Sunday, 12 August 2018

Part 2 : Love Endures All

Wanting To know her…Again…!!

He haven't detected the presence of ridhima so she moved further reaching up to him she heard him bit clearly and gave her glimpse of the thing he was holding onto and that broke her heart.
He was holding the stuff toy she once gave him when their love was growing up in the shed of sanjeevni’s locker room. She heard him saying "koi mujhse baat nahi karta teddy.  Sab mujhse dur jaate hai.. Koi khelta bhi nahi mera saath.  Par mein kya karun teddy vo sab bhi mujhe chidate hai...  Mein toh janta bhi nahi na ki basket kya hai par sab bolte hai mein nind mein basket-basket bolta hun par mera ko pata bhi nahi...  Sab bolte hai mein ek container (basket) ka naam leta hun... Sab chidate hain mujhe. Mujhe koi pasand nahi aur koi Milne bhi nahi aata mujhse...  Kya mein itna bura hun teddy."

Ridhima who was hearing him talking shifted back with shock and tear running down her eyes only to get misbalanced. To attain her balance her hand hits the table near by breaking the glass kept on it gaining armaan's attention.
Armaan look at her and clutch his teddy dearly to himself "aap koun ho... Aur yahan kya kar rahi ho... " he moved towards her still holding his teddy tightly to himself when He saw ridhima's tear and spoke "aap ro kyun rahi ho" when he got no reply from her he move more closer to ridhima. Ridhima put her one hand on her mouth wanting to hold herself but looking at armaan she found not control on her tears. Armaan saw her crying more so being in the state of child-like mind, he move more closely and hugged her "aap ro maat...  Mela ko kisi ka rona acha nahi lagta. Aapse bhi milne nahi aaye apke dost.  Mera bhi bhi dost milne nahi aata. Mera mummy papa bhi nahi.  Paar mein aapka dost banunga phir hum dono khub masti karenga aapko rona bhi nahi aayega...  Aap kyun ro rahi ho...” he asked her while hugging her and soon Nikki to come in.
Not knowing the situation or armaan's state Nikki fired her question towards them seeing them hugging. "lo aate hi chipak gaye dono...  Bus mauka chaiye tum dono ko. Aur armaan toh kabhi sudhar nahi sakta hameaha apni apni karta hai bahut pitega ye mujhse...  Hum sab ko bina bataye itna bada kadam utha liya aur...." Nikki stopped in mid-way when she felt something odd in armaan's behavior and looks.
"Armaan" Nikki called out to him in a questionable confused tone. She saw armaan hiding behind ridhima and peeking from her back.
"k..  Koun ho aap... Aur mera naam kaise janti ho...." armaan asked Nikki getting all scared of her sudden tempered entrance.
Nikki was silent but armaan nudge ridhima a bit asking "ye koun hai...  Aur mujhe daat kyun rahi hai." taking the situation in her hand ridhima turn around on her feet now facing armaan instead of Nikki. Holding him by the shoulder she made him walk up to his bed and settled him there while she herself settled down on the floor on knees. "Armaan" she called out lightly as he was busy staring at Nikki and hugging his teddy more closely to himself. He look at ridhima who have teary small smile on her face, ye tumhari friend hai armaan. He looked at ridhima attentively before staring at Nikki who still stood on the door not moving at all. "Par Mela koi dost mela se milne nahi aata." armaan asked innocently "tabhi toh ye wali dost tumse milne aai hai...  Dekho" ridhima try to convince him. "phir mujhe daata kyu...  dost daate thodi hai" armaan asked ridhima not wanting to believe her but still trying to believe her "dost toh daate bhi hai aur samjhate bhi hai,  agar dost aisa nahi karrnga toh hum ache kaise banenge." armaan looked thoughtfully at ridhima then once again he stare at Nikki.
Getting up not leaving behind his teddy he walked up to Nikki "tum sach mein meri dost ho" to which nikki just nodded her head "toh mujhse kabhi milne kyun nahi aai" armaan asked her in complaining tone. "Mujhe pata hi nahi tha mera dost mujhe itna miss karega warna mein pehle hi aa jati" armaan smiled at her words for coming back to him sooner. "aab jaogi toh nahi na..  roz aaogi na mujhse milne" armaan asked "pakka promise roz aaungi mein tumse milne" Nikki replied while messing up his hairs and he jump up and down like an excited kid clapping his hands.
"Phir na hum khub khelenga aur kisi ko saath mein nahi khilayenga. Mein sab ko bataunga bhi ki meri dost bhi hai." armaan said being all excited to have got a friend finaly.  Nikki smiled at him with lost shinning or actuall smile, then her eyes moved towards ridhima who settle down on the bed behind with thud amd defeated look on her face staring at floor.
Knowing how much it must be hurting her nikki spoke up to armaan looking back at him as he was busy telling his teddy about his new found friend aka Nikki. "Armaan" Nikki called out bringing armaan back to her attention. "Armaan tum ek aur dost se miloge.  Jo mera se bhi achi dost hogi tumhari" nikki asked him to which he nodded enthusiastically. She smiled at his childlike ethics "vo dekho...  Vo rhi tumhari ek aur dost" pointing towards ridhima. "vo tumhari sab se achi dost hai...  Tumhari bahut fikar bhi hai usko. Tabhi toh dekho tumhare dost ko yani ki mujhe tumhare pass lekar aai hai" armaan keep looking at ridhima as Nikki was whispering this secret in his ears.  "Aur tumhe pata hai kya" not knowing what she want to say armaan look at Nikki wanting her to continue "ye jo teddy hai na vo ridhima ne tumhe diya tha".
Armaan look at Nikki then at teddy then shifting his gaze look at ridhima. "Ye mera best teddy hai..." armaan confessed that to Nikki. Then moved towards ridhima who was lost with tears flowing staring down at the floor sitting still cursing her fate.  Reaching up to her armaan just forwarded the teddy to ridhima not saying anything.  Ridhima felt him near so she open lifted her eyelids to look at him offering her his dearest teddy. When ridhima didn't moved even a bit armaan said "teddy ko hug kar lo rona nahi aayega..  Mein bhi hug karta Hun teddy ko jab mujhe kuch acha nahi lagta aur phir sab theek ho jaata hai" he decrypted his actions to her. Ridhima look at him with the number of emotions creating Toronto within her,  love yet helplessness, affection yet the gap between them she have him in front of her yet she can’t do what her heart wanted to. She want to feel him close yet they are too far. She want to fill herself with the security that he provides yet she can voice it. She want to break down in his arms yet she have to stand strong. She want to cry hard on her fate yet she have to smile for his sake. She was totally confused and broken to think or do anything. She really want to feel him close but can't as he don't remember anything.
Coming to the same state as ridhima nikki understand her and spoke up to armaan "armaan" he look towards his new found friend still holding teddy towards ridhima "armaan vo toh jab tum akele the tab tum teddy ko hug karte the toh aab toh ridhima aur tumhe dono ko dost mil gaya toh aab toh dost ko bhi hug kar sakte hai na teddy ki aab kya jarurat, dekhna sab theek ho jayega hug karte hi."
Armaan smiled his million dollar smile and obliged to her words and hug ridhima dearly as he use to hug teddy. Ridhima got the much needed strength love and security that can help her to fight with all her insecurities and fear from that one hug.
For some time armaan kept on hugging ridhima which ridhima was able to reciprocate at first but then feeling him so close and getting the much needed security ridhima hugged him back with all her might. So dearly to herself while armaan too was hugging her with smiling face contradicting to ridhima's teary face.  But the common thing in hug was it was providing them security, warmness and happiness all together.
Nikki went somewhere letting ridhima take hold of things ahead in terms of making armaan understand things. She(Nikki) went to reception to take discharge permission of armaan from the authorities who were not granting it initially but when nikki ask them to witness the Love ridhima have for armaan and how after ages armaan is responding to anything around him. Taking all that into consideration they sigh and signed the papers for her.

Nikki Came back with the papers in her hand and said “Ridhima Chale” Hearing her armaan face came down “Tum Chali Jaogi Phir Se” asked in sad tone. Ridhima was silent so Nikki continue. “Haan Jana Toh padhega Na”. Armaan didn’t said anything ahead just move to one corner with his teddy in his arms. Nikki smiled at his cute innocent act and she moved towards ridhima showing her the papers signed by the authorities. Scanning the papers ridhima gave a big smile to Nikki and hugged her in all her excitement. Moving towards armaan Ridhima spoke
“Armaan hum jayen” trying to tease armaan. Armaan didn’t respond to her but turn his face to yet another side. “Chalo Nikki ab armaan toh hum se baat hi nahi kar raha toh hum yahan rukh ke kya Karen…” Dramatically ridhima said just to gain armaan attention.
Armaan took hold of her dhupatta when she turn to go. Ridhima felt the tug not only on her neck but on her beautiful memories bringing tears in her eyes. She closed her eyes remembering those days and the love that use to be seen in his eyes. But today it’s all different today those eyes in which she use to dive in was holding just innocent pleading in them to not let him be alone again. Composing her emotions she turn to him who was holding her dhupatta in his hands and was looking at it with pout on his lips making the girls smile at the utter cuteness of him.
“Mein bhi Chalunga saath” he uttered still looking down playing with the dhupatta. “Par tumhe yahan se koi jane nahi dega” armaan look at her with so much of innocence that melt her heart. “Tum bolo na toh jane denge please…” he pleaded her and she said “Acha theek hain mein bol dungi sab se ki armaan ab hamare sath hi jayega par uske liya mujhe kya milega.” Ridhima asked him only to gain his thinking look.

After sometime armaan forward his teddy towards her “Mera pass bus ye hian. Mein bus ye hi de sakta hun.” Ridhima was about to took hold of it when he withdraw his heand back holding teddy again to his chest. “Teddy mein tumhe bahut miss karunga. Abhi na tum meri dost ke pass raho mein tum se mile aaunga.” And then he kissed and hugged his teddy before giving it to ridhima saying “Please mera teddy ka dhyan rakhna. Mera ko bahut acha lagta hain teddy” ridhima nodded while taking it. “Chalo Tum abhi Bed pe betho tab tak hum Tumhara saman pack kar lete hain” ridhima asked him to which he obediently moved towards the bed without saying another word.
Ridhima move to pack armaan’s stuff kept all around the room Nikki volunteer to help her “Waise Ridhima mein kuch soch rahi thi.” Ridhima looked at her once and then continue packing speaking “kya soch rahi thi Nikki”.

“Mein soch rahi thi jab tera aur armaan ke bache honge toh kitne cute honge na. dekh armaan kitna cute hain aur tu bhi kuch kam nahi hain toh tum dono ke bache toh super cute honge nahi…!” nikki said this only to gain deep blushing ridhima “Kuch bhi nikki”. “Kya kuch bhi. Sahi toh keh rahi hun mein. Tum dono ke bache honge bade hi cute bilkul us Baby Boss Jaise jaise Vo animated movie mein tha…..” saying so nikki was lost in her dream imagining armaan ridhima with their baby. “Awwww” ridhima shake her head seeing Nikki “Imagination puri ho gai ho toh Packing karein.” Nikki nodded and they both keep packing armaan’s stuff.
After sometime ridhima felt the tug on her dhupatta looking behind she saw armaan with her head down whispered “Bhook lagi hain” Ridhima smiled at him saying “Bus 5 min packing bhi ho gai hum bahar chalet hain Phir jo armaan bolega vo khaenge.. Okay” nodding his head he set back to his previous place. “Nikki jara bahar dekhna koi Help kar dega kya saman rakhwane mein” nodding to her nikki when out to ask for help and it arrived within a minute. Shifting all the luggage in the car ridhima took armaan holding his hand to her car asking armaan to bid by to all the people who helped him in here to which armaan sweetly obelized.

They Drive away from the hospital towards some restro to have something to eat. Settling in there ridhima ordered armaan’s fav. Dishes. “Tumhe kaise pata mujhe kya pasand hain” ridhima look at him controlling her emotions Nikki to hold her hand below the table to give her come strength. “Mujhe Toh bahut kuch pata hain apne dost ke bare mein.” Ridhima said to armaan “kaise…?”
“Vo toh ek Secret hain mein nahi bata sakti” ridhima said this in teasing tone “par mujhe janna tha” armaan answer in sad tone but within a second with excitement he said “Mera ko bhi apni dost ko jana hain mera ko bhi batao na apne baare mein.”
“Uske liya toh apko wait karna padega na” ridhima said and before armaan can’t feel sad about not getting to know anything about his new friend his attention was diverted towards the food that came on his table. Ridhima kept looking at him eating with big smile on his face totally engross in it. Nikki nudged her to have her own food when with slight blush and big smile, she too started with her own food.
After everything was over Ridhima Nikki and armaan were moving towards the car which was park a little away from the restro. So while walking armaan asked ridhima “Par mein rahunga kahan mera toh ghar bhi nahi hain koi.” This time nikki took the initiative to answer him. “Ghar kyun nahi hain dost ka ghar bhi toh apna hi ghar hota hai na.. toh jahan Ridhima ka ghar vo hi armaan ka ghar aur jo armaan ka ghar vo ridhima ka ghar.”
“Par dost (ridhima) ka ghar kahan hain….?” Armaan asked her. “Tumhari Dost ka Ghar Mumbai mein hain” hearing her (Nikki) answer armaan excitedly exclaimed “Waoo..! Mumbai Mera ko Mumbai Bahut pasand hain”. Hearing his excitement and knowing him from childhood that he have never been to Mumbai being a kid Nikki Asked “Tum kabhi Gaye ho Mumbai…?” but this question doesn’t goes well with Armaan. With her question He suddenly started having Negative flashbacks of his own life in Mumbai but unknown of the person he was having in his vision.

A Man Landing in Mumbai... Walking down the lane of Sanjeevni Smiling to everyone… A Couple fighting on one or the other thing… Couple Romancing…. Couple Exchanging their Rings…. Then they were hit by the bullet…..

By the end of it armaan sat down holding his head in his palms and that causes ridhima and Nikki to worry about. Ridhima sat in front of armaan trying to move his hand away from his face but he was pressing his head between head tightly so it was difficult for ridhima to move his hands away but at last she made it possible. Cupping his face in her hand “armaan dekho meri taraf dekho… Armaan please” at last he heard her pleading and look at her with tears in his eyes “Armaan bhul jao sab kuch, abhi kuch mat socho tum… abhi hun hamare ghar jayenga phir khub masti karenge… kuch bhi nahi sochenge. hmm”

“Par mein toh kabhi Mumbai nahi gaya phir vo sab…. Vo koun the…” hearing him ridhima was herself breaking down “armaan abhi please kuch mat socho bus jo mein keh keh rahi hun vo suno aur bhul jao sab kuch please apni dost ke liya.” Armaan nodded his head as due to trying to remembering it his head was already paining a lot. Wiping his tears away ridhima said “Good Boy… Chalo aab Chalen.”

Seeing him nodding ridhima Nikki change the glance towards each other and then giving support to armaan they walk up to the parking where they have parked earlier. Having sat in the back seat on Nikki’s insistence ridhima asked armaan to lay down a bit to relax himself which he instantly did resting his head on her laps. Ridhima was first surprise than with smile on her face she just cares his hairs out of habit same as armaan without knowing much and remembering anything just rested his head in her laps just out of his forgotten habits. Seeing this from the rear view mirror Nikki too smiled and after sometime spoke up “Ridhima I guess humein sab se pehli armaan ke test karwane honge taki humein pata chal sake ki hum kuch purani baatein use yaad dhilane ki koshish kar sakte hain ki nahi. Par Jahana tab mera ko pata hai armaan ke case ke baare mein I guess head par chot lagne se brain nerves week hongi jisse yaad dhilana mushkil hoga. Par let’s just confirm it first with tests.”

Nodding to all her talk ridhima askes “Par Nikki armaan ko sanjeevni leke bhi nahi ja sakte nahi toh sari yaadein baatein agar usko yaad karne ki koshish karne laga armaan toh Bahut dikat ho jayegi.”
“Chinta mat kar ridhima mein Apollo mein Ek Doctor ko Bahut ache se janti hun. We will consult him.”


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