Tuesday, 7 August 2018

part 23 : Shades of Love (AR)

Armaan and riddhima stood there enjoying the latest development..armaan just stood there looking at his beautiful fiance.. he was lucky to have got her.. he was lucky to have been chosen by her.. he was lucky to her with him.. his life would be much better with her by his side.. and he knew it.. she was his life.. his life was right in front of him

Riddhima stood there staring at him.. how could she have been so lucky to have found her true love in a matter of 7 days.. to have found someone who loved her so much.. to have loved and been loved.. it was the best feeling..

Armaan : so we're engaged..

Riddhima: yup

Armaan : so what are you gonna tell your parents now?

Riddhima: what can i say? That i got engaged, and am running away while they are planning my wedding to sid?

Armaan : they are what?

Riddhima: i didn't tell you?

Armaan : what?

Riddhima: dad-mom are planning my wedding to sid.. he's in mumbai

Armaan : he's in mumbai?

Riddhima: yup.. so i have to leave to australia from lonavala itself

Armaan : i must admit, you are quite brave.. got engaged to someone else, keeping your parents in the dark?

Riddhima: what else could i do?

Armaan : tell your parentS?

Riddhima: you do that.. while i am in australia.. i can't face them..

Armaan : you want me to tell your parents that you are engaged, while you enjoy in australia?

Riddhima: i told you that you could come along if you want to

Armaan : not immediately riddhima..i'll probably come a bit later

Riddhima: fine.. either ways, keep me posted

Armaan : ya sure..

Just then, riddhima's phone rings.. she looks at the name of the caller and gets nervous looking at sid's name..

Riddhima: ya sid

Armaan becomes curious as soon as he hears sid's name

Sid: you are in deep trouble riddhima

Riddhima: now what?

Armaan gets tensed because of riddhima's stained voice

Sid: we're coming to lonavala

Riddhima: what when?

Sid: tomorrow morning.. i dont know if you will be able to escape marriage now

Riddhima: you coming to lonavala tomorrow morning?

Sid: yup ridzy.. i tried to protest ridzy.. but all in vain..

Riddhima: fine sid.. thanks for informing.. i'll think of something

Sid: k bye

Riddhima: bye

Armaan's world had crashed in front of him.. now how in world were they supposed to escape riddhima's marriage? And how could riddhima go to australia?

Riddhima turned to look at him, to see a tear in his eye.. she knew he had heard her.. she knew he was afraid.. afraid of seeing her get married  to someone else..

Riddhima: armaan..

Armaan (sobbing): ya

Riddhima: please dont

Armaan : don't what? Don't what riddhima? you are gonna be married to someone else very soon  and you are asking me..

Armaan was stopped mid sentence by riddhima..

Riddhima: i am not getting married to him armaan.. we'll think of something

Armaan : think of something.. in a day or rather night.. they're coming tomorrow morning

Riddhima: then we are both leaving

Armaan : and going where?

Riddhima: australia?

Armaan : but riddhima

Riddhima: me or patients.. this is the last option armaan..

Armaan : fine.. we'll leave this night..

Riddhima  : sure.. i'll book the tickets

Armaan :we'll get them.. at such a short notice?

Riddhima: ya sure

She made a few calls, booked the tickets.. and there, it was done, decided, they were both leaving before dad can arrive and get her married..

Riddhima: done

Armaan : you sure this will work

Riddhima: sure

Armaan : what if.....

Riddhima: we have no choice.. this is our last option and we better do this

Armaan : yup

They retired for the day, and went back to their room

they went back to pack all their belongings, and rush to the airport, to catch the flight taking off in the next two hours..

after checking out of the room, they rushed t the airport and entered the flight.. but armaan was shocked to see a private jet instead of a flight

armaan : whose is this?

Riddhima: mine.

Armaan : yours? Then why did you come to india in a flight?

Riddhima: the jet had gone for repairs.. it got repaired and reached 10 minutes ago.. and we need to leave immediately before the lonavala officials inform di about our departure

Armaan : huh yeah

they entered the jet and the first thing riddhima did was she jumped into the bed,armaan chuckled looking at this.. but frowned when he realized that there was only bed in the jet.. and there was no couch either.. there were only seats and one bed.. now how exactly was he supposed to sleep?

Riddhima : armaan.. sleep and switch off the lights na

Armaan : where?

Riddhima: ughh..umm... well...

Armaan : exactly.. there is no place

Riddhima: come here then... (pointing to the bed)

Armaan : you sure?

Riddhima: aint got any choice..do we?

Armaan : you sure you don't mind?

Riddhima: armaan.. go to sleep and switch off the lights fast na

@ sanjeevani:

Sid: anji.. you know riddhima doesn't love me right?

Anji : yup sid.. i've tried to explain it to dad.. but he isn't listening

Sid: what now?

Anji : tell riddhima first

Sid: i've done that.. she said she'ss think of something

Anji : call her up na

Sid: fine i'll try

He tried to call riddhima up, but she wasn't picking up.. he called him up again.. and was shocked to hear a male's voice

Armaan : hello

Sid: hey.. who's this?

Armaan : armaan?

Sid: oh hey.. so you are riddhima's latest boyfriend.. this is sid

Armaan : oh hi.. what happened?

Sid: we're coming in 3 hours

Armaan : sid, don't mind, but we are not in lonavala.. we are in riddhima's jet, that has taken off to go to australia.. and i'm sorry we couldn't inform you, but i am not riddhima's boyfriend anymore?

Sid: huh.. what happened?

Armaan : we got engaged

Sid: thhat's great.. congrats

Armaan : thanks.. but please keep it to yourself.. and under no circumstances will you tell shashank sir about this

Sid: sure.. we wont.. we'll let you break the secret

Armaan : thanks for informing though

Sid: my pleasure.. meet you soon hopefully

Armaan : you coming to australia?

Sid: dad doesn't find you there, he will obviously send me to australia in search of the two of you.. but don't worry.. i'll convince him and come alone

Armaan : thanks a ton

Sid: anyway, looks like they're coming.. will call you later

Armaan : ya sure.. bye..goodnight..

Sid: goodnight? it's 5 am..

Armaan : ya but we have not slept at all.. just got engaged.. good morning

Sid: good morning.. and sweet dreams

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