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part 19 : To Err is Human

Humein jabse mohabbat ho gayi hai…..
Yeh duniya khubsoorat ho gayi hai……

Fizaaon mein nayi ek roshni hai
Havaaon mein ajab si taazgi hai
Tum is vadee mein mujhse mil rahi ho
Zameen lagta hai jaise ga rahi hai
Nayi rut ki mahoorat ho gayi hai

(from Border)

RECAP: "What?" Armaan was disgusted, "all afternoon with sasurjee? Meri jheel ke kinaare kiss ka kya hoga phir? Oh no! I hate you sasurjee!" He smacked his head with his palm and stomped off angrily.

Armaan kicked an old soda can lying in the hallway and banged his fist against his other palm, "kabab mein itni badhi aur sadiyal haddi kahan se aa gayi??"

"Itna gussa?" Dr Josh touched Armaan's shoulder.

"Oh…sir…aap?" Armaan turned a crimson red at being caught throwing a tantrum.

"Kya hua? Looks like you just walked out of Dr Gupta's cabin…everything alright?"

"Jee…yes… problem sir," Armaan scratched his hair, "actually….he wants to review some cases with me this afternoon."

"This afternoon? Hmmm….but I have given you this afternoon off…..there are no clinics this afternoon….and…and you are not managing inpatients….so you should definitely not waste time with Dr Gupta….main bhi hota tho naaraaz ho jaata…..bas apna gusaa is coke can par nahin nikaalta," Josh bent down to pick the can and trashed it in a bin.

"Oh…sorry sir…I should have not kicked the can…kabhie kabhie gusse mein main theek se soch ta nahin hoon."

"I understand…once upon a time I was like you …..but I have learnt better…..gusse se sirf apna mood kharaab hota hai…doosre ko koi farak bhi nahin padhta….now instead of getting angry you should be thinking of a strategy to escape Dr Gupta this afternoon….channelize your energy positively young man," Josh grinned.

"Jee sir," Armaan smiled, "can you help me out of this situation?"

"Hmm….let me think….tum jao…apna kaam khatam karo….I will take care of Dr Gupta."

"Thank you sir," Armaan's eyes lit up. He shook Josh's hands vigorously, "you are the best sir!"

"Yaad rakho….jab pyar kiya tho darrna kya? Aur koi daraye tho Dr Josh hai na!" Josh winked and headed towards Dr Gupta's cabin.


"Sir….I need some of your precious time." Josh knocked and entered.

"Bolo Dr Josh," Dr Gupta turned around.

"We have not conducted a morbidity and mortality analysis in over a year….don't you think it is high time we did that?"

"Really? We haven't?"

"Jee sir…aap jab bhi aate hain kuch emergency ya kuch problem aa jaati hai…that is why we have not reviewed the numbers."

"What are you trying to say? Main yahan problems le kar aata hoon?" Dr Gupta was a bit miffed.

"No…no sir…aap galat samajh rahe hain….this hospital craves for your attention sir….whenever you are here…..there is no dearth of excitement and interesting cases….but as we all know administrative work is equally important…I would hate to be audited by the Indian Medical Council and have inadequate records….so can we meet ASAP?"

"You are right Josh….bahut badal gaye ho tum," Dr Gupta patted Josh's shoulder, "you have become more responsible….I am happy I trained you well… when do we meet?'

"This afternoon?"

"Aaj dopahar ko?" Dr Gupta pondered, "lekin maine Armaan ke saath cases review karne the."

"Sir….wo kaam tho koi bhi kar sakta hai….I will ask Simone to sit with him this afternoon….you and I can focus on more important things sir."

"Ok…not a bad idea….tho aaj dopahar Riddhima ki duty kahan hai? If she is free….Padma wanted to go shopping….may be mother and daughter can do that." Dr Gupta asked.

Josh rolled his eyes behind Dr Gupta's back, "baap re baap…..yeh becharon ko chain se nahin rehne dega," he tapped his forehead to get some ideas.

"Nahin sir….Riddhima and Kripa are going to take care of all the in patients this afternoon….I have already assigned her some serious cases."

"Oh…Ok….well you know learning comes first….make sure Riddhima works with Rahul or Kripa only…..they seem to be the most diligent interns…I want my daughter to stay in good company."

"Well sir….Armaan and Angad are pretty good too."

"Angad tho bimaar hai…wo kya sikhaayega? Armaan? Don't even talk about him Josh!"

"Armaan mein kya problem hai sir?" Josh gathered some courage to ask.

"He is just not cut out for medicine," Dr Gupta sighed, "his father donated 50 lakhs to SMI… I had no choice but to accept Armaan as an intern…..I remember Abhimanyu….uh….he is Armaan's dad…..has always been worried about his son…..padhai mein kabhie dhyaan nahin deta tha…..hamesha dimaag mein khuraafat rehti thi…..he even insulted me on the first day by sketching a cartoon of me… din tho maine hansi mein udhaa dee thi baat……but I never forget people who insult me or disrespect me….or for that matter disrespect our profession….or our institute….I am just waiting for the day when he messes up big time…..," Dr Gupta paused as he had probably revealed too much to Josh.

"Sir….looks like you are biased against him….I feel he was very appropriate in the way he handled Angad's emergency," Josh was shocked to hear Dr Gupta's views on Armaan.

"Dr Josh! Let's not waste any more time….remember a few sparks here and there don't make a gem! Let's meet after lunch….main Padma ko thodi shopping karwaa laaun…warna you know wives will never cease complaining….vacation par bhi kaam kaam kaam…." He chuckled and left a disgusted Josh behind.

"I hope Armaan does not find out about Dr Gupta's intentions…..I will make sure he gets a glowing report at the end of this camp," Josh sighed and left the cabin.



Riddhima, dressed in a new pink cotton churidaar, hair loose as usual, light make up and a heart racing faster than a race horse, escaped the hospital campus to meet Armaan at the riverside. They had planned to arrive there separately, so no one would suspect. At lunch, Josh had 'reminded' Riddhima that she had to join Kripa in the ward and Simone had to 'sit' with Armaan as Dr Gupta and he were busy with 'important' things.

Padma was satisfied as Kripa had earlier accompanied her on the shopping trip rather than Dr Gupta. Kripa made a more interesting shopping companion than her boring husband who would probably spend more time staring at his watch than the saris she was buying. Kripa's taste in clothes and jewelry was definitely more like hers and they had a great time perusing through the stores. Kripa even helped Padma buy some pieces for Riddhima which she would gift her daughter at her wedding. Kripa had some idea what Armaan would like too, so she guided Padma accordingly. Kripa managed to find a musical instruments store and purchased a guitar with her internship savings. When asked, Kripa just shrugged and said, 'aunty…mere ek dost ke liye hai." Padma did not probe anymore.

"Yeh Armaan kahan hai?" Riddhima looked around impatiently, "lunch par tho usey baitha nahin jaa raha tha…ab dekho aaya bhi nahin! I hate this about Armaan….I hope he did not forget….if he stands me up today…I am never meeting him alone again." Just as she mumbled to herself, she was shocked to see her pink dupatta lift higher into the air.

'MERA DUPATTA!" She yelled and covered her chest. Magically, the dupatta rose higher and higher till it reached the top most branches of a tall mango tree. Astounded, she looked up and saw Armaan gradually winding a fishing rod with a broad grin on his face. Her dupatta rested on the fishing hook like a delicate piece of sea weed accidentally caught in a fisherman's hook.

"ARMAAAAN!" She screamed.

"Shor mat machao Riddhima…..people are not used to loud noises in this town….kahin bheedh ikkatthi na ho jaaye." He removed the dupatta and wrapped it around his neck.

"Mujhey mera dupatta chaahiye." She requested.

"Oopar aa jao….de doonga." He plucked a mango from one of the branches and started nibbling at it.

"Mujhey pedh par chhadna nahin aata!" she whined.

"I will give you a hand….koshish tho karo."

"Nahin…mujhey darr lagta hai."

"Have you never climbed a tree before?" he asked.

"No,……papa never let us….he was afraid I would fall and get hurt."

Now it was a challenge for Armaan- he had to make sure the delicate Dr Riddhima would climb the tree just to prove her father wrong.

"Riddhima…yaar tum apne papa se bahut darrti ho," he licked the mango juice from his fingers and signaled her to come up, 'come on….main hoon na…don't you trust me?'

"Ok…let me try," daintily she put a foot up on one of the branches, "Ahhh….kahin gir na jaaoon." She yelled.

"Riddhima….I think that is your problem… have never fallen in life….that is why you are so afraid of falling…..mujhey dekho…..kitni baar gira hoon….lekin phir bhi chhadne se nahin darrta…..come on RIDDHIMA…THREE CHEERS FOR DR RIDDHIMA….BUCK UP! COME ON…KEEP GOING!" His words encouraged her to keep climbing.

Her fear kept vanishing as she reached higher and higher. Looking down at the ground made her dizzy, so she kept her gaze on Armaan's mango smeared grin.

"THERE YOU GO!" He pulled her up finally as she landed in his arms on the strong branch of the tree.

"Maine kaha tha na… can do it," he cupped her face and stared into her eyes. She let out a sigh of relief and rested her head on his shoulder, 'thanks Armaan…..I never knew I could do this."

"Looks like I will have to teach you a lot more things Ms Princess and the Pea!"

"Nahin baba…aur kuch nahin….and look at you Armaan…saara aam mere kapdon mein lagaa diya!" She was shocked to see the yellow mango stains on her crisp pink kurta.

"Kahan lagaya hai?" Armaan teased her and wiped the rest of his fingers on her kurta and her dupatta.

"ARMAAN…YOOUUUU!" she slapped him playfully, "you ruined my new suit….mom bought it this morning."

"Ab is suit mein mere pyaar ka rang bhi bhar gaya hai," he wiped his lips on her sleeve. She became conscious of his lips brushing against the thin fabric, 'Armaan…yeh kya kar rahe ho?" she asked softly. His touch and lips had a tendency to throw her emotions into frenzy. His lips dug deeper into her arm as he pulled her sleeve up. The moment his lips touched her bare arm, she felt dizzy and unsteady.

'Armaaaaan," she groaned and hugged him snugly to avoid falling from the branch.

He kissed her neck and ears as she held onto him securely, "nahin Armaan…please aisa mat karo."

"Na…na bhi kar rahi ho….aur mere kareeb bhi aati jaa rahi ho…..kyun Riddhima?" he asked huskily, "darro mat Riddhima….yahan koi nahin hai…..let yourself loose……don't worry about anything…or anyone," his lips explored the crevices behind her ears and neck. Each nibble flooded her senses with a sweet and pleasurable sensation; she felt weightless…..almost featherlike in his strong arms.

"Armaan…yeh kya ho raha hai mujhey?" she asked, almost sounding drunk on his moist and passionate kisses.

"Pyaar…..ishq….aur mohabbat," he drawled and kissed her cheek. Her lips quivered; her body loose and relaxed in his arms, she came closer till they were at whispering distance from each other.

"Kya farak hai in teeno mein?" she asked softly.

"Abhi sawaal nahin," he pressed his lips against hers as she surrendered herself completely to the first and only man's passionate kisses. They had transcended the barriers between them as their lips and tongue played havoc with each other. Although Armaan was a veteran in this area, but the first kiss of true love was sweeter than any he had had before. His lips held onto hers till both were out of breath.

"Hmmm…tho kya sawaal tha tumhara?" he reluctantly looked up from her swollen lips. Riddhima blushed and hid her face in his chest. She covered her face with her dupatta, still hanging around his neck.

"Pyaar,…ishq…aur mohabbat…..kya farak hai in teeno mein?" she murmured against his heart.

"Pyaar….pyaar wo ehsaas hai jo humein ek doosre ki ore kheench tha hai……ishq…..wo deewanapan jo humein ek doosre se judaa nahin hone deta…aur mohabbat….wo jazbaat jiske bina hum jee nahin sakte." He shut his eyes and held her in an embrace for a long time. Never before had a woman made him feel so secure and warm. He could hold her like this till eternity he thought….I love you Riddhima he murmured against her ears.

"Me too," she snuggled in the curve of his neck.

Please enjoy this song….pyar ishq aur mohabbat….as AR romance on the mango tree..

Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat - 2
Jo bhi inka naam le, pehle dil ko thaam le
Naam lene se hi qayaamat ho jaati hai
Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat - 2
Jo bhi inka naam le, pehle dil ko thaam le
Naam lene se hi qayaamat ho jaati hai
Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat - 2

Humko bhi rog yeh lag jaaye agar
Aisa ho to ho kya, aisa kyoon ho magar
Jisne bhi yeh dil diya, jisne bhi yeh gham liya
Kuch na poochho uski baatein
Lambi lambi kaali raatein
Uski aankhon se neend rukhsat ho jaati hai
Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat - 2

Is jagaa hum mile phool dil mein khile
Kya khabar, kya pataa hum mein tum mein ho kya
Baaton baaton mein kabhi, aankhon aakhon mein kabhi
Chaar din ki dosti mein
Ek zara si dillagi mein
Bas kisi ek din sharaarat ho jaati hai
Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat - 2
Jo bhi inka naam le, pehle dil ko thaam le
Naam lene se hi qayaamat ho jaati hai

Pyaar ishq aur mohabbat – 2


"Guitar?" Angad was surprised as Kripa placed the instrument on his bed.

"Haan….to give you company in the hospital," Kripa smiled.

"But I barely know how to play…I have not played in ages," he laughed.

"Jhooth! Us din bachchon ke saath bajaaya tha na tumne," she sat next to him and held his hand, 'ab mere liye bajaana."

"Really? You liked what I played?" he was pleasantly surprised.

"Mujhey pagal kutte na kaata tha jo tumhare liye ek naya guitar laati phir?" she frowned in her characteristic way.

'I thought…you ran away when I played……mujhey lagaa tumhein mera gaana pasand nahin aaya,' he strummed a string solemnly.

"Shayad itna pasand aaya tha….ki puraani yaadein taazaa ho gayi thi meri," she looked away to hide a little tear which had welled up once again in Maya's memory.

'Oh….i am sorry….kya tum bhi gaana gaati thi pehle?' he picked the guitar, encouraged by her words and started strumming softly.

"Nahin….gaana seekhne ki bahut koshish ki….but I could never go beyond the 'pa' note," she chuckled, 'my voice cracks on high notes…..instead I learnt dancing as I am very fond of music."

"Hmm….you are indeed a good dancer,' he nodded while tuning his guitar.

"You watched me dance the other night?" she asked.

"Haan….door se hi….shayad tumhein kisi aur ke saath dekh kar achcha nahin lagaa tha mujhey,' he confessed.

"Tho tab bhi mujhpar nazar thi tumhari?" she stroked his hair with her fingers.

"Beshaq,' he smiled and pulled her closer, 'shayad pehli nazar mein hi tumpar apna haq samajh baitha tha main."

"Phir itna satayaa kyun mujhey?" she complained and rested her head on his chest.

"Shayad insaan jisey chaahta hai…usey hi sabse zyaada sataata bhi hai,' he put the guitar away and lifted her chin, "there is a very thin line between love and hatred Kripa…..shayad maut ke itne kareeb aakar hi tum us line ko paar kar paayi ho…haina?'

She nodded her head and held onto his vest, "ab kabhie mere pyaar ka itna badha imtihaan mat lena…."

"Agar liya tho bhagwan mujhey abki baar zaroor fail kar dega,' he chuckled and came closer. They stared into each other's eyes; he tilted his head slightly and came closer. She shut her eyes in anticipation. His lips brushed against hers gently. They were both new to this, but it was a matter of few seconds as their basic instincts took over and their lips were immersed in a heavenly pot of nectar. Oblivious of their surroundings, their lips remained locked to each other; Angad forgot to ask for his prescribed pain pill and his doctor forgot that that's why she had come to his room.

"An-gad," she pulled away gently as her pager in the coat pocket beeped against her kurta.

"Hmmm?" he felt heady after the kiss, "kahan jaa rahi ho?" he grabbed her waist and threw her pager from her pocket, "pehle apne VIP patient ko dekho doctor sahiba….forget everyone else." Before she could protest, he had her intertwined in his arms with his lips sealed against hers. The second time around, her lips were even sweeter.

"Angad," she finally released herself from his grip, "I am on duty…..I need to go." She wiped her smudged lips with his white bed sheet, straightened her hair, picked her pager and ran out the door, still huffing and puffing after his passionate kisses. She leaned against a pillar in the hallway to catch her breath.

"Doctor…sab theek hai na?" Sister Sweety asked.

"Haan…haan sister…..main…main zara kuch soch rahi thi," Kripa answered sheepishly. Kripa's swollen lips, red face and smudged lipstick did not escape Sister Sweety's astute observation, "lagta hai aapka hemoglobin ab theek ho gaya hai doctor,' she smiled suggestively and walked off.

Kripa blushed profusely and clutched at her pager, "hey bhagwan…mujhey kya ho raha hai? Let me go and check my other patients."

Kripa walked into the next ward and was back to normal till she heard music playing in the adjacent room…..

It was Angad in the next room, strumming and humming this beautiful song from 'ahista ahista'

(Forgive me for my Farah Khan like fantasy scene….even though my goal is to make this ff realistic, but I could not help imagining this part with Angad walking around in the wards with his guitar on his neck, crooning this wonderful Kunal Gunjawala song like a Broadway musical artist. I feel that falling in love is such a beautiful feeling that can transcend anyone into a fantasyland…..)

tum jo mile armaan jage
sapnen kai sajne lage
na jaane kahaan dil kho gaya
aahista aahista
tum jo mile armaan jage
sapnen kai sajne lage
na jaane kahaan dil kho gaya
aahista aahista - 2
tum jo mile armaan jage
sapnen kai sajne lage
na jaane kahaan dil kho gaya
aahista aahista – 2

Soon, there was a crowd of patient-spectators and listeners around Angad. Angad walked around the wards, singing and strumming his guitar.

teri baaten teri yaaden kar gayi woh asar
har jagah bas tu hi tu hai dekhu mein jidhar
dekhu mein jidhar
yeh faasale yeh duriyaa ban jaane do nazdeekiyan
na jaane kaha dil kho gaya
ahista ahista - 2

Kripa tried her best to hide her emotions; she peered into patient files, medicine cabinets, patient's wounds, bedside charts but Angad followed her everywhere with a stream of sick patients behind him………………….

chahata hoon rok loon main yeh jaate hue lamhe
bhul ke main saari duniya chahu bas tumhe
chahu bas tumhe
saari umar jee loon yahi tumse judaa hona nahi
na jaane kahaa dil kho gaya
hey hey hey
aahista aahista - 2

Josh and Simone were mesmerized by their new musical patient cum intern. Along with the patients, they danced, tapped and clapped with the beat of the song as Dr Kripa Sharma blushed copiously, walking ahead of the procession of singers, dancers, some on wheel chairs or crutches, but all hypnotized by their Pied Piper of Hamelin behind his enchanting princess.

….to be contd…

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