Saturday, 4 August 2018

part 20 : Shades of Love (AR)


Armaan and riddhima bumped into something..

Their heart beats increased and their nervousness knew no bounds.. but standing infront of the thing and him doing nothing for 2 minutes, they knew the "thing" was not going to damage them.. they decided to find out what that "thing" was

Armaan : uhmm.. excue me

Person: "DR.Armaan and Dr riddhima?"

Riddhima: thats us

Person : thank god i found you.. they were so worried in the orphanage.. let me take you there

Riddhima : thank god.. saved today

They were taken to the orphanage.. they were quite throughout the journey.. they didn't know what to say.. specially infront that person

They reached the orphanage after abut 25 minutes of walking.. they reached to find out that they were both booked in one room.. and there was no spare room.. just what was needed right now.. in this strange situation when riddhima had to decide the fate of the relation they share

Armaan : you sleep on the bed.. i'll sleep on the couch

Riddhima just gave a nervous smile in response.. this was so weird for both of them.. they had hardly started to understand each other when this huge question of the fate had come up.. and in such a condition when armaan was just waiting for her decision, it wasn't easy to share a room with her.. it was out of the comfort zone for both of them

Riddhima: armaan.. about the question you asked me today, i hope you can wait

Armaan : does that mean you won't want to break up

Riddhima: if you can wait

Armaan : i can wait all my life..

Riddhima: i dont need you to wait for so long.. 5 weeks and i'll be back

Armaan : 5 weeks.. 35 days...

Riddhima: 35 days.. will go pretty quickly dont worry

Armaan : hopefully

@ sanjeevani:

There is pin drop silence in the hospital all of a sudden..  when anjali turns she sees sid entering the hospital and everyone staring at this new entrant..

Anjali: what is sid doing here?

Atul :sid kaun hai?

Anjali woh.... riddhima ka... i mean mera.... um..hmm... boyfriend

Atul : tumhara boyfriend?

Anjali: main tumhe badme milti hoon.. bye

With that anjali left to meet sid and talk to him... but before she could talk to him, he entered shashank's cabin.. she decided to spy on them as it was related to her sister's life after all...

Shashank: hello beta

Sid: hi dad.. riddhima kahan hai?

Shashank: lonavala mein

Sid: phir usne mujhe yahan kyun bulaya?

Shashank: tumhe maine bulaya?

Sid: kyon?

Shashank: shadi ke liye

Sid: kiski

Shashank: tumhari

Sid: meri shaadi aur kisi ne mujhe bola bhi nahin

Shashank: riddhima ke aate hi tum dono ki shaadi ho jayegi

Sid: riddhima se.. thank god.. main toh darr hi gaya tha

Shashank: mein itna bhi bhura nahin hoon beta

Sid: aek second.. main riddhima se baat kar leta hoon

With that shashank left his cabin, so that sid could talk to riddhima with comfort and ease.. but little did he know that anjali was spying on them and she was simply shocked.. riddhima could not marry twice.. no way was she gonna allow her to get married twice

Sid calls up riddhima..

@ orphaage

Riddhima: haan sid.. long time i know.. i was about to call.. got caught up though

Sid: riddhima i am getting married..

Riddhima: wow.. thats news to me.. your dream come true huh.. who is that lucky girl?

Sid: you

Riddhima: you gotto be joking

Sid: no i am not

Riddhima: i can't marry you sid

Sid: i called you up to ask you to escape.. they have planned to get you married immediately after you reach mumbai..

Riddhima: that means that i will have to leave from here only

Sid: and go where?

Riddhima: to australia.. i am packing up everything.. to return to india forever

Sid: so that they can get you married?

Riddhima: sid dad has made me the owner of sanjeevani.. i have no option

Sid: he has trapped you very well.. but he's gonno be disappointed when you don't return

Riddhima: i can't get married now sid.. i have to go to australia..

Sid: yup ridzy.. anyway shashank uncle returning.. bye

Riddhima: bye

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