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Part 2 & 3 : ~TORN~~

He looked up to see her walking into the dinning room she looked broken and his eyes feasted on her body language…no Armaan this one will need you're attention before you can have her…you're going to seduce her and make her submerge to you're will, only then can you festive upon her milk like flesh …until then Armaan lets play this game…he picked up the glass filled with whiskey and placed it to his lips…

She looked over at the table and plate set or her next to him as he sat at the head of the table…their was enough food on the table for a banquet and she looked to see if there where other guest in the house as she did not want to be alone with him as his eyes looked deviously upon her making her feel uncomfortable…

"I would like some rice and the chicken!" he looked at her.  She stood so still and lost in her thoughts.

"Hey? woman my food!" she turned to look at him frowning and nodded her head

"Yes Sir!" she said so weakly as her eyes filled up….the realization that she was his slave to command and she was to obey his command without question.

"Rice and Chicken" he repeated pouring himself another drink…hearing the noise of the plate back before him he looked at her.

"Eat have what you're heart desires…" she looked at him waving at the food on the table all meat dishes and nodded her head… he looked at her placing the rice and salad on the table.

"Non veg?" he asked looking at her nodding.

"Don't worry you get accustomed to eating meat..i hate veg! On the streets all I got was veg and was all bones…before I got meat" she looked at him as he picked up the glass of whiskey..

"Sir ….I am fasting Shivji vaart….i rarely eat meat stuff…" he looked at her chuckling within…

"You can break you're fast know… he eats all his devotees offerings and yet you fast?…All rubbish!" she looked at him stunned.

"I have just started my fast…for 16 weeks I am to fast!" she said looking down at her plate.

"What rubbish? What has he given you? which make you want to fast for him?" Armaan looked at her as he placed the fork in his mouth.

"He watches over me and I thank him for clearing any obstacles in my life…" she looked at him laughing out loud and lowered her head.

"Yeah he was watching over you just before you're father sold you to this devil…" he chuckled looking at the lone tear run down her cheek.

"What is this?" feeling his finger on her cheek he looked at her and the teardrop on his finger.

"Tears? Break you're fast this is what he will give you…I on the other hand will give you what you're heart desires and you'll never cry again…well not until I make you!" he chuckled as she picked up the napkin and sobbed silently.

"Can I please go home?" he frowned looking at her.

"Yeah sure ….but you're family will be on the streets and you're sister will never marry!" she looked at him as he looked at her coldly.

"Eat you're food!" his voice boomed in her ears as she moved the folk onto the plate.

He looked at her the cheek thinking her tears would melt my heart will they will not as I am a heartless b****** and don't even try to mess with Armaan Malik… he let out a loud sigh and ate his food.

She looked at him eating he was so angry and looked at her with a frown and he had no manners what so ever and she never net anyone as cold as him.

"Why is there a shine in the house?" he looked up at her and placed his folk on the table.

"I bought this house and it was already there…. He stays in his corner and leaves me alone and I do the same!" he looked at her frowning.

"Does anyone do the pooja?!" she looked at him shrugging his shoulders

"I don't care about such thing…he never did anything for me and I think the servants look up to him….I don't want to talk about him! He a selfish idol wants everyone bowing to him while he plays us like puppets…" she looked at him taken back as he poured another glass of whiskey…

"Would you like a drink!" he looked at her shaking her head.

"Some thing you later enjoy too …." She looked at him placing the glass to his lips.

He looked at her she hardly ate from her plate and looked at her …seeing her long finger and as her lips touched the glass he saw how well perfect they were all even and a perfect match….many women would have lips different sizes from top to bottom but hers where perfect evenly matched…she hardly had any makeup on and he white milk skin looked so tempting…her curves where in the right place and she was a little short but she looked firm and supple he would enjoy her piece by piece all in good time.

"You on a diet?" she looked at him shaking her head.

"We never leave a plate full in this house…eat it all up!" he commanded looking at her.

"I have lost my appetite…Sir" her voice quivered looking at him as he seem slightly merry from the drink….looking at her with lust.

"You need you're strength tomorrow so finish the plate…" he said getting up steadying himself..

"Ramu!" he shouted as the servant from the kitchen stood before him.

"Clear up and leave… you're fathers gone for the day and tomorrow I want you here to show madam the house and… one minute…" he turned to look at her.

"What's you're name?" she looked at him


"Riddhima…hmmm!" he turned to look at Ramu and frowned.

"She's in charge she tell you want to do and …you remember that I don't want you're cheek or you're fathers…do I make myself clear!" He looked at him nodding his head.

"Ridhima… he is a kutta salla…and lazy…" Riddhima looked at him shook as he looked at Ramu lowering his head picking up the dishes..

"Did you ask memsahib what she wanted for dinner?…because of you're stupidity she not eaten anything.. Next time you ask her… you …..!" Riddhima looked at him swearing in his mother tongue at the young man as he looked down embarrassed about what his master was doing?

"Yes sir… I am sorry!" Riddhima looked the young man leave with the dishes. As she saw Armaan approach her…

"You are caretaker to this house and…I cant have you in the office you're to much of a distraction…here the keys to the house…now you will not run away with the contents of the safe? Will you??" he chuckled looking at her as he stumbled forward grinning at her leaning on the table…He grasped her hand and handed her the keys…

As he walked to the stairs he stumbled and looked over at Ramu taking hold of him and taking up the stairs…

"Why don't you let me fall? Ramu….You hate me I see it in you're eyes!" he chuckled looking at him.

"Nahi Saab!" Riddhima looked at him frowning at Ramu

"English man speak English!" Armaan looked at him assisting him up the stairs.

"No Sir…you are good to me and my family…" Riddhima stood looking at them going up the stairs…


"Memsahib he's a good man….he had a very hard time! When he was born he was throw in the gutter and he work very hard to get where he is…when he bought this house from my old boss he kept me and my father on…. He could have tossed us on the street but did not…" Riddhima looked at the young man and smiled.

"He scared me…" She mumbled looking at him

"Hmmm I don't know what he has planned for you and I pray you are the angel we have been waiting for to save him…" she looked at him a little surprised maybe they all knew why she was here …but she was unsure?

"I don't know if I am capable of such a thing…Ramu where are we going?" she looked at him as he stopped near the door.

"He requested you retire in here the room opposite his…" Riddhima nodded

"I will be leaving now…"

"Is that near by?" she looked at him not liking the fact she was here on her own with him in the large house

"We live not far in the chawl…Sir owns the property and we live there he does not like having us stay here after 8pm…and shift us there…before we lived in the servant quarters but he re-doing that part of the house…"

"This house is so big and he lives alone?" she looked at the large door to his room before her…

"He likes it that way I guess…you'll see…Good night Memsahib !" Riddhima looked at him leaving and opened the door to her room…

It was very well decorated and king size bed looked comfortable but something was missing…Home….her room which she shared with her sister…the home which gave her everything and now she was tossed away to a complete stranger… Looking at the phone she looked into her bag and took out her mobile phone…

"You're mobile has been disconnected!" she looked at the mobile in horror gifted to her on her birthday from her babe papa… Seeing the phone near her she sat on the bed and looked at it… Di would be worried…

"This number has been disconnected…" with the tears running down her face she turned and sobbed holding the pillow… why are they doing this to me?


Hearing a loud cry he opened his eyes and looked over at the clock it was 1am and he frowned turning over… I drank to much and he looked for some water feeling his dry throat…getting out of the bed he cursed Ramu and opened the door.. Hearing a muffled cry he frowned and approached the door.

The girl ….'Riddhima' remembering he turned the knob and looking into the room…and approached her…seeing her body sweating and the hair hiding her face he moved closer and sat down on the bed…Seeing the satin sheet on her thighs he looked at her white legs and her feet which lay bare…she was a beautiful creature and she looked tempting from what every angle he saw her.. As her head roll towards him he looked at her frowning she looked as if she was having a nightmare…moving his hand forward he stopped….Suddenly feeling her arms around him pulling him closer to her he looked at her confused with her eyes closed tightly.

"Help me please…" she mumbled as he looked at the empty glass in his hand and not knowing what to do he placed his free hand on her back …feeling the satin cloth rubbing against her soft skin he was feeling aroused… feeling her heaving bosom on his bare chest with only the material from her dress separating her touch from his skin…..she was stirring the beast within him and it has been a week since he had felt a naked body against his…and the craving was taking over..

"It's ok honey…" feeling her quickly release him he looked at her with her eyes wide open grasping with the cover up to her neck in horror…

"How did you?…" her eyes question what he was doing and he frowned looking at her. He sat there topless with just red satin bottoms..

"You where screaming help and I came to check up on you and you hugged me.." he said looking at her feeling her toying with his emotions and not liking it at all..

"I am sorry ….i thought you where Di…when I have nightmare she hold me while I go back to sleep…" she looked at corner of his mouth turn in.

"I'll hold you…why don't you go back to sleep?" she looked at him moving towards her as she moved back feeling the headboard against her back

Feeling his hand pulled back the cover she looked at him getting into the bed…and looked at him leaning towards her almost on top of her…he chuckled seeing her tightly close her eyes as her hands brushed against his naked flesh and he was  liking the feeling she was igniting…

"Relax…please! If I wanted sex I would have raped you by know!" she looked at him in horror as he laugh out loud..

"As much as I would love too…I have a feeling it would be better if you enjoyed it as well…Now get into the bed and go back to sleep!" he said looking at her as she looked scared.

"Riddhima there no point in you fearing me as then I would have to seriously scare you and be a complete monster…you would not want that so get in the bed and go to sleep…" seeing her shuffle in the bed away from him he chuckled… the sexual tension was building up inside him as he looked at her and now he could her silently sobbing frowning he placed his hand on her shoulder and pulled her towards him.

He looked down at her quivering lips as she cried and looked into her eyes…moving his hand forward her tucked the loose hair behind her ear…and she closed her eyes in fear a complete stranger was looking at her and she had no control …every time he was close by the fear sank in and she could feel his finger tips on her cheek caressing her skin…

"you are so soft and fragile…." He whispered looking down at her.

"These tear spoil you're beauty so please do not cry….it so unattractive.." feeling his thumb remove her tears she gentle opened her eyes and looked at him…Unable to speak as he leaned on top of her…

"How old are you?" he ask so gentle running his finger down her neck feeling the nerve pumping blood so rapidly like his own.

"23.." hearing her whisper back he moved forward to her hear her grasp feeling the stubble of his rough cheek against her soft  skin.

"A young delicate flower…have you ever been with a man?" feeling his lips upon her earlobe she shuddered as he moved back and looked at her for an answer. To find her shaking his head a big smile formed on his lips a virgin feeling his insides throbbing just to explore her he stopped and controlled himself.

"Have you been kissed?" he asked looking at her seeing the tears brimming in her eyes looking scared…She shook her head.

"Can you get me a glass of water?" seeing the relief in her eyes he leaned back releasing her..she got up breathing heavy as she looking at him staring at his prey….waiting for the perfect time to pounce on her… She turned to see the jug fill of water next to her and turned…. Seeing her back turned he looked at her shaking hands grasping the glass ….enjoying how he was making her feel he smiled to himself as now he was sexually charged but he will wait one more day and tomorrow evening he will release his hearts desire but he did not want to turn her off especially if this was going to be her first in counter….he wanted it to be just right…after all this was a game with him and once he was done he fine another time pass…  Feeling his eyes digging into her soul as she looked at him drink the water not taking his eyes off her for a second…He had the ability to make everyone notice him and she was unable to stop him in anyway…as this was her first in counter with a man and he was clearly old then her by a couple of years and he was experienced and his every moved was calculated..

"Now will you be able to sleep? as I am afraid of sleeping with you tonight as any thing can happen…" he looked at her with her eyes lowered.

"I will retire in my room…." He looked at her as she looked at him getting up.

He lifted the blanket up and cover her….as her eyes where still lowered he knew she could feel the tension in the air but he wanted her to enjoy the feeling of passion and sub come to it…placing his hands on her shoulder with the blanket he saw something in her eyes relief and smiled.

"Good night!" letting out a sigh she covered her mouth and tired to comprend what had just happen? and sobbed…


"This is some test from you?" she looked over at the idol holding her hands together in the shine kneeling on the floor….

"Last night ?…. I will do what you have written for me and that is to make him human …as I guess that is what you want? Or do you want to heal him as he suffered so much? I don't know what you want me to do so please show me the way and give me strength to go through this…"  Lifting the Aarti thaal she got up and she walked around the house with the diva blessing the house…

He walked down the stairs and frowned looking at her as she approached him with the diva… he looked at her as she looked at him. She looked at the quizzative look he was giving her and sho0k his head.

"What?" he said looking at her holding the thaal up in front of her…

"You have to take blessing…place you're hands on the diva and …" she looked at him frowning and side stepping away.

"hey you?" she looked over at him walking over towards the shine looking at the idol.

"I give you this corner of he house out of pity and I suggest you stay there and stay out of my way… tell you're followers not to mess with me in the morning as I am not a believer…" she looked at him walk away

"I understand bhagwan… he needs healing and that will happen with love…"


part 3 :

He looked over at the clock on his desk…7pm? And frowned there was still so much to do and he was unsure how he would get the proposal together for his trip to London to buy the hotel chain there he need to get his funds in order to secure the deal ….as he leaned back in his leather chair he noticed the Tiffin on the table and frowned…. She had called him up about midday to enquire if he had eaten and he was a little taken back by the gesture as she spoke to him on the phone …

"Sir I have sent the driver round with Lunch" she whispered on the phone….

She's play games with me as she wants to act like she cares so she can leave…Ok I'll play these games with her he told himself and opened the Tiffin to find his lunch and ate ….Getting up he walked over towards the window think about her and looked at the down pour of rain hit the Mumbai streets.

"I will have to find another suitable occasion to have her…" he mumbled grabbing his coat and heading for the door….

Rubbing the Windscreen he looked at the rain drops hitting his windscreen hard and with the AC on the humming sound of the window wipers moving back and forth clearing his view it still did not help him see the road ahead….Suddenly the car jerked and stopped… "Dame it!"  his Black BMW churned with a moan as he turned the key and failed…Letting out a sigh he open the door to feel the cold rain hit his warm sun kissed skin …heading towards the bonnet he hooked his hand under to open the lid ….Feeling the pain on his hand he withdraw his hand sharply to see the blood pouring out in the rain he cursed under his breath and took out a hankie and wrapped the wound….Finally as the bonnet opened he looked at the engine and checked the leads… heading back into the car soaked to the skin he placed the key in the car and hearing it hiss back at him he frowned in anger hitting the steering wheel he cursed hurting with his wounded hand….Picking up the Suitcase he walked towards home in the pouring rain…

Placing the candles on the table she lit them as the electricity in the area was down due to the thunderstorm… Ramu had left and handed her the candles and due to the storm she asked him and his father to leave early…

As he pushed open the door he looked at her lighting the candles up the stairs his eyes wonder the hall lit up in candles and sneezing he opened his eyes to find her looking at him….he walked into the house and takes off his blazer and stops to see her grasp looking at him dripping wet and the blood spots on the floor…Feeling her hand on his throbbing wounded hand he looked at her looking tense as she wrapping her duppta on his wound as he sneezes again…feeling her hand let go off his hand he looked at her leaving him and sighed… 'when you're sick no one wants to know' he mumbled buttoning his buttons and stopped seeing her shaking hands on his shirt looking at her ….he saw her un button his shirt and then lead him to the sofa and sat him down…he looked at her kneeling on the floor in front of him as she gentle remove his shoes and wet socks…

"You're soaking sir?" he looked at her questioning eyes as she got up and placed the towel on his head…No one had ever touched him in such a manner as he closed his eyes to feel her gentle rubbing his scalpel drying out his hair and wiping his face….. she removed her hand off the towel and opened his eyes to see she was gone…he gentle removed the wet shirt stuck to his skin and placed it on the floor …He picked up the towel and placed it on his back….. "Aashoow," he sneezed and opened his eyes to feel her hand take his and looked at her getting the first aid kit …. "AAGHHHH" Riddhima was stunned to hear him scream as she looked at him screwing his face up in pain….feeling her cold breath on his hand easing the pain he opened his eyes to look at her… "Sorry Sir this will sting a little!" she whispered and blowing gentle on the deep cut on top of his hand as he looked at her seeing her green eyes look down at his hand…The cut was very deep and he looked in pain and she looked at it knowing he need stitches and looked up at him.

"We should go to the hospital! This needs stitches.." she said looking at him looking at her.

"No Hospital…I am a quick healer just bandage it and …"

"But Sir?" he looking into her green eyes and shook his head at her as she sat before him on the floor.

He looked at her gentle placing the cotton wool on the wound and slow wrap his hand up…It felt better as he looked at her looking at him as he shivered feeling the cold…

"Sir? You feeling cold" She asked to see him nod at her…

"You should go to bed sir …"

"I need a drink!" he commanded looking at her getting up from the sofa.

He looked at her getting up moving out of his way…. moving towards the bar feeling cold as he stumbled and fell… "Sir!" she looked at him lying on the floor not moving…


Opening his eye he felt a shiver running down his whole body…

"Sapna he's going to be ok?" he looked at Riddhima standing over him as he saw another woman with her unable to make her face and rolled his eyes feeling the sharp prick….

"Yeah Ridz don't worry…I given him an injection he be fine his fever needs to break…" Sapna looked over at Riddhima in tears. He slowly opened his eyes to make out them standing over him but it looked like a dream and they looked faded out to him at times…

"I cant believe what you told me Ridz…Look why don't you leave him…This man a monster the stories I hear about him don't surprise me…" Sapna looked at her shaking her head.

"I can't leave him like this…Look at the state of him…hes hurt badly and sick!!" Riddhima said looking at him lying in bed. He looked so helpless like a child who need just someone to care for him…maybe this is what he need someone to just look after him?? but Is he was scared?

"Its this nature of you're which lets people take you for granted…" Sapna placed her things in her bag and looked at her.

"Anjali's called me asking if she seen you…Uncle and Auntie are moving to Calcutta after her marriage they told everyone you're gone away to be with you Mamaji…You're come to the wedding right?" Sapna looked at her looking down at him lost in her own world…

"He care for no one but himself and you better off leaving him before he throws you out…" Sapna looked at her.

"Give my love to the kids and Amit Bhai…and thank you Sapna Di ….Please don't tell anyone I am here as …." Riddhima sobbed feeling Sapna take hold of her…


She placed the cold compression on his forehead as Sapna had informed her his fever needed to break for him to recover completely ….Di had stitched up his hand and she could see his whole body sweating and he was delirious with fever as he tossed his head like he was having a bad nightmare from side to side… She looked at him opening his eyes and looking at her feeling his hands on her shoulders she looked at him scared by what he would do feeling his powerful pull she lost her balance and found herself in his arms as he held her and pulled up the sheet over them….Feeling his naked body shivering hold her so tightly she was so still as she found his head resting in the crook of her neck….feeling his warm breath kissing her neck…

"I am so cold!" he whispered clattering his teeth together trying to find some warmth ….feeling his naked body next to her crushing her, she gentle placed her shaking hands on his back and pulled him into her… 'I will leave once he feeling a little better' she told herself to find his hand wrapping around her still shaking… closing her eyes feeling his warm body and his shivers subsiding she feel asleep wrapped up in his hold…. She gasped feeling the weight on her body opening her eyes she looked up at him as he kissed her….feeling his hands running down her arms she closed her eyes feeling herself responding to his touch….'No this is wrong' she opened her eyes but her body was deceiving her as it was just responding to his touch and she was now unable to move as she felt his hands slowly removing her garments…as his fingers explored her…

"Please sir!" she whispered in protest but was stopped by feeling his lips take hers……

Rocking on her bed holding her knees in her room she cried as she remembered what happened a couple of hours before how she was totally not in control of herself and she had allowed him to take her as she could still feel him on her skin …his lips kissed her in places no one had ever touched and he left nothing but bruises on her chest …how in that one single moment she felt like she was not in this world anymore as he had taken her on a journey which she was not ready for and she was now unclean for any other man to touch…now her body was his and her soul was in torment…feeling the tears running down her face she closed her eyes….

"RAMU!" hearing him shout she shuddered coming back to the truth he owned her.


"Sir this is Doctor Sapna she helped me yesterday!" Armaan looked up at the Doctor approach him with her bag and he looked over at Riddhima looking nervous. As Sapna pulled out the stethoscope she placed them on her ears ready to inspect him she sat down on the bed.

"Riddhima pay her and tell her to get lost!"  He said looking at Sapna staring at him totally shocked by his outburst.

"What? I know you're kind… meddling in other peoples business which don't concern you!" feeling his harsh words Sapna placed the stethoscope in her bag and got up from the bed.

"Sir she …"

"Sir what? You should have left me to die and taken her word and gone!" he shouted back to see her looking at Sapna surprised face.

"I am a doctor Mr Malik and its my job to save people even if that means giving advise…I told her to do what was best for her…"

"Shut up!… I tell you why she did not leave last night she does not want to see her parents on the streets and her sister wedding not to happen…she in this for her own selfish reason like me…her father sold me a mistress and that what I got…" Riddhima eyes filled up and she looked over at Sapna looking totally baffled at what he just said…

"NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" he shouted looking at her. He looked at Riddhima walking out with Sapna in tears and glared at her.

"Riddhima come here!" she stood still at the door and looked at him as he moved the blanket of himself and got up out of the bed naked and closed her eyes and lowered her head….

"I want a bath…Run me a bath …" she looked at his back as he walked to the closet to get a bathrobe.

"Did you hear what I said?" he glared at her tying the knot on the belt covering himself….and looked at her nodding her head as she walked towards the master bathroom.

Feeling her fingers on his neck he closed his eyes and smiled feeling the warm bubbly water of the bath surround his body…and he noticed how silent she was and just ignored her as she withdrew her hands from his neck…

"Sir will that be all?" she asked whispering behind him feeling totally disgusted by herself.

"Yeah now I am starving …I only ate the food you send me yesterday afternoon so cook for me….Tell Ramu and his father to leave I don't need them today ….as you're here…" he said turning to look at her with her head lowered kneeling on the floor…

"And I want you wearing a Sari with makeup….when you come near me…you'll find all the clothes you need in wardrobe and makeup on the dresser…I want you looking decent and not a dirty servant girl… Now leave I will call you if I need you…" feeling the tears in her eyes she nodded leaving the bathroom as he turned his face from her in disgust..



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