Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Part 2 : Frozen (AR mini ff)

 Once Armaan and Rahul were suppose to go for a very important meeting but Rahul fell ill at the last moment and Riddhima accompanied Armaan for the meeting. Armaan was driving his car quietly while Riddhima was getting bored and started flipping through the radio stations one after the other and finally settled for a cheesy GOVINDA number. Armaan switched off the radio completely miffed after hearing such a useless song "I hate such music and I hate somebody messing around with my car. So just sit where you are and stop messing around" said a completely irritated Armaan. Riddhima rolled her tongue in her mouth and patted herself mentally to extract some reaction from the VERY SERIOUS ARMAAN MALLIK but decided to poke further. "Don't tell me, you don't like Govinda? I think he is one of the finest actors in the industry. One can always sit and enjoy his movies without racking their brain to understand what's going on in the movie. They are such stress busters." Armaan just made a face on hearing this & continued driving without uttering a word. "Why can't you smile for a change??? Try karke dekho, it's not that tough"  Armaan groaned hearing her comment and went back to his great silence. Riddhima rolled her eyes & slumped back in her seat thinking what the hell is wrong with this guys. How hard could it be to laugh on a joke?

Meeting went on till late & they got free around 11 at night. Armaan offered to drop Riddhima off to her place since it was quite late and he didn't think it would be safe for her to go alone. "Do you mind if we drop in somewhere to grab a quick bite since it's quite late and I am not upto cooking after such a tiresome day" said Riddhima on the way back to her apartment. She knew Muskaan was out to enjoy her Saturday evening so there won't be anything cooked at home to eat. Armaan looked at her and saw that she is not messing around anymore rather is genuinely serious. He nodded and parked his car outside a nearby restaurant.

They were waiting for dinner to be served in complete silence. Riddhima was really tired after a grueling day whereas on the other hand Armaan was having a hard time digesting the fact that RIDDHIMA GUPTA has not uttered even a single word since last 20 mins. "Seems like I am not going to see another dawn" Riddhima gave him a quizzical look thinking where in the world did that come from. Satisfied on getting the desired look, Armaan went on to say "ofcourse tum pehli baar chup jo baithi ho, kal suraj to nikalne se raha" Riddhima was completely surprised to hear something such from him. But soon her surprised look changed in a cheeky one on seeing Armaan's naughty smile "not bad Armaan, I didn't know my company has such an influence on you. Ek hi din mein mazak bhi karna seekh gaye ho and OMG did I just see a smile. THE GREAT ARMAAN MALLIK is smiling." She burst out laughing on saying this and Armaan narrowed his eyes at her but soon found himself also laughing his head off on their childish banter.

Hence was the beginning of a new friendship which soon turned into liking and then into undeniable LOVE. Rahul, Muskaan, Abhimanyu & Nikki, all four have seen love blossoming between Armaan and Riddhima even before the two realized. Everybody used to think that Armaan and Riddhima are lovers of some different league. They were inseparable. The two years of their relationship were the best years of their life. They fought, they patched up, they laughed, they cried, they LOVED; everything was there in their relationship until one fine day when Riddhima walked out of his life leaving just a note behind.


The two years that I have spent with you have been the most beautiful time of my life. I can never forget what we shared. But now I have to go. Where & why I can't tell you. But my love for you wasn't fake. I loved you with my true heart and you will remain in my heart till my very last breath.

Ho sake to mujhe maaf kar dena .



Just one letter changed his life. He searched for her everywhere possible but could find her. He went to Delhi to look for her but found out that the entire Gupta family has moved from their old residence and now nobody knows their whereabouts. He also asked Muskaan if she knows anything since Riddhima & Muskaan were childhood friends and she ought to know where Riddhima is & why she has left so abruptly, by leaving just piece of paper behind. But all his attempts failed since even Muskaan didn't know anything. It's been two weeks since Riddhima left and ever since then Armaan has cut himself off from everybody. But the worst part was that he wasn't letting anybody reach him & was shutting himself in a shell.

Nikki was snapped out of her thoughts on hearing the main door open and saw Abhi entering. He looked at her and figured out that nothing has changed and there is no improvement in Armaan's condition since last two weeks.

After sometime Armaan, Nikki and Abhi were having dinner in complete silence. All got startled on hearing an impatient bell on the door. Abhi hurried to open the door least all of them would go deaf due to continues sound of bell. As soon as Abhi opened the door, he saw Rahul on the door with a weird look on his face, something that was a mixture of eagerness, happiness & satisfaction. He rushed inside avoiding Abhi's quizzical look and straight away went to Armaan and hugged him. All of three of them, Armaan, Abhi & Nikki, were very confused with Rahul's behavior as he has never behaved like this.

After a few moments Armaan spoke "Rahul is everything ok???" Rahul parted from Armaan and looked at him.Armaan couldn't understand his expressions but went speechless for a few minutes after hearing Rahul's next words "Riddhima is in Bangalore". All the occupants in the room except Rahul were shocked. Armaan didn't know how to react but Rahul seem to understand his best friend's state. He made him sit and told him how he always had a doubt that Muskaan knew everything about Riddhima but wasn't disclosing for some reason. But finally Rahul cracked her about an hour ago and rushed to Armman with the complete truth. Everyone was more than shocked, if that was even possible now.

"Why?" Armaan whispered still not able to digest the information he got just now. Rahul understood and narrated the entire story that Muskaan told him "A couple of days ago Riddhima found out that she isn't Shashank and Padma Gupta's daughter. She was adopted at the age of 1. The news didn't go down with her pretty well. She was shocked beyond words and didn't know how to react. Mr. & Mrs. Gupta still don't know that Ridhhima knows the truth. Meanwhile, two weeks ago they suggested Riddhima to get married to their family friend's son and Riddhima thinking that she is under their debt couldn't say NO and accepted the marriage proposal. Everybody at her home is thinking that she has consented with this marriage full heartedly since she never brought up your name infront of her parents & never told them that she loves you. So now she is getting married to this guy next week. She didn't know how to face you and tell you all this that's why she left that letter for you".

Armaan went numb after hearing the truth. He didn't know how to react. A part of his brain seemed to have stopped working and another part seemed to have been flooded with a million questions which only Riddhima could answer.



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