAD!!' she slapped his chest playfully and hugged him again, smiling through her tears.

They lay in each other's arms for a while, absorbing each other's fragrance and warmth.


'Hmm?' she asked dozing off in his arms, exhausted from sleep deprivation.

'Kya kuch khaane ko mil sakta hai? I am hungry now'.I haven't eaten since yesterday''kya meri doctor mujhey order de sakti hai ab?'

'Oh'I am sorry,' she got up, straightened herself up and ran her fingers through her hair, 'batao kya khaaoge?'

'Pyaar se zeher bhi khilaaogi tho khaa loonga,' he grinned. She threw a pillow on his face and frowned, 'yeh filmi baatein bandh karo'..main abhi aayi'.let me get some soup for you.'

'Make sure it is really HOT!' he yelled back and lay back in bed feeling right on top of the world.

'Jee sarkar,' she chuckled and ran back to the house to give the order to Ghanshyam.


'Dr Armaan Mallik'.can I talk to you?' Dr Gupta pulled Armaan out of the outpatient clinic.

'Jee sir'.I am seeing patients right now.'

'It will take a few minutes only'.Riddhima will take care of your patients in the mean time'.RIDDHIMA,' he called for her, 'Dr Armaan is going with me for a few minutes'take care of the clinic while he is away.'

'Jee sir,' Riddhima was a bit nervous, 'papa Armaan se kyun baat karna chaah rahe hain? I hope he did not see us together last night'or this morning'.oh god'.he will be so upset'main kya mooh dikhaaongi unhein.'

'Have a seat Dr Mallik,' Dr Gupta pointed to the empty seat across his impressive desk in the office.

'Jee sir.'

'I know you were upset about yesterday.....when I did not let you assist during Angad's surgery.'

'Jee'wo sir'.ab tho aadat si ho gayi hai,' Armaan replied softly.

'Aadat?' Dr Gupta raised his voice, 'what do you mean aadat? Dr Mallik'.mujhey koi shauk nahin hai kisi ko daantne ka' are aware of your performance since you started your internship at the SMI' has not been spectacular by any means'..but I am still willing to give you a chance' I feel you are a good human being'.and capable of becoming a good doctor'.but you need to keep your emotions in check'..tum bahut jaldi emotional ho jaate ho'.khush bhi aur gussa bhi'..Angad is your best friend here'isn't he?'

'Y..yes sir.'

'That is why I did not want you to assist'..agar tumhare hysteria ki wajah se Angad ke operation mein kuch complication aa jaati tho'.tho kya tum apne aap ko kabhie maaf kar sakte?  So now you know why I left you out'..Rahul se kuch seekho'..he is so focused and never lets emotions rule his judgment''. I hope you understand young man.' Dr Gupta got up, 'that will be all Dr Mallik'.I hope you will show fewer emotions and more efficiency from now on'.you may go now.'

'Sir'can I ask you a question?'

'Haan bolo?'

'Kya yeh bataa sakte hain meri judgment kahan galat thi sir?'

'Armaan'..yes I agree you were right in diagnosing Angad's complication'..but anyone who had seen him fall would have come to the same conclusion'.but it is your hysteria and emotion that worried me more.'

'Kya ek doctor'..ek insaan nahin hota sir? Agar kal ko Riddhima ko kuch ho jaaye'tho kya aap emotional nahin ho jaayenge?'

'You are probably right Armaan,' Dr Gupta sighed, 'well'let's not waste any more time'.go back to the clinic'.I want a list of all patients you see today'.this afternoon sit down with me so we can discuss all the cases'.OK?'

'What?' Armaan was disgusted, 'all afternoon with sasurjee? Meri jheel ke kinaare kiss ka kya hoga phir? Oh no! I hate you sasurjee!' He smacked his head with his palm and stomped off angrily.

'''.to be contd''..


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