Monday, 6 August 2018

part 22 : Shades of Love (AR)

@ orphanage

Armaan : hey ridzy.. get ready for our engagement

Riddhima: now, here?

Armaan : yup.. something special.. like a perfect engagement.. except for one thing..

Riddhima: and what is that?

Armaan : family.... anyway, i've made all the arrangements as promised.. and at 12:00 am tonight, i'll make you mine

Riddhima: 12 am tonight? What's so special today?

Armaan : well today is the only day we have literally.. and 12:00 am is like a good and auspicious time according to my astrologer.. so ya.. tonight 12:00 am.. but just don't go to sleep ok?

Riddhima: i'll try not to..

Armaan : sure anyway.. 2 hours left.. get ready so that we can leave

Riddhima: and go where?

Armaan : well i can't tell you that right now.. but i'll let you know that it takes 30 minutes to get there.. so you better get ready right now

With that armaan gave riddhima a packet and left the room immediately.. the bag had the following things

riddhima(thinking): he actually did all this in an hour.. how? Is he even human? But wow.. this is just wow.. god.. he is unbelievable..

 just then, there was a knock on the door and 5 people entered..

"miss riddhima gupta" one of them said

"hmm.. yes"

"we are here to get you ready for your engagement.. could you kindly change into the dress and come so that we can get you ready"

"hmm.. sure.."

Riddhima left to change, and when she came out, the 5 women themselves were speechless..

One woman put the dupatta in place, while the other was making her wear the necklace while the others were making her wear the bracelet, the earrings and the slippers

"miss riddhima gupta, armaan has specially asked us to make sure you don't put up any makeup.. he says you look best natural.. well i must say.. armaan really loves you and you're a very lucky person"

She smiled as heard this.. she knew she was lucky to have found true love so soon, and to have found a person like him, who loved her so much.. she knew she was his already and engagement was just a formality

The 5 women left, and then there was another knock on the door... this time, it was the driver, escorting her to the car.. well what had he said? 30 minutes drive.. without him.. now this wasn't something she was going to enjoy..

Just then, her phone rang


"hey ridzy"

"armaan "

"you actually thought i'd let you get bored like this?"

"well this phone conversation won't last for 30 minutes for sure"

" well the drive is only for 5 minutes.. i need to talk to you and spend time with you before our engagement too..'

" and you actually lied to me"

"yup.. to make you get ready immediately.. so i could spend time with you before the engagement"

"you know you're crazy?"

"yup.. crazy for you.. and you have reached.. get out carefully..and don't hurt yourself.. be careful"

"this is not the first time i am walking armaan "

" but the first time you're walking on rose petals for sure"

"oh god armaan no"

" wait for me over there.. i'll be there in 5 seconds"


"and i'm here.. keep the phone down now"

Thats when armaan and riddhima came face to face..


.. and then i looked her..  she looked heavenly.. my heart skipped a beat when she came closer to me.. being, a cardiologist, i knew this wasn't healthy for my heart.. but today was our day, our engagement day.. and nothing can come in our way.. not even my erratic heartbeat...


... and there he was.. in front of me.. in his white sherwani

My brain was just not going to listen to me today.. god help me and keep me from staring at him all the time..

Armaan led me into the hall , but i couldn't help but look at him throughout the walk.. this is gonna be a memorable night i thought.. i'm gonna miss him in australia..

@ engagement hall

Armaan: we have 20 minutes till the engagement..

Riddhima: 20 minutes..

Armaan :but i have plans for these 20 minutes.. here..

He lifted a cotton cloth from a bowl and all she could see was a bowl with a few chits in them

Armaan :pick one.. read the question and i'll answer it

I did exactly what he asked me to do..

Riddhima: if not this, then what?

Armaan : if not this engagement , then i'd be thinking of plans to get you to stay in india for longer

Armaan then picked up a chit and looked at me with a wide grin as he opened the chit

He passed it on to me and it read " if not me, who?"

"sid" she replied almost immediately

Armaan : sid?

Riddhima: not by choice, but by compulsion.. if not for you, i would have probably got married to sid after 3 days by my dad..

Armaan : next

Riddhima: " if not now when?"

Armaan : after you come back from australia

Armaan : if not here where?

Riddhima: australia

Riddhima: if not for this, why?

Armaan : well it is because you are leaving to australia, but if not for this, i would have got engaged for my love for you?

Armaan : if not like this, how?

Riddhima : well.. probably in a western attire, with my family in a temple or a church

Armaan : and now 2 minutes to the engagement.. come with me to the main hall..

There she entered this main circle and stood in front of him

And there was a small camera in front of them.. recording this marvellous moment...

" you may not exchange your rings" said a recorded voice..

And he took hold of her hand and made her wear a ring..

well this was immediately followed by her taking hold of his hand and making him wear the ring he had selected for himself

and there... they were engaged.. and were made each other's this very moment.. at 12:00 am tonight..


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